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EYE-BALL’s Herman on – “Corruption”

February 6, 2013
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– “Corruption” –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Herman O’Hermitage | 6th Feb 2013 |

“I define it is an inappropriate understanding of ethical or moral standards. The failure to disclose and make transparent.”

In the preamble to the Wood Report, Royal Commissioner Justice James Wood questioned “why is a police officer receiving a monkey ($500 bribe) different to a police officer not paying for a hamburger or being given a sponge cake to take home to the little lady by a local cake shop”. He concluded they are exactly the same, where one is very minor, and the other is a larger manifestation but, they are both equally corrupting. Given that at that time a Senior Sergeant was so relatively underpaid, the police officer was naturally inclined to see the free hamburger as an entitlement, probationary constables included. Beyond that the lack of wages for the senior sergeant meant that good officers were induced to leave the Police Force, and only those who lived by their extra entitlements were inclined to stay. He hypothesised much much further that corruption in the NSW Constabulary goes back to Lieutenant Commander Grose’s formation of the NSW Rum Corp, basically day dot.

As we today grapple with corruption in Federal and State Politics, many of those issues need to be considered. The Eureka stockade had many claims against the squatocracy of that time. Back then it was paralleled to the Boston Tea Party, or the Chartists of Britain. The Victorian Legislative Council was not paid, at all, and was a privileged class made up of squatter’s interests. By 1870 parliamentarians too were to be paid a meaningful living wage, so that all classes of society could potentially serve, and by 1928 the Lodge was a modest family bungalow, where the Prime Minister could reside with wife and children. Consider John Curtin, who was required to travel by train to Canberra from Perth in his time, the 2nd Prime Minister during World War II.

Fast forward to 1996 when newly installed PM John Howard wanted to live in his family residence in Wollstonecraft, so as to not disrupt his children’s schooling and university, then the AFP stating they could not offer security on that premises so his family residing at Kirribilli was a viable alternative. A minor side issue was what happened to Wollstonecraft property? He intentionally left it vacant, so that he was not accused of living rent free at Kirribilli, while earning a surreptitious income in the scenario. The fact that he then in time conducted his daughter’s engagement party and wedding in a marquee erected on Kirribilli’s lawns is a different story. One I choose to skip, including allegations that the state paid for $120,000 of fine wines on both occasions.

In 1996 a part of the fall of the Keating government was double standards, particularly relating to Senator Graeme Richardson. Larry Pickering claims Keating’s piggery was a financial disaster, and if not for Rene Rivkin finding an Indonesian (foreign) buyer the former PM would not have the wealth he has today.

From my perspective I was advised to get in on the Alpine Offset rort, and therefore had no problem in believing that Rivkin, Richardson and Trevor Kennedy were the principals behind the scam. In the case of Kennedy I wanted the issues to be fully aired, and publicly debated. The simple fact that all attempts to expose the truth failed only adds to the suspicions, a lack of transparency. On Rivkin, I have no doubt his rise to notoriety during the 1969 Poseidon boom was based on running and pooling. Running and Pooling were two forms of collusive trading expressly outlawed in the Securities Industries Act, of that time, and therefore I never wanted to be a part of any of it. Enough on that matter. In short any stock contained in the Rivkin report was highly toxic.

Back to the Keating governments fall his victory speech of 1993 was nothing in substance. Keating’s government had failed his ALP base.

So fast forward to today, I am awaiting news on the Member of the House of Representatives for Dobell’s appearance in Melbourne on fraud charges, and awaiting the next development in the public ICAC enquiry into Eddie Obeid and his crony McDonald. I am also ingesting news overnight regarding the entire Federal ALP trying to distance themselves from these alleged felons, and wonder how widespread is this corruption? Being diverted to other issues doesn’t fix the confusion if anything it makes it worse.

Let me consider some of the news overnight. Tony Burke, Morris Iemma, Mark Arbib, John Robertson, Stephen Conroy amongst others took advantage of Eddie Obeid’s generosity by taking advantage of his Perisher ski accommodation. Very minor, no details offered on cleaning or minor contribution to rates electricity and so on. Conroy and Burke didn’t declare this pecuniary interest, because they weren’t required to. Well how about ethics?

Specifically I too, have been offered cheap accommodation (bordering on gratuitous) over the years, and indeed my children only ever got to water ski courtesy of the generosity my sister and her husband. I always expected to contribute something. As for more unrelated parties, the cases are not so cut and dried or easy to describe.

In relation to Obeid’s Perisher Chalet, we require much more specificity. We require dates, any commercial realities, and links to corruption. We will need to wait and see. I expect Obeid offered the information to show how generous he was with other people’s money. All those named should immediately take a moral position. John Robertson has supported bi-partisan support to freezing Eddie Obeid’s assets with a view to ultimate claims against him. We the electorate of NSW do not understand the government’s reluctance. Please Mr Premier, one more time, for the deaf, dumb or stupid, why or how might you be considered to interfere with the work of Commissioner Ipp? Should we wait for Commissioner Ipp to make an interim finding? I am surprised Commissioner Ipp has not found Mr Obeid to be in contempt of Court. Has Mr Obeid been asked to surrender his passport?

Next issue, Last night a rather embarrassed looking Tony Windsor was interviewed concerning the backlash from his constituency for supporting this very tarnished government. Last Spring this web site questioned all independents as to why they continued to support this government, despite all the obvious shortcomings more particularly the AWU allegations against the PM herself and the role of Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson. As a rule those E mails were not decently responded to. I do not believe that The Hon. Tony Windsor has committed any specific act that could be perceived as corrupt however the Australian electorate expects independents to act conscientiously to keep “the bastards honest”. I personally see that as more important than a parliament going to the polls early. Send them to the polls early, and we feel safe and protected, fail to do so and we feel taken for granted, and vulnerable. I will not vote in the seat of New England come the election but this is where I feel the electorate is angry. I said last winter the 1st Party to embrace ethics and integrity would romp in the next election.

This brings me to the entire ALP Party being tarnished with the same brush.

The last time I can recall a former minister being gaoled in NSW was Rex “Buckets” Jackson. In Queensland there was Nuttall, and decades ago, Lane and Austin, and Wright (rather unrelated). They cross parties, ie both sides. Then there were many others that we fail to understand. State MLA Karyn Paluzzanno is currently contesting home detention conviction and sentencing for lying to ICAC and falsely claiming staff allowances in the amount of $29,000. If someone of less means stole 10% of that sum waving around a plastic gun with no inner firing mechanism, for armed hold up there is a mandatory sentence. That includes if they co-operate with police. At times white collar crime is deemed equivalent, due to the sneakiness involved. They have not put others in fear of their life, however white collar crime is unlikely to have such witnesses. I hold in positions of trust politicians should get extra, and in consideration they are already better off. Karyn Pallunazzo earned much more than the average in her constituency, yet that wasn’t enough. I will not condone anyone making threats against her or her family or harming her cat, we leave that to the law enforcement agencies but when in sentencing she made such claims they were not that related to reasons for mitigation. She claimed she has already suffered interminably, disgraced, removed from office. I also do not know if the intimidation claims could be substantiated. So this crying (crocodile tears) became a precedent for Craig Thomson when making oath in Federal Parliament.

So let’s move on to Craig Thomson. This sideshow has been going to the very heart of this parliament and just won’t fix. He claims he was being targeted in identity theft and baseless lies and allegations. Fair Work investigations have been absolute tedium. Nonsense about the matters belonging in civil court for recovery because there were no express rules. Fraud is deception. Deceptive practices. That is what the electorate perceives. No transparency. Then there is Temby’s “in confidence” report. It wasn’t kept confidential, and then comes the raid on HSU East, the appointment of an administrator, Michael Williamson accused of destroying documents, Michael Williamson a former President of the ACTU, failure by the PM to stop the rot, Michael Williamson arrested, Craig Thomson forced to the cross benches, and so it goes……….

And all of this is focused on NSW Right Wing (Sussex St), those who engineered Julia Gillard knifing Rudd and it doesn’t stop there.

The PM depending on Craig Thomson’s vote to continue in government gives rise to the airing of the AWU allegations of 16 to 18 years ago. She personally profited by it? She doesn’t want the matter aired (which one, HSU or AWU?). Don’t create a rod for her own back, a precedent, the whole lot of them might turn on her. Who the NSW Right? The Caucus, the faceless men?

We have come full circle to the ICAC hearings against Eddie Obeid. The tip of the iceberg.

I nearly forgot Oakschott’s claim that Thomson would be held in contempt if found lying in parliament.

But the Slipper scandal hasn’t yet got an airing.

Peter Slipper is just a salacious soul. An expense rorter on the Coalition back bench, and in the scenario where the PM couldn’t honour her commitment to mandatory pre commitment given to the MP for Denison, a real quick fix. The balance of power was not so fragile. Buy time. Charges dismissed as being politically motivated, give me a break. Not just from the Slipper scandal but the whole lot.

Windsor and Oakschott often claim this hung parliament has been the most productive on record. Over 400 pieces of individual legislation. Does that count Tony Burke’s 4 attempts at fishing legislation relating to the super trawler Southern Cross in 4 days?

This will be remembered as the greatest crisis government since Khemlani, Cairns, Morosi and so on.

The G word is mandatory. Gaol. To clear the way for a more decent, upright, transparent and government of integrity in the future. One cell for Eddie Obeid, one for Michael Williamson, one for Craig Thomson, and it doesn’t stop there. The bad apple that was Graeme Richardson 2 decades ago could well the one spoilt apple that has tainted the whole lot. Why did The Alpine Offset matter conclude with the apparent suicide of Rene himself. The urban legend relating to Caroline Byrne and Gordon whathe’s name never really fixed. Gordon Wood was Rivkin’s driver, it is alleged Caroline Byrne knew too much.

I revert to the beginning. British Justice does not only need to be done, it needs to be seen to be done. I define corruption as an inappropriate understanding of ethical or moral standards. The failure to disclose and make transparent.

On morals and ethics as we deal with this newer information on the deteriorating fiscal outlook for 2012/13 and forward estimates, we are now told Treasury has noted Federal Government share of GDP is at its’ lowest level in nearly 3 decades. Has that got anything to do with government programmes? How does such a scenario happen?

I will never doubt that we have toiled throughout perceived history to strive for decency, crushing corruption where we find it, seeking equity and maintaining justice, in the wisdom of the scriptures “the meek shall inherit the earth”, however;

Believing in sanity is itself insanity.

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EYE-BALL’s ‘Herman’ …

  1. February 6, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    Herman – by far your best work … engaging, informative, and an explosion of truth about political corruption and how it has descended upon us all.

    Our apathy has contributed – allowing the Generals to give themselves their own punishment, and also decide on their remunerations has weakened the chastity of unmarried lovers – everybody is doing it so we should all put our snot in the trough …

  2. barry
    February 6, 2013 at 9:04 pm

    Thomson next hearing , 22 May.. more corruption? How many more diversions will they come up with . 154 charges? that should be good for another 5 years or so .

    This country is a joke . And the law only looks after the crims .

    I get accused of speeding in the middle of nowhere in Western Australia, and they find out all my details in 5 minutes on a computer.

    Thomson bullshits his heart out ( allegedly of course) and after 4 years they are still stuffing around with his case .And this is the “legal” system?

    Come on , is everybody in this country as thick as a brick?

    Apathy , as mentioned in the above post , will be the downfall of this country . Nothing more , nothing less.

    What a bunch of dopes.

  3. February 7, 2013 at 9:28 am

    This is all getting a bit long in the tooth. I guess slow justice is better than a lynch mob.

  4. Gerry Hatrick
    February 7, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    The use of “long in the tooth” is extremely confusing. I understand it to be a sportsperson past their use by date. His wisdom teeth are overly grown.

    At times semantics makes for extremely poor communication, particularly where there are more than one meaning or perceived derivation. If you are saying the Legal Due process is elongated, but better than a lynch mob, yes that is the very heart of due process, natural justice. I feel this article is questioning the interference with justice (corrupting of justice) leaves all with a dark stain.

  5. February 7, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    Actually Gerry< i always believed "Long in the tooth" was in reference the usefulness of an equine beast of burden who has gone past their use-by-date or simply had grown old.Perhaps if I had of used a bovine related metaphor my meaning would have clearer.

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