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EYE-BALL Opinion – Gillard’s Hubris – YUCK – has nothing but contempt for the Disabled and Education –


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– Gillard’s Hubris – YUCK –
– has nothing but contempt for the Disabled and Education –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 21st Apr 2013 |
The countdown to the next election has 114 days to go, only 27 sitting days for the House of Representatives – and Gillard wants to push through Legislation for the Gonski education reforms, and the NIDS.

It is pure hubris contempt on Gillard’s part to think that rushing these important Legislative Bills should have a time stamp attached.

There are three issues in Western politics that motivate electoral activity, Welfare, Education, and Health.

Gillard’s socialist agenda has already had a crack at Health and has the States off-side.  The Education strike is on the agenda with the States at the moment, and more will be known next week in how the States have responded.   As for Welfare – the aged have fared quite well under Gillard, the un-employed have not, and now it is the turn for the disabled.

Gillard has an overflowing fault – debt created to fund her socialist agenda thus far has not been funded by the two new big taxes she introduced – i.e. the Carbon Tax and the MRRT.

She has erred badly in balancing the spend and now with the European Carbon Price collapsing – another $10 billion hole just hit the budget forward estimates.

Last Thursday Gillard fronted the ABC’s ‘7:30 Report’ and was given the ABC’s ‘friends of Labour’ treatment.   The normally feisty Leigh Sales held her cue and allowed Gillard to spruik her garbage about ‘funded savings’,  and other dipstick logic to try and explain how the Gonski reforms are funded.

Have a listen using the link here – or read the text of the interview pasted below:


LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: A meeting tomorrow between the Prime Minister and the premiers could seal the fate of one of the Gillard Government’s signature pieces of legislation, the Gonski education reforms.

The Prime Minister is promising to spend $2 on education for every $1 the states spend in an overhaul of the funding model aimed to delivering better equity between schools and improved results for students.

But the premiers are unpersuaded that the changes are in their interests.

The Prime Minister Julia Gillard joined me from The Lodge a short time ago.

Prime Minister, thank you for your time tonight.

JULIA GILLARD, PRIME MINISTER: Thank you very much, Leigh.

LEIGH SALES: None of the state premiers has said that they’ll sign up to your education reforms. We’ve also seen a new gap in the budget revenue forecasts emerge this week. Does that mean that your education spending plans are already dead in the water?

JULIA GILLARD: Well on the budget, on the spending, we have already announced savings to back in the spending for Australian schools. They haven’t been popular, but in my view they’ve been the right thing to do. And I will sit at the Council of Australian Governments meeting tomorrow and make it very clear to premiers and chief ministers that this is a critical moment to make a difference for Australian education, for children today and for the generations of children to come, to make sure that every Australian child gets the opportunity to reach their full potential in a properly resourced school.

So I am determined, Leigh, that we get this done. I will make that clear to premiers and chief ministers tomorrow. And then if we leave the COAG meeting with any premiers or chief ministers having not agreed, then in the 10 weeks to come, I will be out there, not only talking to premiers and chief ministers about the importance of our children and properly funding their education, but talking to parents, schools, communities about it too.

LEIGH SALES: You say that you’ve already announced savings. Let’s unpack that a little bit. The Commonwealth share of funding for the education plan is $9.4 billion. So far, to pay for it you have nearly $3 billion in the university cuts, plus almost a $1 billion in superannuation savings. So that leaves a gap of about $5 billion. Where will that $5 billion come from?

JULIA GILLARD: Leigh, you’re dealing with two time scales. The figure that you’re referring to of just over $9 billion, which is a lot of money, is a figure over six years. The savings on the forward estimates are obviously the savings over a four-year period. The kind of savings that we have selected, for example, in superannuation have helped to make the superannuation system fairer and more sustainable and those savings continue to grow over time.

LEIGH SALES: But when you’re looking at four years or six years, your government has made some serious miscalculations in what you’re going to earn over the next period. The mining tax is delivering billions less than forecast. We know that the carbon emissions revenue is likely to be substantial less than budgeted. Aren’t your spending promises fanciful given that you’re not going to be making as much money as you’d hoped?

JULIA GILLARD: Well let’s do appropriate comparisons. When we work out what we are prepared to spend, of course we go through a process of properly assessing that and we’ve made proper savings to back in the spending on Australian schools over our forward estimates, and as I’ve just indicated, beyond the budget period, some of these savings continue to grow. On the revenue side, the amount of tax money that the Government gets, the Minerals Resource Rent Tax is deliberately designed as a profits-based tax, so when commodity prices come off, and they came off more sharply than expected, then that does affect the amount of revenue collected. On carbon pricing, we said that we wanted a full emissions trading scheme from 1st July, 2015. That is what we have legislated for. We’ve said we wanted that to be internationally linked so that we got the benefits of the international price. That’s the least cost way for business to cut the amount of carbon pollution that they’re generating. Now there has been some volatility in Europe just like there’s been volatility in all markets in Europe in the wake of Global Financial Crisis.

LEIGH SALES: But you have a whole lot of policies that are going to hit a funding crunch around 2015. You’ve got a dental scheme, you’ve got your education plan, you’ve got the disability insurance scheme, the cost of detaining and housing asylum seekers, a fleet of new submarines. Isn’t there a serious credibility problem here in that you’re making spending promises, but the revenue forecasts that you’ve made have been overinflated?

JULIA GILLARD: Well, Leigh, we make revenue projections working with the professionals in Treasury. We are in an unusual circumstance in our economy at the moment, post the Global Financial Crisis, the amount of tax money per unit of GDP coming to the Government at its lowest rate since the recovery from the recession of the early 1990s, certainly much lower than the professionals at Treasury who work with government predicted. We’ve also got commodity prices coming off and some changes in the terms of trade. So let’s be, you know, real about the things that make budget forecasting the thing that you work with professionals to do, and yes, there are factors that change forecasts. Of course there are. There always have been under previous governments and there always will be in the future.

LEIGH SALES: But Prime Minister, I am …

JULIA GILLARD: On spending, what we’ve said, Leigh, is that we will back in new structural saves with new structural spends. That is what we should be held to account for. We are going to make sure that as we put on the budget new obligations to do the right thing by our kids and with people with disabilities, that we are backing that in with new savings as well. There’ll be some hard choices there and I’ve said to the nation we’ll have to make them, but that is the right thing to do to put those high priority areas, our kids, our future, people with disabilities, first.

LEIGH SALES: But structural changes and cutting spending can only go so far. You do rely on revenue and I’m just making a simple point that you’ve said, “Well, we’re gonna spend and we’re gonna have all these new initiatives,” based on forecasts that you were going to earn a certain amount of revenue and it’s been proven that you’re not going to make that much money.

JULIA GILLARD: Leigh, I’m working with the most up-to-date forecasts that the professionals at Treasury can give me. Then in the budget we will update those forecasts again. That’s what governments do. But, we know that if you are going to introduce a new spend, you’ve gotta back it in with a new save. We have already accepted that discipline and we are working to it.

LEIGH SALES: In terms of wanting to rely on up-to-date forecasts, we’ve seen what’s happened with the carbon price in Europe in recent times. Just a simple question: in this coming budget, will there be a revised price for carbon in 2015-’16 and a revised revenue forecast as a result?

JULIA GILLARD: As the Treasurer and I made clear yesterday, the budget forecasts in carbon and in all other areas will be updated in the usual way at budget time.

LEIGH SALES: Australia’s relying on modelling that the European price for carbon will be $29 a tonne in 2015. It’s currently around $3 a tonne. Do we seriously think that in two years that carbon price could have recovered to 10 times what it is today?

JULIA GILLARD: Well, Leigh, as I just said, we will be updating budgets predictions and forecasts at budget in the usual way assisted by our professionals in Treasury and Finance. So you will see those numbers on budget night.

Just had to pop this Addin: Can you remember when Gillard said this:

… and this …

… and this …

… and this …

… and this …

Comment: The Budget Surplus now explained away because they discovered the Carbon Tax and the MRRT did not produce the slush fund to cover all the new spending programs … just tell this cow that she’s over … done … kaput … dusted … fu_ked … just tell her that nobody wants to hear her any more except when she fronts a court on criminal charges over her AWU fraud …

Interview transcript continues …

LEIGH SALES: Would you consider tweaking the current carbon price legislation?

JULIA GILLARD: The legislation is there. The system has been outlined for all to see. We worked in a very consultative way with business to get this done. We’ve got the legislation in place, Leigh, and of course the system is rolling out against that legislation.

LEIGH SALES: But the legislation’s locking in a price that’s actually a lot higher than what our competitors in Europe are paying. Would you consider tweaking that to bring it closer to what European companies are paying for their carbon emissions?

JULIA GILLARD: Well, Leigh, the legislation’s done and you know how hard that was to get through the Australian Parliament. You know that this has been bipartisan politics since – it was in 2007, let’s put a price on carbon, have an emissions trading scheme. You know Prime Minister Howard supported that, and yet, because of the entrenched negativity of the Opposition, getting legislation through the Parliament was incredibly difficult. We succeeded. We are cutting carbon pollution. None of the silly claims about carbon pricing destroying the economy, wiping Whyalla off the map, $100 roasts – any of the foolish things said by the Opposition, have proved to come true. The legislation is there and we are working against that legislation a fixed price now going to an emissions trading scheme on 1st July, 2015.

LEIGH SALES: Prime Minister Gillard, thank you for joining us tonight.


LEIGH SALES: And as I said last time the Prime Minister appeared on the program a few weeks ago, 7.30 is in constant communication with the office of the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott about joining us for an interview. We’ll keep you posted.

I know – you had trouble believing and staying with the commentary – I put the YouTube clips in to give some reality to her responses re budget savings … who can believe anything she has to say …

Gillard has lost the plot and lost the ability to speak in anyway where people want to listen to what she has to say.  The Nation has just turned her off … and she refuses to accept all the advice telling her she no longer has the connect she thinks she has.

As if her trip to ‘Rooty Hill’ a month or so ago didn’t let her know how the people feel – she believes her Education and Disability Legislation will somehow win over a disengaged electorate – how big can a bloody fruitloop be …

The Gonski Report:

  • The report says Australia must aspire to have a schooling system that is among the best in the world for its quality and equity, and must prioritise support for its lowest performing students.
  • It says every child should have access to the best possible education, regardless of where they live, the income of their family, or the school they attend.
  • And it says no student in Australia should leave school without the basic skills and competencies needed to participate in the workforce and lead successful and productive lives.

The broad strokes in these key recommendations are as obvious as a ‘Pro Hart’ landscape.   This paid for report hardly covers any of the important issues attached to the Education debate.  For example …

  1. Where is the research to establish what portion of university graduates over the last five years have employment in their chosen field – surely that would paint a picture on where education spending has served the community – where are these university graduates employed if the jobs for their chosen career are not there …
  2. We know there are some 40,000 qualified Teachers who can’t find employment in their accredited field – surely this number of unemployed teachers gives reason to pause before throwing many more billions at teachers via the recommended Gonski reforms …
  3. We have a State by State based education system – one would think that a National curriculum would be a priority – Gonski did not think so in his priority recommendations … how can the Nation think itself unified if we teach different curriculums in different States …
  4. Given the number of criminally reported, the abuse – verbal and physical, student suspensions and expulsions incidents in secondary schools, how can rewarding students with more money thrown at the problem be see as an answer.   Does it not send a wrong message?

Students who put in the effort should be rewarded … better students get better amenities …

This is the one thing that has worked for humanity over the centuries – it is incentive based advancement. The Western World is so preoccupied with equality based opportunities it has weakened the whole education system …

Where is the Gonski recommendations to address unruly classrooms,  the abuse Teachers are subjected to, the lack of parenting responsibility for truancy and poorly behaved kids, these are all important issues Gonski does not even go near in his recommendations – why is more money always seen to be the answer – sometimes being forced to accept responsibility for poor parenting and poor behaviour is all it takes.

Technology is changing at such a pace, that a University graduate is outdated within two odd years unless they are employed in the field and upgrade their knowledge base.

Nothing competes in the workplace against experience … a 25 yo who has never worked a day in their life stacked up against someone who has 5 plus years of work experience is a no brainer.   It’s a bit different for some Professional trades, but then they all have to learn on the job as well …

I’ve attended some of these courses, I ‘ve even lectured at some … the point is that many who take the course will never what they have learnt ever again … it’s a time filler, a funded education plan that gives the student or unemployed some hope that they might still be able to find a career …   it’s all bullshit – if you want it you’ll find a way to get it done … the handout has never worked … and I don’t think it ever will …

The National Disability Scheme [NDIS]:

How dare this cow use the paid for report to suit her socialist agenda … use the disabled to try to save her political career …

The Disabled are in need, their carers in more need, and the facilities they require are not what they should be … but Gillard’s plan is not about addressing the needs of the Disabled, but consumed by the illusion that the NDIS will win her votes at the next election.

This is who Gillard is … her pious tone when she turns on the charm to sell her message is nothing but a bitch in heat turned and presented ready for a mongrel service.

Gillard has no interest in the Nations interest – her interest is in her own interests.  For someone to have got the budget forecasts so wrong – and serious politician would not be shoving another $20 billion of unfunded policies at an electorate trying its best to tell to fu_k off.

Even the abattoir would reject the Gillard carcass … cows like her need to be burned and then buried deep … a complete waste of human interest and the media should do a number on her – just don’t mention her in dispatches, don’t cover her Press conferences … black list the bitch until she gets the message …

I’m not sorry for the vitriol … Gillard and her cast of Pied Piper Monkeys are just that bad … and does the monkey’s a dis-service …

The EYE-BALL Opinion plea for action:

A Note:  This site is dedicated to having Gillard as Prime Minster removed by all legal means in the shortest timeframe possible. 

Gillard’s Government is poison to this Nation … how do we get rid of her now?

The message has to be sent – there are some 14 million registered voters represented by 150 MP’s – 72 of which are ALP.    If each of these 72 ALP MP’s received an e-mail, a fax, a phone call, or a letter from all the people who want her gone with a simple message like the one below –  :

This is a protest message …

… do you think it might motivate caucus …

Please – send this message to as many and as often as you can – bombard the Caucus Members with a message so clear and with weight of numbers that it will force them to act.

You could also think about sending it to the Independents, Oakeshott, Windsor, Wilkie, and Brandt,  as well … Katter already votes with the Coalition, and Slipper and Thompson are a lost cause and their fate already sealed.

Links to every MP e-mail can be found using the Australian Parliamentary Website Members and Senator links below … pick your an ALP MP or Senator, or send it to all – voice your opinion now.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. April 20, 2013 at 7:26 pm

    Gillard’s lunacy was evident again when she was surprised all the State Premiers declined her Gonski reform offer … what’s she gonna do now … take more funding from them … spoilt bicth …


  2. Barry M
    April 21, 2013 at 5:56 am

    We have had all types of Julia, but she has decided to go down as’ Tough Julia’. Everything we read about her now is how she will ‘fight’ for whatever she is spruiking about.
    It sort of looks like she wants to be like how she saw Margaret Thatcher, tough and uncompromising. The trouble for ‘our Jules’ is that being ‘dumb and stupid’ is not where Thatcher was coming from.

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