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EYE-BALL Opinion – The ALP Cocoon: all Grubs infected with self-interest agendas and trying to spin their own survival agendas –


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– The ALP Cocoon –
– all Grubs infected with self-interest agendas –
– and trying to spin their own survival agendas –

| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 24th June 2013 |
Newspolls most recent results – [click image at right to enlarge in a new window] – spells another week of pain for the ALP.

What confounds us all yet very few political commentators,  is how the ALP caucus remains loyal to a Leader hellbent in leading them to the worst federal election defeat in living memory.

The latest Newspoll data has the ALP support back under 30, Gillard as the ‘Better PM’ is at 33 to Abbott’s 45, and Gillard’s satisfaction rating is at 28 compared with a ‘dissatisfaction’ rate of 68.   These numbers were similar to the poll results during the Obeid revelations earlier this year.  What they represent is a true understanding of the electorates angst at the ‘stunned’ and ‘frozen’ response by the ALP caucus to deal with the Gillard problem.

Millions of words have been written by both sides of the media support mediums in the why’s, how’s, and what if’s – but only one mainstream publication and single journalist has pursued Gillard over her AWU scandal involvement and the police investigation currently under way.

The Australian’s Hedley Thomas is a lone voice and that is the measure of where Australian journalism sits – we are some 80 days out from a Federal Election – the poll numbers above are a disaster and if Leadership change does not happen this week – the ALP as a political party of any note will shrink to a level not seen previously.

All last week and over the weekend the continuing message from Gillard loyalists and RUDD haters was that Gillard will not stand down, and that RUDD would have to challenge.  None in the ALP understand what this is doing to business confidence – it is a self-fulfilling prophecy as all Australians suffer under a Leadership quandary that can only be fixed from within.

The ALP’s failure to deal with the Leadership issue highlight’s how our democracy structure fails us all.

Yesterday, the ABC’s “Insiders” program – watch on Iview here – presenter Barry Cassidy again showed he and his panel of media personalities are neck-deep in their own brand of ALP support politics.

The panel consisting of George Megalogenis, Jacqueline Maley and Dennis Atkins – representing ‘The Australian’ (News), ‘Courier Mail’ (News), and ‘SMH’ (Fairfax) offered little in real truth about Gillard and why the electorate have deserted the ALP.

Dennis Atkins is a devout Gillard supporter – one of the few News journos to hold that view and a regular on Cassidy’s program for that reason.

As journalists – the ‘Insiders’ panel continually do a disservice to their profession. Watching this program every week is like attending a weekly ALP wake and mulling over the ‘what went wrong’ and ‘what is going wrong’ scenarios.

Wake up you idiots – your job is not to wallow in the self-pity of your political bias and the demise of the ALP, but to report the how and why the ALP came unstuck and why they don’t deserve to be there, or in the alternative, show how the Opposition would do a worse job.

Objectively – where was the debate on Gillard’s involvement and ‘her ‘person of interest’ status in the Victorian police investigation into the AWU scandal?  Why is that story a ‘no-go’ for all mainstream journalists?

Cassidy is just one of the ‘grubs’ trying to spin a survival cocoon around the ALP’s Leadership issues. They talk about the ‘train-wreck’ scenario fast approaching, but not in any urgency befitting the disaster the Nation faces as a result?

Stephen Conroy is another of these ‘grub’s who think they have spun themselves so as to be immuned and insulated from what is about to happen. He joined a chorus of Gillard wankers claiming Gillard is the only person to lead the ALP – he made a statement yesterday – linked here … claiming:

“I support Julia Gillard. I don’t believe there will be change,” Senator Conroy told Sky News’ Australian Agenda. “But I don’t believe I would be in a position to be on a front bench.”

The EYE-BALL opinion of Conroy not good – he is the worst performer of any of the Gillard Ministers and does not understand that he is so far out of his depth in handling the NBN deal. Any claim the NBN deal is on track and within budget is just false – the media should be having a field day with Conroy over his handling of this ‘white elephant’ yet they hold fire … why????

This ‘grub’ has his own cocoon – he is responsible for the NBN failure – he has wasted $10’s billions on an NBN pipe dream that continues to fail on every forecast delivery estimates, on budget, and in the services promised to hooked up subscribers.

The latest NBN asbestos scare has contractors walking away because they know the incoming Government will in all likelihood scrap the scheme – nobody respects Conroy’s position and even he has to know the party is almost over, yet he holds firm in his support for Gillard.

His threat to not work in a Rudd Ministry is his cowardice and reflects his want to walk away from his creation … what a pissant – [meaning: a person or thing of no value or consequence; a despicable person or thing.]

Peter Garret has said much the same in that he would not serve in a Rudd Ministry – again who would care!!!

One has to ask why the Opposition have not asked during Question time whether the PM can confirm she is a person of interest in the AWU police investigation.

Why do politicians treat the electorate with such contempt?  Why do the media not ask the questions we all want answers to?

In the last week – ALP MP’s have fronted the media selling their own version and scripted response to the ALP leadership speculation.  Every one of them has been in support of Gillard.  All the RUDD supporters have not offered a media comment … it is a message that is apparently told in secret …

Ex ALP Media pundits like Latham and Richardson have offered up their opinions – Latham calling Rudd ‘evil’ and Richardson calling Gillard ‘toxic’ – they have no idea and are both feeding the media frenzy for a pay cheque earned through craven opinions.

This ALP meltdown is all of their own making – “those who live by the sword, shall all die by the sword”.  That sword is poised and none want to be the first to put their neck on the block – sources close to the MP’s who packed up their office weeks ago leaked the story to damage Gillard’s Leadership … this only confirms there are MP’s and senators within the ALP who want change but are not prepared to openly go against the Party power brokers.

All the ALP caucus are penned like sheep in a Party Loyalty pledge to ensure they retain pre-selection and party funding … all a non-issue given the forecast poll results … what makes Leaders so weak … it can only be their allegiance to a Union under threat to not break ranks.

This is Australian Labor politics – Union factions in control and dictating the terms of how their MP’s vote … no conscience vote involved, no constituency priority, no policy vote … just a blind loyalty that the Party will take care of them.

The Nation has awoken to this panacea – it has realised that a vote for the ALP is a vote for continued Union corruption and for the likes of Howes and other ‘faceless men’ to dictate all ALP policy … they have had enough.   Gillard is but a puppet to these men … her bravado in the face of the poll numbers is a recognition of how women in politics still dance to the tune of men pulling their strings.

The question again has to be asked – how can these elected ALP MP’s and Senators continue to support Gillard who is the ‘person of interest’ in a Victorian and WA police investigation?

Rest assure – all of caucus know of Gillard’s AWU involvement and there are those from within who despise her for what she is doing to the ALP brand.   They are the ones undermining Gillard and trying to convince Gillard supporters to jump ship.

To expose all that is happening behind closed doors in this leadership struggle is not important.  Yes it feeds the media cycle and that is all that matters to all the ALP MP’s hoping they’ll get the Union tap to replace Gillard when the Union bosses decide to make their move.

Why don’t the Gillard detractors expose themselves and cross the floor?

How can the ALP hope to have any appeal within the electorate if they can’t sort out this Leadership wrangle?

They would rather see the Party killed off rather than cut the cancer from within.

This ALP ‘self-destruct’ scenario leaves our political landscape open to the Opposition and at least a decade long wilderness spell for the ALP … and no more than they deserve.

You would have thought that after the NSW and QLD State election wipe outs – they would have responded ahead of the upcoming Federal election.

The poll results reflect the Obeid , HSU and the AWU scandal and how Gillard has offered protection to the likes of Thompson and Slipper.

Back to the ABC again – on ‘News 24’ this morning, coverage of Gillards speech to the economic forum was debated and only highlighted Gillards comments of the positive economic numbers this Government has delivered.  The full text od her speech can be read here … it read in part –

I’m not talking here about criticism of the Government’s economic policies – not at all – I’m referring to glaring misstatements about the economy itself.

If “irrational exuberance” has an opposite it’s probably “unreasonable pessimism” and we’ve witnessed that in some quarters these past three weeks.

I want to address that in some detail this morning but first I want to be clear on why I think it’s worth doing.

Simply put, your presence here in Parliament House this week presents you with a special opportunity to bring to the national economic debate the “correction we have to have”.

You can bring to the national public discussion an understanding of the facts, an interrogation of the policy demands that the facts impose on us, an understanding that the benefits of long-term reform are felt precisely over that long-term, and crucially you can present a well-founded confidence in the Australian economy.

I know you will have rigorous and vigorous policy debate and I absolutely welcome critical discussion of the Government’s policy approach.

But I know you want to hear opinion based on facts … continues

The ‘News 24’ coverage of the speech was biased and irrelevant … there was no questions about the fall in the A$ since the budget, no question about the loss of jobs at Ford and other Industry shut owns … Gillard lives in her own cocoon and is an economic flamingo – all neck and no brain …

Te speech represents ‘noise’ on a page –  words written by someone given the message to write something befitting the audience Gillard was talking to … and on cue the audience clapped the speech … pathetic and symbolic of the caged tameness our society lives in.

It has become the norm for most media commentary to focus of the ‘fluff’ rather than the substance and it sickens … any journalist worth reading or watching has to ask Gillard the question on the police investigation … the WA media jock who got himself sacked asked the wrong question – Ben Fordham was brave when he asked the question …and the lack of follow-up given the weakness exposed by Gillard demonstrates how the main stream media have alternative agendas.

The open lack of respect shown toward  Gillard from all sectors, business, electorate, the Opposition and from within her own party has Australia on its knees and pole-axed.  Nothing can move forward until Gillard and the ALP Leadership issue is dealt with and that is still something the Cabinet and Ministry don’t want to deal with.

For the whole of the term of Gillard’s minority Government, the business of Government has been about survival and number stacking to make sure it stays in office.

Nothing can prevent the ALP demise  – what Gillard has done to the ALP is the most sinister of betrayals … she is and has always been the puppet of the ‘king makers’ within the Unions – and in these desperate last days before ‘Rome’ burns … Gillard continues to be a rogue Leader and continues to damage Australia…

To see how this damage continues, read Shane Dowling’s latest – ‘Kangaroo Court of Australia’ post on Judicial appointments, and how the appointment of the wife of Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) Secretary Dave Oliver to the Federal bench happened … linked here … well worth the read.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. Barry M
    June 24, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    The way the mainstream media have handled the AWU fraud is a joke so I might as well throw some comedy at it.
    I’m guessing the Senior Editor of a newspaper can direct a journalist to investigate a story and deliver the facts and findings of the investigation.
    Perhaps the Senior Editor of The Telegraph should give the job to Fingers Farr to investigate the Vic Pol fraud squad investigation into the Power of Attorney issue in the AWU-WRA fraud. We know Fingers is not that energetic in chasing big stories and is not much use after 1pm but I’m sure if he spent a few hours each morning going through the documentary evidence that is available on the MSNews website he might just figure it out that it’s possible a fraud has been committed. Now, if spending a few hours each day looking at the well documented paper evidence is too taxing on Fingers then I’m sure Smith or one of the many contributors to the site could give Fingers some help.
    Fingers would not have to opine about any guilt of those under investigation but just present the documentary evidence to the Australian public and allow them to come to their own opinion.
    Over to you Fingers Farr, go for it.

  2. June 24, 2013 at 2:11 pm

    How words come back to haunt you – Paul Howes was reported today to have said the following – linked here

    … “Howes, one of the “faceless men” of the union movement and factions who helped knife Rudd, said he was being removed because polling showed that Labor would lose the election and Tony Abbott would become prime minister. When asked on the ABC’s Lateline program why he had opted for Gillard, Howes replied: “Well, you can see Newspoll, you can see AC Nielsen, you can see Essential Research and you can see some internal research and research that the unions have done that clearly says at the moment if we had an election today, it’s more likely than not that Tony Abbott would become the next prime minister. It’s not with any particular happiness that our union changed our position because we want to ensure that Labor continues to govern in the interests of all Australians and that working people get a fair go, and we can only do that if Labor’s re-elected at the next election.

    “Tonight’s events are about ensuring that Labor gets its message through, that we’re able to talk about the accomplishments of this government, (about why) an Abbott prime ministership would be bad for the environment, would be bad for health, would be bad,” he said. …

    He went further to say:

    “…”Who cares what Newspoll comes out with?” he said on Sky News. …”

    It is clear that none of the ALP remember the reasons they sacked RUDD … none have an understanding of how whatever they say is on permanent record …

  3. Barry M
    June 24, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    Eyeball, you are right about words haunting Labor, particularly the union members, but maybe the parliamentary members of the ALP did not realise the REAL reason Rudd got the sack was because the union members of the ALP were not honest with them.
    For some reason I think Rudd was sacked because Ludwig hates and despises Rudd and not because of bad polls. (the polls were not that bad). They used Rudd to get power and are using Gillard because they have control over her due to her involvement with Wilson. Howes is Ludwig’s puppet and has to say whatever he is told to say.

  4. June 24, 2013 at 3:21 pm

    We know that the leaked poll data Gillard and the ‘faceless men’ put about was internal polling and not independent – much has been said how that poll data was doctored …

    No doubt Ludwig hates Rudd – Rudd dumped on Unions leading into the 2007 election and distanced himself from the factions – he used his personal popularity to get away with it but it only made the fall harder when the factions set about undermining Rudd …

    If Abbott declared a Royal Commissions into the Unions [AWU and HSU] and made all Unions subject to ASIC type scruitny – his poll numbers would sore … why he has not shows a distinct lack of willingness to ensure accountability is a high priority on the Coalition agenda …

    That would make them little better then the ALP – and that was proved in the agreement on the ‘election funding’ fiasco a few weeks ago … Abbott is no Leader and his victory will be by default and that again will be Australia’s loss …

    I rate Turnbul as someone that has vision and the knowledge – he lacks political savvy … but Abbott is a dangerous choice as leader and he has had three years to break away from Gillard and just can’t knock her off … the latest poll data above is a false statement of support for Abbott …

  5. Gerry Hatrick
    June 25, 2013 at 3:45 am

    Lemmings, Filing up the cliff to march to their own slaughter.

    Now 3 years after the hatchet on Krudd the ghosts are still haunting those faceless men. It is like a Shakespearean tragedy “the nightmares of lady MacBeth”. Think of the irony. We blame faceless men rather than faceless people. Ie Gillard was not part of this hatchet job. She was just part of the spell, Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble.

    To be politically correct, from this day forward please refer to faceless people. To do otherwise is misandrist.

    You may call Abbott Macduff without any fear of bias, but as for Gillard, Hecate or Lady MacBeth? Not sure, maybe they were twin souls.

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