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EYE-BALL Opinion – 2013 Geo Political & Ecomonic Predictions – Global uncertainty at post 9/11 high –


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– 2013 Geo Political & Economic Predictions –
– Global uncertainty at post 9/11 high –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 13th Jan 2013|
The Global euphoria that normally surrounds the aftermath of a US election is not there – in the weeks since Obama’s November’s landslide re-election the world has become more unstable as America tries to deal with its ‘fiscal-cliff’ and the new economic order of business.

2013 will become a perilous year dominated by extreme uncertainty in financial markets, political agenda’s, and as the global trade wars escalate, responses from those disadvantaged are as uncertain as at any time since WWII.

America’s demise:

When is an ally an ally?

The ‘cold-war’ theatre of yester year has been replaced with a new era and different type of war – war fought within the shadows of ‘terrorism’ threats, a war against perceived threats – this Bin Laden threat has bankrupted America, driven its hard-case military and clandestine services into a siege mentality where they think all the world is against them.

Leadership through these times has been less than truthful with the American and global audience … American President’s have looked their people in the face and outright lied about their intent and motives.

Can Australia really trust such a warped mind-set Nation as a true ally?

Who does America trust anymore … and for that matter who can Australia count on if China and Indonesia push toward Australia in any threatening way?

China are America’s ‘bankers’ … after decade long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan American will to fight is no longer there … their military hardware is old and used and America cannot afford to expend on the military as they once did … they will print the money to do so but in the end the fate will be the same – not unless they wage war for profit …

America’s $16.4 trillion debt ceiling needs to be raised again just so Government can function – nobody gets paid unless Congress passes new debt ceiling limits.

In real terms Greece, Spain, Ireland, and a few other EuroZone member Nations are basket cases … they joined because of the cheaper borrowing costs but the high Euro value decimated their economies …

America is similarly debt frozen … and just 12 odd months after the last debt ceiling raise … they are back there facing the same problems.

Both Houses are wary and are not prepared to allow unlimited budget spending that will last a Presidential term … the President of the USA is now a puppet controlled occupant of the White House – no policy initiatives will be forthcoming – all now controlled by debt constraints.

As such … decades in the making of American foreign policy structures are about to go the way the British Empire went after WWII … backwards and that will leave a void in global balances that nobody can predict an outcome  …

There is a new World order emerging and America’s ranking is already on the slide from 1st to 3rd … chaos theory is about to become the norm …

China and Russia – decade old foes of the USA and eachother have already overtaken the USA as economic power houses – militarily America will not be able to compete with the financial resources both China and Russia can bring to the table … all America has left is the bravado of a past era where they fought all foes in the legacy driven void of the Vietnam defeat and its crushing cost in both political and human terms.

We are at the beginning of a new era where America will not be able to come to the aid of its allies if threatened by those Nations that sustain America and allow it to live beyond its means – i.e. China …

In the real world it is obviously not as black on white at the picture painted … there is a rose coloured version if you are so inclined to want your news delivered in palatable doses … However the truth is that those blurred lines and shades of grey cloud the real picture.   One has to look beyond the obvious and the propaganda fed media to see what lies beneath.

On the Bin Laden killing:

I have some questions – why would America not try to capture Bin Laden alive – surely his knowledge and the propaganda value in the threat to all the live terror cells would have been an unknown that would have worked for America.

Why a quick death …. why not a taser or a dart set to knock him out … surely a kill order as opposed to a capture if possible order would have allowed the World to hear his motives if not edited … killing him allowed America to sweep under the carpet all the detail of the deals they did with him when America supported the Taliban against Russia in Afghanistan.   Bin Laden was once an American ally, as was Saddam …

What does that say about Australia’s trust in America as an ally?

American Politicians control their media … we talk of free press and the rights of free speech – it only exists in the minds of academics and the naive … espionage assets see to the death of many who speak out against repressive regimes and as history shows, American CIA assets kill abroad to suit their own political agenda.

America took 10+ years to track down Osama Bin Laden … 10+ plus years of hard-core CIA, FBI, NSA, Military, and all the resources of Interpol, and other International spy agencies to track and find a single man.   In that time-frame America’s debt grew from $5.7 trillion, to $16.4 trillion … it tripled and it was the WAR on terrorism and domestic security measures that accounted for the bulk of this exploding debt.

Oliver Stones – The Untold History of the United States:

American film Producer Oliver Stone has produced and narrated a 10 part Documentary series titled: The Untold History of the United States, EYE-BALL MovieZone has reviewed the series – linked here – [nine of ten episodes have been aired to date].

This mini-series documentary is a must see for all students of history and political accountability.  The exhaustive information and historical perspective portrayed in this series covering the period since WWII leave no doubt to America’s war mongering policies and their legacies.   It gives an honest account about how every successive US President since failed to grasp and act upon the enormity of their responsibilities.  It gives accurate accounts of how failure to look beyond and outward has dictated American WAR policy even since.

Stone’s narrative does not say it – but as an outsider and non-American … it can be easily seen that Leadership in America is not about idealism or vision, it’s about legacy and keeping the American people on-side with popularist decisions.   WAR is always used as the popularist decision and it is littered throughout successive Presidents who through short-sighted agenda’s targeted at re-election have contributed to the World current dark and desperate place.

Stone’s Documentary is a masterpiece in its retelling of American history, it is essential viewing from a historical perspective and sheds light on where the World should be looking for an escape route away from the half a century long war mongering carried out by the USA …

When one considers all the atrocities and dead as a result of America’s military involvement, both directly and indirectly throughout the South America’s, Asia, Baltic States, Africa, and Europe since WWII,  their Presidents in these different eras – i.e. the propaganda version of history we have all be forced fed now reads far different.

One might say that America can be likened to Hitler during the 30’s – but won the ensuring War and continued onto World dominance …

The assassination of Kennedy – portrayed by Stone in his ‘JFK’ epic … takes on new meaning and suspicion when Episode 7 of this series is viewed – ‘All the way with LBJ’ who took office after the assassination reversed Kennedy’s policy on Vietnam and set the tone of America’s war mongering for the next decade.

It is as if the humiliation of the Vietnam War has lingered in the corridors of the White House forever laughing at successive President’s and daring them to fight their own wars to prove to American’s that they are still the Leaders of the world.

Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and now Obama have all involved themselves in foreign lands and fought wars in those lands to achieve friendly Governments willing to follow American policy.

The influence on this American War Mongering policy over 50+ years on world commerce, global stability, and human lives is a toll that could never be measured in any meaningful way … it is what it is, and to say that the world would be better or worse if it had not happened as it did is border-line lunacy.   What would have happened had America not entered the War after Pearl Harbour?

What can be said is that in the thousands of years of history littered with man’s ego to prove himself and to dominate in the theatre of war and the human killing – we are still none the wiser as a species, and all the bluff and bluster offered up as propaganda and reasoning cannot be walked away from … man kills man to impose his will … such a primitive instinct and a reason why we shall never rise above where we came from.

History is one persons retelling of an event that can have many different perspectives … who is to say that in a 100 years or so that America’s tyranny in terrorising the Globe, and imposing its form of dictatorial democracy will not be seen as another Hitler era, or a match with the history of 2000 years ago when the Roman Empire imposed its will on weaker Nations through force.

Returning to other predictions for 2013 and beyond:

Financial and Economic: Global

Global Markets will again be tested – the efforts of Governments since the GFC has seen global debt grow exponentially and become more uncertain in terms of its serviceability.

Yet – the main global equity markets are inching ever closer to their pre GFC highs … this cannot last – there will be an equinox tipping point that will make the 2008-9 crash pale in significance …

Global investors are finding it harder to secure safe havens for their investments and are turning to currency and trade markets for returns. This means Governments will have to modernise and cheapen their labour costs if they want to compete …

In Western Nations this will bring Government’s to a crisis point as they are forced to cut wages and budget spending to try and compete in a global marketplace.

Financial and Economic: Australia

For Australia it means further hardship – higher unemployment and the lagging housing-bubble burst will happen …

Australian Banks seen as secure and unexposed during the GFC thus far will suddenly be pressured and profit margins will fall as bad-debts and mortgage foreclosures abound.   Capital raising will be the norm, and the cost of funds from off-shore sources will ensure a rising domestic interest rate market.

The $300 billion Federal Government debt spiral in recent years used to stave off the worse of the GFC will be seen as largely wasted, and as GDP falls the debt/GDP ratio will increase to levels this Government bragged about as having avoided.

Our mineral and resource safety net is already overpriced both in terms of currency and labour costs – Mongolia, Brazil, and Africa offer the same resources at vastly cheaper prices.  China and India – our biggest markets will leverage the price advantages built into these new markets in extracting competitive prices from Australian miners.

Agriculture is a bright spot as we have the land mass if not the political vision to view the future prospects for a global food security opportunity.  It would require similar funding as the NBN – but to create a food bowl in central Australia has a vision and global positive that few can see the silver lining, and/or past their own survival in the current toxic political environment.

Political: Australia

The continuing NSW Obeid scandal ICAC enquiry will continue – the new Peter Slipper fraud charges over abuse of taxi cab charge vouchers, his sexual abuse allegations are set to be appealed, the Craig Thompson and Mike Williamson HSU fraud allegations will be front and center, and of course the criminality of our Prime Minister and her involvement in the AWU scandal will all play out before the next election is called later this year.

In essence – this Federal Government is toxic to the core and will go the same way as NSW and QLD Labour Governments at their last election.

The fear is that in ridding ourselves of a criminal Prime Minister and her partners in crime serving in her Cabinet, and replacing them with the mediocre Leadership of Tony Abbott does not do Australia any real favours.   There is a Leadership void in this Nation and the question is why?

Liberal/Coalition State Governments fresh from their victories in Victoria, NSW and QLD are all on the nose … is it the cleaning up of the mess left behind by long serving ALP State Governments … or is it that they are just as incompetent as the now Labour Opposition.

It is as if Leaders go through the motions with no idea how to right a crooked ship, how to meet the people’s needs and spend less as a Government.   None have the vision to inspire as opposed to talking down their predecessors to make themselves seem better.

What one can say is that there has never been a time in Australia’s past where public servants have been paid as well, where their pay packets and perks have exceed the private sector by such large amounts … excluding Public Listed CEO bonus payments etc …

When the NBN boss earns $2+ million and his deputies similar salaries as a Government owned subsidiary – there is reason to pause and ask where are the days when people entered Government to fulfil a sense of public duty and drew no salary at all.

In a past era wealthy businessmen who had made their fortunes in the private sector turned their skills to Nation building and we were all better for it – why do we now have a House full of failed lawyers masquerading as politicians who think they know how to run a Nation?

None have ever been highly regarded by the private sector, in fact none have any experience as a top 200 public company Director … none have built up a business and made a success story … most are party hacks from their teens forging their political careers off the backs of other political hacks who did the same thing.

These days as Mr Slipper and many others have shown – it is all about the perks, the super scheme and qualifying for a lifetime pension, the free lunches, the dinners, and travel accommodation,  modern day Politicians have never been rewarded as well – yet their output and collective performances have never been so bad.

There is correlation – the more you pay them the  more the low-life rise to the top through factional lobbying.   Just look at the quality of our Political representatives and ask – can or could we do better?

Unfortunately when you survey the candidates the answer is an emphatic NO!!!! … we are doomed as they said when the Titanic hit the iceberg … as surely as the financial wellbeing of many Nations is in a descending spiral, honourable, and visionary Leadership is nowhere to be found.

From adversity great men rise … Australia and the World awaits …

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