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EYE-BALL Opinion – On Education – ‘The Munsters’ style – Bowen and Garrett put on a show –


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– On Education – The Munsters’ style –
– Bowen and Garrett put on a show –

| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 11th Mar 2013 |
Did anyone see the Bowen and Garrett press conference this morning on Education?

Really – with Garrett in the background and looking like ‘Herman’ out of the TV sitcom “The Munsters” – and Bowen doing his best as the ‘Grandpa’ –  together they resembled a ‘blast from the past’ comedy duo rather than serious policy deliverers on Education and the Gonski Report reforms.

The Gonski Report is a report based on historical learnings about education – it does not cover future directions based on changing labour markets and the opportunities that labour market will require.  When the report was first released in Dec 2011 – there was interest and the ABC filed this report on the Gonski recommendations.

What’s in the Gonski report?

| Date: Mon Aug 27, 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

The Prime Minister says it’s vital, the Opposition says the Government can’t afford it, and unions, teachers and parents say the money won’t come soon enough.

But what does the 319-page Gonski report on school funding actually say? Find out, using the links below:

[Click on links above to read the responses …]

Having perused the Gonski report – where is the research into global trends, and more importantly data relating to Australia since the GFC with respect for:

  • Those with TAFF and University type educations and the likelihood of employment in chosen fields?
  • What about the cost of educating university students measured against the income of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year incomes of those with university degrees?
  • How many TAFF and University graduates end up in the education system as opposed to the private sector?

Common sense tells us that computer skills are essential and primary schools are preparing children – but not half as much as the children are teaching themselves at home and from the internet.  Knowledge on and about technology skills is being learnt every awake hour – yet school is seen as a drag and an intrusion to the life skills needed to survive in a modern world.

The Gonski Report does not address these issues.

Governments are so far behind on the refresh and upgrade needed to understand the new educational trends. The Teachers are not versed in these new trends and are unable to adapt without intensive training.  Higher education modules embrace the internet and allows video attendance and on-line submissions for completed tasks … but what ‘Herman and Grandpa’ were advocating this morning is not targeting the higher end education, but at the early years and teacher quality … and have they got it completely wrong.

The Hon Peter Garrett MP: – Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and YouthGarrett has a 55/45 electoral margin from the 2010 election

Garrett’s record proves he will follow orders.  The recent command from Gillard is to prepare the electorate for the Gonski Report reforms and proposes to spend some $6 billion to initialise those reforms.

Garrett was a rock star and the President of the Australian Conservation Foundation for two terms – 1989-93 and 1999-2004,  it is why the ALP targeted him as a high-profile candidate.  As a politician he has failed every task asked of him the electorate has entitlement to expect more of the same under this policy initiative.

As the Federal Minister for School Education & Early Childhood and Youth –  how many parents sleep well with the image of Garrett as a former rock star, and now in charge of young children’s education?  Garrett’s bio before he entered politics in 2004 and as displayed on his APH profile page states:


  • Born 16.4.1953, Wahroonga, NSW.
  • Married.

Qualifications and occupation before entering Federal Parliament

  • BA (ANU), LLB (NSW).
  • Musician, Midnight Oil 1977-2002.
  • President, Australian Conservation Foundation 1989-93 and 1999-2004.

ALP have not delivered on any of their major policy initiatives under Gillard – neither in terms of budgeted forecasts [2012-13 promised surplus], cost containment [School computers], delivery of services [NBN], and the list is endless, Pink Bats, School Building program, MRRT, Carbon Tax, Superannuation, Single Mother welfare, etc … …

How then can a Government on life support and in all good conscience – be thinking of committing this Nation to further high costing policies when the red ink still flows on the 2012-13 promised surplus and now looking more like a $30 billion over spend?

The Hon Chris Bowen MP: Minister for Small Business, Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Science and Research – Bowen has a 58/42 electoral margin from the 2010 election.

Bowen’s failure as Immigration Minister to reign in the ‘boat people’ problem was not all his doing.  He wanted to implement alternative policies but was overruled by Cabinet and Gillards has to wear this stuff-up all on her own.

His shift to his current Ministerial responsibilities this year has given him a chance to shine before the next election.    But honestly – he is just another Gillard mouthpiece and not the formulator of this new policy initiative.

Bowen’s APH Bio has this to say about his credentials before entering politics:


  • Born 17.1.1973, Sydney, NSW.
  • Married.

Qualifications and occupation before entering Federal Parliament

  • BEc (Syd).
  • Research and media officer to the Hon JA Crosio, MP 1994-95.
  • Industrial officer, Finance Sector Union 1995-2000.
  • Senior adviser to the Hon. PC Scully, MLA (NSW) 2000-01; Chief of Staff 2001-04.

What would either of these two Ministers know about Education other then their exposures in the portfolio – both Garrett and Bowen are pure messengers sent forth by her Majesty to deliver her words, her policy, and her rule.

Gillard rules is all the electorate understands – and they ask why … Why are ALP MP’s so bewitched by Gillard?

Using ‘The Munsters’ analogy – Gillard is clearly ‘Lily’, but that does such a dis-service to ‘Lily’ … compare the two … and as ‘vixen’s’, Gillard can’t hold a torch to ‘Lily’.

Education is the silver bullet for third world Nations – no doubt or argument.

To apply that same logic in a decade where the GFC fallout will forever cast higher educated graduates to a lifetime of failed dreams and promises, is lunacy.

Early Childhood Education:

The Gonski report advocates throwing more money at early childhood education – it is far from the answer.  Paying Mothers or stay at home Dads to stay at home and be a ‘parent at home’ would be a more productive use of the funds.  Read the story below to get an idea to how children are living …

Eleven-hour school days the reality for kids trapped by parents’ working lives

| Author: Pia Akerman | Date: Mar 11th, 2013 | Link to On-Line Story. |

PRINCIPALS have spoken out on a growing trend of younger children spending up to 11 hours a day at school, as their parents use before- and after-school care for child-minding.

The mini-baby boom and surge in demand for childcare has flowed on to the expanding number of businesses providing care out of school hours, with Australia’s largest provider reporting a 9.5 per cent increase in enrolments of five- and six-year-olds this year.

In Mont Albert, in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, principal Sharon Saitlik said prep enrolments in her primary school’s before- and after-hours care had soared this year. “They (the children) are caught up in this cycle of ‘go, go, go’ because their parents are so ‘go, go, go’,” she said.

“They are doing hours of before-school care, hours of after-school care, plus a full school day in the middle. They don’t cope.”

Another school principal who asked not to be identified said one of his prep students who had just turned five came to school at 7.30am and was not picked up until 6pm. “That’s an extraordinarily long day for a five-year-old and she’s really struggling, she is absolutely exhausted,” the principal said. “It has the potential of really affecting the rest of their schooling if they don’t have a positive start.”

The national peak body for out-of-school-hours care providers confirmed the boom in demand but said young children could cope with the long day if after-school care was set up properly for their needs.

A spokeswoman for the Network of Out of School Hours Services, Robyn Monro-Miller, said: “Those five-year-olds that are coming through still have opportunities to rest and relax, they still have opportunities to play — the same as if they went home. Most of those children have been in that lifestyle since they were born.”

She said an after-school program was not an extension of the school day. “What happens in an after-school program is underpinned by free play.”

Clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller said loss of family time for young children should be avoided if possible.

“By the time they get home they are exhausted and so the quality of interaction becomes about getting jobs done rather than anything else,” he said

Paying for day care leads to abuses by parents and the child suffers. How can this not be seen as a travesty and a flawed policy. That child will suffer for the rest of their life because it missed out on a family upbringing. Allowing parents to make selfish choices and dump their children in day care for 11+ hours a day, is an evil choice to present to parents trying to provide for their family through financial security. There is so much more to raising a child and the child is exposed on this level.

How could a barren female PM identify with the nurturing needs of a child? How could the PM possibly understand the plight of Mothers forced back into the workforce at the expense of seeing their care for their children being handed over to day-care centers?

This policy is far from ALP values and to many, it is because the family values of our PM who choose to live her life as a single person and without children, places her far removed from the lives of those who chose to have families and raise children.

Teacher Tenure:

Teacher tenure is important and they should be rewarded when good teachers out perform their counterparts through recognised student performance.  But for 30 odd years the teaching profession accepted the bottom of the educated barrel and expected to improve the education levels – no wonder the numeracy and literacy standards has fallen.  The cause and responsibility does not rest solely with this Government – but with generations of MP’s who ignored education and the declining standards of qualified teachers, and the social problems children endure as a result of broken homes and relationships.

If this and past Government’s had focused on social trends and the divorce growth rates, and how that fed the growing child behaviour problems, then perhaps teachers would not of turned off to the student domestic issues filtered into classrooms.

Perhaps Teachers would not have been marginalised when corporal punishment was abolished, when the ‘hug’ was banned along with the ‘no touching’ rules.   Perhaps the Teachers are a product of a bureaucracy gone mad over political correctness … and that is all on the Federal Government.


Nah – these two boofheads [Garrett and Bowen] deserve eachother – anybody who continues to do the bidding of someone like Gillard deserves all they get …

The EYE-BALL Opinion plea for action:

Gillard’s Government is poison to this Nation … how do we get rid of her now?

The message has to be sent – there are some 14 million registered voters represented by 150 MP’s – 72 of which are ALP.    If each of these 72 ALP MP’s received an e-mail, a fax, a phone call, or a letter from all the people who want her gone with a simple message like the one below –  :

This is a protest message …

… do you think it might motivate caucus …

Please – send this message to as many and as often as you can – bombard the Caucus Members with a message so clear and with weight of numbers that it will force them to act.

You could also think about sending it to the Independents, Oakeshott, Windsor, Wilkie, and Brandt,  as well … Katter already votes with the Coalition, and Slipper and Thompson are a lost cause and their fate already sealed.

Links to every MP e-mail can be found using the Australian Parliamentary Website Members and Senator links below … pick your an ALP MP or Senator, or send it to all – voice your opinion now.

Please – if you found this story to your liking and would like to promote it to your social media contacts – i.e. Twitter, Facebook, or other icon linked account below – please use/click on your favoured Icon(s) to promote the story.  Thankyou.

Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

Links to Australian Parliamentary Website – MP’s

The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. March 11, 2013 at 4:05 pm

    This story does not even go near the proposed federalisation of education teaching standards, and in that context there is nothing about a national curriculum.

    If Gillard has a plan for Education as opposed to having her Ministers talk about teacher tenure and accreditation publicly, please come clean on the whole plan.

    It would be helpful to everybody …

  2. March 13, 2013 at 7:17 am

    Cut and pasted from above;
    “If this and past Government’s had focused on social trends and the divorce growth rates, and how that fed the growing child behaviour(al) problems, then perhaps teachers would not of turned off to the student domestic issues filtered into classrooms.”

    How prophetic!

    Why do parents not participate more in their children’s education? Why is it left to somebody else? Why are morals and ethics teachings left to someone else? Why is everything left to a form of monetarisation? What is left of quality time?

    Why has the government left their responsibility on education to a panel of so called experts? Is it because they have no idea, and are not fit for the function they are intended to fulfil?

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