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June 5, 2013
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– Zombies –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Herman O’Hermitage | 5th June 2013 |

The start of the trial of Bradley Manning brings up many thoughts on many issues issues. Wikileaks, state secrets, dishonesty within the military and their government counterparts.

In Tuesday’s morning bulletins Denise Brailey was featured with the typical denials from ASIC.  See http://bfcsa.com.au/index.php/blogger/listings/deniseb

Ms Brailey is currently posting on her website what she claims to be fraudulent loan application forms altered by brokers after they had been signed by applicants. Peter Kell, Deputy Chair of ASIC first said that “there was insufficient evidence”, and then wants to know why “Ms Brailey hasn’t referred the evidence to ASIC earlier”.

For more complete and accurate detail please refer to Ms Brailey blogsite.

That type of head in sand denial by Kell is so typical. If the banks are writing imprudent loans we could face another sub-prime crisis, this time centred in Australia. The only attitude is to investigate, but instead as always don’t listen but rather shoot the messenger. The old cynical classic joke “Hi, I am from the government, I am here to help you.”

Other examples of current head in the sand include;

  • In Parliament there is a whole load of conjecture about Telstra owned asbestos communication ducts and pits and the NBN rollout. When government bought the copper wire network or access to it, they were aware of …..? The only real issue is what is being done to firstly minimise risk, and then rebuild the system to eliminate that risk. Instead the central argument is who is responsible, largely based on who is going to pay.
  • Then there is the constant debate about immigration in the parliament. That will be developed later in this article.
  • And not to forget the treasury budget estimates for fiscal 2012/2013. How did this disaster unfold? More importantly what corrective acyion is taking place?

I could go on with the State Ombudsman, the Telecommunications and Information Ombudsman, the Office of State Revenue, The Legal Services Commissioner, The Dept of Fair Trading, The Office of Fair Work Australia, The Human Rights Commission, and on, and on.

A Zombie;

The term is often figuratively applied to describe a hypnotised person bereft of consciousness and self-awareness, yet ambulant and able to respond to surrounding stimuli. (source wikipedia)

I will personally settle for brain dead, or having no will of your own.

Here is Peter Kell’s biography (source ASIC website)

Peter Kell BA (Hons) (Syd)

Peter Kell commenced as Deputy Chair on 6 May 2013. Prior to this appointment he was Commissioner from 7 November 2011.

From August 2008 Mr Kell was Deputy Chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. He was President of the International Consumer Protection Enforcement Network in 2009-2010, and also served on the Consumer Policy Committee of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. Mr Kell has been on the Australian Government Financial Literacy Board since its establishment, and is a member of the Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Committee.

Before joining the ACCC, Mr Kell was Chief Executive of CHOICE (the Australian Consumers’ Association) and a board member of the global consumer organisation Consumers International.

Between 1998 and 2004 Mr Kell was ASIC’s Executive Director of Consumer Protection and its New South Wales Regional Commissioner.

There is no mention of work experience prior to 1998, ie no mention of whether Mr Pell ever worked in the securities or investments industry. There is no tangible proof of financial literacy. He had 6 years at ASIC as an executive director. That may tend to suggest he was a career bureaucrat? The bio is dripping with who-ness and very short on what-ness.

Who-ness – Who you are, an individual identifiable self. Eg He has title, bordering on over inflated sense of self.

What-ness – What you represent, in an altruistic and connected sense. Eg Listen to him, he has moved mountains before.

In my most recent post I touched on this, I wrote:

“At University and at work in the public service they learned sycophantic ways and when they passed nepotism they were promoted.” Linked here [https://bleyzie.wordpress.com/2013/06/01/eye-balls-herman-on-canberra-and-black-holes/]

Try this as an example.

Try to get an affidavit signed. An Affidavit is administered under both State and Federal Attorney General’s in my case an officer of the Supreme Court of NSW.

So I go to the local Magistrates Court. There are signs up everywhere, a volunteer JP service is available at specific times.  I take a number and wait and when called I directly ask at the Office of the Registrar if they will witness a document. Answer No! Who are you, a court officer, empowered under the oaths act, what are you, lazy. We are too busy to offer this service.

Go next door, to the police station. Hi How long is it. 7 pages with 3 oaths and 4 initials. Look I have real policing work to do. Who are you? “A police Constable”. What are you? “too busy”.

Go to the chemist. Hi there I was hoping to get this document witnessed. “Sorry I can’t do it.” When will a chemist be available? “I don’t know.” Who are you” “A chemist employee.” “What are you?” “Not empowered to witness oaths”.

Same cuts at a bank or a post office. No! No JP available. A Bank Manager will do, sorry we don’t have managers any more, we have senior Customer Service Officials.

Strange part is both my wife and I can witness oaths, but not for one another. It is highly likely your neighbours are able to administer oaths, but you don’t want them to know your business. At any time a District Court is open there are volunteers available to offer a JP service.

One day I presented at the Goulbourn St Family Law Court and “Hi there –  I was hoping to get this document witnessed”.

I was told to walk 2 blocks to the District Court where there are always volunteer JP’s while the court is open. On another occasion at the Queens Square Federal Court I was asked to wait 20 minutes while a JP became available. “Can’t any court official do this?” well  – maybe – but please wait. Fact -Any Public Servant of 2 years continuous service can witness a document.

So Bradley Manning has been in custody 3 years, awaiting trial, he has pleaded guilty to 9 of the 22 charges, yet the witch hunt goes on, and on.

The press tells me, that while guilty he is a humanist. He has actually only tried to highlight US Military breaches of Human Rights in Iraq. I am no expert.  Either at law or on Human rights, or in several other professional areas. However I have a piqued sense of social justice, and great capacity to aspire to a more just and interconnected world. A world of less injustice and suffering.

If there was a hat being passed around to save either Bradley Manning or Craig Thomson I would be much more likely to donate to Bradley Manning.

This brings me to my friends at Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Last Saturday I was shown an E mail from DIAC marked “For-Official-Use-Only”. It was in tiny type [6.5pt sans serif where the other content was in 11pt Calibri] and in red. My natural reaction was “what the heck does that mean?” If I was to publish that communication might I find myself in hot water over some type of sedition? The document contains no state secrets it is simply opinion and process. Security classifications are just simply a tool of these zombies.

So as I watch the debate on visas unfold I wonder just how rancid is the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

My mind conjures up pictures of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and all the hanky panky that they could be up to. If you have never heard of them see https://www.mara.gov.au/

They are every bit as clandestine as the AFP or ASIO/ASIA. You might discover in the first part of the URL [I need to retype as it is locked] DEPARTMENT OF IMMIGRATION ANDCITIZENSHIP [AU] {sic}so what do they do? Issue 457 visas? Take bribes? License those abusing immigration processes?

Gina Rinehart can obtain all the 457 visas she wants at the mine approval process and when she doesn’t get her way buy newspapers and TV stations. The big mining companies can hold the economy to ransom by mothballing expansion plans for all types of reasons. But how do the smaller abusers get away with their tripe? Where do you start to even investigate?

You rely upon whistleblowers. The likes of Bradley Manning or Julian Assange and maybe now and then programmes like ‘4 Corners’. My only experience with ‘4 Corners’ is when you send them a program suggestion they state, and I quote “Unfortunately this not a topic which Four Corners is currently looking to pursue in terms of a story.” Is that also head in the sand?

Around about Easter this year amongst a group of associates who are predominantly from the education sector, one stated “the university system has survived a Liberal government in the past”.

The conversation moved on saying that they may well vote for Julian Assange in the upper house. Some remained silent. Upper house voting intentions is the new political interest in the tea rooms.

Has the ABC considered how they will survive a coalition government? Their ALP biased reporting has become water off a ducks back. What is the strategy phase post election, particularly when the new government is having a honeymoon?  Maybe ‘4 Corners’ will then pursue such a story!

After all they are by virtue of funding an extension of the public service.

Believing in sanity is itself insanity?

Post Script

In naming this article considerable thought was given to naming this piece earth worms. Earth worms have no discerned brain or taste. In conclusion the mythical and voodoo concept of a zombie was considered more apt. Earth worms are quite useful in that they return organic matter to soil nutrients. They are very useful as bait when fishing, and birds of prey require them in their food chain.

For further enlightenment I add a small poem I have collected along the way.


Without thinking or feeling they prey upon the flesh,

Without regard to how recipient, or as to how fresh,

While always returning earthly form to the earth,

The cosmic karma is intact, as it was at its birth.

The birth is in question, for the genesis is unknown,

The parentage is of earth, yet this soul is alone,

It’s evolution is of earth,

or in its survival?

Reproduced with the permission of the author (copyright)

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EYE-BALL’s ‘Herman’ …

  1. Jeannie
    June 5, 2013 at 4:40 pm

    A further post script,
    Sorry to all the Zombies in the world, wouldn’t want to hurt any feeling you might have, by comparing you to Public Service.

  2. Herman O Hermitage
    June 5, 2013 at 11:57 pm

    There are several misquotes I truly should fix. Where I cite the ASIC website and it rolls into my appraisal.

    Who cares.

  3. June 6, 2013 at 10:51 am

    After the Captain Emad (Ali ad Abassi) story featured on 4 corners, is it any wonder? His visa was cancelled, he fled the country the day after the program went to air and the AFP claimed there was no reason to stop him. So which incident occurred first. The cancellation of his visa, or the AFP saying there was no reason to detain him? Ineptitude, cover up, or just mindless stupidity. Did they shoot the 4 corners messenger? Where is Chris Bowen now?

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