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EYE-BALL Opinion – An AWU Scandal Review – including Alan Jones and Mike Smith Interviews –


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– An AWU Scandal Review  –
– including Alan Jones and Mike Smith Interviews –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 30th Jan 2013|

The 2013 Election Year is eagerly awaited – the would be Gillard slayers are primed and ready for a blood-sport the likes Australian politics have not seen for generations.

The Gillard backers with their heads in the sand, and their arse’s exposed to all the elements of political attack plan to fight to the death.

They have chosen history and destiny as their campaign banner-line – they believe Gillard is the only option they have as Leader and are willing to stake their political future in that self-serving lie.

ALP supporters in their millions are divided on Gillard and her mysandrist brand of politics – her gutter mouthed, her slum-dweller slurs, her policy void,  someone with a feminine instinct for spending other people’s money,  a self-confessed atheist, a childless woman by choice, an unmarried woman by choice, an abortionist, a socialist,  a criminal who is better suited to first fleet type banishment, and a banished lawyer never able to practice again – our Prime Minister personifies evil in the eyes of all those disenfranchised ALP supporters, and coalition supporters all lined up to take her head – the Nation feels  conflicted because Gillard won’t go willingly.

The ALP wanders can not and never will vote for Tony Abbott – his Leadership credentials are equally weak and devoid of policies that traditional ALP supporters can support.    Yet Abbott in no way resembles the corrupt history and legacy the ALP caucus has allowed and legitimised through their collective choices to allow Gillard’s criminal past to go unchecked.

Then there is the Craig Thompson, and the Peter Slipper affairs that also question the integrity of the ALP caucus and their inability to act and behave accordingly when corruption is exposed and demands action to be taken.

The ALP as a party are polarised – Gillard has the support of the Unions and every ALP caucus Member is a member of a Union.  The ALP demands absolute loyalty else the Member risk’s dis-endorsement.  

The perfect examples of this have been exposed by the recent ousting of NT Senator Trish Crossin for Gillard’s ‘Captains Pick’ in Nova Peris.  Then there was the shock announcement  by Rob McClelland that he would not seek pre-selection for the seat he has held since 1996.

The history of McClelland and his legal battle with Gillard during the mid 90’s over the then developing AWU scandal is well known.  His outspoken and continued support for Kevin Rudd saw his political flame dim, and then extinguish because of Gillard’s Union support base and their willingness to continue to cover up her criminal past.  

Senator Crossin was also an avid Rudd supporter.

Both these ousting’s have a story of their own to tell – but in this election year – their miffed sacking, and extracted capitulation are all about clearing the waters for what is to follow.

AWU Scandal Review:

Returning to the 2012 AWU scandal revelations – Alan Jones interviewed Mike Smith on his 2GB breakfast show late last year.  During that broadcast Jones and Smith calibrated the AWU scandal in a chronological and damaging time-line that exposed and laid Gillard’s involvement bare to the bone.  There is no escape for her and her guilt, only the course of events that are to follow in upcoming weeks and months during this election year.

 This interview is a must hear and will refresh all your recollections of just how serious the charges and allegations are against Gillard. The audio replay of the interview can be heard below: [Click play button to start audio replay.]

Further Alan Jones AWU comments can be heard here …

The obvious question arises – how can the ALP caucus continue to stand by and allow this travesty of Justice against the AWU Union Members and the funds that Gillard helped defraud, co?

How can the seriousness of these revelations go unchallenged within the Party room?

The public’s perspective on the ALP’s inaction in censuring Gillard is the challenge ALP supporters face.

Why has she not been asked, or told she has to stand aside until the allegations can be dealt with by due process?

The tainted ALP rules on loyalty:

A pattern has emerged on these issues – the Craig Thompson affair and how the ALP allowed him to serve their purpose in holding onto Government when he faced the most serious of allegations and the now charges that are about to be heard before the courts.

Then there is the Peter Slipper misogynist tweets, and his obvious abuse of Ministerial expenses resulting in new charges being laid for their fraud component.

The Government has allowed both Mr Slipper and Mr Thompson to continue to vote for the Government whilst these serious allegations are under due process of law.   If the Government did not have these votes at their disposal – a new election would ensure.

How can the ALP caucus maintain any creditability with the electorate when they allow these three criminals, Thompson, Slipper, and Gillard to continue to serve the Party and support the numbers that allow this Government to hold office?

Surely – we have a justice system that must be served, and be seen to be served.  

Gillard’s own demons:

Since the early 1990’s Gillard has known within herself of her criminal actions –

Her claims in defiance to all the allegations – ‘I did nothing wrong’ – and spoken in the face of overwhelming evidence every time this matter has been raised during the last 20 odd years is not good enough.

In the face of the new investigation and fresh evidence her – ‘I did nothing wrong’ comment does not cut-it.   Gillard no longer has doubt, or lack of evidence to allow her to claim she did nothing wrong.

It is just another lie upon all the other lies – the same lies she has told herself all the years in between.   Gillard obviously believes in her own mind she did nothing wrong – her offering of ‘young and naive’  to Glen Milne in her 2007 interview is not a mitigating circumstance.

Her fellow Partners at Slater and Gordon believed she did something wrong – they sacked her.   Allow the comparison of Gordon Gretch who did not think he did anything wrong, he believed he was acting for a greater good – look what happened to him.

Gillard’s continued tenure as our Prime Minister does irreparable harm to this Nation – serious and damaging harm from within that is destroying any respect within the electorate for the political process that Govern’s this Nation.

Abbott and his team can take or claim any higher moral ground on this matter – Slipper was one of their own and they all knew what he was about yet continued to pre-select him for all of his political career.   

Abbott’s inability to topple Gillard on the preferred Leader poll whilst the AWU scandal dogged Gillard for all of 2012 indicates his own Leadership failings.

If Gillard ‘did nothing wrong’ – her first course of action would have been to sued for wrongful dismissal – instead Gillard fell on her sword knowing she had exposed her Partners and Slater and Gordon to serious conflict of interest and professional indemnity  issues.   She has never practiced Law again because she is under threat of a disbarment if she did.   Is there ‘I did nothing wrong’ evidence in those actions?

The Victorian Law Society should have investigated the AWU scandal when it first became public.   When one of their own is accused of mis-conduct they have an obligation to make their house clean once again … they did not act – why not?   

Even as this scandal developed further late in 2011 and all last year – the Law Society should have set themselves to investigate the matter to find out how Slater and Gordon escaped over the breach of trust with their real AWU client.   

The bigger lie involved is in how the AWU and the Slater and Gordon Law Firm cover-up the fraud and mis-conduct of Gillard.  Who proposed the cover-up terms, and who agreed?

As a consequence this allowed Gillard to escape and avoided answering to the Law Society, and the Criminal Courts to face our justice system.

For her to be allowed to rebuild a political career with this criminal past out there and in the hands of several co-contributors,  and to then assassinate a sitting Prime Minister to become our un-elected Prime Minister – with all the AWU baggage still in tow – proves the extent in how our justice system failed at the time,  and how the ALP and its Union platform have corrupted all those who represent us.

On a larger scale – it demonstrates the decadent morals and  integrity of the Australian Labour Party.    For them to accept a PM responsible for a Union Members fund fraud involving $millions only confirms the Unionist lust for power, and the ‘slush-fund’ spend they set aside to embed the corruption at senior delegate levels.

Links to Alan Jones and Mike Smith Websites:

To pursue more information on the on-going AWU scandal the links below will assist:

  • Link to Alan Jones 2GB archive of audio replays on the AWU scandal …
  • Link to Mike Smith’s website where he produces a blog covering all things AWU …

Current Status of the AWU scandal:

The AWU scandal  is currently being investigated by Victorian and Western Australia fraud squad investigators.  Interviews with several key personnel linked to the most serious breach against Gillard – that being the  ‘Power of Attorney’ – [edited – did say ‘Stat Dec’] – produced in the purchase of the Fitzroy St property

The allegations are that the document was signed by Gillard as a witness to Ralph Blewitt’s signature in absenteeism, and then backdated to legitimised the purchase of the Fitzroy St property in Blewitt’s name.   These are serious offences if proved and will see Gillard face criminal charges and as a former lawyer most likely serve time or receive some type of suspended sentence.

How this happens, and how long it will take is a matter being discussed by constitutional lawyers – their dilemma is that a sitting PM has never had to face criminal charges whilst serving as a sitting PM before.   It will bring on a constitutional crisis and Gillard knows this and is why she remains defiant.  If she wins another term further delays can be expected.

Gillard’s hubris in staring down justice in the face of her own knowledge of her guilt is the measure of the women.   She will see Australia sink first rather then fall on her sword as she did when she faced the Slater and Gordon partners.   She is angry at how she was dealt with and she can blame nobody but herself – yet she is forcing a Nation to suffer her criminal past and she expects us to do it willingly.

Just how out of touch with reality is this behavior?

The disenfranchised ALP Supporter base:

ALP supporters are wandering aimlessly and their vote is up for grabs.   The Greens have only a slight chance of picking up some of this disenfranchised vote pool, the Coalition also need to step up if they want to win their proportionate share, and Bob Katter’s party might just be a winner of a few seats and become much larger in life.

The Independents in Windsor, Brandt, Oakeshott, and Wilkie will all struggle with Windsor the only one with a real shot of holding office.

SportsBet are now taking wagers on any Federal seat and a host of other combination bets and base on the betting odds – the Coalition is set to win Government by a 98-52  majority.    Link to SportsBet odds here

Do these bookie numbers act as a real indicator of the public’s forecast on the 2013 election result?   Does it mean the ALP caucus should or needs to act against Gillard?

Perhaps their thinking might be that after the mess they have made of our Nation’s finances – some $300 billion in additional and accumulated debt  – they have agreed as a collective they cannot fix or undo what they have created.  

Any inaction on Gillard’s continued fitness to be PM would allow for the opinion that the collective inaction of the ALP caucus signals an apparent capitulation and acceptance of their fate.  This would then allow further treasonable like allegations to be claimed as they have acted against their sworn responsibilities as a part of their sworn oath of office.   

These ALP MP’s have harmed a Nation – and in doing so have imposed a $22,000 personal liability on all eligible voters as a future legacy to be repaid – you do not, nor should not reward that type of incompetency.

Each ALP MP and Senator has shown themselves and their support for Gillard by their inaction’s – not one ALP MP or Senator crossed the floor, nor spoke up against during parliamentary process during the current term on any vote relating to confidence, of censure toward Slipper, Thompson, or Gillard.

There can only be one conclusion – the ALP rules not allowing any sitting member to cross the floor destroys our form of democracy – when Party insists it be place above the Members conscience, and the will of the constituents they represent – then the Democracy this Nation operates under has been usurper. 

Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

Links to Australian Parliamentary Website – MP’s

The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. barry
    January 30, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    I used to be proud to be Australian .

    Now I don’t even acknowledge the fact .

    But , looking back over the 60 odd years I have lived in this country, I am not surprised it has come to this.

    You cannot run a country on beer and football.

    As the saying goes, “you shall reap what you sow”.

    Never in the history of the universe, has this been more evident.

  2. January 30, 2013 at 1:29 pm

    Announcing an election 9 months or so out is unheard of … what is the motive and I don’t believe any of the clap-trap she offered up at The Press Club.

    The glasses – never seen them before either … this is a re-invented Julia or at least an attempt. A leopard never changes its spots and that apologies to the leopard for linking Gillard … the leopard is so much better.

    Motive 1 – to take the ALP leadership is off the agenda …
    Motive 2 – … gees … I can’t think of any more that make a great deal of sense at the moment

    .. but she knows the Slipper, Thompson and the Obeid story’s are all going to damage ALP further as the year develops … she has made some crazy stupid calls in the past but this one has some time to reveal itself …

  3. January 30, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    Most recent discussion on the AWU scandal between Chris Smith who talks to Grace Collier who wrote an article in today’s AFR …

    linked here

  4. Gerry Hatrick
    January 30, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    If you recall the last State Elections in NSW or Qld they were fixed term, known date, and we the electorate couldn’t wait to punish the incumbent. The old balance of power was not significant in any way.

    September 14 is finals week 1 in the NRL. It is finals week 2 in the AFL. They wouldn’t want to be campaigning during finals fever. Expect for this fixed term 2nd Saturday of September each 3 years to be an election promise. Tony Windsor wants it, so does Christine Milne. 4 years??

    As the balance of power could shift, between now and mid this year, anyone suggesting a new election (including double dissolution) will be labelled a wrecker. The national tally room is booked, AEC is on schedule, it will increase the costs, etc. I don’t believe that crap for one second. These buggers are beholden to themselves only.

    If we were to ever contemplate 4 year terms, senate should be held alternate two years to MHR, so we get more say. A federal election costs $60 -70mio to conduct. so what! tiny price to pay for democracy, maybe $4 per elector. Think of the increase to GDP through integrity and electioneering advertising spend.

    In our History, there was Billy Hughes ALP PM switched to form the UAP. Then he brought down that same motley crew, only to have Joe Lyons again bring down another ALP govt, then Jack Lang, then the constitutional crisis of 1975. Every time the people decided. Conscription was never introduced in WWI. Ultimately John Kerr was vindicated in 1975, let the people decide. This is where double dissolutions work! 1974 was a double dissolution and Australia gave E G Whitlam the lower house, but not the upper house. He called a joint sitting to pass the medibank legislation after not winning a majority in both houses.

    I feel increased anger by the electorate now. End this joke. This ploy is intended to introduce another sideshow. The timing is between the May budget and mid year review. The election sweeteners and so on will again be fudged. Give with the right hand and take with the left.

    Despite being a football tragic, mark September 14 clearly on the calender. Draw two red rings around it and use it for darts practice between now and then. And include a Rainbow on September 15th. It is going to be a mighty sweet day!

  5. Barry M
    January 30, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    By announcing the election date now she is banking on that being a reason for the VIC or WA Police taking no action against her. Cunning as a s..thouse rat, dumb as a dodo.

  6. January 30, 2013 at 3:53 pm

    You saw it too … just blogged about it … … linked here …

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