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EYE-BALL Opinion – Killing You Softly –

February 24, 2013

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– Killing You Softly – 
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 24th Feb 2013 |
The week was long, the news cycle centered, yet the accomplishment amounted to nothing.  There was no movement at the station – Gillard still stands as leader – the Caucus is still a rabble, the perched Opposition remain in stitches, the public was shortchanged again and everybody’s temperature is on the rise.

The media have been conditioning us for political drama, the blood-thirsty type where politicians weep and show their vulnerable side.  We all know it’s coming and as with any cliffhanger, anticipation almost always exceeds the event.    

Nonetheless, the wait is tasteless, nothing to savour … the appetisers have been and gone, and now there is nothing to quench the thirst other then the wait.  The Gillard march is defensive, yet she still thinks throwing money at the electorate will win her popularity – when will she learn … it is killing you softly …

Treasurer Swan, ever the twisted scrooge, thinks debt is something that he will never have to pay back.  Never has an Australian Treasurer allowed so much money to be given away with nothing to show for it in return.  He would argue that it saved jobs … but what he won’t tell you about is all the jobs that have been transferred offshore because Australia’s labor cost is tied to the rise of the A$.  

Three times as many jobs have been lost – i.e. full time, part-time, and casual, as a result of the across the board industry downturn, and the lack of expansion through uncertainty and consumer confidence.   All Swan has to offer is his ‘jobs, jobs, jobs,’ speech.  Again – killing you softly …

Pitiful is one way to describe the Australian Political scene – the ALP unable to make a decision because nobody wants to lead them into what is to follow.   How gender traits have changed – NSW Premier Keneally stood up and led the NSW Labor Government to certain defeat when others did not want the job.  Keneally proved more than capable but the damage was already done.   The NSW ALP Labor men cowered in the face of the electoral mountain they faced and let a woman take the fall – killing you softly …

It is also happening at the Federal level, Shorten controls the ALP caucus and he is the natural choice. Yet he pauses … why … he continues to swear allegiance to Gillard who he helped anoint in June 2010.  Shorten’s measured pause is the stuff of cowards – and again killing you softly.

Leaders lead, they pick up the mantel and take on whatever is ahead and instill bravado in those behind to follow.  Gillard’s banner is shredded and all those who could follow have their backs turned looking for someone to come and rescue them.  They are deserting the ALP – they are in shock and awe at the Obeid scandal, they were hardly coming to terms with the HSU scandal, and then there is the AWU fallout just around the corner …  they are killing us all ever so softly …

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. barry
    February 24, 2013 at 12:27 pm

    And Australia, from rich to poor , in it’s apathetic state, just let’s the wait continue.

    While predators are busy , capitalising on the apathy.

    It’s not a good look . for that which was once a proud country.

  2. david the pragmatist
    February 24, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    Barry and Eye Ball, two different characters but both killing us softly with their drivel.
    I don’t disagree with Eye Ball’s rhetoric but if he could reduce the quantity and increase the quality he would at least be killing us quicker.
    Poor old Barry, he struggles to put a sentence together that makes any sense!
    Barry have a look at the rest of the world and make some comparisons, in a world of apathy, incongruity and corruption we don’t get into the big league. Wether it is the USA, Britain, China, any number of European countries, not to mention a large portion of Asia, we don’t get a look in.
    Our once proud country is being “bastardised” by a media that becomes judge and jury, the politicians are no more corrupt than their predecessers (nothing to be proud of) but cannot control their obsession with political correctness, previously they just made themselves rich, now they cannot achieve this without “fcuking” the country at the same time.
    Politicians are seeing themselves as answering all the problems, the public look to them for the same reason as the media makes it their responsibility to ensure someones’ always to blame. Maybe its time that we take on a greater responsibility to look at ourselves as a culture and a nation.
    Once upon a time wether it was Dawn Fraser Tokyo 64, Johnny Raper’s Bowler Hat, the Australian cricket teams’ drinking records, Tennis Players’ commaradie or Diggers’ in the Jungle we had a laraykism about us as a culture, this would still be there if we had a media that focussed on positives rather than negatives. By all means go out and become a hero but god help you if you fail. Its about time we stopped talking about our overpaid politicians and at least gave some focus on our overhyped media and their lack of qualifications in dealing with issues they will never understand!
    I noticed the Courier Mail in Brisbane has a new economics editor, apart from her having a weight watchers segment in this Sunday’s paper I have not heard a more ignorant understanding of economics and related issues than Budget night at the ALP’s head quarters.
    How does this person get a job to be called economics editor?

  3. barry
    February 24, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    Oh world wise one , a word of wisdom from a mere humble peasant of low intelligence.

    No one has ever achieved anything in life by denigrating others.

    Good luck , I see I am talking to the denser side of humanity.

  4. david the pragmatist
    February 24, 2013 at 5:10 pm

    I am not denigrating anyone and its a shame you cannot be honest, quote” no one ever achieved anything in life by denigrating others” “I see I am talking to the denser side of humanity”
    If that’s not denigration what is it? I also have heard that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, which I assume is “Oh world wise one”
    Finally I am commenting on a cultural issue that surrounds our apathy as you refer to it. Why can’t you comment on this issue rather than trying to be something you seem not to be i.e. very smart.

  5. barry
    February 24, 2013 at 8:25 pm

    Why bother

  6. david the pragmatist
    February 25, 2013 at 9:25 am

    Geez Barry, I wish I had you by my side if I ever got into a fight! Did you not use the word “apathy”? Common Barry you can fight harder than that……its seems your very un Australian the way you give up!

  7. The Parable
    February 26, 2013 at 12:17 am

    Dear Barry,
    this pragmatic creep is nothing but a bully. He attempts to beat up on anyone who has an opinion. When chided, he runs away for six weeks, comes back to play, is pleasant enough until one moment of anger and intoxication when he must run the counter argument and simply explodes. No prisoners taken. Full of bile, and vile. Hatred of what?

    It is a sad pattern that this small man keeps falling into. He will next try and take the argument down the path of spiritism, as if he is some sort of prophet, or would be when he wants to be.
    This diametric soul, who turns from Mr Hyde to a spiritist. (3rd cousin removed from Dr Jeckyl).

    Pragmatic Dave just loves trying to beat up on the Eye Ball. No reason, just does. Call it sport, call it crazy, call it anything you want. Nothing changes. Real small man complex, on the internet he is a big shot, and he just keeps shooting, shooting his mouth off. For some stupid reason he can’t help himself. Old Parable;

    A man walks down the road, there is a hole, he falls in, blaming others he can’t get out of it.
    A man walks down the road, knowing there is a hole, he falls in, blaming others he can’t get out of it.
    A man walks down the road, knowing there is a hole, he falls in, blaming himself he works his way out of it.
    A man walks down the road, knowing there is a hole, he falls in, taking responsibility he easily climbs out of it.
    A man walls down the road, knowing there is a hole, he takes a different route.

    Be happy

  8. Jeannie
    February 26, 2013 at 12:57 am

    I heard he sang a good song
    I heard he had a style
    And so I came to see him and listen for awhile
    And there he was this young boy
    A stranger to my eyes…

    Well said Parable

  9. League Leg End
    February 26, 2013 at 3:46 am

    Excellent prose.

    Eyeball leads, sucking the life blood out of the economy, killing us softly,

    Barry calls to arms, cut the apathy,

    David points out “only human” but does it just like our politicians “only human with big dollops of vindictive and crass rhetoric”

    Barry highlights the vindictive and crass rhetoric, I think it was “denigrates”

    A rather long rally,

    And Parable quotes ever so eloquently what most of us credit to Einstein, when you keep on doing the same thing, expecting a different result, that is insanity.

    For the sake of Australia, listen up ALP frontbench, stop sucking the lifeblood out, cut the parry and thrust, we are truly over you, we believe you had your chance to fix the hole in the road, and you have only dug the hole deeper!

  10. February 26, 2013 at 8:18 am

    ‘David the Pragamist’ is a spoiler … in some circles he would be called a ‘troll’ … the purpose of the ‘troll’ is to distract from the story … to redirect the comments … to spoil the enjoyment of other readers and the opinions they form and withhold what comments they might want to make …

    As ‘The Prable’ states – ‘he is a bully’ and he does it on-line because in real life he could never be a bully … but more likely to be bullied …

    Interlect has won the day and stood tall using the ‘word barbs’ as return fire … ‘Barry’, ‘The Parable’, and ‘Jeannie served it up with wit and satire and ‘all is quiet’ … the wait is now whether ‘David the Pragmatist’ has more to say or does a ‘Peanuts’ bat and ball cry home to mommy …

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