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EYE-BALL Opinion – Communications Minister Conroy needs a POKE … one that will make him stand tall and take notice …


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– Communications Minister Conroy  needs a POKE –
– one that will make him stand tall and take notice –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 28th Jan 2013|

The NBN (National Broadband Network) is floundering and all because the idiot in charge has no idea …

That would be Mr Stephen Conroy, a Senator from Victoria and a staunch supported of Julia Gillard.  Minister Conroy was handed his Senate position in 1998 and took office in 1999.


His background – according to his APH profile – has him working as a Union representative since he left University – and this paints him as another of Gillard’s ‘handbag brigade’  of idealist wannabe politicians who have zero practical experience in the workplace.

Senator Conroy’s history before he entered politics is summarised below:


  • Born 18.1.1963, Ely, UK.
  • Married.

Qualifications and occupation before entering Federal Parliament

  • BEc (ANU).
  • Superannuation Officer, Transport Workers’ Union.
  • Research assistant.

Local government service

  • Councillor, Footscray Council..

Yes – he is another immigrant as is Gillard and that is not to say he should be punished for being an immigrant – but what stuns is that he was a research assistant and then a Superannuation Officer before he became a Senator … please tell me – how does this limited work experience within the Trade Workers Union qualify him to be a Minister and the person in charge of a $40 billion NBN rollout?

He was appointed as Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy from 3/12/07 under Kevin Rudd, and also as Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Digital Productivity from 14/9/10 by Julia Gillard as reward for his efforts in the assassination of Kevin Rudd.   The extra Ministerial position gives him a boost in remuneration and perks …

In the early 2012 leadership spill Conroy was one of the more vocal opponents of Kevin Rudd.    His Opposition counterpart is Malcolm Turnbull, and whilst Turnbull sits in the HOR, and Conroy in the Senate – there is very little debate between the two over the Communications Portfolio.  Both the Government and the Opposition have alternative representatives in both Houses that speak on the Communications portfolio if questions are asked.   In other words They hardly ever face off against one another.

The NBN Roll-Out:  NBN Webpage linked here …`

When the NBN was announced by Rudd as a part of the economic stimulus package during the GFC response – some 4 years ago – it was hailed by many as visionary.  As the end of the 2013 year approaches the number of people who have actually signed up for NBN registered some $2 million of revenue at last count for the current year.

Yea that’s right – a paltry $2 million.

Stack that up against the $40 billion infrastructure to be expended and you gain the knowledge that Conroy is in charge of perhaps the biggest infrastructure build flop ever.

The $2 million in gross revenues does not even cover the CEO’s remuneration package.

Something is seriously amiss with the NBN and the reluctance by consumers to take up subscription is evidence.   Conroy is desperate and sees the writing on the wall – all this money going out whilst the Government is under immense pressures to rein in expenditures.   So much so that to try and meet forecast NBN subscriber targets by Jun 2013 – Senator Conroy announced a new marketing strategy to entice the ISP’s – (Internet Service Providers) – to sigh up new NBN subscribers – read story below …

Bounty to lift NBN network take-up

| Author: MITCHELL BINGEMANN | Date: Jan 26th, 2013 | Link to On-Line Story. |

INTERNET service providers are being offered a bounty for every customer they transfer to the NBN, prompting claims the $37.4 billion network’s subscriber base is being artificially inflated.

For the next six months, in the lead-up to the federal election, the company charged with rolling out the NBN will pay internet providers $108 for each customer that shifts to the new taxpayer-funded, superfast fibre-based or wireless networks. NBN Co has set itself a target to pass 341,000 premises with fibre-optic cabling and connect 54,000 of those by June. The most recently available statistics on NBN connections, valid to September 30 last year, showed just 52,014 premises had been passed and only 6358 had taken an active service on the NBN.

Opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull described the offer as a shallow attempt by NBN Co and the Gillard government to boost lagging subscriber numbers on the new network in time for this year’s federal election.

“Stephen Conroy is spending millions of taxpayers’ dollars to bolster NBN’s take-up rates by June 30 this year,” Mr Turnbull said.

“There seems to be no limit to which commercial commonsense will be abandoned in the interests of politics. This company earned $2 million in revenue last financial year and now it is offering many millions of dollars to ISPs to move their customers on to the NBN in order to dress up their roll-out figures for the election.”

The incentive scheme will run from this month until the end of June.

The federal election is expected to be held in the second half of this year.

In an amendment last week to the commercial contracts between NBN Co and internet providers, the network builder explicitly states that the payment would be for the purpose of encouraging “higher rates of activation and use of (fibre) and (wireless) services”.

The amended contract states that internet providers should pass on the savings to end users.

However, late yesterday the NBN Co did not commit to that pledge.

The company said that although the benefit would “generally” be passed on to end users, ultimately “the commercial relationship with the end user lies with the retailer”.

NBN Co denied that the incentive scheme had anything to do with the government, and there would be no additional cost incurred to NBN Co or, by implication, taxpayers. It said the costs were factored into its corporate plan.

NBN Co spokesman Andrew Sholl said: “We don’t want to be migrating everyone in the area to the NBN at the same time. So we’re looking at a number of standard promotional activities to help ensure a smooth migration for homes and businesses.”

The move to boost NBN Co’s subscriber numbers using financial incentives is at odds with what the company has previously said when quizzed on the low rate of activation on the new network.

In the past NBN Co and the federal government have defended the slow rate of connections to the new network by saying that was not a priority as all customers would eventually have to shift to the fibre network when Telstra’s copper network is completely switched off.

Internet service providers yesterday declined to comment on the incentive scheme, with the likes of Optus and Telstra saying they would consider the offer.

Some industry insiders were concerned with the proposal.

“It’s concerning because this is essentially NBN Co’s way of interfering with our customers when it should only operate at the wholesale level,” said one telco executive who wished to remain anonymous.

“It’s also worrying because the NBN Co will have to recover its costs at some point down the track.”

Migration incentives have long been mooted as a possible way for NBN Co to lift its connection numbers.

The government’s $25m 2010 implementation study into the viability of the NBN recommended that as much as $3 billion be paid to internet providers in incentives to help lure customers to the nascent network.

According to that joint McKinsey-KPMG study, retail service providers should be granted $300 per customer to help offset the costs associated with buying new customer equipment – such as wireless gateways and set-top boxes for IPTV services – and the costs of rewiring new premises to ensure they take full advantage of the superfast broadband speeds offered by the NBN.

The migration incentive will initially be available to premises in completed NBN areas, but the company has reserved the right to add new zones at its discretion.

The NBN is a failure and for 4 years Conroy has been out of his depth – being a Gillard supporter his portfolio Ministry is safe … but should it be so?

As with Minister Bowen and the Immigration cock-ups – Gillard Ministers see failure as OK because their Leader cannot make a move on them else risk her own tenure.

The NBN failings are all on Minister Conroy’s head – he needs a POKE – a stiff pointed object right in the area that will help make him stand tall and take notice … perhaps the Pickering appendage to all things Julia Gillard – i.e. her never without black dildo would do the trick …

In a climate where Telstra have had the wood on the Government from the get-go on the NBN and the still viable Telstra Copper Network – the $12 billion Conroy agreed to pay Telstra for the ownership/leaseback of the ‘copper network’ was textbook corporate malfeasance on Conroy’s part as the representative for the taxpayers and their monies spent.

As a part of the deal struck – Conroy allowed Telstra to pull planned upgrades from ADSL 1 to ADSL 2 exchanges without Telstra having to build in fail safe guarantees that existing ADSL 1 customers would not be disadvantaged by the ‘copper-network’ deal.

And again on Minister Conroy’s watch – when his office negotiated the ‘copper -network’ deal – Telstra was allowed to alter its ADSL 2 upgrades to align them with the NBN roll-out.

That meant Telstra had the option to pull the pre ‘copper-network’ deal planned ADSL 2 upgrades to its ‘exchanges’ and ‘pillar boxes’ or put them on hold.   That freed up Telstra capital and in many cases shoved the ADSL 1 customers on to the NBN roll-out time-frame.

EYE-BALL has posted on this many times – previous posts linked below:

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As the NBN has become more polarised as the network everybody is going to be dependent upon – so is the importance for Conroy and his NBN Co to get it right.

At the moment that is not happening and Conroy is desperate to get his subscriber numbers up to satisfy budget quota forecasts before the end of the year.  Never mind the additional monies being paid over to Telstra and Optus to sign up their clients to the NBN – this only adds to the already ‘white elephant’ costs of the NBN.

NBN Co spokesman Andrew Sholl said above: “We don’t want to be migrating everyone in the area to the NBN at the same time. So we’re looking at a number of standard promotional activities to help ensure a smooth migration for homes and businesses.”

Again – why pay money to the ISP’s for the subscribers they hand over … offering free subscription to the subscribers saves the $108 promised to the ISP’s, and the service sitting there currently not being used gets used … nah … there is another deal at play here – the Government have given some undertaking they will not compete for existing Teleco’s ISP customers.   So instead – they have decided to buy them with taxpayers money.

Another example of the type of dickheads we have running this Nation … Corporate Australia runs rings around them.   Take the ‘MRRT’ tax collect, the carbon tax’ collect, the mammoth fraud of the ‘school building program’, and the  cockup’s associated with the ‘pink bats’ insulation fiasco … all examples of extreme incompetence by Government failing yo act responsibly with taxpayers monies.  

Why not offer NBN subscribers free service for three months to get them to sign up – offering $108 for each subscriber is a bribe offer to Telstra and Optus to give up their customers to the NBN – what do the NBN subscribers get out of the Conroy marketing plan?

ADSL 2 Upgrade roll-backs:

On the 31st Aug 2012 – Telstra announced cancellation of 109 ‘pillar-box’ upgrades across Australia – that means the ADSL 1 customers awaiting a planned and scheduled upgrade to ADSL 2, now have to wait for the NBN roll-out to get a better internet connection.

[The information on the 109 sites pulled is available at Telstra’s Wholesale web link – file linked here – opens an excel file … look at Sheet titled “Sites Removed 31st Aug 2012” … do an index/filter search via ‘postcode’ to find out if you’re affected.]

The upshot of these pulled upgrades is massive for the subscriber.  As for Telstra’s benefits – they are able to walk away from providing a better service to millions of their rural and regional subscribers, and the other ISP customers who feed off the copper-network backbone can’t offer a better service.

In Conroy’s desperation to get his hands on the Telstra ‘copper-network’ – he forgot to look after the rural and regional broadband clients who were already scheduled for Telstra planned ADSL 2 upgrades. 

For the subscriber – ADSL 1 clients pay the same cost as do ADSL 2 – Telstra does not price these services differently.   Yet the ADSL 2 service delivers speeds of up to 20,000 kbps as compared with the 8,000 kbps of the ADSL 1 service.

Telstra have no issue with charging the same price for the ADSL 1 and ADSL 2 service despite the alarming difference in the quality of service.

I have been battling Telstra for several years now trying to get them to recognise the disparity between rural and regional quality of service when compared with metropolitan areas where most of the ADSL 2 services are located.  

This same cost discriminating policy for a vastly inferior service is commercial in its implementation, and will not change unless Government regulators are given amended legislative powers to enforce unfair practices’ laws against Telstra. 

Of the 109 service upgrades that were cancelled on the 31st Aug 2012 and linked above – none have postcodes 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, or 6000 – meaning all the planned upgrades were pulled in rural and regional areas.

There is no incentive for Telstra to upgrade the rural and regional ADSL 1 sites ahead of the NBN roll-out because the subscribers benefiting from the upgrade will not have to pay any additional cost for that upgrade.

Telstra has made a commercial decision – why spend infrastructure monies for upgrades that are revenue neutral, and that will be reimbursed by the Government as a part of the $12 billion deal for the copper-network when the NBN roll-out happens in those areas.

From Telstra’s perspective this makes commercial sense – for the Telstra clients having to pay for an ADSL 2 service yet will only ever have ADSL 1 speed – they have been screwed over by Telstra because dickheads like Minister Conroy, his staffers, and his NBN Co Executives did not extract a guarantee to protect existing Telstra/Bigpond subscribers from the cancellation of planned ADSL 2 upgrades.

In a recently requested Telstra Media response on what percentages of Telstra/Bigpond clients have ADSL 1 and ADSL 2 services – the response indicated:

  • Telstra has over 5100 exchanges nationally of which around 2800 are enabled for ADSL broadband (of these 2200 (79%) are equipped for ADSL2+).
  • ADSL supports speeds of up to 8Mbps downstream
  • ADSL2+ supports speeds of up to 20Mbps downstream

RURAL POPULATION IN AUSTRALIA: – data source linked here –

The Rural population in Australia was last reported at 2.43 million in 2010, some 11% of the 22.34 total population – this source data linked here – and according to a World Bank report published in 2012.

[Rural population refers to people living in rural areas as defined by national statistical offices. It is calculated as the difference between total population and urban population.  This is people statistics and not homes connected to the internet –  there is a high margin of error if using this data to benchmark internet users and their domicile.]

In a response from Minister Conroy’s office late last year – and some several months after initial inquiries were sent to Mr Conroy – the following was received: [click on images to enlarge in a new window.]

I have had two further conversations with Mr Mason since his letter was received and during the most recent – I advised him the new information about the 31st Aug 2012 pulled ‘top-hat’ ADSL 2 upgrades for the area I live in, and another 108 ‘pillar-box’ sites.  

His response in discussing the matter was dis-ingenuousness to say the least – his want was to get off the phone as quickly as possible – and to that aim he said I was – ‘wasting his time’, and continued with – ‘he had more important matters to be concerned with …’ – the matter remains unresolved and Minister Conroy’s and his staffers now avoid my efforts to contact them.

My contact and demeanor during these phone conversations was as always to try and get these type of bureaucrats to – ‘understand what it is that they do not understand …’ – Mr Mason just happen to be the ‘bug-boy’ my inquiry was directed to …  he is now fully aware of just how ineffectual his response was, and how his lack of understanding or acknowledgement of the larger issue at hand was a good reason for him to not want to talk about the matter.   He in not on my Christmas card list. 

Meanwhile some 600 Pillar box sites (21%) remain as ADSL 1 sites awaiting some form of upgrade and all at the whim of whether Telstra will pull those upgrades ahead of the NBN roll-out as well …

The battle continues …

Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …


EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl on – Election 2013 – Growl No: 1 – Senator Penny Wong … policy exposed –

January 28, 2013 2 comments
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– Election 2013  – Growl No: 1
– Senator Penny Wong … policy exposed –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 28th Jan 2013|

This post commences a series of special ‘Election 2013’ year posts concerning issues, political candidates, polling data, and all other matters relating to the policy and discussion covering the 2013 Federal election.  

Today’s post highlights Penny Wong’s response to the Oppositions mini-election starter pack claiming to bring the budget back to surplus in their first year with some proviso’s.

In an article published in The Australian written by Ben Packham, he wrote:

Tony Abbott sparks surplus brawl as political year kicks off

| Author: Ben Packham | Date: Jan 28th, 2013 | Link to On-Line Story. |

TONY Abbott says he’ll get the budget into shape because it’s “in our DNA”, but won’t say how he’ll deliver one until just weeks before the election.

A fresh brawl over the surplus has marked the beginning of the political year, with Labor accusing the Coalition of a secret plan to slash health and education funding.

The Opposition Leader said his costings would rely heavily on the state of the budget that Labor, which had jettisoned its own surplus commitment, would bequeath an incoming government.

“We’ve got to see their figures before we can tell you exactly what we’ll do but I tell you what, the fiscal position will always be better under the Coalition because budget surpluses and reducing debt, paying back debt, that’s in our DNA,” he told Seven’s Sunrise program.

Mr Abbott is travelling the country this week on a mini-campaign to kick-off the election year, spruiking “fully costed” policies.

Abbott promises ‘cranes over cities’

But Finance Minister Penny Wong said opposition had fudged its numbers during the last election campaign and it costings claims could not be believed this time around.

“Well let’s remember that Joe Hockey is the shadow treasurer who delivered an $11 billion budget black hole in his last set of election costings,” she told ABC radio.

“Let’s remember he used auditors who were subsequently fined for professional misconduct in terms of his last election costings.

“He’s now claiming these so-called real solutions are fully budgeted and costed. I mean that’s simply a work of fiction.”

She claimed Mr Abbott’s “Real Solution’s” policy document had hidden the cuts he would make to health and education.

Mr Hockey said the Coalition could not be more specific on costings “because the government’s numbers keep changing”.

“And therefore until we get to the weeks before the election when the pre-election fiscal outlook is released by the Department of Treasury and the Department of Finance, we don’t know what the real state of the budget is and we do not know what the funding envelope is for our commitments,” he told ABC radio.

Mr Hockey said the Coalition’s commitment to a surplus remained emphatic.

“Based on the numbers published today, we will deliver a surplus in our first year and every year after that,” he said.

Senator Wong said the opposition would have to cope with economically volatile conditions should it win government.

“This is the nature of … what is happening in the Australian economy. And if the opposition say that they are able to govern they also have to deal with this,” she said.

Well ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black … this Government who from office, and who gave us equally balanced budget policies during the 2010 election with a guaranteed ‘never to be broken’ return to ‘surplus; by the 2012-13 year, have themselves delivered a track record of budget deficits as illustrated below:

  1. 2009-10 … $57 billion deficit –
  2. 2010-11 … $51 billion deficit –
  3. 2011-12 … $47 billion deficit … and the
  4. 2012-13 forecast was for a $1.5 billion surplus, but has been revised twice and now is estimated at a another $15 billion deficit.

If Senator Wong wants to blame Mr Hockey and the Opposition for an $11 billion error in a hypothetical experiment of policy costing arithmetic before the 2010 election – what credentials can she offer to support her claims her Government are better money managers?

In the real case scenario, her Government of the day made mistakes of $100+ billion in revenue and expenditure forecasts used to formulate and initiate policies over the term of the current Government?

This most recent clusterfu_k of budget errors administered under Gillard and Swan, despite all attempts to stop the carnage with new taxes and revised revenue forecasts, along with an expenditure growth in the forward estimates – have caused the National debt to blow some $100+ billion since the last election in 2010 – and by some $300+ billion since the ALP came to power in 2007.

Ms Wong – you have no perch upon which you can throw mud …

Politicians need to wake up – the electorate is not dumb – they never were – yet the narrative being used to score points in the battle to win votes treats the electorate as if they were a bunch of unthinking neanderthals.  You risk much with such a lame based debate with no creditability whatsoever from which to land your blows.

The electorate knows much more that you think and can tell when the bullshit meter registers ‘extreme crap’ –  as opposed to genuine and reliable comment.

Ms Wong – your star is falling and attaching yourself in any way to Treasurer Wayne Swan and his staffers will only flame you out that much quicker.

Do your own research as opposed to relying on staffers and public relations personnel aiming at a media cycle punch-line … get out there and talk about your own Government’s failings and how you are going to try and fix them .. and if you have no response or answer to that reality – then do yourself a favour and shut the fu_k up …

To bring some much-needed levity – there is always the Larry Pickering Cartoons … below is a sample of his summer offerings – his images page can be access here[click on image below to enlarge] … enjoy and don’t hurt yourself with the belly laughs …

Larry Pickering also writes some very intelligent blogs including many on the AWU scandal.  Whilst not as regarded as Hedley Thomas in journalistic circles – his penmanship and his heady wit give him a take on things not easily publishable in mainstream media.  None the less … his take on events cuts to the chase and he does not mince words … his Facebook page can be accessed here

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