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EYE-BALL Opinion – The “Asylum Welfare Union Assoc” [AWU-A] – Incorporated by Gillard, for the benefit of Gillard, and sacrificed by all for Gillard –

February 19, 2013

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–  The “Asylum Welfare Union Assoc” [AWU-A] – 
– Incorporated by Gillard,  for the benefit of Gillard,
– and sacrificed by all for Gillard –

| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 19th Feb 2013 |

The AWU National conference has been the ALP refuge over the past two days. It acts as a retreat from the real world of disaster-politics Gillard will face every day between now and the next election … if she last’s as Leader.

Paul Howes opened the AWU Conference with a traditional ‘hard-yakka’ union call to get the delegates and guests over the latest poll data, and the Obeid aftertaste – see Harry’s Growl post on Howes speech here … [Link to Howes full speech]

All that can be said is well done to Gillard and her media team to come up with the idea to use the ACC report to throw Australian sport under the bus to save themselves.

Next up was Gillard – she owes Bill Ludwig Snr big time and there was no way Gillard could abstain given her AWU scandal involvement, and the need to stay ahead of the police now stalking her for an interview to answer questions about a certain ‘power of attorney’ document, and about when it was signed, and who was in attendance at that signing.

We’re all waiting for news on how she is gonna get herself out of that mess … but if anything Gillard has proved to be a ‘cat’ with still plenty of lives left. [Link to Gillard’s full speech]

Throughout the night’s after conference dinner party the merriment was obvious …

Where was Tim was a question the media was asking themselves?

The party after the after party went something like this – thanks to Larry Pickering for his unknowing contribution … he won’t mind …


“Bloody hell, Swannie, where are you?” yelled Julia from across the hallway. John McTernan walked into Julia’s office, “The dopey prick is in Russia, can I help?”

“Maybe, look, I will be talking to my old mates in the AWU tonight. You know, those nice upstanding unionists who made me PM and the bastards who could now get rid of me? I need a present for Paul.”

“Paul Howes?” exclaimed McTernan. “You mean that bloke with the sort of head you’d never get tired of kicking?”

“Yeah, that’s him”, said Julia. “What should I get him? I’ve lost a lot of the blue collar blokes lately.”

“Well”, said McTernan, popping a pimple into Julia’s mirror, “He’s on the Gold Coast so he’ll be doin’ a bit of pollinating, what about a gross of aniseed flavoured condoms?”

“A gross? He only uses the one… he whacks it in the dishwasher for 20 minutes and he’s ready to go again. Tight bastard”

“How do you know?” asked McTernan, wiping the mirror with his elbow.

Julia stood up, “Look, John, I think I’ll just chuck a billion dollars at ‘im. Bugger! Help me with this damned chair, John… it’s stuck to my bum again.”

“Where in the hell will you find a billion?”, asked McTernan, wrestling with the chair.

“Easy, I’ll rip it off the big companies’ R&D concessions, Paul will love that and at least I’ll get a clap from the delegates at this AWU meeting.”

“There’s a good chance of that”, smirked McTernan.

Julia straightened her dress, “Anyway how much is a billion?”
McTernan put the chair back under Julia’s desk, “A fair bit I think, maybe ten million.”

“It’s more than that”, said Julia. “Swannie said it was 100 million, hang on, I’ll Google it.”

“Bloody hell!” yelled Julia, “Why aren’t I briefed properly. It says here it’s 1,000 million!”

“Can’t be that much”, said McTernan. “It is”, moaned Julia… “no wonder Swannie didn’t make his damned surplus.”

link to on-line source

That all all happened yesterday … Tuesday rolled on by and late breakfast’s were the go – Gillard lost her strap-on somewhere – rumor has it that one of the paid helpers it was used on tucked it away in a bodily hidden to save as a souvenir.  The ‘strap-on’ will appear on eBay at some time in the future … [For those who don’t understand the significance of the ‘strap-on‘ visit Larry Pickering’s photo site here and look at his Gillard Cartoon collection – or just see the Pickering Cartoon below …]

Those delegates who spoke today obviously stayed away from the legendary Gillard ‘orgy-fest’s’ … never mind there will be another one tonight and tomorrow … she has a lot of favours to repay, and if she wants to stay PM until the election she will be working every night of the conference.

The speakers today [Tuesday] were –

  • Dave Oliver, Secretary, Australian Council of Trade Unions
  • The Hon. Jason Clare MP, Minister for Home Affairs and Justice
  • The Hon. Bill Shorten MP, Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations
  • Jyrki Raina, General Secretary, IndustriALL Global Union
  • Professor Roy Green, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Technology Sydney
  • Phil Jobe, CEO, Capral
  • Heather Ridout, Board Member, Reserve Bank of Australia
  • The Hon. Wayne Swan MP, Deputy Prime Minister

To read the full Conference agenda – click here

A interesting speaker was the new RBA Board member Heather Ridout. She was formerly Australian Business Industry [ABI] President, and an new Government appointee to the RBA.

I would have thought that some distance would be observed from a member of the RBA Board and as a guest speaker at this AWU conference.  Ridout’s ALP allegiance is obvious and that to me reflects a conflict of interest – both on the issue of independence, and in terms of her qualifications to serve on the Board of the RBA.

I read Gillard’s opening address and found the same old ‘Union value rattling’ about Jobs, Jobs, and more jobs.  There were so many weak points that this site has raised countless times an I’m sick of writing her down.

I’ve taken a different tact then to reading the same commentary.

Gillard showed no ill-effects from the ‘rumble party’ on Sunday night, or the disaster polls out Monday – but amongst the party faithful she could not afford to show any weakness in this crowd.

Love your drawings Larry …

This conference is a last throw of the dice for the ALP facing the loss of some 25 seats at the next Federal election. My call is that the swing will be bigger as the Thompson and Slipper court cases are still to unfold in the time before the election in September.

There is also the ICAC decision on Obeid which will trigger another robust news cycle … the police investigation into Gillard and her AWU cover-up, and the next round of polls and the next after that every two weeks … no amount of ‘Houdini’ tricks can save Gillard … in fact after the pain she has inflicted on this Nation it will serve as some type of justice to see her wilt and dry out as she stumbles from crisis to crisis.

The Australian economy will worsen as a result but what else can be done when the bloody Independents and Greens vote to support supply.  They should sit in the ‘shit-house’ with her …

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