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EYE-BALL Opinion – Gillard is Dividing A NATION – It’s not about Politics, but rightful entitlement –

December 11, 2012

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– Gillard is Dividing A NATION –
– It’s not about Politics, but rightful entitlement –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 11th Dec 2012 |
There is much that can be and is said that continues to fuel the fire of resentment toward Julia Gillard.  Latest polls have ALP’s primary vote slipping 4 points back to 32%, about where it started the year.The last week of AWU bashing in the House hit home with the voters and Gillard will now spend a torrid Xmas break wondering from which corners her challengers will emerge.   The best thing that could happen for Australia is for her to choke on some Xmas pudding, or turkey, but regardless of fate – she could do all Australia a favour and not to return as the PM.   Plenty hope for it – the reality is that it won’t be until March or April ’13 before the real contenders emerge if at all.

I do not recognise Ms Gillard as ‘my’ Prime Minister – she may serve in the office but she has never, nor will she ever have my allegiance or support – 68% of Australian eligible to vote agree according to the latest Newspoll results – linked here.

With past Prime Ministers there has never been the National divide, or division among the people as we see with Gillard.  By en large the mood of the people in the past has been loyalty or at least an acceptance behind the Leader.   The Whitlam dismissal was one such exception, but when Fraser won the re-election, there was never the divide as we see in this Nation now.   The fact Gillard is female does not enter the equation, whoever believed they could put a deal like this over Australian voters needs to be reminded at the next and ensuring elections, that we won’t be taken for fools ever again.

One of Gillard’s legacy’s has been that she has ruined all chances of another female PM for many years to come.

Gillard does not and never has connected with the electorate on any issue including – women’s issues, financial management, environmental policy, industrial relations, education, welfare, family values, in fact her personal beliefs and values are in conflict with the majority of Australians on every relevant issue.   How she was not vetted on many of these issues before she even came close to the Prime Ministership – that reflects on Rudd who anointed her as his Deputy, and every other Caucus member who stand aligned behind her.

This construct and manifesto is the stuff of ‘evil’ doers, and of those who force those they rule into the manic-mania of the Leaders who rule badly.  This is not about Kings, Queens, or ‘A Game of Thrones’ so to speak – but modern-day Politics where democracy is abused and used for evil purposes.

Leaders have become aware of our apathy and use it against us.  We often speak and voice our objections, but never really act on those beliefs. Leaders use the media to create the illusion of governance, but in so many far off spots – democracy has failed, Dictator’s have shown what they are capable of, and Monachy’s have become little more than tourist attractions.

Prime Ministers and Presidents are where power is held nowadays – and when ‘bad apples’ fall from the tree,  the population subject themselves because life is more important to them than a few freedoms taken away.   It is only when a population has had enough, and are prepared to risk their own lives that change can and does happen.  It does not come cheaply, either in lives lost, or in the cost of armament.  In Western civilisation it has been a long time since we have had a civil war – or insurrection culminating in violence.

For as long as time can be remembered, rich Nations have supplied arms to poor Nations to fight their wars whilst the overlords deal for the treasure and booty – be it modern-day oil, mineral resources, cheap labour, and what ever else that can be bartered for when people’s lives and their desperation are at their weakest.

The weight of this history and the countless 100’s of millions of human lives sacrificed to fight all past tyranny and those who supported it, make the human race the worst possible inhabitants this planet could have ever had.

Habitat destruction renders humans the destroyer of plants and animals who are ever increasingly becoming more extinct and rarer.

Never has this been as important as in this current timeframe.   The great big environmentalist, and their climate change debate is not about species survival – it is about human survival.

This debate happens without a population ceiling for the planet ever having been seriously discussed,  or forming a part of the current debate.

How can any climate change agreement happen without every Nation agreeing to a global population ceiling, and thus accepting some type of population control equation being formulated for each and every Nation.

No one knows or agrees what is or can be a sustainable population – we may have past it a few billion people ago if the acceleration breakdowns in our eco systems are an indication.   Perhaps what we are seeing now is the backside of human existence as we crash and burn everything in the battle for human survival.

The broader point being – this generation of 8 billion people will all be gone in 100 years – that 100 years being but a few seconds in the million’s  of years of time history.

The decisions being made by our current Leaders leave legacy’s, and none but the rarest few have any perception of the larger picture looming far beyond their own lifetime.  As each generation comes and goes – who thinks of the larger picture – no one is irreplaceable and when Leaders think on their mortality whilst in office – they look to history – what will be Gillard’s legacy?   I cringe at the thought!!!

Gillard is a pebble, a grain of sand that ebb’s and flows – she is no visionary but an assassin plucked from a gutter of Union criminals and elevated to our highest office.  When Leaders are compared – Gillard offers nothing – there is nothing about her that draws loyalty from those she rules.

In living her agenda and hellish vision she has plunged a Nation into debt with no way out.   She is allowed to rule with the support of other evil doers, the Union’s being the worst.  Their claim to support the workers is a cry from generations ago – these days it is all about the money members pay – and as the next few years roll on by, Unions will be helpless to assist workers when jobs dry up and Australia’s real uncompetiveness becomes exposed.

These are the same Union’s who collect a A$billion in membership dues every year,  and have no reason to account for how those funds are dispersed to anybody other than the Union membership.  A membership ruled by thuggery and the like.

All the worker gains won through past industrial action, are all now about to be undone by global market forces – Australia’s labour force is too expensive to compete on global markets – a product of the high value of the A$ and Mr Swan – our ‘Treasurer of the Year’ in 2011.

Mr Swan is a Union man who helped Gillard to the throne over his good mate Kevin Rudd.  Wayne Swan is a nobody in Global Finance and understands nothing of market forces current at play in the global economy.

The ‘ying’ and the ‘yang’ as they say – the ‘ebb’ and ‘flow’ … which is the right and what is the wrong?

The fact that Joe Hockey can’t may Swan look like the fool he is says more about Hockey’s own Financial knowledge, as it does about having Abbott leave someone like Turnbull – who should be able to make Swan look the goose he is, benched because Abbott fears a leadership challenge of his own.

Mediocrity is all around us … the electorate has more financial management skills than does Swan and Gillard put together.

Gillard is a confessed dullard when it comes to management of finances – her AWU history and confessions about her ATM experiences attest to her knowledge of how to spend, but not how to manage debt.  In her lifetime she had past lovers who stole to paid for her exuberances … she now sits in the position of Prime Minister and gives handouts thinking the people will love her for it.

She will never have it – the people see right through her – and the polls agree.  What should a Leader do when they know the population don’t like them?

How can anyone with a conscious, or a want to accept Justice as we all understand and live by, continue to support someone with the past Gillard owns?   The biggest mistrust of all is that her Party and the some 110 caucus members will not act to right the wrong they all know has been committed.  Blind ‘Freddie’ can see what has not been confessed to – and Gillard will never confess.

All the ALP caucus are concerned with is re-election – and the weakness in Leadership this represents is all the evidence we need to understand that we no longer have a Government off the people, for the people, or by the people – it is a Government process based on doing what they have to do to retain power.  Never has the age-old saying been more apt – ‘power corrupts!’

Even elections are timed for effect – America know their election date decades in advance – terms are set – yet in this Nation they are determined by the PM and under an agenda where they all try to stack the deck in their favour before pulling that trigger.  It is shameful as it is an abuse of office.

Not in a 100+ years of Federation has there been any amendment to the rules by which the Government of the day has to abide by.  The abuses have been many and the current AWU scandal has the smell that it will be bigger that all the past indiscretions combined.  The Unions have for decades had the business model of ‘slush funds’.  The funding of these personalised expense accounts has come from deals done with employers by guaranteeing ‘strike free zones’ – in other words, the Union Leadership have abused the union membership loyalty to line their own pockets.

As for there being ‘no rules’ in how Government is allowed to function,  or amendments since Federation – a few highlights of that oversight appear below:

  • there is no cap on Government term Debt raising,
  • no mandate requirement or restrictions on election policy reversal,
  • no accountability for funding of election policies before elections,
  • no independent Federal oversight on candidate vetting for pre-selection,
  • no forensic investigation into any Federal Member’s assets and liabilities other than a voluntary declaration,
  • no post political career surveillance on corruption,
  • no Speaker independence other than a pledge from the Government and the Opposition to allow the Government of the day to appoint the Speaker of their choosing from their own ranks,
  • no behaviour penalties (financial) for holding the House in contempt, i.e. evictions and warnings …
  • no visible penalty for abusing MP’s expense claims,
  • no real investigative authority to police election fraud,

I keep thinking that I live in a Nation that cares for humanity – and in 2007 with the ALP promising to reverse the ‘off-shore’ processing, this Nation stood up and expressed its humanitarism.  Five years later Rudd and then Gillard have let this refugee problem become a ‘dog’s breakfast’.  Nobody it seems can find an answer.  Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has not had a ‘free hand’.   The problem looms larger every month and now the population detests the refugees more than the Government who botched the response and are unable to deal with the problem.

Gillard has become all that she criticised Rudd for and more – she has led this Nation to this place – where our PM owns a gutter mouth, where she has failed on every major policy initiative she has introduced – the ‘Carbon Tax’ fails because it is a broken promise and election promise reversal,  the MRRT fails because it was a wealth tax targeted at the only industry that has kept Australia afloat these past 4-5 years since the GFC began.

Her future policy launches – he National Disability scheme, and the implementation of the Gonski Education recommendations will add $12-$15 billion a year if everybody is honest about it.

Below is a Table extraction of Federal Securities (Gross) outstanding as at the end of each year since 2003 – source link for data.

When numbers are expressed in these terms they have a reality that mirrors resentment … Gillard and Rudd have seen the Federal debt portion attributed to every Australian voter grow from $2,630 as at the end of 2006-07 and under John Howard’s Prime Ministership – to in excess of $8,000 under Rudd, and then in excess of $17,000 in Sept 2012 under  Gillard.

Rudd’s reasons are well-known – the GFC bail out including the ‘pink-bats’ fiasco, the ‘school rebuilding’ program overseen by Gillard, and the $900 cheques sent out before Xmas 2009.   Those stimulus packages were well advised and seemed to keep the worst of GFC at bay in terms of unemployment and our own housing bubble bursting.

Since Gillard took the reins – what has been the reason for the continued spending – as can be seen, from Rudd’s term the voter share of the Federal debt has more than doubled from $8,000 to $17,000 …

We now have the promised budged surplus for 2012-13 – as at the latest RBA numbers, the debt accumulated so far this 2012-13 year and to the end of Aug ’12 – shows the deficit number is in excess of $7 billion with still 10 months to go.

The growth in Debt by $45 billion as shown in the Table above – makes this $7 billion number look very unsafe.  Swan is lying to the public when he states he is still going to bring in a surplus.   If he does it will be because he bought the Australian economy to a breaking halt … and that would be the ego of the man …

Save your pennies Australians – next year Australia will begin its own GFC and the housing bubble will begin to burst in earnest …

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. barry
    December 11, 2012 at 5:35 pm

    Only the Australian people can stop this .
    They need to stand up and march to demand the removal of this government .
    Unfortunately , that will not occur. Too many years of little or no threat has lead to a softening of the people, as history repeats itself.
    And , who would lead this revolt? Many have spoken of the need , yet none has put a hand up to lead.
    Is it possible that the leaders with the capability have lost interest? Or is it the fact the hurdle to overcome the apathy is far too high for anyone to consider an attempt to take the charge.
    Methinks the latter is the bigger problem , with the potential leaders exhausted of ideas to overcome the problem .
    Hence , life goes on , Gillard remains , and the destruction of Australia continues.
    Australians seem to believe the next election will solve all the problems .They also seem to have little idea of how huge the problem really is.
    And if not careful , the may well face a similar election result as America .An election sabotaged, and the current leader remaining in power.
    If so , Australians will then see the “reality” of this government , and rue the day that sat idly bye , and did nothing.
    They can no longer rely on their famous saying …”She’ll be right mate”

  2. December 11, 2012 at 5:43 pm

    Great comment Barry …

  3. Gerry Hatrick
    December 11, 2012 at 6:15 pm

    There is speculation starting about the fall of Sussex St. Sussex St being a Euphemism for NSW Right Wing of the ALP, the Right Wing being a euphemism for corruption, pragmatic unprincipled, self serving and faceless men, and so it goes.

    You go looking for a similar scenario, and conservatives say it was the Whitlam era, with Cairns and Junie Morosi, Khemlani etc. The ALP want to nominate the Sill Billy government of McMahon and Snedden. Billy McMahon of “I believe” and Silly Billy Snedden of the case of the smiling stiff. Who was he in bed with when he suffered a fatal cardiac arrest?

    So who will history focus on in the next decade?

    Julia Gillard, the faceless men, the corrupt like Eddie Obeid? It won’t be Mark Arbib or Wayne Swann, or Penny Wong. Some might get a second chance. Paul Keating was a junior minister under the Whitlam ministry. There might be hope for some, who are front and centre in the resurrection of the ALP. Could it be Tony whact- ma-call-it. Burke is it? The Minister for the Bugger Murray-Darling Degradation plan.

    Sad part is, no one really wants Tony Abbott.

    Something has gotter give.

  4. December 11, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    I want to hear more from Faulkner and some of the other elders before Gillard is thrown from the walls … who goes over with her and how they plan to erase the Union past … no smoke an mirrors will ever convince the Australian public again …

    As for Abbott whist he does not inspire … what is the alternative as you say …

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