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A SNOOP POOP – The Shane Warne on-field Episode –

January 8, 2013
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– The Shane Warne on-field Episode –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop | 8th Jan 2013 |
Australian Cricket legend Shane Warne has been taken to task by a no-name, no-brain journalist, and feminist to boot. Her story was about his on-field antics that caused Cricket Australia – another bunch of boof-head Administrators who know little about how to manage champions – to issue Warne with a one match suspension.

I have to confess – watching this minnow Australian Cricket season and the Australian Test team in particular, go through its paces during the summer thus far has allowed me to switch off watching all cricket without any withdrawal issues.

The 2nd Adelaide Test against Sth Africa was an exercise in Australia being so close to victory yet so far.  Then the Perth test capitulation served notice that Australian cricket still has far to go to reach the highs of the Warne, McGrath and company era.

And now as the greatest leg-spin bowler ever ventures back into the arena in the 20/20 bash – a giggle fest at best – and largely as a marketing ploy to drag paying patrons through the gates, some nondescript female pretend journalist thinks she has the kudos to write a negative story about Shane Warne.  See Story of incident below: – use on-line link to view video of Warne’s on-field incident.


Warne does himself no favours with Star turn

| Author: Chloe Saltau | Date: Jan 8th, 2013 | Link to On-Line Story. |

In his short time as Melbourne Stars captain, Shane Warne has made self-aggrandising statements about his ability to return to Test cricket and dominate if only he felt like it, denigrated a national captain on live television and victimised a vulnerable opponent.

It suited Cricket Australia and the Stars nicely for Warne to pump himself and the fledgling Big Bash League up on demand. Indeed, CA, the Stars and Fox Sports pay Warne to do just that, handsomely, even if on that occasion it made Nathan Lyon’s quest for credibility as the incumbent Test spinner more difficult than it already was.

Photo Caption and Credit: 7th Jan 2013 – Shane Warne makes a brief statement outside Cricket Australia after receiving a fine and a one match suspension for his unruly on field performance during the last Big Bash match against the Renegades. The Age/Sport/News, Picture Michael Clayton-Jones, East Melb., Story Jon Pierik.

Even Warne’s comments while wired up for Fox Sports and bowling to George Bailey, conveying his thinly disguised contempt for the Tasmanian’s promotion to the position of national Twenty20 captain, could be dismissed as ”typical Warnie”.

Fronting up … Shane Warne speaks after being sanctioned on Monday. Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones

But with his final, outrageous outburst at Marlon Samuels on Sunday night, Warne has trashed his own reputation and piddled on the league that enabled his highly-paid comeback. Thank goodness Australian cricket officials had the sense not to make him Test captain.

Warne’s status as the BBL’s biggest personality has brought the intoxicating mix of sport and entertainment that CA craved, but if any of the 46,000 people who were at the MCG on Sunday night left the ground thinking his obscenities and threatening gestures were ”part of the game”, then he and the tournament’s makers have sold cricket short.

Not that Samuels was blameless. When he can see through his swollen eye again, the West Indies batsman will face two charges, one for making inappropriate physical contact with David Hussey when he grabbed his shirt to block him from taking a second run, and another for ”unbecoming behaviour”, which presumably covers tossing his bat in Warne’s general direction after he was struck on the body by a throw from the spin legend.

Samuels, an emotional man, has a history of getting into trouble. He was banned from international cricket for two years for liaising with a bookmaker, a charge he denied, and his bowling action has been reported in both Test cricket and the Indian Premier League. It had also been ”mentioned” by at least one BBL umpire before Brisbane Heat coach Darren Lehmann publicly accused Samuels of chucking.

Lehmann might have been entitled to voice an opinion held privately by others but he was wrong when he said Samuels had been suspended from bowling in the IPL. From the moment Lehmann made those comments, Samuels has been hounded as if by a pack, and he does not deserve that.

Lehmann’s Adelaide Strikers counterpart Darren Berry joined in, reportedly provoking Samuels by warning him not to bowl his quicker ball. Warne, his much-vaunted team on the way to being thrashed and a place in the semi-finals under threat, took up the attack, and there was little doubt that the Stars’ aggression escalated when Samuels walked out to bat on Sunday night. All three – Lehmann, Berry and Warne – have been hauled before CA disciplinary hearings with Samuels as the central figure in the drama.

The enduring image, though, is of Warne ranting at a fed-up opponent. The fear when he came back to professional cricket at the age of 41 was that the legacy of the world’s greatest leg-spinner could be damaged, that he might not be good enough any more, or that he might cost someone a sponsorship by doing something dumb off the field. With the exception of some inept fielding and a speeding fine in England, those fears have not materialised. The bigger shame is that a legend like Warne would demean himself with his on-field behaviour, all for the sake of a place in a T20 semi-final. Some will say the episode provides the ultimate endorsement of the BBL’s potential to incite passions among players and spectators. If that is true, it really is faux sport.

Twitter -@chloejane32

Read more on-line:

This canary journalist with her comment –

“… Warne’s status as the BBL’s biggest personality has brought the intoxicating mix of sport and entertainment that CA craved, but if any of the 46,000 people who were at the MCG on Sunday night left the ground thinking his obscenities and threatening gestures were ”part of the game”, then he and the tournament’s makers have sold cricket short. …

… proves her credentials to be crowned ‘IDIOT’ and demands that Fairfax media consider sacking her for being an idiot on duty.

Not only do we have a canary coloured dressing GG, and a Commie Red PM dresser, and a ‘black hides my fat’ AG dresser, and a boutique dresser for a Welfare Minister who claims she can live on $35 a day … this collection of witches personify the ugliness within women … not the physical stuff but the soul within stuff …

This collection of flag waving feminista’s insult all women and give men reason to shun the new breed of women who open their mouths and speak as if to catch flies …

It is a serious issue as it gives other pretenders to greatness a sense of false bravado that makes them think they are qualified to offer an opinion about which they know nothing – they are better off not saying a word as opposed to tackling a subject matter far above their intellect and/or understanding.

Fairfax Media sacked Mike Smith you might remember for wanting to report the Gillard/AWU story on his 2UE program late in 2011 – what he was attempting to do was real journalism – what this idiot Chloe Saltau has tried to do is a feminist kneecapping of an Australia Cricket icon … for what purpose I ask … she has not earned nor will she even have the right to tackle such a task … what were Fairfax editors thinking letting this wannabe try and take down a cricket legend.

Fairfax Editors continue to give more reasons everyday to shun their publication … Singleton’s buy-in will hopefully clean out much of the deadwood collecting wages for pathetic copy … editors included.

I saw red when I started to read this story, and I have to admit my mind was made up to write this blog-post as soon as I saw the female name as the author … give Warne some respect for gods sake and put a real cricket journalist on a story like this and you might not look so stupid.

Whatever Warne’s faults – Australian cricket lovers still love him because he gave us so much over such a long period, nothing he can do will ever tarnish who he was or what he was capable of.

I feel the same way about John McEnroe – it was always drama and theatre for both of them and they thoroughly entertained us with their magic …

I enjoyed the theater of McEnroe’s on-court tantrums because I could see the motivation behind the outburst … fierce competitiveness … and the outcomes often resulted.

True champions are good enough not to stoop to these types of tactics … but with McEnroe people bought the court side seats hoping to get sprayed with liquid when he sent a cup flying  … it made for the experience … and television viewers loved it … ratings always soared when McEnroe was on court … people were entertained … this Fairfax journalist writes as if she knows nothing about competitive sport and the on-field happenings between players …

Other Cricket retirees this season in Ponting and Hussy could not lick Warne’s boots as a measure of their contribution or achievement in the game.   the ball that bowled Mike Gatting in Warne’s first Ashes test was the ‘Ball of the century’ and announced his greatness … no other cricket moment in past television history can match the magic of that ball …

We miss you Warnie … long live the King …

EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop …

  1. January 8, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    I would never presume to be qualified to make a comment on Women’s sport as a chauvinist …

    I may harbour an opinion and if we take women’s swimming and the ‘golden girl’ who flaunted herself ahead of and during the Olympic games – all to try and lift her public and commercial profile against what she knew would be disappointing results, could have drawn warranted criticism … Stef Rice knew her shoulder recovery was not complete going in, but she had Australia and the selectors believe she was 100% fit … comment was withheld because it was just not that interesting a story …

    The Lance Armstrong story was another story that saw minnows take down a tall poppy … the real story is how he was able to continue to race because Administrators could not pick up the drug use … or were they complicit in the scam …

    I’m still shaking my head over the SMH story above and the gall involved …

  2. Barry M
    January 9, 2013 at 4:30 am

    Didn’t some poor bugger have to grovel out an apology to this female journalist over another story she wrote or a story she was not qualified to write.
    Remember guys, these females mentioned in the story above do not want equality, they want domination.

  3. David the Pragmatist
    January 9, 2013 at 9:38 am

    Frankly I thought she wrote as though she new what she was talking about. I have no problems with her sex and therefore her right to write from a point of view. ME thinks the mysogynist nut jobs have a problem getting through what they mean ie they are intimidated by the power that women can have over men and this seems to enrage them that they can retain no bastian of dominence.
    Gentleman, serial killers tend not be women. People who cause wars tend not to be women.
    Paedophiles tend not to be women.
    Yes women have faults but they are entitled to opinions, even if they tend to be mostly wrong and irrational. It just goes to show no ones perfect and if a comparison of the article written by the woman journalist and Snoppy’s rave, then the women journalist is ahead at this stage of my comparative knowledge.

    Maybe Julia was right about the mindless bloggers, at least the mysogynist portion. Nutjobs tend to get given out more evenly amongst the sexes.

  4. January 9, 2013 at 10:41 am

    David the Pragmist is a professional troll – he feels he is at his best when he tries to wind people up … in the numerous debates I have had with this guy … yes I know him quite well … he wears a different skirt every time … tell him that the Queen is gay and he would take the opposite position …

    As usual on this post he missed the point – Warne is a legend, if anyone is to take him to task let it be someone with equal billing .. not some feminista slag with an agenda that is to do harm to male icons …

  5. David the Pragmatist
    January 9, 2013 at 11:47 am

    IS the Queen gay? because I most certainly would defend her right to be if that was her choice.

    PS How do you mysogynists handle her, shes’ a pretty classy dame!

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