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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl on – Election 2013 – Growl No: 4 – Craig Thompson’s Bankruptcy revisited –

February 2, 2013
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– Election 2013  – Growl No: 4 –
– Craig Thompson’s Bankruptcy revisited  –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 2nd Feb 2013|

The week has been everything that was expected as the new year’s parliamentary circus hit the town. Parliament resumes next week and the events of this week were but a primer for the drama that will be played out as this Government goes through the motions of its own inflicted ‘death-roll’.

The recap this year thus far:

  1. ALP NT Federal Senator Trish Crossin sacked and replaced by Captain Gillard’s personal pick in Nova Peris –
  2. ALP Ex AG MP Robert McClelland announces he will not be seeking pre-selection at the 2013 Election –
  3. ALP Federal Senator Evans announces he is resigning from the Ministry and will not be seeking re-endorsement at the 2013 election –
  4. Former ALP Member for Dobell Craig Thompson is arrested on 149 counts of fraud and misuse of Union funds –
  5. Prime Minister Julia Gillard shocks everybody when announcing in her first official address for the year that the 2013 election will be held on the 14th Sept –
  6. NSW ALP former Minister Eddie Obeid’s son Moses admits in evidence at the ICAC inquiry to a $75 million windfall from inside information received from former NSW ALP Mining Minister Ian MacDonald –
  7. Fresh news out this morning has Nicola Roxon resigning her AG position – speculation is there is to be a Cabinet reshuffle prompted by the resignation of both Senator Evans and MP Roxon.  It’s is not clear if Roxon is to go to the backbenchers or seek an alternative portfolio.

If you thought these events were a Muhammad Ali first round style ALP knockout, rest easy because there is so much more to be played out.

The Roxon resignation was expected given her performance in the job – woeful to say the least. It will be interesting to see if Gillard keeps her in the Ministry – there is no way she can risk alienating Roxon.  Roxon can turn on Gillard over the AWU scandal at anytime. Perhaps police have already r announced their intention to question Roxon over the Slater and Gordon file that went missing.  The file was reported to have been handed to her when the AWU transferred its legal affairs to Roxon’s Law firm Maurice and Blackburn.

Perhaps the AWU pressure and expectations have become too much for Roxon and her resignation is another sign Gillard is chopped liver and walking the plank.

Returning to Gillard’s media comments made during her visit to flood damaged Bundaberg on Thursday – the PM told reporters she had no knowledge of the imminent arrest of Craig Thompson. This is hard to accept on face value given the timing of the election call the day before, and the ongoing funding of the Craig Thompson’s legal defense by un-named parties – believed to be Unions friendly to Julia Gillard and the ‘faceless men’ who paved her way to the Prime Minister position in June 2010.

You will recall the announcement that Craig Thompson needed a $150k bail-out to avert bankruptcy when he first faced allegations over the HSU misuse of funds. An unnamed Union(s) quickly came up with the funds to pay his legal costs to assist Thompson from declaring himself a bankrupt, and the resulting resignation from the Parliament and forced by-election.

At the time the Gillard minority Government hung by a thread and it was Gillard and her supporters behind the scenes who arranged the funding to keep Thompson’s vote in the House.

Some two years later what has changed in the financial well being of Craig Thompson? Who is paying McArdle’s legal bills for Thompson’s latest high profile legal tussle?  Is it a Union or some other benefactor?

The obvious question is why and what is the arrangement – what benefit is being derived in funding Thompson’s defense, and who is benefiting in the larger picture?

Assuming Thompson went bankrupt and could not fund his current legal defense – Legal Aid would be the next stage – or a self defense strategy, and that would hasten creditors pushing their bankruptcy claims.

The crucial point from a political perspective and Gillard’s ability to hold onto power is to keep Thompson in the House and voting for the Government. Yet – he acts as an Independent – when is an Independent an Independent if by his actions he is beholding to the ALP to cover his legal expenses so he can remain in the House. Surely this creates a conflict that diminishes Gillard’s position even further.

Whatever the timeline on the Thompson legal proceedings and their outcome – it is clear that Thompson will not be forced to resign his seat before the next election date in Sept 2013. The only thing that could see a by-election is the bankruptcy issue.

The source of Thompson’s funding for his legal expenses has to be established – if he has no means to fund his own defense then he is receiving a pecuniary interest from an un-named third party. This goes to the Ministerial Register of financial declarations – and the rules are that all interests are to be disclosed. It is still not public knowledge who provided the $150k to pay his legal bills some two years ago.

So again – who benefits by paying Thompson’s legal bills?

Gillard denied she knew anything about the Thompson arrest – this has to be challenged in the House and should form an additional prong to the Oppositions line of attack. The PM’s AWU involvement should still be their main agenda.

The Opposition can force a much earlier election if they push Gillard on her weak points, and they are being handed to the Opposition on a daily basis. The Roxon resignation, the Evans resignation – two senior Ministers – that has to weaken Gillard and who is next.

The next week sees both the House and Senate siting Tue, Wed, and Thur, and who knows what other events will unfold before then.

Nothing is as it seems – the pressure building behind the police investigation into the AWU scandal have those who know they know something behaving strangely. If they’re innocent they have nothing to fear – if they have involvement that knowledge of guilt does its work through time and the stress caused from the wait and the dread of that door-knock when the police eventually arrive.   Perhaps Roxon can shed some light – it will all eventually come out.

Blood is in the water and the media sharks are still to take off their ALP guernseys’ and begin to chomp away at the ALP carcass floating there exposed and ready for an easy kill – who said politics was not a blood sport …

To bring some much-needed levity – there is always the Larry Pickering Cartoons … below is a sample of his summer offerings – his images page can be access here[click on image below to enlarge] … enjoy and don’t hurt yourself with the belly laughs …

Larry Pickering also writes some very intelligent blogs including many on the AWU scandal.  Whilst not as regarded as Hedley Thomas in journalistic circles – his penmanship and his heady wit give him a take on things not easily publishable in mainstream media.  None the less … his take on events cuts to the chase and he does not mince words … his Facebook page can be accessed here

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  1. February 2, 2013 at 7:58 am

    A comment in this mornings papers said:

    …One senior Labor MP told The Weekend Australian late last night that “Rome is burning”. …

    The full story can be read in the Weekend Australian

  2. February 2, 2013 at 8:37 am

    NSW Party Boss made the following comments at a Young Labour meeting:

    …”The headlines about corruption emanating from ICAC and the HSU scandal must shame us all into action,” Mr Sheldon said. His strongest attacks were targeted at “B-grade politicians able to thrive forever on corruption and detritus” inside the NSW branch, describing them as “like cockroaches”. “The morality-free, managerialist, Machiavellian model of politics pioneered in NSW from the early 1990s onwards has gone too far,” he said. …

    Read the full story in the Weekend Australian

  3. February 2, 2013 at 8:41 am

    AEC reported Electoral Donations – part of story reproduced below:

    …All up, the nation’s political parties received more than $125m in funding last financial year. The amount is lower than the $228,428,888 declared for the previous period, but that figure was boosted by the 2010 election. The Coalition parties were the big winners, receiving a total of more than $63.25m.

    The Liberals took the lion’s share – $55,057,913 – while their junior partners the Nationals received $8,181,710. The ALP received a total of $49,562,954 nationally, while the Greens got a healthy $4,273,859. Other parties declared $7,959,163 in funding.

    Property, resources, energy and pharmaceutical and medical companies were all big donors. In contrast, tobacco contributions all but evaporated, with British American Tobacco donating $4700 to the Coalition parties and Philip Morris $3080.

    Greens funding suffered without an equivalent from their 2010-11 $1.67m donation in kind from dot.com millionaire Graeme Wood. The KAP received donations from the construction union and the Victorian Electrical Trades Union. The KAP also received donations from the gun lobby, leading to speculation the party will try to move beyond Queensland and steal the vote of the Shooters Party in NSW. ..

    Read full story in the Weekend Australian

  4. Gerry Hatrick
    February 2, 2013 at 10:47 am

    One other major consideration regarding timing of the election. On September 7 2013 the Moscow G20 meeting will end. On that day there will be a ceremony of passing over to Australia who are hosting G20 2014 in Brisbane.

    The media speculates the PM will leave the G20 issues to focus on electioneering rallies. I don’t think so. I expect Carr, Swan and the PM to be attempting to bask in the international limelight, strutting the World stage, and having others do what might be expected of them 7 days before the election.

    Given parliament is in flux, it is technically suspended once the election writ has been issued on August 12, I find this very brazen. It is the height of using public resources to campaign for office. Who could deny those costs associated with being parliamentary expenses as opposed to campaigning expenses. It all comes down to timing.

    Yesterday I blogged politicians are charlatans, usurpers, userers even thieves. I forgot to include scoundrels, rogues and I feel that there are many other adequate descriptors some might attach.

  5. February 2, 2013 at 11:03 am

    Well pointed out and the significance is very apt … generally elections would not be called anywhere near such scheduled global events …

    There is no level of morality left in Gillard and her want to maintain her hold on power …

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