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May 24, 2013
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– Simplex –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Herman O’Hermitage | 24th May 2013 |
T he very art of spin means too often the good guy gets painted black. Everything is just a hue.

n. simple, designed for a single element, the minimum number of dimensions (simpleks) antonym – complex

Socrates said all attempts at logic ultimately collapse on themselves. All rational ultimately becomes irrational. Being in sanity is itself insanity. Over belief. Oscar Wilde said about “Do unto others” how would any other know what I would like done to me? The absolute Socratic of all logic collapsing on itself, the bizarre with a modicum of justification. That may be termed argument.

Happiness and success is when one doesn’t rationalise too hard. They expresses thru their eyes what others know to be simple pleasures thereby tapping into the feel good factor (love of existence). Addressing adversity while remaining detached and don’t over complicate or sensationalise. Demanding rationality the ego becomes highly emotional in their own persona. Too often there is no answer.

There is no black and white, there are only hues, (or shades). Shades is also a synonym for filters.

We wish for our world a greater respect and transparency. A healthy ego without excess pride, arrogance or greed. The capacity to say what you think and then let go. We only see or hear a fraction of what is going on in the varying dimensions.

These thoughts have many applications in our world and the varying sectors of our social fabric, the tapestry we call existence.

Try Sport. The Sydney Swans won the flag last year, and Melbourne Storm won the NRL Telstra Premiership, Qld won the SOO. Then into the new year, what is left, history, hangovers and individual memories, conjecture and it is time to do it all again.

This year the hotshots are Essendon, then Geelong; Storm then Rabbitohs, throw in the Chooks and now there are just contenders. Ben Barba after winning the Dally M is in rehab. And so it goes. Who ran second to Hi Jinx in the cup of 1960? Who cares.

Take the car industry. In 1945 Ben Chifley wanted an Australian built car. It was part of the logics post world war II, we could not depend upon the pacific shipping lanes in wartime for supply, it was imperative we had that internal capacity and know how. Chifley negotiated with the British Motor Corporation, and General Motors and Ford. None were that interested.

Holden were originally South Australian saddlers who went on to build chassis for motors and drive train sourced from General Motors (Buicks and Chevrolets). It was finally agreed a new joint venture company, called General Motors Holden would stump up pounds 1,000,000 plus technology and the government would add 3,000,000 and by 1948 the first all Australian car was produced at the Pagewood production facility.

GMH was so successful that by 1963 Detroit had bought out the Australian Government, and had received dividends way beyond the initial 4,000,000 pound (or AUD8,000,000) so in 1961 Ford decided to build a locally made Falcon for the Australian market. Chrysler joined the rush with the Valiant. The first R model had a dash board sourced straight out of Detroit, adapted from left hand drive to right hand drive. The indicators were back to front.

The Japanese car industry was in its infancy. Toyota until 1948 only built trucks. Honda until 1961 only built motor bikes. My friend at school his Dad had bought a Datsun, and we all called it “Jap Junk”.

By the time British Motor Corp evolved to Leyland, they too decided to build an Australian car in the P76, and by 1974 were haemorrhaging money. My Dad worked at Holden til 1956 and then BMC til 1962.

In the summer of ‘73 I personally was building 16 carbies that were going into the first police pursuit Chargers. They were growth industries. By 1969 the Aussie straight six was exported extensively to the Middle East, much more suited to the dry hot and arid conditions than European or American built offerings. In the Federal election of October 25th, 1969 it was going to be close, and the Liberals were led by John Gorton, and their coalition partner then was John McEwen (black Jack) to his adversaries, and while Gorton promised to smash the monopolies (BHP in steel manufacture & ACI in glass), McEwen gave a blank cheque of protection to Ford and Holden to maintain the Aussie export of cars, still fighting the Pacific War.

The Bathurst 500 was the ultimate of car rivalry. Holden stretched the HT to manufacture the Brougham (which in time became the Statesman) to compete in the Middle East against the prestige machs (Mercedes and Rolls Royce). Ford introduced the Landau.

Holden imported a 327 cubic inch V8 motor from Detroit while they tooled up a locally built 307.

Ford matched them by first importing the Mustang 289 while tooling up in Australia for a 308.

Chrysler first had a 269 but smashed them all with a 366, and still couldn’t win Bathurst. (The brakes couldn’t perform as well as the motor, and most cars were out of the race within 100 miles). In history every decision is now seen as simple.

The choices get eliminated in history. Just a scintilla of conjecture. Disputing the facts.

Yet today as Caltex is closing the Kurnell petrol refinery, Shell will soon not distil petrol in Australia at all, Ford announces a 3 year plan to cease production of the Falcon, choices are not simple, they are complex! Or are they?

The above example could easily have been around Bitumen Oil Refineries Aust. Ltd (Boral) or it’s fraternal twin Australia Motorists Petroleum Oils Ltd (AMPOL) and Shell and Caltex and the petrol game.

I have skipped the Button plan, the floating of the Dollar, Quantitative Easing and a whole lot more. I want to stay simplex.

The government and the AMWU both promise answers into the future for whatever that is worth. There are definitely no easy answers to such upheaval, just worries.

It is just far easier to stay with happiness and its causes. All things will pass away.

Will the trench war that was WWII ever be fought again. Mounted troopers gave over to trenches to guerrilla tactics, and now to terror and improvised explosive devices. Do the shipping lanes matter?

How many key decision makers even understand how the Pacific War was largely fought on supply. None of this affects this year’s return on funds employed or the share indices.

The Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – 5 (DSM V) has just been released. The psychiatrist, who led the composition of DSM IV in the 1970’s, is now regretful of his earlier work and scathing on the mental health industry. He says that DSM IV had led to a plague of Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism and Bi-polar diagnosis.

All fuelled by the drug companies and their greedy share market returns. The Benzo group of drugs simply don’t work. After 3 months you need stronger doses and they are a terrible addiction. There are border line cases (self harm) who need lithium. There is schizo’s (people who hear voices) and a bit more, but too many depressions just need cognitive behavioural therapies (CBT) or other rational arrivals. Psychology only dates back to circa 1900.

Once more what causes happiness?

Fortune tellers have an unwritten rule of not foretelling of disaster or ruination. It can be self fulfilling.

Nostradamus while fun spoke of a pig man flying in a metal horse and dropping a mushroom, while all is interpreted because  all written in very obtuse and rarely spoken latin, so that today believers say this was a gas masked pilot flying the Enola Gay and dropping the H Bomb on Hiroshima.

Simplex! Believing in Sanity is insanity.

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