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EYE-BALL’s Guru on – The Devil is in the Detail, there is none – Gillard chooses shock, awe & Spin over Policy –

January 31, 2013
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– The Devil is in the Detail, there is none –
– Gillard chooses shock, awe & Spin over Policy –
| Author: EYE-BALL Guru | 31st Jan 2013 |

As the Nation recovers from the ‘shock and awe’ desperation Gillard presented yesterday at her National Press Club address – the reality of what a 230 odd day election campaign represents is emerging from the fog and clouded waters.

What was Gillard’s motive – EYE-BALL covered this yesterday in some detail – it has been revealed that her Cabinet were largely left in the dark about the announcement – Gillard admitted that The Greens, Oakeshott and Windsor were advised shortly before she announced the election date – Ministers like Bill Shorten and Crean were not advised.

Australia’s economy tethers with continued large firm job losses and closures,  the flood and bushfire crisis across the eastern states were pushed aside to make way for Gillard’s attempt to muddy the political landscape.

Lack of respect for Natural Disaster efforts:

Her announcement came right in the middle of the aftermath of the floods and their ongoing cleanup, and when combined with the ravaging bush-fire damages, why did she pick yesterday to announce the election?  

The rebuild up and down the eastern seaboard will take months and even years.  Gillard’s announcement proves again the stupidity that comes from her and her advisers – or ‘poor judgement’ as Abbott called it in his address today.   The election announcement was a ‘crash-stunt’ meant to deflect the continued AWU scandal attacks and the police who are closing in.

Without and knowledge of how disrespectful she was being – Gillard’s election stunt diminished the efforts of the volunteers, the emergency services,  the victims and the hero’s all confronting the flood crisis, the bush fire damage up and down the eastern seaboard, and  all giving tirelessly to defend their communities.

Gillard chose to announce rather then hold back until the Nation was on the way to recovery.

This was nothing less than her own personal survival plan and designed to give her, her the best chance at being re-elected.

Whatever the Cabinet Ministers come out and say in the days to come – they were caught short and their true opinion will never be heard.  They are all now in survival mode and one might ponder which might be the greater natural disaster – Gillard’s leadership, the floods, or the bushfires.

The AWU Investigation:

Gillard is aware of the AWU investigation progress, and she feels threatened as if directs itself toward her testimony in the face of the newly uncovered evidence, and new witness statements.

The AWU investigation is closing in on Gillard and she had to respond if she was to prolong her survival – and she did by announcing the longest election campaign in history.  

Her immediate aim is to guarantee her leadership through to that election.  She then hopes to stall the Oppositions pursuit of her in the house over her AWU involvement.  That is a hail mary as she cannot control the Opposition and their agenda against her.  But by giving them an election to focus on she was at best hoping to distract them from the AWU pursuit.

Gillard knows her days as Leader and as a politician are numbered if this AWU scandal was allowed to run amok during an election year.   This again proves how desperate she is – and the electorate will not be fooled – nor should the Opposition – this election stunt as her last throw of the dice.

The Economic Void:

Gillard’s stunt gave us nothing on ALP economic policy, yet she challenged the Opposition to provide their economic policies saying there was now no excuses to not have them fully costed well before the election.

What of Gillard’s failures as an economic manager – they loom large and real – here is two relative examples …

  • The the failure on delivering a promised budget surplus for 2012-13 – back-flipped on during the Christmas recess in the hope that it would not have media churn in the new year.
  • The zero tax collect for the second consecutive quarter for the new MRRT was also doused as a story that would have had its day in Parliament next week.

Gillard sees herself as untouchable – as someone who is unable to  believe in her failures … she moves on and that is what she has done again …

Cabinet and Caucus are still to discuss and endorse the move – not that they will have any say in reversing the decision.  What Gillard wants Gillard gets is the new slogan doing the rounds of parliament House at the moment.  Her arrogance will have isolated her further.

As a financial commentator – Gillard’s will to introduce the National Disability scheme,  and the Gonski review recommendations before the election demonstrates another side of her desperation.

The $10-$15 billion of new spending these initiatives will trigger, and under a Government already drunk on the over-spend of recent years – should be looked at for what it really represents – sheer lunacy.

Given the odds for a ALP victory – why is Gillard so determined  to exhaust the Treasury and leave Abbott’s task that much harder?  

Where is the accountability given the hardship Australians are enduring in the aftermath of the floods and bushfires – where is her respect for the office she serves – and the people she represents?  Gillard has no economic credentials and for her to be demanding Opposition economic policies is political suicide.   She will spin this into another ‘misogynist’ rant trying to punish Abbott because she could not get her way.   She is more than dangerous, she is vile and nobody in the Government can stop her.  

Howes, Shorten, Ludwig and the like who put her in the chair now have to do what they did to Rudd … they haven’t the balls because it will make their June 2010 action look that much more damaging to the ALP brand.

most of Australia does not give a hoot about her election stunt – the percentage of people who care about the election announcement would fit into the prisons around the Nation – the irony is that some of them will be serving in those prisons at some time in the future.

Dismiss the media – dismiss the politicians – who is left that is affected or even interested by this early election call?  

Why not an early election?

Gillard could have easily have called an early election and that would have been news … it would have shocked everybody and given her creditability that may have won her support and votes.

Her advisers were not brave enough to debate that option with her – this election decision is all Gillard’s and she is now exposed and isolated more than ever – if only some of the ALP caucus were brave enough to do the right thing.  Their squeamishness is obvious – two PM’s assassinated in three years … the sad fact is that this one is more justified than the previous and therein lies the rub – this Government has completely lost its way – they can’t lead, they have no idea what’s up or down, they all are concerned about pre-selection contests and whether they are short listed.   

Failed ALP Policies: 

It’s time for some reality checks of failed promise’s by Gillard and her Government.   As a basis to justify the MRRT the Government promised a employer contribution to Superannuation taking it to 12%.  

Also – there was promised company tax relief for business – both these promised policies have failed to eventuate because the collect from the MRRT in the first six months has been zero. Gillard has moved on and there there has been no talk about how the promised super and tax relief are now to be funded.

If we move to other areas – the NBN – what a clusterfu_k that is – and now they have to find a way to flood proof the existing rollout before they can move on to new rollouts …

Then there is the health issues all around Australia with waiting lists getting longer and hospital beds being closed.

This government talks a good game but it is all hollow and no substance … what about failed border issues and an immigration policy that has stalled because nobody has an answer.

This PM makes these grandiose statements and when they fail – all to frequently – she makes a new round of initiatives i.e. education and recommendation from the Gonski report, and the National Disability scheme. How is she going to fund these new policies when she has not funded to shortfall from the MRRT expected tax collect.

You want to talk about economic management – there is no worse example of a PM spending for re-election purposes. She has no real interest in the welfare of the people impacted by her failed policies – she moves on and tries to capture a new audience and the Australian media follow her like lapdogs hanging on her every word waiting for their next headline.

Our pathetic Media:

It truly is pathetic – Gillard yesterday, and now Crean this morning on ‘News 24’ called for the Opposition to lay out their policies and have them fully costed.  Crean should know better – this Government has not delivered on any of its policies within budget forecasts.  Crean offered up an excuse this morning that it was a revenue problem – he should be taken out the back and wacked for being so dumb …

How dare Crean blame reduce revenues when they actually grew in the last two years by almost 10% and 8% respectively.

These growth numbers represent the highest revenue growth years since 1996 bar three (3). The problem is never about revenues – it has always been about expenditures and for Crean to be allowed to go unchallenged on his statements this morning, says more about how much of a void there is in our media presenters who actually understand economics and financial accountability.

ABC’s ‘News 24’ presenter Michael Rowlands was out of his skin trying to give Crean his platform for comment – both Rowlands and the ‘lipstick’ that sits beside him have their own ALP agendas – any creditability as political commentators they think they have is laughable.

Another ABC presenter Barry Cassidy was also given his opportunity to spruik the ALP message on the same program.   Cassidy as you know served as Bob Hawke’s press secretary.  It is a shame he lost his way as far as objectivity is concerned – get off you horse Barry and think about giving the game away, or go back to when you had some journalistic creditability and rediscover that objectivity.

The ‘News 24’ is a great concept and initiative – I do watch the live interviews but as for intelligent and inciteful commentary, Paul Jones, and Leigh Sales are about the only presenters who are brave enough to ask the tough questions.

The ABC don’t have a financial journalist presenter worth a pinch of salt – they pay so called experts to guest appear and that then lends those paid for comment speakers the soapbox to make comments that go unchallenged, and not necessary on topic, or provide the answers the audience want to hear.

This blog-site is mostly about macro issues, yet in all all the tripe that is dished up by Politicians and their leadership, it all focuses on the micro issues.   The media never ask the Politician to answer the question when they avoid it – when it does happen it never changes the message.  Politicians have been allowed to hoodwink the media and now treat it as their own message delivery system.

No media presenter goes to history in a big way – even recent history could prompt a question on why policies failed – why is their no tax collect from the MRRT – was it a bad tax – did Gillard water it down ahead of the 2010 election to give herself a shot of winning that election. If you recall the Mining lobby were running a staunch campaign against Rudd over the MRRT … was Gillard’s capitulation the reason the MRRT has a zero tax collect?

The answers given to this question are about commodity prices, about state royalties, about the ‘super-tax’ concept  – nobody will call it a bad tax and that the Miners beat the Government down on its original intent and collect.

Commodity prices, particular iron ore are seasonal – RIO, BHP, and Fortescue all announced record export volumes – and there we have it again – Crean says a fall in revenues I say the RBA and Government’s flawed inflation targeting policy, and its impact on continued high interest rates.

The economic upshot is that the Government has no idea what drivers are working in the economy, and/or what influences are impacting on it negativity. For them it is all a crap-shoot …


The best thing Gillard could have done is go early – it would have served her better as well as the Nation.

As it stands – the continued economic downturn that will happen during the election campaign will further damage Labour as it should.

The damage Gillard can do in this 8 odd month period is serious – Abbott has to work at getting her out as early as possible, and to that aim he should be pressuring the WA and Victorian Premiers to do him a favour and get the AWU investigation to its conclusion as soon as it can.

The ALP caucus is asleep behind its Pied-Piper leader – there is no way any of them will stand up and deliver what the electorate demands …

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The EYE-BALL Guru …

  1. david the pragmatist
    January 31, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    Look I don’t care that she called an election way ahead of time and in some ways it is not a bad thing to have it (the timing) out of the way.
    I do agree very much with your comments re timing of the announcement and the press have not done enough thinking about it ie. they are stuck in the headlights of giving themselves something to write about, rather the deplorable timing re the disaster efforts and subsequent clean up.

    Is there something special about 14th Sept that we do not realise yet? i.e. The Football Finals, The Golden Rose (a $1m horserace that is Sydney’s biggest Spring race). This may not seem important but it relates to having to rearrange the schedule relevant to the whole Spring racing structure. Probably worth $100m plus to the Australian economy.

    Maybe she thinks we will all be preoccuppied and forget to vote.

    I watched the moronic responses of the Deputy Treasurer this morning and he was like Crean in your statement (Christ! he was a former Treasurer). Do these people have any understanding of budgets, what they mean and how to put them together.Do they have financial facts available to them that can give them any credability.

    I would like to make a suggestion to Eye Ball since you have a list of all parliamentary members.
    Can you make up an exam about economic statistics and send them to every parliamentarian with a review to receiving a response to be published.
    You may then send the result to media outlets.
    One of the precedent questions is that you can advise each Parliamentarian is that if no answer is received then they will be published as not knowing.

    Finally we as a nation need to now make sure we do not get waylaid over things such as the Craig Thomson case. It’s a “red herring” from hereon as the case will not be heard for at least 12 months, at which time nobody will care! Yes use the example of Gillard’s trust but forget the issue as it will dominate the media. The word “prostitute” is fasinating to the media and we can only assume why because they have been doing this to the real news for so long.

  2. January 31, 2013 at 4:56 pm

    Hi Eyeball.You have nailed the reasons behind Gillard’s latest stunt to avoid her ultimate eexposure and I continue to be impressed by your work . It’s now going to be up to bloggers like you and Michael Smith and those who follow you, to hold Gillard and her corrupt group of Union hacks to account, but I feel we need to concentrate our efforts.
    I’m reviewing all my posts on various sites with a view to taking apart all Gillard’s lies, contraventions of Rules of Practice, conflicts of interest, breaches of rules , breaches of fiduciary duty etc., one by one and building a dossier for distribution.
    Would it be possible for you to concentrate some of your work on a single link so it’s easy to find, such things as revenues and other areas where Crean, Wong, Combet, Swan, Conroy et al, attempt to fudge the figures?
    I’ve been investigating the AWU Fraud and Gillard and her stooges for many months and I’m still finding new lies and depths of deception to which they and she have sunk!
    It’s almost overwhelming and in a way frightening ,how supposed investigative MSM journalists have deliberately tiurned a blind eye to the obvious and simply become an obseqious sycophantic pack of Gillard apologists.

    Keep up the good work!
    Cheers H/B

  3. January 31, 2013 at 5:13 pm

    Hi HB .. [re-edited 6:45pm] Thanks for the comment HB.

    Yes that can be done – I can set up a specific index page called it whatever you like and all posts on a specific subject will be indexed to that central page … a bit like the ‘Novel Chapter Index’ and/or the ‘Human Evil Exposed – John O’Neil’ pages …

    Be only to happy to assist – but right now all AWU and Gillard’s stuff can be found via the search function on the page either using the the Author, or refining via a tag search – i.e. Gillard, AWU, Wilson, etc … how broad do you want the focus – Guru, Harry HD, EYE-BALL Opinion, Herman, are all the Authors. There are some 5000 tags in use across the site so they would need to be refined some what and targeted basis a results analysis – that would be some work …

    You can e-mail me at blogcomment@bigpond.com with a phone number if you want to discuss it more.

    regards … Eye-Ball.

  4. hillbilly33
    February 2, 2013 at 5:33 pm

    Apologies Eyeball. Can’t contact you that way – don’t know enough about my server apparently. I’m IT hopeless. But thanks for the tips on how to navigate round your site – you’ve obviously put a lot of work in already. so I’ll see if this old dog can learn new tricks before I try to put you to more trouble.

    Hopefully I may have something new for you in a day or so – a new approach on an old but damning theme.! Cheers H/B

  5. February 2, 2013 at 10:00 pm

    No problem HB … if you’re looking for something specific I’ll do what I can to help.

    All the best … Eye-Ball.

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