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EYE-BALL’s “SNOOP POOP” on – NRL 2013: – NRL 2013: Round 7 – Rabbitohs [20] defeat Manly [12] –

April 28, 2013
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– NRL 2013: Round 7 –
– Rabbitohs [20] defeat Manly [12] –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop | 26th Apr 2013 |
This match-up had great expectations and one of the few times where the hype was matched by the performances of both teams.

It was a war of attrition – Manly’s uncompromising in your face defense, the Rabbits held their ground with equally resolute defence, but Manly are experts at the intimidation tactics and it is a detriment to their game.

Coach Geoff Toovey has his players of a mould to show no quarter, and this defense intensity lends itself opportunities for teams to find weakness’ in other areas.  For mine – it is just up to teams to exploit the compressed defence and take advantage of this singular motive Manly tend to play with – that is to try their best to physically hurt the other players.

No doubt – this game was by far the best of the season and the intensity never died.  When it seemed all was lost when Manly trailed 20-0 with 15 to go – you just knew South’s were still vulnerable – the crowd stayed and willed the home team for a fight back and it came to make for an exciting finish.

The fans watching TV wanted a Souths victory – nobody really likes Manly – even their own fans have a ‘hick’ like love hate relationship with their team – parochial to the end, but equally willing to bag their team when they disappoint.

Manly’s ‘Brookvale’ is the new coliseum and this clash of the Titans was fitting for the occasion.  Other teams should dread the ‘hurt’ they will feel whenever they visit.

Manly are viewed by many as the ‘grubs’ in the competition – nothing they do on the field is done without the intention to try to hurt the opposition player.  That is not footy in the true sense.  Their intensity in the gang tackle will seriously hurt a player at some point – it is not matched by any other team.   Footy is a physical contest – and players do get hurt – but Manly take that probability to another level.

There were four (4) incident reports against Manly players coming out of the game.  There is another that escaped the referees that will most likely be placed on report as well.

Two of the charges belong to Fa’aoso and committed on the same player [Inglis} for the same breach – a spear tackle.

Matai’s swinging arm is his trademark and the intent in this tackle may have bene to strike the ball but the player has to be responsible for when aggression goes wrong.  He has to get a long stint – that swinging arm could kill someone if he gets it wrong and he has enough form to give him a Les Boyd type suspension.

Brett Stewart took a cheap shot as he lifted an elbow on the Rabbits winger and he should also get a week or two.  It all just shows a ‘grub’ mentality and the image of Watmough puling out his old fella to have a piss in public when the camera’s were rolling in a premiership after party a few years ago give evidence to the culture within the club.

Hope all these reports get the players responsible sent down big time – every one was a cheap shot.

The most hated player in the Manly forward pack is Watmough – and again tonight was amongst the chief offenders in the niggle factor with the work he does in the wrestle and on the ball stuff.

He can be a gifted player and to see him go that way stains his natural talents. Whenever he plays SOO he has been found wanting at that next level – if he had an attitude like Burgess, Webkie, Petro, or some other player who just worked hard in defence and attack without the niggle – his chances of making a difference at the higher level would be improved. He just gives away cheap penalties and it cost his team.

I take nothing away from the intensity of tonight’s game,  they are a side that make you earn the win and their intimidation tactics wins them a lot of games.

Playing that type of game can have its drawbacks … backing up the following week and the next … and the next … players get injured or begin to carry injuries into games. Manly have a habit of losing to lower ranked teams and to look for a reason you have to consider how they play their football on a physical level.

Souths proved they are the real deal this season and the next time these two teams meet – Manly will be out for revenge and Souths will again be out to prove themselves.   We’ve been blessed with some stella performances in these first seven rounds.

The top-tier of this competition has already established itself – Storm, Rabbits, Manly, and Easts …

Before the season started I would have said the Bulldogs would have been in that four … but after six rounds they sit at the bottom of the table.

These four teams have set a high bar for all the other teams and I can’t see any other team breaking into a top four spot.

EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop …

  1. Rookie Bookie
    May 7, 2013 at 4:29 pm

    There is so much happening.

    With the Rabbitohs being equal 1st I am one little happy chappy.

    The super Rugby is super. Super confusing. It is very difficult to see 1st and last in each conference. The Brumbies are possibly the most consistent Aussie side, so may be 1st in conference, but every game is competitive. Until Waratahs beat Kings by a cricket score I was thinking they might come last. South Africa too and NZ are very hard to pick. On past seasons Crusaders and Chiefs are likely finalists. In SA Sharks and Stormers are not playing with the consistency of years gone by. So Bulls and Sharks?? Not sure.

    I laugh at the More Joyous stewards enquiry. I don’t believe Singo was pissed. I don’t believe Gai would throw a race. I don’t believe a Waterhouse bookmaker would be party to sting. I do think Joey Johns is a big mouth, and if he and Robbo and the Pimp were warned off race courses around the world, it would not be that significant. The racing industry is a strange world.

    ASADA is not much fun especially for the Bombers and the Sharkies. The Bombers are flying high, and the ongoing specualtion of bans on players, and possibility of being stripped of competition points adds extra drama. In the case of Sharks and Gallen, let us imagine Gallen captains NSW in SOO and thereafter gets a player ban!

    Laurie Daley is a goose for having committed to Pearce at half back in SOO. I really like the concept of Maloney to half, Sutton to 5/8 and Carney off the bench. The centres virtually pick themselves. In this scenario Sutton is defensively good early, and will go to lock in the second half where a fresh Carney could do wonders. It could just nullify the attacking brilliance of Qld, run them harder.

    I have been really busy this year in other commitments. Not sure when I might post.

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