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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl on – Election 2013 – Growl No: 42 – Kevin RUDD – now wants the party united behind GILLARD –

June 6, 2013
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– Election 2013 – Growl No: 42 –
– Kevin Rudd –
– now wants the party united behind GILLARD –

| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 6th June 2013|
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Iheard Kevin Rudd say to the cameras yesterday that his ALP colleagues should shut-up and get behind the Leader so Tony Abbott does not get to be the next Prime Minister.

To tell you the truth I had to take a second to ponder and search on-line for the comment to in fact make sure it was Kevin Rudd who made the statement –

Sky News ran the story – see below:

Rudd tells Labor to pull their heads in

| Updated: 15:07, Wednesday June 5, 2013 | Link to On-Line Story. |

Kevin Rudd has told his Labor colleagues to focus on Tony Abbott rather than Julia Gillard, as they despair over the prospect of a massive election defeat.

‘I think it’s time everyone, and I mean everyone, just pulled their heads in,’ the former prime minister told reporters on his way into Parliament House on Wednesday.

Instead, they should get on with the business of making sure Mr Abbott did not become prime minister.

Mr Rudd’s advice was echoed by cabinet minister Stephen Conroy, one of Ms Gillard’s staunchest allies, who warned Labor would be ‘marked down hard’ if it continued to indulge in navel gazing.

Their comments came as outspoken Senator Doug Cameron became the latest government figure to offer advice to the prime minister, saying it was time to dump the spin merchants feeding her prepared lines.

‘She’s a talented, effective politician, she’s just got to be herself,’ Senator Cameron said.

Yet another bout of ill-discipline in Labor ranks was prompted on Tuesday by Rudd supporter and former cabinet minister Joel Fitzgibbon, who openly mocked ‘talking points’ government MPs received from Ms Gillard’s office.

Mr Fitzgibbon sought to clarify his comments in an interview with Fairfax Media on Wednesday, saying his comments were a critique of politics generally in a ‘new era of spin’.

‘I was making the point that for whatever reason, a very good government is not punching through on its message,’ he said.

Labor backbencher Richard Marles said the government had to keep its discipline and prosecute its message through to the September 14 election.

‘We have a great story to sell,’ he said, citing the government’s response to the global financial crisis, the national disability insurance scheme and health reforms.

Another backbencher, Rob Mitchell, quashed any talk of dumping Ms Gillard.

‘She’s been able to get us through two-and-a-half years of a minority government. No one else would be capable enough to do that,’ he said.

The latest polls indicate Labor faces the prospect of being reduced to fewer than 40 MPs in the 150-seat House of Representatives after the election.

This has led to a feeling of despondency inside the government, independent senator Nick Xenophon says.

He cited a conversation he had with a government senator, in which he asked him whether the ALP was going to change its name to the Australian Lemmings Party.

‘He just looked at me in the eye and said mate, we already have’,’ Senator Xenophon said.

The Press have had a field day in recent times over the hapless ALP and Member’s willingness to feed the insider story frenzy …

RUDD’s comments above strip him of any creditable given his disruptive efforts over the last three years …

RUDD was seen as the saviour by so many – and is now seen as just an egotistical power junkie whose spoiler tactics have flayed the ALP wide open for whatever is coming its way in September.

RUDD knows Gillard has a criminal past and whilst he continued to challenge,  faithful ALP supporters stuck by him. The fact that he ahs now presented himself rolled over and happy to play lap-dog – the question is why has he positioned himself to support this criminal as Leader into the next election.

Surely his love of the ALP has its limits … morally this comment puts him on the side of corrupt politicians …

In the three years Gillard has been the PM – there is nothing by example in her actions, policy, demeanour, or otherwise that represents leadership qualities expected of our highest office.   It is one of the reasons RUDD retained popularity with the electorate.

How does Gillard get the support of her caucus to maintain her position  in the face of the ongoing ‘police investigation’?

Gillard’s evidence of guilt is there for anyone who wants to read and follow the paper trail established by the likes of Mike Smith and others.

This internal support by caucus members for soon to be declared criminals in Thompson, Slipper, Obeid and the like are examples of how far the ALP have come in supporting and fostering criminal behaviour against the public purse.   Gillard is a part of that behaviour.

It was only this morning that the ALP cancelled Obeid and MacDonald’s Labor Party membership – yet the ICAC revelations happened in Jan/Feb earlier this year.   Why has it taken this long to cancel there party memberships?

Thompson also was afforded his ALP membership until it was known he would be arrested.

With RUDD”s comments yesterday – we can all now see what a dud he really is – no morality, no integrity – the want to win and spoil the other side regardless of the corruption within his own party.   If he had an ounce of integrity worthy of public office – he would cross the floor to get rid of Gillard.


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  1. June 7, 2013 at 11:11 am

    Rob Mitchell ‘She’s been able to get us through two-and-a-half years of a minority government. No one else would be capable enough to do that.’

    or should it be ignored the warnings?

    Richard Marles ‘‘We have a great story to sell.’

    but no one cares enough to listen to where things are not right, or OK?

    Pretty well sums it all up. A government that doesn’t connect. Has lost all support. Doesn’t listen, ignores their constituency. Needs to be heard. Over inflated sense of self, only looking inward. Yeah onya.

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