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EYE-BALL’s Herman on – Atheism …

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– Atheism –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Herman O’Hermitage | 17th Jan 2013 |
The word atheist is from the Greek word atheos See

Essentially to believe in no after life, no master supernatural being(s). No heaven, no hell, no purgatory, no vestal virgins, no St Peter, no Pearly gates or Valhalla. Utopia is an ideal, Hell is here in worldly existence – i.e. life.Gnostic is crudely the opposite. From the Greek term gnosis meaning knowledge. Through Christianity Gnostic has become distorted to believe in the knowledge of the holy Catholic deities.  I tend to reject the fact that it requires total acceptance of the catholic deities.

Most strictly Agnostic means not knowing what to believe.

Friedrich Nietzsche 1840 – 1900 – see, a philosopher, studied and advanced nihilism, “when you rule out a god how does that effect scientific knowledge”. In the words of Imagine by John Lennon;

Imagine there’s no heaven,

It’s easy if you try,

No hell below us,

Above us only sky,

Imagine all the people living for today, …

In the second verse Lennon goes on to address the greatest criticism of Nietzsche, being labelled an anti-Semitic, and becoming very questioned therefore unfashionable after Nuremberg and the collapse of Nazism, more specifically the holocaust.

In Manning Clark’s book ‘A Short History of Australia’ he calls Captain Arthur Phillip an atheist. In Tom Keneally’s book ‘A Commonwealth of Thieves’, he labels Phillip as agnostic. Too often those terms are interchangeable. Only the late Artie Phillip could possibly elucidate us on what his personal philosophy was.

We can only really pass assessment on Governor Arthur Phillip’s deeds in establishing and pioneering the NSW colony to know better. There is little doubt that he saw Anglican Chaplain of the 1st Fleet Richard Johnson’s part in the convict settlement as a morals coach to a gathering of recalcitrant and transients fallen into felony. There is also little doubt that Governor Phillip did all within his power to make the colony a success, and after NSW chased position and title.

The current Prime Minister is often labelled an atheist. Is that self confessed, I am unsure! This web site has called her an atheist.

Biologist Richard Dawkins loves to call himself an atheist and does so to besmirch those who take the bible or any other meta-physics so literally. It is an argument that I do not really care for. I accept Charles Darwin’s survival of the fittest, and evolution, and much prefer it to Genesis 1.1. Yet I can’t emphatically state much about Big Bang Theory. What was there before Big Bang? Did Big Bang start Time?

What really annoys me is to hear (too often) in America, “And may God Bless America”. It is so tribal. We all are in our own way tribal, but let us go back to John Lennon’s Imagine, Imagine there’s no countries! It is oft Quoted Jesus said love one another as I have loved you!

Humanity front and central!

The indigenous of Australia and Torres Strait belief that they are part of the earth, Mother Nature. That I find most agreeable save for the fact the evolution of society has been dependent on various scientific progressions which has led to mishaps. Generally termed cause and effect, but in other philosophies cause and effect, could be called Karma or action and reaction.

Do we aspire to a nomadic lifestyle? Most would choose creature comforts.

So too will we come to pass judgement in time all others besides Governor Phillip by their deeds. The cause and effect.

A week ago in group conversation, I used the phrase, “Our Prime Minister”. Within that group, one quickly quipped “she is not my Prime Minister”, and the conversation quickly switched to a small meeting of Right wing forces. Like “John Howard was my man”.

I believe in changing governments. In a 2 party system it is the only way to achieve balance.

I was in disbelief in 2004 when John Howard was re elected after having committed our troops to firstly Afghanistan then Iraq. In hindsight, Australian’s were euphoric with prosperity. Their feeling of well being in economic prosperity was greater than their fear of violence begets violence.

The rest is history and with the absolute control of both houses Australia went on to get Workchoices. By 2007 Workchoices had sufficiently undermined that economic prosperity of the electorate, to focus on other issues like those unwinnable wars, rising casualty factor, a party at war between Howard and Costello, Howard would not move on, and so on.

Howard’s Government led by God fearing individuals, put our soldiers in harm’s way, but more than that have invoked the wrath of the Muslim World, often third world. After the Sari nightclub incident where 88 Aussies holidaymakers lost their lives (amongst others), there was conjecture the bombers were motivated by revenge against Western forces (the coalition of the willing).

Jihad is loosely explained within the 10 commandments. On Moses’ famous tablets Commandment VI is loosely translated “thou shall not kill” Commandment VII is “Thou shall not commit adultery”. For some the translation of “Thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s wife” might be more palatable. Commandment VIII is “Thou shall not steal”. So Mohamed is believed to have derived the caveat to the VI Commandment, you can kill to protect your wife and children, your property, or your state. [In this instance, State should possibly be interpreted as faith]. Include Commandment II about false idols and blasphemy and you tend to better understand  Islamic Law. Moses further went on to set out in Deuteronomy I and II great detail of these crimes and their subsequent punishment. E.g. stoning of adulterous women and casting off adulterous men into the wilderness. Muslims hold Jesus to be the 8th of the 9 great prophets. (Moses being another) Therefore they are not labelled atheist but more like barbaric or extreme. Often terrorist. What is terror? Fear, but I fear many things before death.

I postulate this is the real concept underlying all of this. Atheist or Agnostic are descriptors often used to demonise or vilify. I tend to consider my postulations enlightened. Maybe that is unchecked egotism. Socrates essentially believed that all rational argument ultimately collapses on its own flawed argument.

The Buddhists have a prayer that goes;

I go for refuge until I am awakened,

To the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha,

Through my practice of generosity and the other perfections,

May I become a Buddha for the sake of all sentient beings,


As always, believing in sanity is itself insanity.

Have a peaceful and productive 2013.

May the naked find clothing, the hungry find food, may the thirsty find water, and delicious drink. Make the poor find wealth, those weak with sorrow find joy, may the forlorn find hope, constant happiness and prosperity.

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