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A SNOOP POOP – Beyond the Lance Armstrong Confession –

January 19, 2013
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– Beyond the Lance Armstrong Confession –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop | 18th Jan 2013 |
The staged confession by Lance Armstrong on Disney’s OPRAH show yielded nothing to appease the millions of cycling and sport fans across the globe.   YouTube have many short clips of the interview and a full replay is eagerly awaited.

From the evidence the consensus is there was no contrition, no unreserved admission that what he did was wrong, no ‘sorry’, and as this scandal escalates in the public forum – the next question turns to the Doping agencies and how Armstrong was allowed to continue his drug assisted cycling career whilst others around him were being thrown out.

Armstrong sued those who claimed he was a drug cheat – he received hefty settlements as compensation.   Surely that represents a ‘fraud’ on the media publications, a ‘fraud’ in his misrepresentation of the truth …

This matter is in its infancy, and as much as Armstrong would like it to go away and be allowed to live his life as if he can just turn the page and move on, and more importantly continue to live that life in the luxury of his ill-gotten gains,  to allow him to keep his lifestyle is a massive injustice.

Those who should have been victors will never have the chance to live in the limelight as Armstrong did after each of his seven ‘Tour de France’ victories.

The sport, and all sport for that matter, has to get serious about drugs and doping if it wants any creditability from the public.   How was Armstrong allowed to claim that he never tested positive over the hundreds of tests he was subjected to?

There had to be corruption with the drug agencies and then the question – what was the motive to allow Armstrong to dope and not be outed, whilst his closest rivals and other contenders produced positive tests and were banned.

This went on for seven (7) ‘Tour De France’ victories – the ‘EPO’ scandal broke during one of his victories and he now confesses to being a part of that ‘EPO’ usage.

No – this confession is too packaged … the Administrators of the sport have to clean house and review all Armstrong’s doping test records and question all those associated with the testing procedures and find the people who assisted the ‘fraud’.

Armstrong must go to jail – his wealth is based on a fraud – his wealth comes from drug use – his wealth comes from sponsors who were lied to – his wealth comes at the expense of the runner-up in each of his victories.  Where do they go for compensation because Administration failed to do their job in keeping the sport free of drugs?

There has to be the perception of punishment – else all sports persons will say to themselves – do the drugs, make the money, and if you get caught you get to keep the ‘booty’ anyway.

Hell the reason for being a professional sportsperson is all about the money – cheating to get the cash is just not sport.

Amateur sport it is about the will to become the victor, the training, the sacrifice, the living frugally until you make the grade … athleticism is the base line … turning that ability into something akin to a National Champion in a professional context should be about the hard work – using drugs to become victorious is the cowards way – it should never be allowed to go unchallenged and without the severest retribution.

The Armstrong confession is more a reflection on the Sport Administrators and their inability to do their high paying jobs.   Because this has the highest profile and represents the largest of any drug confessions … the retribution has to match the fraud.  This is criminal activity and no one is talking about jail time.

EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop …

  1. rookie bookie
    January 19, 2013 at 9:19 am

    What they are calling blood doping has been going on in horse racing for decades. Removing a quantity of blood 10 days before, and injecting same blood back into the body 24 hours before the race to increase oxygenation. Tulloch Lodge is famous for it.

    The other astonishment is there being a statute of limitation on perjury (lying under oath).

    Today I am mesmerised about tonight’s showdown at Rod Laver Arena. I have taken some of the $6 available on Tomic. It will come down to Tomic’s 1st service game. Tomic won’t attack Federer’s 1st service game. Bernard will try that massive overhead ace, and Federer will be telling himself he needs to return that serve. This is where we were last January. Last year Federer made Tomic’s service game look amateur. The only other element of the match will be whether Tomic can sustain it. Federer had beaten many over the years by simply not giving up.

    I have bet with my heart rather than my head

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