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EYE-BALL Opinion – ALP MP’s are divorced bedfellows – Simon Crean shows frightening poor judgement –


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– ALP MP’s are divorced bedfellows –
– Simon Crean shows frighteningly poor judgement  –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 5th Feb 2013|
As the ALP brand self destructs,  Gillard and her Ministers have come up with a plan to use Kevin Rudd to help them win the 2013 election.   If one was looking for the bazaar plot for a new TV mini series – this latest ALP stalling stunt is likened to a failing TV series.

Fictional scripts could not be written to match the non-fiction ALP drama unfolding in recent days, weeks, and months – will it be enough to save the Government for the axe or just prolong what most of us know anyway?

I read a story this morning that had senior Minister Simon Crean giving comments about Kevin Rudd being used as a positive ‘asset’ for the Party to be use in the announced 2013 election campaign.  Crean tampered his comments with provisos – read more below:

… Regional Affairs Minister Simon Crean, who accused Mr Rudd of disloyalty before the leadership challenge in February last year, said he believed Mr Rudd would be an asset “and we should use him but it has to be a disciplined asset”.

“And again, I think that’s a judgment not just for us to make but it’s also for Kevin to make,” Mr Crean said. “And I think if that combination of discipline plus the asset can be agreed upon, it would be a fantastic boost to our fortunes and I would certainly advocate it.”

…read full story … link includes Paul Kelly video on Gillards decision to call an election.

Linked here is a Fairfax story published in Jan 2012 and includes Crean’s comments about Rudd and his would be challenge … an extract appears below –

“He can’t be prime minister again,” Mr Crean told 3AW. “He’s got to accept that. Has he? That’s a question that should be put to him and I think every time it’s been put to him he does accept it.

“People will not elect as leaders those they don’t perceive as team players.

“I think that part of the reason he lost the leadership is because he wasn’t [a team player].

“There’s no point having a band of prima donnas unless they operate as a team.”

Mr Crean stressed the party had to be united, was best served by running a full term, and should not contribute to leadership speculation.

“The leadership will not be vacant,” he said.

“There is no capacity for challenge. There is no contender that has the numbers. And the sooner the party wakes up to that … the better off we will be.

“One thing the Labor Party has got to learn is that it doesn’t solve its polling problems by simply changing the leader.”

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/rudd-wasnt-a-team-player-will-never-be-leader-again-crean-20120131-1qqf2.html#ixzz2JyxIWCeY>

Rudd is now seen as a Party owned asset to be talked about and used in the best interest’s of the Party – what an absolute disconnection from reality.

Not 12 months ago the ALP Ministry rolled themselves out as a team and castigated Kevin Rudd in ways that would have humbled most, and force a complete capitulation. Who would want to work in that environment when you are so obviously dispised and not wanted?  Rudd endured because he knew he would have his day.

Simon Crean was one of those Ministers who vented on Rudd.  Yet, when all else has failed to lift the ALP’s electoral appeal, and all the while Kevin Rudd has retained his 60%+ personal ratings with the electorate – these assassins, these cowardly Union turds now want Rudd to save the Party from an electoral armageddon.

These Leaders have no shame, no understanding that they who live by the sword die by the sword – no amount of Rudd charm will prevent Gillard’s own dismissal and all her Ministry with her.

One might add that as Women rise, and rise, and rise in the political game, men are falling, failing,  and fumbling.

Pollsters tell us that women are the voters who decide elections and male Leaders need to appeal to that demographic – they have to sell themselves like ‘femaile street workers’ and charm the female voter through a camera lense.

Women use makeup and accessories to allure – though some women politicians need to look at themselves in the mirror.  Men on the other hand are befuddled, what colour tie, suit, shirt, how much makeup, lip gloss??? – and then the eyebrow trimming, the ear-hair grooming, the nose-hair removal,  the clean-shaven look, or the Hugh Jackman stubble that women go for … hell let men be men before they freely offer up their manhood in the chase for female electoral approval.

Maybe that should be looked at – if our male Leaders are no longer able or interested in sex, then so much of the elements that are drawn to and corrupt the power they have no longer becomes an issue.    Should male politicians be eunuch’s – now that is out of left-field?

Rudd’s ego might be stoked by the desperation in the call from his beloved Party – but it would be a mistake. The ALP brand is forever damaged and that destruction was caused by the very Union factions who have and still are controlling the ALP.

Given how the HSU, and the AWU scandals are playing out – there is much more to come.  For Rudd to assist and try to save the Party now would be a mistake.  He knows this and is why his on-camera door-stop interview this morning made light of questions asking him about another Leadership spill.

Journalist – throw them a bone and they want all the meat … think before you listen to your editor getting you to try and milk a male cow.

It’s a case of the Unions having to roll over and humble themselves before all of Australia before trust can begin to reform.

They need to be completely reformed and taken back to the absolute bottom of the pecking order before they can think about a Party resurrection.

Why can’t the ALP leaders not see what the AWU, the HSU, and the ICAC exposure of the Obeid hubris toward his corruption, without any sign remorse for his actions, but the denials in the face of overwhelming evidence – it is as if it was his right to profit from public office …no the blood-letting is far from done at this stage and any Rudd intervention will only prolong the remedy.

Crean’s on the record comments, and those of other Ministers trying to cajole Rudd back to campaign for them is a desperate last throw of the dice.   The ALP know what they’re in for – to have buried the AWU and HSU scandal’s, and the Obeid corruption this long without forcing Gillard to deal with the parties involved, and account for her own AWU involvement – shows an extreme lack of judgement by those at the top of the ALP parliamentary party.

Please Mr Rudd – do yourself a favour and leave the ALP to whatever fate the electorate is preparing to bring down.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. barry
    February 6, 2013 at 3:53 am

    Name one time in history when Simon Crean has shown any positive judgement on anything !!!!! Just curious.

  2. Gerry Hatrick
    February 6, 2013 at 7:42 am

    Simon Crean is a journeyman, a typical b grader whose zealousness hardly compensates for his lack of vision, intellect or real understanding of the role of a MHR. He is nothing but a typical safe seat, two party politics clown.

    When Albanese made his acceptance speech at the the return of the electoral writ in his safe ALP seat of Grayndler in 2010, he said words to the effect “he received great joy in kicking heads of the other side”. Is that really democracy?

    That is part of why the electorate is so unconnected with their representation in Canberra, and their state and local counterparts. Politicians are rarely to be found except when the want your vote. We want a better standard of debate yet when Combet was screaming in question time yesterday, The Speaker warned Christopher Pyne for complaining, failed to censure Combet defending him saying he was trying to heard, and a political commentator (Lyndal Curtis) called Combet a rising star of the ALP frontbench.

    When Crean returned to ALP leadership a decade ago he sent me a political letter, as if I too was typical ALP head in the sand, with words to the effect that how he has replaced Beasley “things were naturally better”.

    Sad, so sad.

  3. February 6, 2013 at 8:01 am

    Sadly I can’y Barry – they say that sons of former politicians [high achievers] in their own mind have a hard row to hoe … if you believe that crap … I don’t.

    Crean was said to be bonking Gillard during her resurrection period as she hawked herself around looking for pre-selection … when he was Leader of the ALP in Opposition – 2001-2003 – between Beazley and Latham see ALP link here the ALP was in disarray …

    As ALP Leader Crean did condemn Howard for sending Australian Troops to Iraq … was that a positive …

    His Wikipedia page has interesting reading and one could draw from the commentary that he is purely a political passenger trading off his family history … see commentary here

    His flip-flop on Rudd only months after the assassination revealed his true character … there is nothing decisive about Crean and he is representative of the larger ALP problem … comfort lived via factional Union backing …

  4. February 6, 2013 at 8:06 am

    Well said Gerry – the introspective on Crean draws conclusion directed towards confusion –

    For mine he has been around politics for far too long – he has no passion for the job anymore – he does not want to work too hard – wants to be called upon and seen as the peacemaker – but he is coasting in the job and poor value no matter which way you look as his contribution.

    A typical example of someone who stayed too long because he knows nothing else …

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