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EYE-BALL Opinion – Rudd or Gillard – evidence the ALP are Leaderless –


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– Rudd or Gillard –
– evidence the ALP are Leaderless –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 21st June 2013 |
The media prove yet again they never let a good story get in the way of logic or the truth.

The recent media ‘blood lust’ for a Leadership coup has everybody offering opinions based on stupidity rather then educated and logical opinion.

The media have hours of time to fill in a daily cycle and they can’t do it – they have to re-run the same story with a different take to keep the public glued – if people thought about it for more than a minute they would realise its a ‘soap opera’ with the lowest quality rating.

I offer a question – is the Leadership speculation news offered based on a factual and/or informed debate – or is it offered up as entertainment bordering on slander and intrigue with a hint of maybe …

The recent speculation about Rudd assuming the Leadership role of the ALP suggests it will happen next Friday after the current session of Parliament.

Rudd must know that the current Cabinet will walk away or not be loyal if he becomes Leader – there is not enough time before the Sept election for a new Ministry to adapt – he has to know that to lay a hand on the Leadership now is a poison chalice from which there will be no comeback.

Two former senior Ministers are not re-contesting i.e. Ferguson and McClelland – his credibility in any new cabinet will ensure his poll numbers match that of Gillards within weeks if he took the reins ….

By example – look at Mark Dreyfus efforts as Attorney General – he took over in February and he still can’t come to terms with what his role is – he is just a Gillard mouthpiece and about the dumbest AG we’ve had in a very long time.

What would PM Rudd be the Prime Minister of – a ‘rabble’ who can’t stand one another and a Union faction war waiting to happen.

If Gillard walked – it would open the gates on her and the AWU police investigation interest in her … she would be asked to front for an interview and that guarantees she won’t walk unless she cuts a deal.

Who will offer her a deal – the Opposition – the police can’t – no she’s there until the voters throw her out …

So – if the above is true – Rudd has declared he won’t challenge … that simple … and if he does go back on his statements – then his popularity will sink to Gillard levels.

If caucus are worried about re-election polls then tough titties … they should have realised a long time ago the polls were accurate but they chose to support Gillard along with the Union’s Ludwig and Howes edict.

Shorten is embroiled in the same AWU cover-up and his form is also suspect.  If he became PM he knows his involvement in the AWU scandal will also be his Achilles heel …

So if not RUDD, then who … it astounds me that none of the media commentary suggests the Deputy PM Wayne Swan is in the running – his own party writes him off as a neanderthal and that then requires a question as to why he is still Treasurer and not removed as Deputy PM.

You look across the ALP Front Bench – not one is likely … there are plenty who think they are capable but who would vote for any of them?

None have the ability to interface with the public – they all use the media in controlled environments to pass their message, and the media champion to that cause like lapdogs dry humping the MP’s leg …

This ALP have to be laid bare – left bleeding and with all Union affiliations on the rack and spent if they are ever to find their roots again.   Rudd can’t do that and neither can any Union man with aspirations.

If RUDD becomes PM before the election then he never had the right to be PM in the first place … it would be just that dumb …

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. Barry M
    June 21, 2013 at 3:47 pm

    At last some logic regarding the leadership shemozzle. Imagine if Shorten did tap her on the shoulder and tell her her time was up. Yes, the rozzers would be on her doorstep and the Harpy is so vindictive she would she squeal like a stuck pig about Shorten’s involvement in the cover up of the AWU-WRA fraud. Wee Willy hasn’t got the ‘Guts’ to take her on.
    If our legal and justice system is not corrupt then there will be 5 or 6 of the current Labor mob run out of parliament once the Wilson/Gillard/Blewitt fraud is finally exposed.

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