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EYE-BALL’s Guru on – Wayne Swan’s “Investment pipeline” – disappearing before his eyes – where does he go for his next ‘bunny excuse’ –

April 23, 2013
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– Wayne Swan’s – “Investment pipeline” –
– disappearing before his eyes –
– where does he go for his next ‘bunny excuse’ –
| Author: EYE-BALL Guru | 23rd Apr 2013 |
Afallback policy defense for Wayne Swan has been his rhetorical ‘Investment Pipeline’ argument – telling all and sundry who want to tear his house down that the rest of the world wants to invest in Australia.

Swan continually mentions a figure of $500 billion over the last 2-3 years as the value of the ‘pipeline investment’ lined up to get their hands on a piece of Australia.

Those who understand true economics have doubted Swan’s prophecy based on escalating labour costs bought on by the continued high A$ value.  Many have told Mr Swan that to rely on this so-called ‘pipeline Investment’ is to play casino with Australia’s financial future.

Being the idiot he did and does not understand what it is he does not understand …

Swan’s excuses for his budget failings continued ad nauseum relying on the ‘Treasurer of the Year’ gong to convince people and his own party he knew what he was doing.   Swan’s legacy as th e ‘worst Treasurer ever’ will ensure Australians will forever think of Swan as the idiot who allowed the rest of the world to hook up their backdoor syphon hoses and rip honest wealth from all Australians – Swan and his RBA clowns have stood by and clapped them as they did so – and all to a need for him to remain internationally popular and have someone to talk to at G-20 conferences.

Idiot’s like Swan rarely get to serve in such a high station – and Australia will regret it for a hundred years.

Reported today is another $2 billion mining project that has been mothballed – read the story here

A list of mining projects that have been scrapped in recent months – (as reported in story above) – include:

  1. Arafura Resources rare earth processing plant in Whyalla, value $2 billion and 1000 jobs,
  2. Woodside abandons its $50bn Browse Basin project – value $50 billion and some 10,000 jobs,
  3. BHP Billiton shelved the $30bn Olympic Dam mine expansion – 2-3,000 jobs lost
  4. BHP Billiton shelved the $20bn Port Hedland harbour project –  2-3,000 jobs lost

Then we have the oil refinery closure/sales:

  1. Shell have closed four (4) of their eight (8) refineries over the past 18 months – see story here
  2. Caltex have also used the high A$ value to close refineries – see story here
  3. All that can be certain is that there will be more closures due to the high labour costs and high A$ value when decisions are made about upgrading or closing Australian refineries – see story here

What about the Auto Industry and Government funding received to keep it afloat –

  1. Ford and Toyota job losses reported 14 months ago – see story here – 1,000’s jobs lost –
  2. And more recent job losses at Holden’s operations – see story here –  500+ jobs lost –
  3. Then there is the continued subsidies paid to keep remaining Auto Industry operations afloat – some $2 billion a year … take away those subsidies and can you imagine the job losses – it can be said that subsidies = jobs … doe sit really work in the long term?

Then there is the Manufacturing, Tourism, Agriculture, and Retail industries where job losses in recent years are in the 10,000’s … perhaps even higher … these job losses throw plenty of scepticism at the un-employment numbers and how the Government is hiding the ongoing job losses.  Estimates have Australia’s true unemployment rate in the high teen’s.

Previous posts on the unemployment, part-time verses full-time job creations, and the monthly reduction in hours worked – linked here – prove that there is a slow decline in  full-time work availability, and an increasing workforce participation where employees are working more than a single job to try and make ends meet.

See EYE-BALL Guru story here – Table of Employment growth reproduced below:

Click on Image to enlarge in a new window:

When are Treasurer Swan and the rest of the Government Caucus going to wake up and realise Gillard’s socialist agenda is doing untold harm to Australia’s future prosperity, and condemning future generations to a poverty driven lifestyle.

Quality of life is already in decline with workplace health related issues, like stress, overworked, relationship breakdowns, and the like all on the rise.  Employers expect more for less and the demands being placed on the workforce to prop up the Government spending programs has a doomsday scenario.

Swan’s ‘JOBS-JOBS-JOBS’ mantra has come with a Federal Government debt explosion growth of some $300 billion,  and the idiots in charge believes it is all OK …

Swan wants a blow job from every Australian as thanks for what the ‘Treasurer of the Year’ has achieved.

Swan sees no wrong here … he trusts his advisors, the Treasury and RBA bureaucrats who tell him what a good job he has done – and RBA Governor Glen Stevens has just been rewarded with another three-year appointment for the blow Job he gives Swan every other week.

The dyke is leaking and Swan’s attempts to stop the carnage will fall to the next guy.  Swan will ride off into the sunset with Gillard and her ‘handbag’ brigade all drinking pina colada’s, hugging and rejoicing with one another because they get to walk away from the mess left behind.

Anybody who does not understand the criminal intent here is equally complicit – ALP supporters who do not want to open their eyes is equally responsible.

The Independents Oakeshott, Windsor, Wilkie, and now Slipper and Thompson who sit amidst their numbers are the most serious of offenders … they could have called an end to this carnage at any time but have elected to keep Gillard in power.

From Windsor’s position, he is the most guilty of personal vengeance and selfish perspectives – he has never forgiven the Nationals for what they did to him and that grudge has ruled his heart during a time when he helped hold the ‘balance of power’.  Windsor does not deserve to be treated well by history, but equally to blam for allowing the mess Gillard has created.

Oakeshott is similarly afflicted – he and Windsor often speak about the magnitude of legislation passed during this parliamentary term – the issue should be about the quality of the legislation, not the quantity – and this Government has failed miserably on all its major policy initatives like:

  1. Border Protection,
  2. The Carbon Tax and pricing modules,
  3. The MRRT and its watered down effect to appease the miners all to a cause to gain re-election,
  4. The Gonski reforms,
  5. The NDIS reforms,

Every one of these policies hs not been funded or had the revenues in place before they were legislated …

If our elected Leaders understood the collective pressures these policies would place on the budget, as opposed to accepting Swan’s assurances of the funding in place,  they would perhaps of asked more questions.

There is a lesson here to be learnt by everybody – minority Governments never work – the trade off’s in obtaining the votes is dangerous and always open for abuse … if one was to truly count the spending in the Independent electorates over the course of the Gillard Government – how would that spending stack up against other Coalition electorates?

Last night it was reported that Gillard, Swan and Wong are now advocating a view that – ‘now is not the time to cut spending, but a time to match new funding with savings’ … see David Uren story here

Unbelievable … this new austerity concerns is as false as Gillards morality and all a part of a new McTurd [McTernern]  election stunt …

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