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EYE-BALL Opinion – Claims of Climate Change Answers – Akin to Lucifer and the evil men do –


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– Claims of Climate Change Answers –
– Akin to Lucifer and the evil men do –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 16th Jan 2013|
The Australia Summer for 2012-13 is half over and everybody is experiencing the heat, the bushfires, the smoke, and believing that this summer represents something bigger than it really is.

The climate ‘alarmist’s’ are out there spreading the news about how this summer is proof positive that climate change is here.   To the sceptics it is as if Lucifer himself is out there feeding the ‘Climate Change’ debate.

Is it possible to look at a weather extreme these days without ‘Climate Change’ being blamed?

Every weather pattern forecaster indicated the ‘El Nino’ effect on Australia would be more pronounced this summer off the back of ‘La Nina’ weather patterns the previous 3 years.  During that period we saw our dams full, the Queensland and Victorian floods, the milder temperatures,  and now in a full-blown summer of bushfire and extremes of heat – where has all the moisture gone?

For starters the back burning that would have happened during winters a decade or so ago would have prepared the undergrowth for a hot summer and the bushfires we have today would not have been as extreme.   All the scare mongering about under growth equalling fuel is true and we are seeing it this summer.   What would be the score if forestry rangers have been able to burn off the ‘fuel load’ in winter like they used to … would there have been less CO2 emitted as compared with the current bushfire cycle imposing its hell and brimstone?

Scientists tell us about millennium old weather patterns … and the question between alarmist and sceptic is divided … having once been an alarmist from the mid 90’s and up until the Rudd election – with the ‘moral challenge of the 21st century’ statement I became more widely read and began to ask questions in why I believed in the ‘alarmist’ rhetoric.

I reversed my position – I now believe that we owe it to ourselves to become more efficient users of what energy resources we have left and to find new ways that are not fossil fuel dependent.  I also believe that mother nature will take care of its own without fervor or favour to humans.

What does it mean if sea levels do rise?  Will floods become more ravaging, typhoons, cyclones, and hurricanes more damaging – if so it will be because the human habitat has encroached on natures providence without regard or respect to history,  or accounting for the long-term damage damming and blocking river flows has caused.

Man has found in a short 200 years ways to capture natures abundant harvest – the question I ask – have we harvested too much too quickly, and without regard to the consequences of the explosive human population and the greed man has as his motive in those last 200 years?

Over this Summer period there has been a series of media fed stories again questioning the long-range human induced climate change predictions. One such article was published in The Australian today and was about the predicted rise of sea levels … read caption below:

Caution on tying heat to climate change

| Author: Matthew Denholm, Tasmania Correspondent | Date: Jan 16th, 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

AUSTRALIA can expect more heatwaves and bushfires in the decades ahead but scientists caution against blaming this year’s record temperatures and devastating blazes on climate change.

Several leading climate scientists at an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change meeting in Hobart yesterday warned that heatwaves might become six times more frequent in Australia within 30 years. However, they also said this summer’s bushfire disasters and record temperatures across many states could not be judged to be a result of climate change.

“You need to look over longer periods of time and take into account variations over a longer period of time to make a careful assessment,” said Scott Power, Bureau of Meteorology senior principal research scientist.

“But it’s clear that these sorts of things do become more common under climate change and it’s clear that Australia has warmed up, the world has warmed up, coastal sea levels have warmed up, global sea levels have warmed up.”

rest of story linked here

This story in isolation was tame and not hardly worth the notice – however in context with the extremes of our current summer, and the other stories being printed around the globe and at home – it forms a piece of the jig-saw that forms the debate.

Presented below are links to other current and active media stories from around the World on the ‘Climate Change’:

And then there is the ‘Climate Madness’ side of the debate …

Look – in my mindset the debate is far from clear yet the ‘alarmist’s’ have the sway by a yardstick measure that is not reflected within the scientific community. Nations around the world have committed to spending trillions’ over coming decades in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions.

In the known universe and history of our planet – our mother nature takes care of itself, volcanic eruptions, ice cap melts and re-freeze, northern and southern hemisphere oscillations – in a life time we all get to see and experience the extremes of a time freeze second of the Planets history – yet we have hubris the think that we can predict the future from that spec of time and out living in that moment.  Just how arrogant do we think we are?

In that same second of time freeze our scientists have calculated that the current atmospheric CO2 level emission rise, from 35 parts per million to 39 parts per million, has the consequence of challenging life’s existence on this planet within a 100 years or so.

I cannot accept how portions of the global scientific community can predict that it is only CO2 that has caused any perceived warming and sea level rises?   Surely human population and the planets ability to sustain population at current and increased levels form a part of the debate and the solution.

Bushfires produce CO2 and other gas emissions, a decade ago Indonesia was burning rainforests for a number of years to clear land for farming purposes … the Amazon has been doing this as well – hell some 30 years ago we were told that the Amazon rainforest was needed to save the planet – yet 50% of that rainforest has already been turned into pasture and urban development … how series is the fight for rainforests if they are the conduit to keep CO2 levels stable.

Al Gore has much to answer for with his alarmist ‘Inconvenient Truth’ story … yes it was a story as seen through a story tellers eyes, and as always the human race saw a tale and believed it without so much as a questioning to its purpose, its accuracy, or its moral integrity.

Since then – Governments all over the world have fallen over themselves funding grant applications from any scientist wanting to prove climate change.  Conversely – the scientist who wants to disprove the theory does not get the same funding or resources.

Vested interests support vested interests … and that leads to the question all Australia wants answered – what is the real motive behind Gillards ‘Carbon Tax’ reversal?

Was it to gain power as PM with the support of the Greens when only a month earlier she declared there would be no ‘carbon tax under a government she led’.   Or, was it because in that same month she became a converted alarmist … the answer is obvious to all!

In fact she used Kevin Rudd’s ‘Climate Change’ claim that it was to be the – ‘moral challenge of the 21st century’ to help roll him.   It was this statement and the Copenhagen disaster that was the beginning of the end for Rudd – he became isolated and the Union thugs behind the scene began to mold and position themselves for their coup.

The ‘Climate Change’ debate is a brainwash being put upon a populace as culpable as the religious ‘heaven verses hell’ debate.

Nobody can claim they have even visited ‘Heaven’ or ‘Hell’  – it is a mindset belief and a faith choice – ‘climate change’ alarmist’s are asking us to look into the future and believe what scientist are being paid tell us.

All the ‘alarmist’ can tell us that this ‘climate change’ Armageddon is a result of human interface – we are responsible for the change, we are the ones killing our planet – yet nobody is taking about a real solution to human induced climate change – that is to reduce the human population … can you imagine Governments around the world selling a solution like ‘human culling’ as a means to cut carbon emissions?

The rejection in facing the truth and lack of want to sell such an answer, has the world leaders embracing the ‘carbon tax’ solution – this is the greatest hoax in all history bar one – the selling of a perceived ‘heaven and hell’ existance after death.

Nobody has the answer to either question – the formation of Earth as a part of the Big Bang theory, as opposed to God building Earth in seven days divides the global opinion on the miracle of life.

When one thinks about life and how it came to be … one has to acknowledge the genius of evolution or of another factor … nobody has all the answers and in an ever increasing cynical world opinion on almost everything we face today … believing that a ‘carbon tax’ is going to fix any perceived ‘climate change’ is Lucifer in bed with the Politicians and playing inside our heads.

Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. January 16, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    Hi Eyeball. The hypothesis of Anthropogenic Global Warming (rabid alamists like to add Catastrophic) is not Climate Change. Climate change is not a belief system, and doesn’t have to be proved, it’s a fact of life. Climate always has and always will change, due to natural variability and the multi-combinations of vast forces , known and unknown and little understood, which are the drivers.
    On the other hand, AGW is a belief system. Here’s one of the best articles I know of which explains how the language has been deliberately twisted to suit the alarmist agenda.



    Cheers. H/B

  2. January 18, 2013 at 7:57 am

    Thanks Hillbilly for the link … worked off the direct link above as opposed to the e-mail link provided with your WordPress advised comment – have to check that out …

    Great read.

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