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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl on – Election 2013 – Growl No: 38 – Dribble from a Dribbler – Gillard becoming more redundant every day –

May 6, 2013
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– Dribble from a Dribbler –
– Gillard becoming more redundant every day –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 5th May 2013|
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The elevation of politics to automatic lead News stories, including print, TV, and social media, is a weakness within media editors.

The overuse of the so-called ‘breaking news’ headline is like a ‘wolf’ cry and makes us insensitive to real news stories.

More so whenever the PM offers up a news conference opportunity and gives news directors reason to pause to consider the live cross.   Whilst any individual has such a prestigious prominence, and proned to the abuse of that position – the electorate has the right to be sceptical of their news services.

Surely we have learnt from experience that it is the ‘grubby’ and ‘grubbier’ news story that gets our attention – not the mundane stuff.

That leads to ask – how much ‘noise’ is created in political circles and all to appease the individual egos of politicians who play the game.   What positive value is there in one party espousing the faults of another party when all the other party does is the same thing.

Someone said to me 18 months ago – whoever turns this election into a truth and honesty campaign where pledges are given to carry out Royal Commission son past deeds will have the moral ground and win the election.  That same person highlighted that if both parties disengaged from the corruption issues, then it will become just more of the same pledge and broken promise’s.

That game is played in the ‘head-space’ of so few who play the politics game.  The public are completely reliant on the media to open the window to the stories that these ego driven politicians want us to read and hear.   It is such an empty rhetoric game and most often they who scream loudest and behave worst win the battle.   Politicians have a belief system – and that is human existence has most often been served best by those who are prepared to lie and deceive.

Only a politician could even think that!!!

For example – PM Gillard called upon all her loyal media hounddogs so she could stand tall and tell Australia that she was going to win the Sept’ election.  Read story here … – or below:

Prime Minister confident of election win

| Date: May 6th, 2013 | Link to On-Line Story. |

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has told her MPs this election year will not be for the faint-hearted, but in a spirited call-to-arms says Labor can win in September as the ‘white noise’ of politics falls away.

Ms Gillard on Sunday declared she would prevail against negative ‘chit-chat’ pointing to a drubbing in four months’ time, including from some Labor MPs who have told News Ltd they expect a ‘bloodbath’ costing 35 to 40 seats.

The prime minister admitted it’s been politically tough for the ALP and she has ‘done some tough things, some unpopular things’.

However, after a week in which she secured bipartisan support for a levy to pay disability care reforms, she told ABC TV: ‘When people vote in September, a lot of the white noise that is politics and has been in politics over the last few years will fall away’.

‘People will be there, in a polling place, with a ballot paper in front of them, and it will be a very clear choice: do I want … Julia Gillard, a majority Labor government, a focus on jobs and on the services my family needs, a clear plan for the future?

‘Or do I want the leader of the Opposition, Mr Abbott, with his very clear plan for cutbacks?

‘I believe we can win, because at the end of the day Australians are a smart people; the facts matter, the policies matter, and there we are with the right answers.’

Ms Gillard said it was her job to lead by example and inject a fighting spirit into her troops: ‘We’ve got to get out and win this’.

‘Yes, we are not in a period where it is any time for the faint-hearted,’ she said.

‘I’m pretty used to the negative chit-chat, and I’m pretty used to prevailing against that negative chit-chat, and I’ll do that again in September.’

The prime minister’s message was much the same when she addressed more than 20,000 workers at the May Day march in Brisbane, whom she urged to ‘get out and fight’.

‘I’ll be proud to be with you leading that fight every day between now and September,’ she said at RNA Showgrounds.

Defence Minister Stephen Smith also talked up Labor’s election hopes, recalling Labor’s surprise 1993 federal election victory when voters ‘saw the whites of (Liberal leader) John Hewson’s eyes’.

‘Don’t count out the government,’ Mr Smith told Sky News.

‘This thing will go down to the wire.’

Fresh from signing Victoria up to the DisabilityCare Australia scheme, Ms Gillard said the half-a-percentage point increase in the Medicare levy should remain in place, regardless of any return to budget surplus.

‘I think this needs to be there as a funding source for all of time,’ she told ABC television.

‘I think it is fair to say to Australians that you will be asked for a little bit more in order to fund something that we all benefit from.’

This really is kindergarten stuff – rally the troops with a rebel rousing declaration – ‘I will lead you to victory … but only if you pledge your support …’   It is so pathetic …

Scepticism within the electorate has the ALP at 30% and unable to move up – they are poised to fall off the cliff as Gillard’s desperation becomes more apparent – the electorate has become disengaged – read ‘The AGE’ story here

The electorate has for a long time refuse to hear or accept what Gillard has to say – it’s not Abbott winning over voters, it’s Gillard’s buttermilk being flushed down the drain.

There are two important things that a politician always cares about – their public image, and that their sexual preferences are kept a secret.   Cheap and nasty I know – but you would think that running a Nation would figure in their some where as a priority.  Talking about it does not get it done and getting it done means making decisions that the electorate will not like or appreciate.

Any fol can make popularist choices and that has been happening in Western politics for 50 odd years – all with the use of taxpayer monies and new debt – it is the reason why the GFC came and will remain with us until Governments make the hard choices.

Media responses drive political careers and the media are spun by politicians wanting to influence that same media cycle to their own agenda … they who control the media control the game and this is the only thing keeping Gillard in the game.   It is such a dribble industry and that dribble flows from the top down …

How much do you think the ‘Disability Care’ and the ‘Gonski Education reforms’ is about selling the ALP as opposed to really caring about the electorate, and those the policies are supposed to impact upon?

A cynic I am … and given the broken promises of this Government over their whole term in office – you would have to be a mug to trust Gillard at her word.

Gillard’s ‘dribble’ is toxic and worthy of a sewerage treatment before it becomes fit for our consumption.

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  1. May 6, 2013 at 11:30 am

    Hi Harry. I have enjoyed your informative series of Growls and would wish all the Eyeball sites had greater recognition and reach. It’s excellent both for diverse comments and links.

    I’ve just put a comment on Eyeball’s blog which may have been more appropriate here. You’re welcome to use it or I could repost it here if you wish.

    Cheers H/B

  2. RP_Man
    May 6, 2013 at 2:42 pm

    Yet another excellent article…this is now my favorite site!!
    Great jokes…Hilarious in fact!!
    And the articles are right on the money!!

    Gillard thinks she is a tough visionary made of steel…she is deluded and so are the rest of the ALP if they believe her.
    First off…she has no vision on practically anything at all, she is totally without a moral compass, hasn’t got a practical bone in her body, and is driven by a cunning and conniving mindset, she is soo stupid she does not realize that she is stupid and all she is ..is a totally directionless soul who can only pretend to be a leader.
    Does she think any of the worlds most despised dictators looked in the mirror on any given day and said “You are an evil dictator”…of course they didn’t.
    They saw just what she see’s “a strong person born to rule”…(its called self delusion)
    stupid and nasty people never see their own faults…only those of others, therefore they are deluded and dangerous fools.

    Reality check Jooolia…you are not tough, just stubborn,hard nosed and ultimately stupid.
    You are not smart…just cunning and duplicitous with no moral fibre at all.
    You may have passed a lot of legislation…but 99% of it has been downright harmful, both now and in the future.
    Practical people can see this, but you cannot
    You would not know to go into business for yourself if your life depended on it, because you have spent all of your life grovelling, lying and cheating to climb various Union, Corporate and Political ladders.
    You speak with a forked tongue…and are deluded because you can not see the truth until it hits you in the face…and it will.
    Finally you are an insult to real woman, who can see thru you in increasing numbers.
    The sooner this chapter in Australian politics is over the better.
    She will be remembered tho…as the WORST PM in Australia’s history..by far!


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