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– Killing You Softly – 
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 24th Feb 2013 |
The week was long, the news cycle centered, yet the accomplishment amounted to nothing.  There was no movement at the station – Gillard still stands as leader – the Caucus is still a rabble, the perched Opposition remain in stitches, the public was shortchanged again and everybody’s temperature is on the rise.

The media have been conditioning us for political drama, the blood-thirsty type where politicians weep and show their vulnerable side.  We all know it’s coming and as with any cliffhanger, anticipation almost always exceeds the event.    

Nonetheless, the wait is tasteless, nothing to savour … the appetisers have been and gone, and now there is nothing to quench the thirst other then the wait.  The Gillard march is defensive, yet she still thinks throwing money at the electorate will win her popularity – when will she learn … it is killing you softly …

Treasurer Swan, ever the twisted scrooge, thinks debt is something that he will never have to pay back.  Never has an Australian Treasurer allowed so much money to be given away with nothing to show for it in return.  He would argue that it saved jobs … but what he won’t tell you about is all the jobs that have been transferred offshore because Australia’s labor cost is tied to the rise of the A$.  

Three times as many jobs have been lost – i.e. full time, part-time, and casual, as a result of the across the board industry downturn, and the lack of expansion through uncertainty and consumer confidence.   All Swan has to offer is his ‘jobs, jobs, jobs,’ speech.  Again – killing you softly …

Pitiful is one way to describe the Australian Political scene – the ALP unable to make a decision because nobody wants to lead them into what is to follow.   How gender traits have changed – NSW Premier Keneally stood up and led the NSW Labor Government to certain defeat when others did not want the job.  Keneally proved more than capable but the damage was already done.   The NSW ALP Labor men cowered in the face of the electoral mountain they faced and let a woman take the fall – killing you softly …

It is also happening at the Federal level, Shorten controls the ALP caucus and he is the natural choice. Yet he pauses … why … he continues to swear allegiance to Gillard who he helped anoint in June 2010.  Shorten’s measured pause is the stuff of cowards – and again killing you softly.

Leaders lead, they pick up the mantel and take on whatever is ahead and instill bravado in those behind to follow.  Gillard’s banner is shredded and all those who could follow have their backs turned looking for someone to come and rescue them.  They are deserting the ALP – they are in shock and awe at the Obeid scandal, they were hardly coming to terms with the HSU scandal, and then there is the AWU fallout just around the corner …  they are killing us all ever so softly …

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