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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl on – Election 2013 – Growl No: 19 – The Sham Marriage between the ALP and Greens –

February 20, 2013
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– Election 2013  – Growl No: 19 –
– The Sham Marriage between the ALP and Greens –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 18th Feb 2013|

Latest Pickering images added – 18th Feb 2013 – see end of text linked here

The community at large tolerates sham marriages, be it Prime Ministers in defacto relationships, for immigration visa’s purposes, birth heredity, comfort, and the type of fickle political marriages between The Greens and the ALP for the purpose of achieving self-serving short-term objectives.   Yes it is tolerated, and nobody protests because nobody really cares.

The political marriage is the most festered – the most vilified, the most sceptical, and as they are born from ideology opposites, their coming together is always steeped in a toxicity of reasoning.

How can a Party representative abandoned the Party platform and the central core beliefs that identify you as a person, tolerate and/or accept a marriage where you absolutely despise the intended bed-partner for all that they stand for?

That is mercenary intent, a measured sell-out, slut’s to a cause, how do the Party faithful respond?   Are they not then compromised in their belief also if they stay with the Party …

Bob Brown of The Greens undertook an alliance with Gillard to allow Gillard to Govern after the 2010 hung parliament result.

To remind everybody, and even to Senator Milne, Bob Brown enforced the point so many times – his original agreement was between ‘The Greens’ and Julia Gillard, not the ALP.

Whatever that agreement was it is no longer – or as Milne tried to explain, The Greens will still support the Government on ‘confidence’, and ‘supply’, only because that was the original agreement.  How can you have a divorce but still want things to stay the same?

What type of divorce is Milne proposing – ‘friends with benefits’, they both get to sleep together when it comes to paying the bills,  and agree to chew Mr Abbott into little bits when it takes their fancy – but when it comes to the bigger issues – al bets are off.  How can business function with such a trauma arrangement. where is the confidence needed for investment … is this a ploy to have the A$ devalue … no – they are not that smart.

It comes down to ego’s – Gillard wanted to be PM and that is the end of the reasoning.

Whatever I have to do to be PM – I’ll do.  Tony Abbott according to Tony Windsor was prepared to make the same offer … so what – so they’re all whores of a sort.

For no other reason Gillard wanted to stick it to all those AWU screwball’s who wanted her tail fried back in 1995.  She wanted to do the same to the Slater & Gordon partners who also screwed her legal career.   And to this day Gillard still thinks – ‘I did nothing wrong’ …

History has shown Gillard does not have a clue about financial management of a Nation – she could not even balance her own cheque book on self admission.  How can she be expected to run a Nation’s finances.  So she turned that over to Wayne Swan – he was Rudd’s choice, or before that Kim Beazley had him as his Opposition Treasurer and Rudd inherited Swan when he became Leader.

Swan’s credentials were as an advisor to:

  • Adviser to the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. WG Hayden, MP 1978-80;
  • Special Ministers of State, the Hon. MJ Young,
  • MP and the Hon. KC Beazley, MP 1983; and
  • the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon. WG Hayden, MP 1984.

During his down time from advising ALP Ministers – he serving as a Lecturer at the Queensland Institute of Technology  during 1976-77, 1981-82 and 1985-88.  He was also a Policy analyst at the Office of Youth Affairs – 1978, and a nondescript advisor between 1996-98 when he was voted from Federal office at the 1996 election.

What are Swan’s academic and work experience credentials to be Australian Treasurer … he holds a BA (Hons) QLD – and that had to be mid 70’s.  He was born in ’54, making him leaving High School in ’72, and then a Lecturer in ’76.   Not a steric of private sector employment anywhere to be found.   Yet Gillard and Rudd trusted him to manage a $1.4 trillion economy … we deserve to be where we are because we should have checked out Mr Swan and asked the questions – how smart are you?

Phew …now you know … so don’t fu_kup again .. OK!!!

Milne is leading the Greens dow the same path the Democrats went … strong male leadership in Don Chip, and then to oblivion after successive disaster Female leadership.

You can add – Bligh [QLD], Keneally [NSW], Kernot [VIC], Lawrence [WA], all ALP Premiers, and now it would seem Gillard [PM] is going to go the same way.

It would seem that having a female leader is a sure sign to political oblivion for a term or two.  To all those female readers – these are just the facts … no misogynist agenda here …and I’d welcome any debate you had to offer to mitigate these facts.

It took The Democrats a few female leaders to get there in the end, and in that vein, Sarah Hanson-Young is already lined up behind Milne – and if you were framing odds – Milne’s exit would be sounding a quickening death knell.

Here is an interesting complexity to the debate – if it can be agreed that it is the need to win women voters to who will be Prime Ministers and Premiers, then it is not the women voters who have fried the leaders mentioned above?  And now it is Gillard’s time.

To any novice voter – it is not hard to see Milne’s divorce announcement as a case of ‘cutting out the cancer’ before it became too infectious … as always the wait and question is did the cancer not already infect the rest of the body beforehand?

The ALP’s woes were going to impact on Green Senate positions and with their primary vote already down to 8% from Bob Browns 11-12% range after the 2010 election … Milne is desperate to put some distance in the marriage.

‘Blame the Miners’ … ‘the ALP prefers Miners to the Greens’ are some of her comments to justify her position.

Gillard and Brown both prostituted themselves for their own reasons to form the alliance in 2010.   Politics is an even dirtier business where sleeping with the enemy is required.  It gives the media so much to ponder and conclude …

This Greens/ALP divorce was foreshadowed in recent State elections results where preferencing was not covered in the preamble in the Gillard/Brown pre-nup …

A ‘hung-parliament’ is not ever likely to happen again in any short to medium term.  Australian’s will be definitive in their choices and the hope is that the ‘None of The Above’ option is created and used on ballot papers.

To highlight how befuddled the ALP caucus is – Tasmanian MP for Lyons Mr Dick Adams was on News 24 this afternoon stating that Gillard was still doing a good job, and there was no movement within Caucus to dump her …if ALP Senators and MP’s privately believe what they say in the public arena, then they really have the ‘spotted’ disease.

For Treasurer Swan to cop the media beat-up against him at the moment, and for it not to be working its way into his own demon insecurities, then his blood is already turned cold, and already living in vampire land and immune to any earthly conscience issue.   If so – he will of course be joining Gillard in that blood-lust for gratuitous, lustrous, and frenzied gratification.

The current Treasurer has presided over a $300 billion spend in 5 years to hold it all together, and has no plan to pay any of it back.  The 2012-13 surplus will now be turned into a $30-$35 billion deficit, and 2013-14 under ALP will be more of the same.

We are all steadfastly marching toward an abyss …and once there the only choice will be to jump to save yourselves as the numbers queue up behind will force you over anyway.

So … make a bold choice if you are still undecided … and even if a marriage with Abbott has no appeal … shackle yourself into a ‘sham marriage’ with the Coalition for a term just to stop the spending and get Swan out of the Treasury … you will rest easier … but then Abbott is no guarantee to do a Howard/Costello financial recovery because the mining boom is already over …

The hard cuts are going to be worse than Newman’s QLD efforts … and if Abbott pursues the Unions, and the endemic corruption attached, backed up by the pursuit of Gillard and her AWU involvement with intent to strip away her parliamentary entitlements if found guilty,  he will win a second term and then the corruption will start all over again …me thinks …

Teh definition of insanity … to do the same thing over and over again without changing anything and expecting a different result … the political will has been doing this for 40 odd years with no rules put in place to restrict Governments on any of the following.  The suggestion is that referendums be held to decide the following:

  1. Government debt/borrowing limits as a measure of GDP,  i.e. maximum annual growth can only be in line with forecast CPI increase as a measure of total GDP … as an example.
  2. Election promises cannot be broken without going back to the polls for a mandate,
  3. Fixed penalties for Political corruption and abuse of privilege,
  4. Fixed terms for Federal, State, and Local, with joint elections and no split Senate elections,
  5. Compulsory voting verses ‘None of the Above’ ballot option, or optional voting,
  6. All Election politics to be costed by Treasury and an Independently think-tank made up of agreed experts and to be funded within the parameters of clause [1] above –
  7. … if you have any of your own ideas … please add to the list.

Larry Pickering’s Political Take:

To bring some much-needed levity – there is always the Larry Pickering Cartoons … below is a sample of his summer offerings – his images page can be access here[click on image below to enlarge] … enjoy and don’t hurt yourself with the belly laughs …

Larry Pickering also writes some very intelligent blogs including many on the AWU scandal.  Whilst not as regarded as Hedley Thomas in journalistic circles – his penmanship and his heady wit give him a take on things not easily publishable in mainstream media.  None the less … his take on events cuts to the chase and he does not mince words … his Facebook page can be accessed here

Added 18th Feb 2013:

To see all of Pickering’s Political cartoons – use this link

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