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EYE-BALL Opinion – Our Higher Education System – Universities fudging research for Higher Funding –


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– Our Higher Education System –
-Universities fudging research for Higher Funding-
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 24th Apr 2013 |
Allegations have been made concerning University Heads reallocating accreditation for research material for the purpose of colluding to enhance funding opportunities.

These allegations and at a time when the Gillard Government is threatening a $2.5 billion funding strip from Universities, pose serious integrity questions in how the higher education funding triggers work.

The allegations were made in a story published in ‘The Australian’ today and is reproduced below:

Academics union has accused university managers of collusion

| Author: Andrew Trounson | Date: April 24th, 2013 | Link to On-Line Story. |

THE academics union has accused university managers of collusion and being misleading by inflating the quality of their research for a national audit, in a bid to bolster their status and secure additional research money.

Since the introduction of the Excellence in Research for Australia audit of research quality in 2010, there have been claims that universities are “gaming” the results by manipulating research data to hide weak research and pushing higher quality research into inappropriate classifications to boost ratings in some areas.

The National Tertiary Education Union has now released a report that includes anonymous accounts of a meeting during which senior managers appear to be talking of actively gaming data to maximise their results.

An unnamed senior administrator reports attending an “astonishing meeting” in which a university’s deputy vice-chancellor for research asks a department to switch some of its best research outputs, such as journal publications, into another department to maximise its ratings. The deputy vice chancellor feels obliged to reassure the department losing its research that it won’t be punished for any apparent poor research performance.

“If you give us those publications, we run you down. We’ll make sure you’re ok after ERA,” the deputy vice-chancellor says.

In another example, a senior researcher appears to talk of making research that doesn’t appear in good enough journals “disappear” by keeping the amount of research in some areas deliberately below a threshold for reporting it.

NTEU said the gaming undermined the integrity of the ERA process, and disadvantaged staff by discouraging and marginalising some research.

The Australian Research Council, which operates the ERA scheme, rejected the criticism.

ARC chief executive Aidan Byrne said there was no evidence of widespread gaming and that much of what is labelled gaming is simply reasonable behaviour.

Some immediate question come to mind as a result of these obscure allegations, particularly in relation to the academic research into the ‘Climate Change’ debate, and how this Government and the research results are now being peeled back revealing flaws in the research arguments.

On a global scale, many alarmist’s are now turning sceptical with the most recent data showing the last decade was much cooler then the previous decade.

There has always been a ‘vested interest’ cloud hanging over academia land and how they procure research funding.  They are all mostly reliant on Federal and State Government funding, and the debate that ensures is whether it was the funding that produced research results favourable to prolonged funding programs, or was it the research outcomes that produced the continued funding.

In recent times, anyone seeking funding for a research program to prove ‘climate change’ arguments were top priority – grants to disprove the ‘climate change’ argument were low priority.

If the allegations in the above story prove to be factual … so many questions will be answered.

Gillard and her Ministers claim as do the Opposition that Education is the silver bullet – the statement has been around forever.  But to me the question is that with knowledge comes enlightenment, but the wisdom of life is not learnt in books or by attaining higher education.

Emphasis on one to the detriment of the other creates an imature and uncomplete rounding of life and humanity.   If our educators are in fact cheating the system for greed and prestigue, then the wisdom of life within the mindset of these Institutions is a sad failure.

If you can’t trust the educators on integrity and morality, what will the next generation of students give us when it becomes their turn to lead and take their place?

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Gillard’s Government is poison to this Nation … how do we get rid of her now?

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Please – send this message to as many and as often as you can – bombard the Caucus Members with a message so clear and with weight of numbers that it will force them to act.

You could also think about sending it to the Independents, Oakeshott, Windsor, Wilkie, and Brandt,  as well … Katter already votes with the Coalition, and Slipper and Thompson are a lost cause and their fate already sealed.

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