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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl on – Election 2013 – Growl No: 40 – Abbott gets a backbone & – New AG MArk Dreyfus really is a “TOSSER” …

May 30, 2013
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– Election 2013 – Growl No: 40 –
– Abbott gets a backbone  & –
– New AG MArk Dreyfus really is a “TOSSER” …

| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 30th May 2013|
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  1. Tony Abbott gets a Backbone:
  2. New AG Mark Dreyfus really is a “TOSSER”:

Abbott gets a Backbone:

Some things happen ever so rarely in life that when you see someone stand tall on a morality or integrity issue and do the right thing, you ponder how hard it must have been for them.

Tony Abbott grew or was injected with a morality backbone overnight.

He realised he was risking a lot when he backflipped after agreeing to support a morally bankrupt ‘cash-grab’ to fund political party’s ‘administration costs’.

His minders – i.e. his own ‘faceless men’ had done a deal with the ALP’s own ‘faceless-men’ to steal taxpayers money.  This negotiation had been going on for months and in hindsight – Abbott has revealed his persona is flawed and that as the Prime Minister in waiting – Australia needs him to step up and show us that he can lead.  This backflip is a start, but the questions remains about some of his poor choices.

The Legislation was conceived out of hubris and when revealed to the public, someone turned a light on alerting those who thought it was a good idea,  that the dark place they had hatched this scheme from was the ‘devil’s home’, and sitting opposite them with the candy bribe was the devil’s incarnated whore – Julia Gillard.

Abbott’s minders revolted with ample urging from the public – sanity prevailed with the announcement the Liberals were walking away from the deal hatched many months ago mid evening last night.

Earlier in the evening reports were that the Nationals were meeting to discuss pulling support – so perhaps that morality enema Tony received was not taken willingly …

Anyway the right result happened and a warm thankyou to those still in politics who showed they still have a morality conscience.

*** Just In: This morning Abbott appeared to explain the backflip – he was unconvincing and the morality backbone was definitely not of his own making.  He fumbled throughout the interview indicating ‘now was not the right time to bring this legislation forward’.

He did not clarify further not was asked to clarify – does that mean that in the future it will be a better time?

Abbott does not get it – he had the belief that there is a right to raid the public purse to fund political parties administration costs.   Abbott needs to rule this type of plunder of taxpayers money out for good … a never never promise …

The flip side is that the media were hostile toward Abbott and that is no newbie … why are the media not honed in on Gillard and Albanese and the ALP for proposing the Legislation in the first place …

Albanese fronted the media after Abbott and the tone of questioning was supportive – they allowed Albanese to point Abbott as black and never wore a question about the low morality of the proposed legislation.

I want to say – nobody can trust this Nation’s media to do right by the people … leftist journo’s have ruined objectivity and media reporting … journos no longer report news – they report their own agenda and slant their agenda’s to their own political beliefs … these are dangerous times to believe everything you read or hear coming from a news source.

Lenore Taylor was recognised as one of the journo’s asking questions at Abbott – she is well know for her love of all things ALP and having an underware fetish with all things red and sluttish – she is such a Gillard whore and nothing coming from her musings or print stories is balanced.

It is another example of the media acting as Gillards hound dogs … a stench upon all of you …

*** Just in:  Further news this morning is the release of a letter from Abbott to the AG confirming the Coalition’s agreement to the proposed Legislation … this proves Abbott’s complicity and the question is now whether this was a loaded issue from the outset to flush out Abbott?

Albanese was on the attack toward Abbott’s backroom revolt over his support for the legislation – the media let him rant on and not once asked Albanese whether he felt the legislation was morally challenged … scumbags the lot of them … and I piss on the media for being ‘crumb eaters’… ALP crumbs …

Gillard and her team know they have nothing to lose – so they try to tar and feather Abbott by association with an unpelletable piece of Legislation they know will spike electoral backwash … i.e. they baited Abbott and he took the hook and now is exposed as being the same money hungry Politician as the ALP are …

As said by a commentator – this election is for Abbott to lose …

Moving on: in political terms this matter could be used as the primer Abbott can use to bring on the ‘no-confidence motion’ he has been threatening.

Will he – that will be a defining moment in Leadership if he does – if he rolls over and skulks in the tall timbers ashamed at his initial involvement and scared that the Government will tag him for it – that will be the measure of the man’s ability to lead.

Todays Question Time offers much, but as so often happens … the Opposition always find a way to lose their way when they have the opportunity … do you think they can discipline themselves enough to not get thrown out if the ‘no-confidence’ motion is afoot?

We’ll have to wait and see …

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New AG Mark Dreyfus really is a “TOSSER”:

On the ASIO Security Briefing to George Brandis:

The honeymoon period for new Attorney General Mark Dreyfus is over – and wow … has he proved himself to be an absolute knob when it comes to performing for Gillard in front on the Media … how many times has he had to front the cameras … and mind you he seems to want that spotlight … to cover Gillard’s ample arse …

On Lateline last night he proved that his QC background is absolutely worthless as an Attorney General –

Tony Jones walked him through his scenario on the ASIO breach by George Brandis and question Dreyfus every which-way a number of times about how what Brandis did was any different to what Gillard did in the House when she spoke about the security breach.

Jones could not get Dreyfus to see the double standards being applied –

Two things – either Dreyfus did understand but could not answer the question for fear of lighting his own career fuse, of he is that stupid that the stench around him from Gillard’s witchery has him happy to make a fool of himself to save Gillard.

Does he understand how foolish he looked giving the answers he did –  watch the interview here … the transcript link is not working yet.

Dreyfus is proving every day that he is out of his depth as was his predecessor Nicola Roxon.

A Bitch Session:

I receive RSS Feed updates from many Ministerial Media links – the two that register most on the ‘puke’ Richter scale emanate from Jason Clare’s office and the other comes from Mark Dreyfus’s office.

All other Ministerial media releases messages arrive with a short summary and a link to the Ministers media web release updates that appear under the traditional Governmental banners … very professional and creates no belly roll laughter problems.

The Jason Clare messages – and there are many with announcements coming 2-3 times a day with Boat Arrival intercept notifications – is truly an overkill in self-promotion …

Clare has by far the largest banner ‘Header’ identifier seen, and since he took the ‘Home Office’ portfolio, L swear he has increased the font size used two or three times to make his name and position more pronounced.

I digress a little – Mark Dreyfus comes in a close second for the same reasons  but for totally different reasons.

Clare’s header takes up the whole preview viewer and I have to chuckle to myself about how small his dick must be if he needs to portray his title and name as large as it appears on all his media releases.

On the other hand – Mark Dreyfus’s office provides announcements to all his appearances and press conferences  and followed up by the transcripts of these media interviews and speeches.

In the last few days, this has stopped … I wonder why …

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To all those who registered their objections re the electoral funding increase legislation – pat yourselves on the back … the power of the people is real … well done.

– Register your Protest –

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