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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl on – Lenore Taylor – Chief Political Correspondent for the SMH – Part II – A correspondent with her own political agenda –

December 17, 2012
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– Lenore Taylor – Chief Political Correspondent for the SMH  – Part II –
– A correspondent pushing her own political agenda  –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 17th Dec 2012 |
The Coalition bias continues – SMH Chief Political Correspondent – Lenore Taylor again confirmed her pathetic stance along side Gillard – and loses any respect once held.

What is it with journalist and their ALP allegiances … or is it about feminista sisterhood …The poll numbers came out overnight and Taylor has wet her pants over Gillard’s rise of 1 point … a recovery of the point she lost the week before.   Taylor did not write about that – she elected to bag Abbott over his three point rise in his unapproval rating to 63% – despite Gillard’s rise also going further negative.

Read the story below and make up your own mind about Taylor …

Abbott’s handling of AWU backfires

| Author: Lenore Taylor | Date: Dec 17th, 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

THE AWU slush fund attack appears to have backfired on the opposition, driving Tony Abbott’s popularity to historic lows. But the Coalition would still easily win a federal election, according to the latest Herald/Nielsen poll.

The poll shows Labor holding, but not building on, its end-of-year political recovery – trailing the Coalition 52 per cent to 48 in two party-preferred terms.

Of the 75 per cent of voters who said they were aware of the AWU allegations about the conduct of the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, when she was a lawyer 20 years ago, 64 per cent said they disapproved of the way Mr Abbott had handled the issue. This included 46 per cent of his Liberal National Party voters.

The ferocious end-of-year attack over the affair – in which the Coalition was unable to prove allegations of illegal behaviour by Ms Gillard but still demanded she resign – coincides with Mr Abbott’s disapproval rate climbing to 63 per cent, a record for him and the second highest in Nielsen poll history.

After a year dominated by political scandal, Mr Abbott’s approval rating fell 2 points to 34 per cent in the poll, taken from Thursday to Saturday, and his disapproval rating rose 3 points.

Ms Gillard now has a 10-point lead over Mr Abbott as preferred prime minister, with Ms Gillard preferred by 50 per cent of voters (down 1) and Mr Abbott by 40 per cent (down 2).
Tony Abbott

”His handling of the AWU matter has not helped his position and may be part of the reason his approval has further declined,” said Nielsen director John Stirton.

Despite Mr Abbott’s record unpopularity, the Coalition has 43 per cent of the primary vote – slightly lower than it polled in the 2010 election – and 51 per cent of the two party-preferred vote. It would win an election on a two party-preferred swing of about 2 per cent, based on preference flows at the 2010 election.

If preferences are instead calculated by how respondents say they will allocate them, the gap between the parties is narrower, with the Coalition on 51 per cent and Labor on 49.

Labor ends the year in an uncertain position. It has maintained its recovery from its disastrous midyear polls, with its primary vote now 35 per cent, up from the low of 26 per cent before the carbon tax was introduced in July. But it does not appear to be gaining momentum.

”Labor’s holding its recovery, it’s real, and there is no evidence here that it has reversed. But it has slowed, and it is too early to say whether it will continue,” Mr Stirton said.

Of the 75 per cent of voters aware of the AWU issue, only 24 per cent approved of Mr Abbott’s handling of the matter. Disapproval of how he handled it was higher among women (66 per cent). Asked how Ms Gillard had handled it, 47 per cent approved and 40 per cent disapproved. But 71 per cent said it had made no difference to their attitudes to the Prime Minister. Only 24 per cent said they had a more negative opinion of her as a result of the allegations.

The highest disapproval rating recorded in Nielsen polling was 72 per cent by Andrew Peacock in October 1984 against Bob Hawke, whose approval rating was about 75 per cent. Ms Gillard’s approval rating is 46 per cent.

In 1984 the Coalition trailed badly in polling of voting intentions although Mr Peacock went on to win seats from Labor in the election held in December. Labor suffered from its decision to hold the election early and run a 10-week campaign.

Mr Stirton said the present discrepancy between Mr Abbott’s record low approval and the party’s election-winning position was unusual.

”It is unusual to have a leader who is so very unpopular and a party still ahead on voting intention,” he said.

The negative voter reaction to the AWU attack comes as Labor continues to demand answers about the involvement of senior Liberals in the sexual harassment allegations brought against the former speaker Peter Slipper, which were thrown out of court last week as a politically motivated abuse of process.

On Sunday the manager of government business in the lower house, Anthony Albanese, seized on Mr Abbott’s repeated statement that he had no ”specific” prior knowledge about the claim.

”Every time Tony Abbott says that he had no specific knowledge, he confirms that he and the Coalition were in it up to their neck,” Mr Albanese said.

He said the government still had not decided whether to launch an inquiry into the Coalition’s knowledge and involvement in the affair.

”What we won’t do is shoot off at the hip. We’ll consider all of the analysis, get proper advice … about what options are available to the government,” he said. ”It needs to be gotten right in terms of not a political process, not a witch-hunt, but an administrative process … so the facts can be out there,” he told Sky television.

At the height of the Godwin Grech affair, Mr Abbott’s predecessor, Malcolm Turnbull, recorded a disapproval rating of 60 per cent. By the time he was removed as leader at the end of 2009, his disapproval rating was 51 per cent. Mr Abbott has pledged a more positive approach next year.

The telephone poll of 1400 people found the Greens’ primary vote had fallen to 10 per cent. It showed the Coalition’s support strongest in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

… Read more …

Where is the objectivity … Taylor and almost every other journalist is prepared to lie down for Gillard … why?

Surely Taylor and the like are smart people and their political allegiance is subject to personal oversight and an ability to read between the lines and link the dots. How can they accept Gillards AWU complicity and brush it aside … something bigger is happening here … smart people who spend a life reading between the lines to do a job reporting stories can not be that stupid … or can they?

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  1. Gerry Hatrick
    December 17, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    I often state Opinion polls are worthless. In this instance trying to write a story around those polls is even greater nonsense.

    Tony Abbott was a buffoon on the Howard front bench. I was shocked the day he emerged as leader having ousted Turnbull. I was in time even more shocked when the electorate warmed to him. Being in opposition you are required to find alternatives. Abbott overplayed his hand on Carbon Tax. He went on too endlessly when the electorate lost interest. AWU in the press is somewhat fresher. Who remembers Abbott’s recent policy speech about deregulation. Moving deregulation from Finance to DPMC. Making it central to returning the budget to surplus in the first term.

    So who is setting the agenda? Government, Opposition or Media?

    Go back in time and Howard was not popular in opposition. He was remembered as Treasurer under chiselled-face Fraser. Howard went on to become the second longest serving PM, and the first PM voted out of his own seat while still PM.

    Lenore Taylor is shallow. Is it any wonder newspaper sales are falling. Then they need to sack staff because of lower revenues. Intelligent minds do not need to be spoon feed this drivel. Right now the undecided in opinion polls make those polls extremely unreliable. Extrapolating 2 party preferred does not make much sense. Marginal seats are what is much more reliable. A poll in Robertson or Farrer and those many other important seats will predict the next election at that time. Ask me today and because it is of no consequence and I have no idea what I might say.

    I expect that both parties are likely to address leadership before end of 1st quarter of 2013. I don’t need Galaxy or NewsPoll or Morgan to tell me that.

  2. December 17, 2012 at 7:29 pm

    The Australian published a story on the same poll data in the above story …

    ” … The latest Fairfax-AC Nielsen poll records a three point jump in Mr Abbott’s disapproval rating to 63 per cent, while the Coalition leads Labor at 52 to 48 per cent on a two-party preferred basis. The last Newspoll for the year, published by The Australian last week, put dissatisfaction with Mr Abbott at 59 per cent and the two-party preferred vote at 54-46 in the Coalition’s favour.

    Mr Swan appeared buoyed by the latest poll, saying he was confident Labor could win the election from its trailing position. “We’ve got a Prime Minister who is tough as teeth, a Prime Minister who has got ideas for the future,” he said.

    “And we’ve got an Opposition Leader who is a policy weakling, and of course, a thug when it comes to personal attacks.”

    Analysts said Mr Abbott’s pursuit of the Prime Minister over the Australian Workers Union affair may have damaged his personal approval rating but overall, the latest poll showed support for both the major parties was largely unaffected by the AWU and Peter Slipper issues.”

    Link to the on-line story

    Can anyone else not see the difference in objectivity …

  3. barry
    December 17, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    I would comment , but apparently one needs to meet a certain intellectual standard to comment here…ha ha ha ha ,, no wonder Australia is in the state it is .

  4. barry
    December 17, 2012 at 9:50 pm

    The puzzling thing is , I keep unsubscribing , yet they keep sending !!!!!!

    Am I missing something here???

  5. December 17, 2012 at 9:56 pm

    Agree with all you say … especially the Opinion Poll stuff.

    Abbott has his detractors … this site being one of them … and he has a limited mindset on policy initatives … there is a political void across the whole sprectrum of domestic politics, State and Federal …

    Assuming Gillard is in the dark box early next year … who can replace her … what odds her surviving?

    If Abbott dos not come up with the goods and the media keep painting him like the ‘grim reaper’ there is not a lot of hope there … it won’t be about who wins the election but who loses it as you have said many times before.

  6. December 17, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    Barry … you have it by the wrong end my boy – what was said was that your interlect is needed … not that you did not have any … this is not a nursemaid service … please comment and say what you want .. no censorship here nor ego stroking …

    If you don’t agree express yourself clearly was all that was being suggested … you spoke in cryptic tone and alluded to having a knowledge that you did not want to share …

    This site is honest toil and opinions are expressed freely … join the conversation and share or just read and enjoy or not.

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