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EYE-BALL Opinion – Government a shambles – Gillard desperate – Whitlam era revisited …


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– The Government is a shambles –
– Whitlam era revisited –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 3rd Feb 2013|

The saying  – ‘a day is a long time in politics’ is not lost in recent times.  Blink and you miss the boat and all that can be promised is that the shocks are set to continue in coming days.

Gillard joined by outgoing AG Nicola Roxon, and Leader of the Senate Senator Evans as they fronted the media yesterday as a united front and delivered their best case explanation for a bad case scenario. 

Gillard gave her usual polished performance based on a hat-full of lies and spin trying to reclaim the ground lost as her best laid plans over the election announcement the day before tuning sour.

No amount of Gillard spin could convince any media in attendance or the viewers glued to the TV that this is nothing but a Government in crisis, and a mortal blow to Gillard’s chances to lead the ALP into the next election.  Gillard represents history in the making for th ALP in many ways.  In fact the ‘first’s’ attributed to Gillard and her Leadership decisions will fill many books in epitaph type eulogies written  in the period after her demise.

She will be recorded in history not for the good she did – but for the destruction she caused and instigated in the name of women and efforts to prove that a women can be as good as a man in politics.  She overreached and had her approach been more patient and respectful to the Office of the PM – history might well be written differently.

The story orated by Gillard about both outgoing Ministers having indicated 12 months ago they wanted to pick their time to exit – is as hollow as Gillard’s ‘no carbon tax under a government I lead’ statement.   

Senator Evans had this to say –

…Labor senate leader Chris Evans says he is taking his own oft-given advice about picking the right time to retire.

“I am making the move now because I know the party is in very good shape and this will allow the prime minister to lead a ministerial team who are ready to serve on into the next term,” he told journalists on Saturday as he announced his exit from cabinet immediately, and from politics in a few months.

read full story here

Further in Evans’ statement he quibbled over his own recollections about a ‘planned departure’ … as reproduced below:

… I want to thank the Prime Minister for her support. She indicated that we had a conversation a fair while ago now about a planned departure, but I indicated I would go at the time of her convenience as she reshaped the team for the coming election.

This comment can be read as a different spin to how Gillard told her recollection. I’m sure that in the meeting she and Evans had before they fronted the cameras to put on a united front – they had discussions about the ‘language’ both were going to use.   It would appear they agreed to disagree on this point.

To quibble further – the words Evans used – ‘I would go at a time of her choosing’ – indicates that Gillard chose to announce Evans departure and this draws greater importance to the timing and reasons given for the ‘Captain’s Pick’ in announcing the dumping of NS Senator Trish Crossin, in favour of a then non ALP member in Nova Peris.   If Gillard was always always going to dump Senator Evans after she announced her Election date – why get rid of Crossin and cause Party disunity in the process – why not use Evans’ departure to create an aboriginal ‘Senator’?

As for Roxon and her own claims she gave the PM 12 months notice of her intention to leave – she again draws fire upon herself on a number of fronts.

Roxon was appointed to the AG position on the 14th Dec 2011 – was not sworn in until March 2012 according to some reports – so if we go back 12 months since yesterday when Roxon announced her resignation as AG, and her intent to leave the parliament at the next election – how are we to interpret Roxon’s comments re her love of the AG job over the past 12 months if she wanted out 6 weeks after taking the job.

This can hardly be an endorsement for Roxon as a Minister transferring from the Health portfolio, upgrading her status and purporting to have been enjoying the new AG job in her exit speech … more misdirection or what!!!.

When one reads the full text of Roxon’s official resignation speech on her AG website, one can only presume to think it a self-serving diatribe only telling us about what she thinks a good job she did.

There is much missing – none of her failures appear – and there were many as reported by Larry Pickering on his Facebook page and part pasted below …

… She just announced her proud achievements in this position.

Proud achievements? Ok, let’s look at Roxon’s ‘proud achievements’ as Heath Minister under Kevin Rudd and as Attorney General under Julia Gillard:

  1. Hundreds of millions wasted on fraudulently overpriced Tamiflu kept in expensive warehouses. Expiry dates have passed. Roche, alone was the recipient of $200 million.
  2. Roxon’s abortive Alcopops tax. $300 million was prematurely collected before the proposed tax was dumped. She complained bitterly that distillers refused to accept a refund.
  3. As AG the High Court throws out her Malaysian solution.
  4. She commits the crime of perverting the course of justice in the Slipper trial and ushers Slipper through the judges’ entrance to avoid publicity.
  5. Her claim to fame is placing pics of toes falling off on cigarette packets.

Roxon, an ordinary left wing solicitor with Maurice Blackburn, was clearly over-promoted by Gillard, but she certainly relished the position for longer than six weeks.

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Add her recent draft legislation in her Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012 and her greatest disaster will now happen on someone else’s watch.

Whatever message the Government is spinning it is a shambles – ABC ‘Insiders’ with that forever ALP redneck Barry Cassidy leading the charge, and with his equally biased media scribes Lenore Taylor, and David Marr sitting on the panel – decided this weeks show was to be about how badly Abbott responded to the election announcement.

There is no more ALP biased show on television that Insiders, nor presenter in Barry Cassidy, and to expect objective political analysis from this bunch of ALP rednecks demands the ABC take action.

A week or so ago – the ABC decided to censure another ABC presenter John Faine for conducting himself in a prejudicial way when he exerted his own opinions during his interview with Mike Smith about Gillard, and her involvement in the AWU scandal.  … See that story here

Cassidy from his Insiders pulpit gave his best efforts to play down the Gillard exposed neck over the events of the last week.  He drew on Anthony Albanese as his guest interview to present the Government’s spin on the Ministerial resignations, the Craig Thompson arrest, and the early election call.

Albanese’ performance indicated yet again he is becoming dead weight, as is Craig Emerson when they are called upon to lend insight into Gillard’s ‘lone-house’ decisions.  How much longer can it go on?

For the love-sick Emerson – he only has eyes to a future with Gillard – and he will gladly sacrifice and make himself look stupid to impress her – remember the ‘Whyalla’ song and dance stunt last year over the carbon tax rebuttal.

Albanese is a little bit more pugnacious – an example, the Rudd leadership spill Mar 2012 – Albanese used tears to defend his support for Rudd – he was a boy then trying to be a man, an imp when real and serious men were needed, and all throughout his political career he has proved to be a shallow man who greatly over-reached thanks to his NSW Labour Party factional posturing.

The coming days will reveal more of the behind the scenes deals being struck and unless Abbott leads and attacks Gillard in the House this week – all we can expect is more disappointment as Gillard runs her election race and Abbott sings to her tune – time to ‘man-up’ Mr Abbott and all Australia is hoping you are up to the task.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. Barry M
    February 3, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    Abbott is getting bad advise. They are trying to soften his image so he will improve his appeal to women. It ain’t going to happen. My wife despises Gillard and will not vote for her even if she is the last person standing, but she also thinks there is something about Abbott that is (in her words) scary and understands why the 25 to 45 year old women do not like him. She knows about the volunteer work he does and applauds him for it, she reckons his wife is a strong person and that he has 3 daughters and says they in many ways remind her of our 2. She will vote for the Libs because she knows Gillard has to go, she says she is a danger to Australia. She reckons Abbott is hard but he would win more support if he said straight out he was hard but that is what is needed to get us back on track. She reckons Abbott has to keep with his current image but his party needs to show the public that he is a caring individual and that it is going to take a hard person to fix Gillards mistakes.
    So if any of Abbots advisors are reading this, take note, that is how a real woman sees it.

  2. February 3, 2013 at 3:30 pm

    Thanks for sharing true and frank opinions – yep – agree and hope the Libs get the meaasget.


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