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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl on – Election 2013 – Growl No: 21 – Gillard is the Dumbest … i.e. – 457 Visa’s –

March 10, 2013
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– Election 2013  – Growl No: 21 –
– Gillard is the dumbest … i.e. – ‘457 Visa’s’ –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 10th Mar 2013|

Latest Pickering images added – 10th Mar 2013 – see end of text linked here

The question is obvious – how much longer will Gillard survive?   The chant all across the Nation is – “How Dumb is Gillard” in that she does not understand she is no longer a people’s choice or wanted as our PM.

In the week Gillard spent hiding in Western Sydney – all under a disguise to give some of her marginal lap-dog MP’s a chance at the next election – but really to hide out the WA election week she was refused entry to – was described on the ‘Bolt Report’ this morning as – ‘Ruling from a Bunker’ – almost Hitler like in his last days.

“457 Visa’s”

How dumb is Gillard to think that her appointment of John McTernan as her Media Advisor under the terms of a ‘457 visa’ would not come back to bite her on the ass?

In her address to open the ‘Rooty Hill’ week delivered at the Western Syd University a week ago – her closing comments included the following comments – [PM Press link here]

… “To stop foreign workers being put at the front of the queue with Australian workers at the back.” …

… this comment led to the ‘457 Visa’ debate that exploded later in the week.

Nothing comes forth from Gillard unless it has been given the OK by her new Media advisor.

Gillard used her position of influence as the PM to hire McTernan on an overseas ‘457’ visa.  She used her office to avoid the ‘National Security’ issues in hiring a foreigner who will have access to the highest level clearance on matters of National Security and Secrets.

To have access to all the information that comes across the PM’s desk, and under a ‘457 visa’ raises all types of questions – and there is a need to know whether the relevant background checks were done.

Who’s judgement was it that no other Australian could perform the job Mr McTernan was hired for?

Her previous Media Advisor – Tony Hodges – resigned amid the uproar he caused when he tipped off the crowd that initiated the race riots Gillard had to flee from in Jan 2012 – see that story here with video …

It would appear that Gillard is a fan of the ‘political stunt’ opportunity – and after reading McTernan’s Wikipedia profile – and the story on the sacked Tony Hodges, you will understand the ‘political stunt’ profile Gillard likes and is drawn to.

McTernan’s Wikipedia profile highlights some of the stunts Some of the stunts attributed to McTernan’s influence include –

  1. Slippers appointment as Speaker – termed a masterstroke on his page,
  2. The ‘misogynist’ debate Gillard introduced on the floor of the House has been attributed to McTernan.

To quote directly from the page …

… McTernan has been referred to as ‘Gillard’s Brain’. As Chief Media Advisor/Communications Director, reminiscent of Karl Rove, who as George W. Bush’s chief strategist became known as ‘Bush’s brain’. McTernan, keen to repeat the success of his strategy in the UK is believed to be using similar tactics to coach the Australian PM and her ministers in media situations. He is believed to be the brain behind a central media narrative for Labor to frame the Opposition as ‘negative’. …

Gillard wanted this McTernan as her closest advisor – and to think that he was the best person for the job is only a part of the qualification for a ‘457 visa’.   Read the basic conditions  below – [linked here]

The subclass 457 visa is for skilled workers from outside Australia who have been sponsored and nominated by a business to work in Australia on a temporary basis.

A business can sponsor a skilled worker if they cannot find an appropriately skilled Australian citizen or permanent resident to fill a skilled position listed in the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List.

The information on this page provides an overview of the sponsorship – nomination – application process. Read the following information before starting any process under this visa:

  • Sponsoring – how to become a sponsor
  • Nominating – how to nominate a skilled worker
  • Applying – how to apply for a visa
  • After applying – waiting for a decision
  • Obligations – the conditions and obligations of sponsors and skilled workers under the subclass 457 visa program.

Also – there are other specifics mentioned in the Dept Immigration page re ‘457 Visa’ applications. – [altered in Nov 2012 to appease the ‘boat people’ problem.]

The text of the alteration reads –

The Australian Government has reviewed the 457 skilled immigrant visa and has made some provisions that will fast track the transition to permanent residency starting on July 1, 2012. Starting in July 1, 2012, non-resident workers on the 457 skilled immigration visa will be able to transition to permanent residency if they have 2 years with the employer who has sponsored them and if the employer provides a full-time position in the 457 visa holder’s nominated occupation.

Furthermore, the Australian Government has recognized that 457 visas deserve priority in review as they are highly responsive to the needs of the market.

Ok – who did the background check on McTernan?  Because it is such a sensitive position, the extent of the background checks should be made public – i.e.

  1. Does he have a criminal past,
  2. What are his political persuasions,
  3. What does he bring to the table that a similarly qualified Australian can not provide to the position being filled

Other Immigration Act specifics include:

McTernan’s Wikipedia page gives his history in politics back to the late 80’s. He was born in 1959 – what did he do in his previous 30 odd years?  What of his affiliations and associations before then? Did the background check extend in the same context as refugee backgrounding?

Despite this issue Gillard claimed in her WSU address – predominately Union supporters – that she now wants  –

… “To stop foreign workers being put at the front of the queue with Australian workers at the back.” …

… the double standard is obvious – Gillard flounders and sinks to a level hypocrisy that demands she and McTernan must go … yet who amongst her caucus will be the first to shift and lead the path to a mass exodus that would surely follow?

Odds on a new PM by Tuesday are shortening …

Larry Pickering’s Political Take:

To bring some much-needed levity – there is always the Larry Pickering Cartoons … below is a sample of his summer offerings – his images page can be access here[click on image below to enlarge] … enjoy and don’t hurt yourself with the belly laughs …

Larry Pickering also writes some very intelligent blogs including many on the AWU scandal.  Whilst not as regarded as Hedley Thomas in journalistic circles – his penmanship and his heady wit give him a take on things not easily publishable in mainstream media.  None the less … his take on events cuts to the chase and he does not mince words … his Facebook page can be accessed here

Added 18th Feb 2013:

To see all of Pickering’s Political cartoons – use this link

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