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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl on – Gillard’s Gutter Mouth – The dishonour she does to the office of the Prime Minister –

December 14, 2012
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– Gillard’s Gutter Mouth –
– The dishonour she does to the office of the Prime Minister –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 14th Dec 2012 |
The Prime Minister came out today with another example of her vile mouth and threw ‘filth’ allegations at the Opposition Leader.

Is their no end to the shame she brings to the Prime Minister position.  Who really knows who this woman is?   How much do any of us know about her past and her beliefs?   Given what we have heard and read about in her dealings with the AWU scandal – why are we are forced to endure her as the representative of our Nation?

Many will say because she was elected – well on face value she can only say that with the help of the Green’s Adam Brandt, and the Independents Tony Windsor, Rob Oakeshott and Andrew Wilkie – but in all honesty she does not hold a majority consensus – yet she tries to rule as if she was destined for the position.  She is all snot and the dribble that froths from her mouth is that of gutter dwellers.

She is not my Leader, and I dare say the majority of Australia feel the same way – the polls are friendly to her as the ‘preferred’ PM in a two-horse match-up with Abbott, but against the deposed Kevin Rudd she polls half his numbers.    Does she see beating Abbott as her only challenge as the PM?

Today – the day after when Democracy and our Judicial system was blackened forever with the Slipper verdict – Gillard is out there on the Xmas hustings trying to prepare Mr Abbott as her Xmas dinner.

This ‘mammoth’  like PM with the face to match show’s us who she is everyday, and for those who care to look at the ugliness,  we can all see who and what we have as our Leader – she is not stateswoman like, she holds no status with Australians, she is not respected, she is not intelligent, all she offers is a lawyers trickery and a mole’s mouth.

Like many women when cornered, the sexist or feminist card is often played, tears might roll, but this PM is in a different class as a ‘woman’.   Swear to God – if one was to take a peak under her ‘wrap-style’ clothing, one might die from the fright of what you would find.   You might find the Pickering ‘black-dildo’ – he never leaves it out of a Gillard cartoon – one dare not imagine anything else for fear of the nightmares that would ensure.

To read a sample of the continuing ‘gutter-mouth’ style of politics she brings to the PM roll,  read the story below:

Gillard says Abbott rolling in ‘filth’

| Author: AAP | Date: Dec 14th, 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

Prime Minister Julia Gillard says Tony Abbott and coalition are rolling “in filth” and must come clean over their role in the Peter Slipper affair.

Ms Gillard’s call followed comments by senior Liberal Arthur Sinodinos who said that Mal Brough, the coalition’s candidate for Mr Slipper’s Queensland seat of Fisher, had some “questions to answer”.

A Federal Court this week found Mr Brough had worked in “combination” with Slipper staffer James Ashby to politically damage the MP by lodging a sexual harassment case.

In her first public comments about the failed case, Ms Gillard called on Mr Brough to front the press gallery at Parliament House in Canberra.

She also accused Mr Abbott of using “weasel” and “fudge” words to hide his prior knowledge of the case.

“Mr Abbott has to extract himself and his political party from the filth they’re rolling in,” Ms Gillard told ABC radio on Friday.

“And the only way of doing that will be by coming clean.”

Asked on Sky on Thursday whether Mr Brough was “damaged politically”, Senator Sinodinos said: “He’s got some questions to answer.”

However Senator Sinodinos said he was “satisfied” with what he had heard in terms of Mr Brough’s public comments to date.

Mr Abbott, in London, insisted he had no “specific knowledge” of Mr Ashby’s case until it broke as a newspaper story on April 21.

“Mr Abbott’s answer … is weasel words,” Ms Gillard responded.

The Liberal leader is standing by Mr Brough, saying the former Howard government minister had been transparent in his role in the Ashby case.

Ms Gillard said Mr Brough had been “anything but transparent”, and had used the case as a political tool to change the balance of power in parliament.

She will not rule out an inquiry into the affair but said the government would not rush the decision.

Ms Gillard also rejected as “a ridiculous straw man debate” opposition suggestions Labor back Mr Slipper’s return as speaker if the government thought there had been some “terrible injustice”.

The prime minister said Australians wanted to move on from the cycle of “sleaze, and smear and negativity” and start looking at the real issues.

But before that happened, Mr Abbott needed to extract himself from “the pile of mud” he was standing in.

Mr Abbott told reporters in London Labor should accept there was no conspiracy.

“I think the Labor Party should stop hyperventilating,” he said.

Asked about his involvement in the case against Mr Slipper, Mr Abbott replied: “None whatsoever”.

“There are all sorts of rumours that have been running around about Mr Slipper for years,” he said, adding they intensified in the weeks leading up to the lodgment of a claim against the MP.

Acknowledging a potential appeal against the court’s ruling, Mr Abbott said: “The only issues at stake are: did Mr Slipper sexually harass his former staffer? And why did the prime minister think he was a fit and proper person to be the speaker in the first place?”

© 2012 AAP

What Gillard fails to acknowledge is the damage goods she represents to the Australian electorate.   She invites Abbott to join her in the ‘filth they’re rolling in’ … only Gillard knows the filth she has lived with and done.   It is our problem that she brings her gutter dwelling mantra to the role as Prime Minister.

We can only hope the ALP caucus grows a pair and ‘ditches the bitch’ to save themselves.

Gillard is using this Xmas recess to try and shore up popularity before the ‘head-chop’ to come early next year.   She may have even been told that she has the next two months to turn the AWU scandal damage around.   Alas, she’s sinking in her own vomit if the ‘gutter-tripe’ she used above is any guide.

The dye is already cast in my opinion – someone just has to tap her on the shoulder and politely to ‘fu_k off’.

What did you do when a Leader does not want to go and to stage another coup weighs on re-election chances.  If it is not a voluntary stepping aside, then the electorate will punish Labor even more.

Can not we all use ‘filth to describe Gillard and her sleazy ‘mole’ type existence when she lived with Bruce Wilson, what about Roxon’s defence of Peter Slipper with the knowledge of the content of the ‘text’ messages he sent to James Ashby?   Who is it really trading in ‘filth’ and ‘sleaze’ – where has Abbott used language as degrading as Gillard?

This ‘cow’ serves above her station and if she is not removed by the will of Caucus – then the ALP will die as a Party for decades to come.   Between them Gillard and Roxon have joined with Slipper as the trollop brigade serving in our Parliament.    If justice is equal, then these three will do their time – but in the meantime, how much damage can a single person do to our Nation?

A piece of advice Ms Gillard – given the depth of resentment the electorate has against you, and the venom being expressed – you might want to hire a food and drink taster to be sure …

Never before has a Prime Minister caused such bile within the electorate … and she has done it all to herself based upon her lies and deceit all those years ago.

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  1. Barry M
    December 14, 2012 at 4:18 pm

    She is best described as a “Gutter Moll” or ‘Gutter Snipe’

  2. The Parable
    December 14, 2012 at 4:46 pm

    When you cross a sewer rat with a gutter snake (snipe if you prefer) do you get a sewer snake, or a gutter rat?

    In parliamentary question time the ALP constantly accuse the coalition of of mud slinging, when they ask questions of probity. So what is the ALP front bench up to tight now. Craig Emerson, Anthony Albanese, Nicola Roxon and Julia Gillard, Peter Slipper has not been exonerated. So please pipe down. As is quoted in the good book, let he that is without sin….

    This race to bottom is truly sickening.

  3. barry
    December 14, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    Australia is receiving exactly what it is asking for .

    Great countries are built by great men .They only fall through the cowardice of the following generations.

  4. barry
    December 14, 2012 at 9:13 pm

    As for the ALP dying , I , and probably many others could not give a hoot .

    Anybody who affiliates themselves with this woman , and this government , is nothing but a spineless pathetic fool. And a traitor to Australia.

    If Australians cannot see this , then they deserve everything that is coming to them .

    Never in the history of the country , has there ever been such a shame , and disgrace brought upon the people.

    How anyone , in the entire country , can live another day with this human rubbish , just beggars belief.

    Australia should hang it’s head in shame .

    And the children of the future will be wondering why their parents sat bye and did nothing.

  5. December 15, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    This vile creature does not represent me. She does not speak for me. She disgusts & shames me to the point I now feel I have to apoligise to men for her disgraceful, hateful behaviour so they know I don’t agree with her. She has set women back decades with her outrageous accusatory & misleading rants. Maybe she needs a dictionary. The party tries to cover up her low brow persona by calling her tough. She’s not tough. She’s a nasty little child with a small rancid mind & vocabulary to match. She throws tantrums to rival a 2 year old on a full flighted tear & is as common as muck. She cannot be trusted & I don’t know anyone who believes a word that comes out of her mouth. They have been saying “Mr Abbott” for so long no-body evens hears it any more. He even out smarted her by publishing his policies in a book so she couldn’t steal them this time. All of hers are complete failures. How did we end up with a thing like that as PM & all of her sniveling sychophant party members who are too weak to stand up for Australia & stop embarrassing us on the world stage. On the other side we have class & dignity. Maybe she should shut her mouth & open her eyes so she can see how outclassed she is. Having a “leader” like her is no different to sticking a 3 legged donkey in the Melbourne cup & watch it struggle painfully with every step falling further & further behind all the way to the end.

  6. Barry M
    December 16, 2012 at 4:26 am

    Very well said G C. Write to the ‘mummy bloggers’ and tell them. They are all falling over themselves in the rush to get invited to The Lodge for lunch.

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