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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl on – Election 2013 – Growl No: 27 – Rudd’s Choice – A Betrayal of all ALP voters –

March 27, 2013
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– Election 2013  – Growl No: 27 –
– Rudd’s Choice –
– A Betrayal to all ALP voters –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 27th Mar 2013|
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The events of last week will live in infamy in ALP history.  The day when a challenge was issued and yet there was no challenge.  The frustrations that induced Simon Crean to try and force a Leadership spill were evident.  Whether Crean was acting for Gillard to flush Rudd out yet again, or for himself to become the Deputy PM will emerge from memoirs written at some time in the future.

Whatever the motives – Australians are still being held to ransom by Gillard and her loony tunes Government hell-bent on a debt and policy legacy that will trouble and restrict the efforts of future Governments for decades.  It is inescapable and that is Gillard’s shame if she was inclined to hear what the electorate is telling her.

Whilst Rudd had maintained his position as an alternative Leader, and when the ALP caucus awoke to the reality of the Gillard experiment and the demise of the ALP brand under her leadership, ALP supporters Australia wide held faith.  Now that Rudd has forever banished himself, Australian ALP voters will desert the ALP and Gillard will truly be exposed.

The poll results out earlier this week showing a 30% 1st preference compared with the Oppositions 50%, will seem good for ALP as the next few weeks unfold …

Nobody has been able to convince Gillard just how Australians have turned away from her.   She will not acknowledge not listen to the message … and will again blame Rudd and the ex-Ministers now sitting on the backbench for the continued fall in the polls.

She was ‘appalled’ … well … Australia is appalled at Gillard’s refusal to accept her own denial … Gillard will not look to herself to measure why all Australia is ‘appalled’ at her continued hubris to think that she is not the cause for this pathetic Government …

All the talk about her toughness is mistaken – she remains unaccountable and will not accept nor acknowledge the flaws, the blunders, and the unmitigated desire to spend taxpayer monies to maintain power.   Her toughness is totally mistaken … she is a bully who will use any means to survive … this is not gender rejection … it is Gillard rejection because there is nothing about her that represents a woman, there is nothing about er that represents true ALP values there is nothing about her that Australians can identify with.

In fact she harms women’s issues because she is a women completely out of touch with the plight of women trying to adjust to career and motherhood challenges.   Gillard has one but not the other and she can never understand that throwing money at this problem, and the many other policy mistakes is not the answer.

When Rudd stated last week after the spill – ‘there would be no circumstances that would ever return him to the leadership of the ALP’ – he mortally wounded millions of true ALP supporters.  Supporters who had been hanging on for a time when the caucus finally awoke to the fraud that is Gillard.

Gillard has lost the ALP supporter base because her Union bosses, the likes of Howes and Ludwig who are seen as her puppet masters, has Australia fearful of the true intent of the Gillard experiment.

The void that exists on the political stage in this Nation is as real as it gets.  Leadership via attrition is never an inspired choice … Rudd still had appeal and to the Nation he was seen as a visionary, as someone who showed and demonstrated compassion, and had a willingness to think and act outside the corral factor that most Leaders follow.

His demise in June 2010 caused pain to a Nation that has never really understood the events not come to terms to why it happened.   The Nation was inspired when Rudd came to power, his rollover on ‘the greatest moral challenge of the 21st century’ was induced from within to weaken Rudd.   Rudd was only ever the ALP leader to win the election – the Unions always were going to turn on him and Gillard had been a part of the AWU led plot for a very long time.

All Gillard has offered during her Leadership is an open Treasury and thrown money at the electorate based on scatter brain policies designed to purchase popularity.   She gives women who love to shop a bad name.

Rudd’s assassination hurt the Nation deeply and the residual resentment towards the Unions and their pick in Gillard has cauterised ALP support from within.  Whilst Rudd remained in the wind – ALP supporters still believed there was a chance.  They understood Gillard represents poison to the broaded ALP supporter base.

The ALP were about the workers, the Liberal/Nationals were about commerce and industry.  Both were defining and distinctly opposite – yet all have moved to the middle ground and this is the problem with global politics.

Everybody is fighting for the middle ground because it is all about mistakes and how they are highlighted by a forensic media.

Politics has become entrenched in the ‘art of war’ – weaken thy enemy with media spin cycles designed to expose weakness.

No politician does or says anything without their media analysts having the last say on how the message is portrayed.

Politicians are no longer allowed to speak unless what they have to say has been poll tested, and subjected to any amount of acceptable media polish. Almost all MP’s are now no more than dressed up ‘Ken and Barbie’ puppets acting out with recorded mouthpieces … there is no longer a local member, but a Party hack doing the bidding of his Party masters to ensure their own pre-selection next time around.

Rudd’s exit confounds – an ex PM on the backbench entitles him to the ‘spoiler’ title.  Now joined by another eight or so senior Ministers and MP’s – all indicating they will be contesting the next election, accounts as a revolution … as like a civil war is about to happen.

The Leadership issue is far from over … Rudd’s announcement just means it won’t be him when the time comes.  Some 50% of the ALP caucus want Gillard gone … but as things stand now they are being forced to show loyalty and try to stifle the bile they regurgitate whenever Gillard talks of a united party.

Rudd’s announcement that he sent a letter to all his local ALP members is hard to fathom.   Is he actively asking his supporters to vote for Gillard?   It really is a confusing message.  Where does he stands as a politician, as a man, and someone who has been a member of the ALP for 30+ years?   How could he ask his loyal constituents to support Gillard – it further tarnishes Rudd’s standing.

If we are to believe him at his word – in that he desires or designs no future interest in the ALP Leadership – why does he want to stick around?

If it is about saving his beloved ALP – it is no longer the ALP he once loved and represented.

Unless he has an agenda to get rid of the Union factions, and return to party to the people, he is just another spoiler looking dirt cheap.   You’ve backed yourself into an untenable position Mr Rudd … politically you are on the backside of political life and have left a massive void within the electorate …

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  1. March 27, 2013 at 11:31 am

    What a full story.

    ALP membership is at record low levels. Union Membership is at record low levels. The brand is not attracting new members. Moving to the centre, means the brand has no soul. The PM claims it is jobs first. Yet the electorate perceives reckless and wanton spending, and worst of all self endowment. In economic terms, mis-allocation of scarce resources.

    Opinion poll are at record low levels, but those disaffected left leaning voters, don’t want to support the Coalition or the Greens, therefore the choice is left to the true swing voters to create the next government. Is that representative. Disaffected voters call for a new labour representative. New protections from the reckless executive bonuses, that are paid by the elite to themselves. A return to decency. An end to the likes of Eddie Obeid, being a new gangland style empire. Beyond the law of the land.

    As this mining boom peters out what will be left? Massive government stimulus with no capacity to reinvigorate the economy, because the surpluses created through the mining boom were wantonly wasted.

    Towards later this decade Australia will face reduced revenues from mineral resources, low manufacturing base and will be going through its own GFC. Retarded GDP growth and trying desperately to find ways of economic adjustment, from a given of high government debt, and incapacity to employ stimulus programmes.

    The adjustment will be painful. Those on the breadline will be calling on new taxes on the rich, just like southern Europe. There will be anarchy.

    Bob Katter actually has some of the better solutions. An MIA of the north of Australia. New food based agriculture and secondary processing, for a starving over populated world. They are broad concepts. Widen the debate. I feel the National Party is forever compromised by the process of first dropping the word Country from their party name, now trending towards amalgamation of Liberal Nationals. Christine Milne does not have the answers.

  2. david the pragmatist
    March 27, 2013 at 12:58 pm

    I read this in full and it was like a rewinded message over and over again.
    Analyse what you said and you could reduced it by 2 thirds.
    I think i would read more of your blogs if you could learn to be more precise.
    With regards to the rhetoric in the article, most of these things have already been said. All you needed to give was your opinion with regard to Rudd’s actions.

  3. March 27, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    What do you mean?


    Kevin Rudd, you very naughty boy. How dare you let down your mates and supporters!

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