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EYE-BALL Opinion – Our Leadership Betrayal – Entitlement should be earned, not assumed nor expected.


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– Our Leadership Betrayal –
– Entitlement should be earned, not assumed nor expected –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 17th June 2013 |
If you are of like mind then you understand when I say – “I’ve had enough and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

This Peter Finch line out of the movie “Network” resonated then as it has done through the last 40 odd years – we are all so fed up with the character politics – today’s Question Time was such a waste of time, a pantomime before the real show plays itself out next week when Gillard walks the plank yet again …

Give us leadership where character is not in question every single moment of every day … who among the 150 MP’s and 80 Senators has character enough and to be sitting in the hallowed halls of our Parliament?

Swap those serving on the Government back benchers, combined with the Independents with those sitting on the front bench and I swear we would have better Government – these Ministers pretend at politics, they pretend to know how to run a country …

Why is it that we are forced to read and watch the drip-fed news stories fed to the media like scraps into a hungry lions cage?

Swan delivered a budget a month ago and it is already in tatters – news on how the budget now lies in tatters would be news –

Recent days the media cycle is not more than speculation and expert commentary about Gillard’s poll numbers and whether Rudd will again become leader … who cares … it’s all speculation and feeds the ego’s of those it is about … Rudd would still be the PM of what …

Christopher Pyne said it this morning – ‘the Government would still be a rabble’ …

There is only one explanation – we are conditioned and forced fed this tripe under the guise that politics actually means something or that we care – it is all recycled tripe and we’re forced to swallow it as important news …

Why do we tolerate the mediocrity in our Leadership – why do politicians stand in front of the media thinking we want to hear what they have to say –

The public are only getting the edited and rehearsed value of comments pitched so as to win your vote – nothing said has truth or substance … Swan in Question Time today with his ‘jobs’ reference … does he ever watch himself in replay ..

I honestly have bile in my mouth whenever Gillard speaks, same with Swan and that Shorten and Bradbury are what squirms in a blitz feast of dung beetles …

I’m so over the AWU scandal – those who believe it will not be swayed, and those who don’t believe will only come to terms with the truth when Gillard is charged … how can you convince those who don’t have an open mind …

Barry Cassidy – a journalist of some repute in a time long ago is one such person … his ALP DNA gets in the way of accepting truth over belief … how could his beloved ALP be guilty of the AWU  allegations being made … this was once a serious journalist and now a joke and last Sunday’s ‘Insiders’ can attest to that.

Who dictates the political and media agenda – editors, owners, journalist’s chasing the story – or politicians trying to swing public opinion – they are all doing it and Australia are fed up with treatment that they are idiots.

Hell – most politicians living in their fishbowl have no idea what is happening out there in the electorate.

The ‘noise’ is deafening and the want to have it gone … stopped … shut down is fierce.

Gillard sexist and gender politics has this Nation on its knees … I just don’t want to hear her ever again … Swan’s message is akin to a baked cake tin of sewerage slosh,  Emerson is the homeless beggar so wanting Julia to give him another go … Shorten is the dickless imp willing to stump shag anything strange … Conroy the ‘court-jester’ not because he has wit, but because he is just that dumb and so easy to make fun of … and so it would go for most of the Cabinet … there is not one among them worthy of the position they hold …

Do you know why this is true – because they all know Gillard is a criminal and they refuse to denounce her … that makes them less that moral … and that goes for both sides …

Why has the Opposition not asked Gillard in the House if she is under Police investigation – there is nothing sleazy about the truth …

Hedley Thomas in his story today – linked here – again confirms how real the Gillard police investigation is – yet not one TV station is reporting the story in any depth or meaningful way that presents the truth of what the investigation means … the ALP are happy to run Gillard as their candidate for PM whilst she is under police investigation … if that is not news and worthy of comment by so called mainstream journalists … they should all hang their heads in shame … that includes Oakes and the like …

There is political censorship involved – even the Opposition are reluctant to comment or raise the matter in press interviews.

Australian’s need to throw some eggs at politicians standing in a media horde – no matter who you hit the splatter will carry the message.

Given the scant exposure given to the two sandwich’s thrown in Gillard’s direction, the hypocrisy is obvious when you compare how the 13 yo girl in the ‘Goodes’ ape comment was exposed and how she was hung out to dry …

It is so hard to come up with a different perspective when writing about this crap … dare it be said – making her go away would make the world such a better place … in fact – who has earned the right to remain in Parliament … they all believe in their entitlement … but none have shown worthiness …

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. Barry M
    June 17, 2013 at 4:53 pm

    Could anyone say it better.

  2. Herman O Hermitage
    June 17, 2013 at 6:17 pm

    Last Friday on the Forum the panel went back to misogynist nut jobs. Social Media like bloggers who are older aged men who don’t follow journalistic decorum constantly criticising our first female PM. As always the ABC.

    During the Vietnam Moratorium, our leaders were ill considered and openly vilified.

    I try as hard as I can to find a leader who has been criticised like this PM. Politics creates a social divide.

    Jim Cairns was vilified in the dying days of the Whitlam years. So was Gough. Malcolm Fraser was not safe walking the streets in November 1975.

    Before that we had the Silly Billy government Of Billy McMahon and Billy Sneddon. The case of the Smiling Stiff. Which female was he with at Rushcutters Bay the night he suffered his fatal heart attack. Was Bill McMahon really gay? Married in his late 50’s.

    Don’t ever forget Pig Iron Bob. Ming to his his followers. He sold slag iron to the Jap’s before Pearl Harbour so they could drop it on Darwin. Then a decade later there was reds under the bed.

    Howard Sattler is an absolute fool.

    None of any of this takes away from many of the current issues. A minority government that has been kept in power by frauds. A series of frauds. An the democracy had to wait the full electoral cycle to have their say.

    ABC pull your head in. If that makes me a misogynist nut job, then I readily accept that title.

    Who gets to write the history? Not those nut jobs at the ABC.

  3. Barry M
    June 17, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    I too am one of those internet nutjobs and I am proud to be called one if that is the descriptor of someone who cares about his country and who dislikes vile and putrid behaviour by our Prime Minister. (Male or Female).
    They call us nut jobs without any knowledge of us as people, of what we may have achieved in our working life and the standing we may have held or hold in the community.
    Those who condemn us as nutjobs need to look for the reasons why we do what we do and why we say the things we say.
    The current Govt has created class wars and now gender wars. If they think that they can do that without some sort of fight back then they are too stupid to be running our country.
    They need to take lessons in human reaction and instincts. Does this mob, and in particular Gillard, think they can insult our intelligence and not get taken on for doing it. They have been talking about vibes lately, well as the guy who made vibes famous in Australia said, ‘tell em they’re dreamin’ .

  4. June 17, 2013 at 8:10 pm

    For me too!

    They are not only “dreamin”, they are rude little upstarts who would not know respect if it slapped them in the face.

  5. June 17, 2013 at 9:03 pm

    Trying to find a definition of misogynist nut job, I found one on Gerripedia. The dictionary is useless, it defines a misogynist – hatred of women, nut several definitions, a kernel, a bolt, slang madman and so on, job a task and so on.

    Source Gerripedia – Misogynist Nut Job – A derogatory term given to any blogger who distrusts mainstream media or lobbyists, who is of free thought, without regard for who they choose to attempt to correct or rebase.

  6. Firecracker
    June 17, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    Hi Gerry – you might remember when Gillard gave her misogynist speech a number of stories appeared about expanding the meaning from ‘hatred’ as it appeared in the Oxford and several other dictionaries. Perhaps this is a clone version of the alteration.

    Whatever Gillard terms those who disagree with her and her brand of misandry, nobody could ever call her a lady, nor a woman, nor someone that is representative of women in general. Perhaps a union mole, a scrubber, and many other names could be used.

    But why bother. She is just a waste of space and some time very soon she will be erased and history will remember the slag that conned the ALP, they will ask how she did it, and then Larry Pickering’s cartoons with the giant black dildo will be submitted as evidence.

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