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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl on – The GREENS – Leader Milne has her head in the sand –

December 3, 2012
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– The GREENS –
– Leader Milne has her head in the sand –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 3rd Dec 2012 |

Has there ever been a time when an alternative Political option is warranted, wanted, and an absolute necessity?

Where do Australian voters go if they want to vote away from the ALP or the Coalition?  ‘The GREEN’s‘ see themselves as that Party option – 90% of the electorate do not.

At the 2010 election the GREEN’s polled less than the ‘informal’ and ‘no-show’ combined vote count – despite an increase of 3.97% in their primary vote to all time highs.

This result is defining in a number of ways. Given the heightened scepticism Australian’s have for all MP’s in general – and with good cause given the Craig Thompson and Peter Slipper unresolved corruptions, and now with the escalating AWU scandal involving the Prime Minister – the electorates disgust at the integrity and moral ineptitude shown by MP’s, and the general lack of awareness of what is expected as responsible Leadership by our MP’s – one could think the GREEN’s might have gained more ground.

There is something fundamentally askew in the balance of voter trust – the Greens are not connecting with the dis-connect voters have with Gillard and Abbott as Leaders of the ALP and Coalition party’s.

The continuing AWU Scandal:

Accountability to the electorate seems to have been lost in all the recent focus on the AWU scandal.  The PM feels there is no need to answer questions about her involvement in the AWU scandal from people who have done the investigative background work – she props up her defense by holding stage managed press conferences and answers questions from ALP friendly journo’s who do not follow up when she does not answer the question.

Gillard postures and demands that she has no need to answer questions because no one can alledge she did ‘anything wrong’.   She dares all and sundry to prove with hard evidence any wrong doing.  Can there be no clearer evidence that she is hiding and holding on to the true version of events?  The electorates question is WHY?

Surely if there was no wrong – full disclosure would make this all go away.  Why is it that the PM feels the need to adopt the position most guilty people do by demanding that accusers ‘prove’ their allegations.

The past week proved to most that Gillard has something to hide – a ‘smoking gun’ is out there.   It has also proved that having a undiscovered or undisclosed ‘criminal past’ is no obstacle to becoming the Australian Prime Minister.

Milne’s Gaffe:

The Green’s leader Christine Milne is proving that she has Gillard like qualities with her own ‘sexist, misandryist, nutjob’ comment directed at ‘old white Australian men’.

The AWU scandal sucked a lot of air during the week – the Opposition and Government Front Benchers had little involvement and were interested bystanders at best.

The GREEN’s – and Milne in particular – felt the need to front cameras every day of the sitting week to try and get their share of the air that was left.  Their play was obvious and on the Wednesday – Milne made a monumental ‘cock-up’.

Milne blamed the AWU scandal on – ‘old white men’.  Australian men was her reference .   This given the gutter dwelling level of gender politics being played out by the PM in accusing her detractors as ‘sexist, misogynist nutjobs’ in her 23rd Aug Press Conference.    Why does Milne now feel the need to play her own ‘sexist’ feminist card?

Now if this represents the quality and oratory skill set within the Leadership running the GREENS,  Milne is no more than a ‘sexist misandryist nutjob’  herself – just like Gillard.

What is happening to Politics – this gender issue is out in front of everything and it is the women who are the aggressor’s and the name caller’s.

Why is Milne not interested in the ‘criminal past’ of the PM and her role in the AWU cover-up and its initial structure that facilitated the fraud.

A SMH story on the interview she gave can be read in part below:

Sexism behind Gillard accusations: Milne

| Author: AAP | Date: Nov 27th, 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |


Australian Greens leader Christine Milne says sexism is behind accusations about Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s past work as a lawyer.

Senator Milne said there was a “group of older, white men in Australia” who did not like the idea that at last women were coming into their own.

“They’ve never accepted the legitimacy of a woman as a prime minister and they are kicking back in every which way they can,” she told reporters in Canberra on Tuesday.

She was commenting on the controversy surrounding the legal advice given by Ms Gillard to AWU officials, while she was a lawyer in the 1990s.

Ms Gillard on Monday held an extended press conference to tackle the allegations, stating the coalition was running a “sleaze and smear” campaign.

Senator Milne said parliament was “obsessing” over the issue because sections of the media “can’t accept the legitimacy of a woman as a prime minister and a minority government”.

“Well, get over it,” she said.

“We’ve got a minority government, we’ve got a woman as a prime minister.”

… read more – George Brandis responds  …

On Milne’s – ‘old white men’ statement – is not Bob Brown an ‘old white man’, what about the other million or so men over 50 living in this Nation,  married,  or with children or not … are they all to accept they are a part of this massive sexist conspiracy men have towards women?

The comment is in itself a sexist/feminist attack, and an insult to all ‘old white Australian men’.

Your party has become a ‘Womens league’ forum with associated gender issues that initiated the late 19th century ‘Womens Temperance League’ movement structure to put a halt to men drinking.   Prohibition came and it went … and sadly – the Green’s will do what the ‘Democrat’s’ did, they came and then they went as well.

Milne’s Deputy Sarah Hanson-Young is the eye-candy to make Milne more palatable – not my cup of tea and that is more connected with her performances in the Senate that anything she does outside the Senate.

Hanson-Young stood next to Milne all week, almost on top of her to make sure she was in the camera shot,  if anything it was a distraction as Milne held stage – Hanson-Young flutters her eyes in the breeze and flicked her head  to reposition her hair all the while Milne was speaking … Hanson-Young knows how to work the camera.

I’m not sure how readers feel about this – but the way these staged managed prop press conferences are conducted – where they always become a delivery system for Leaders to talk about anything they want – is nothing more than a sham interface with the viewers and a blight on News programs who allow themselves to be used and abused.

10% of Australian’s might give a damn about what Milne and her bag-holder want to say on any subject – to me a climate change skeptic – please see the many article published hereto as to why I change my mind and now have that opinion, [search ‘climate change’ in the search option available above] – their policies are based on Tasmanian conservationism – not representative of the collective and National interests.

Bob Brown did a deal with Gillard that allowed her to roll back on her ‘carbon-tax’ promise.  Gillard has no conscience about what she did with Bob Brown.  It would seem Milne is now following in Gillard’s footsteps to help manage her public profile.   Please don’t reward  this poor excuse of a Leader.

Past Election History:

The history over the last three Federal elections, 2004, ’07, and ’10 shows the GREEN vote under Bob Brown peaked in the 2010 election @ 11.76%, compared with the Informal and No-Show @ 11.96%.

The latest polls have the current GREEN vote hovering around 10% and this reflects the change of Leadership from Bob Brown to Ms Milne – Milne is in a fight for creditability and having seen what the ‘misogynist speech did for Gillard – Milne has made a political choice to follow suit.

Some research on the past election results reveal Australia’s increased ‘turn-off’ factor with our political process. The table below provides extracted date – link to source: [Click on image to enlarge in a new window.]

The 2010 result for the GREEN’s reflected the protest vote against Gillard and her ‘no carbon tax’ statement weeks before the election. There were other factors in Gillard’s fall from grace.

The resultant ‘hung Parliament’ has greatly contributed to the electorates current hostility and division.

In contrast – the Independent’s Windsor and Oakeshott call this Parliament a very successful Parliament – they use the number of pieces of Legislation passed as their benchmark – others highlight it gave us the ‘carbon-tax’ and the ‘MRRT’.

One a mandate reversal that should never be allowed to happen without going back to the people, the other based on revenue shortfalls and erroneously targeted at an Industry on the backside of a global shift in labour costs, and resource availability. It raised zero tax revenue in the first three months of operation.

Referendums:a part of the EYE-BALL – ‘None of the Above’ campaign.

It one thing is true – rules for how Governments perform and the rules they operate under need to be reviewed.  The EYE-BALL – ‘None of the Above’ campaign has as its goal a number of referendum proposals to be put to the Australian electorate to help assist with determining the guidelines our Government can operate under and function within – for example:

  1. No Government should be allowed to reverse its stated policy without going back to the electorate to get a mandate to do so – i.e. the ‘Carbon-Tax’ policy position of the ALP before the 2010 election. This was a defined policy platform – yet the Government reversed its position within days of taking office in a deal with the Greens to ensure it gained power.  Never was there a better example on the adage – power corrupts’.
  2. The Federal Governments ‘Debt to GDP’ ratio has to be kept within a confined growth range that does not increase by more that ‘5%’ from the previous election date. (The 5% is just a number at this stage. More research into what this number should be would be based on forward estimates of current Government Legislation yet to be invoked across the coming years. The task is to give incoming Governments a platform from which any new Government has to have their proposed campaign policies fully costed, and they must render any new debt within the range of the growth restriction. The condition of office being that DEBT/GDP ratios be maintained within the set parameters by all incumbant Governments – failure triggers an election.

Debt to GDP Chart:

Budget result as a % of GDP Chart:

[Click on charts to enlarge in a new window.]

  1. As can be seen from the charts above – the Hawke/Keating Governments went on spending sprees during the mid ’80’s and again in the early 90’s. Howard over the course of his term reduced the ratio in every year of his tenure. The GFC began to bite in early 2009 – since then this Government has seen the Debt/GDP ratio blow out from 11.8% to 22.9% – a doubling almost. Given the debt history of all Europe, the Nth America’s – it is time to impose some restraint on the ability of Governments to run up debt based on policies to get them re-elected. This is what caused the GFC in the first place.  The charts are a simplistic view of history – Governments have to respond to economic conditions – but to go the ‘debt’ route has been the reason why the World is now in this GFC crisis.  Just see this as the electorate being the Bankers to teh Governemnt – you can function and operate as long as you cost your policies to fit the mandate of the Debt to GDP ratios.  You grow GDP then debt can also respond.
  2. In a world where debt has place many Nations at peril and continues to do so in the ongoing GFC aftermath – our Government’s ability to increase Debt/GDP ratio must become something the people have a say in. At the moment this Government can continue to run up debt for as long as they hold Government.
  3. As it stands our Governments can introduce new policies – i.e. the National Disability scheme, the Gonski Education report recommendations, and just add the cost outcome arising from these policies to the debt accumulation future Australian’s will have to pay back. Where is the accountability if the policies fall short or fail?   If this Government loses the next election after legislating for the new policies – how will there accountability to the Debt/GDP legacy become their problem in Opposition?
  4. On a matter raised by Ms Gillard during her press conference on the AWU scandal – she explained she could not remember the $5,000 deposit to her account – she also said that her experience with bank accounts was a visit to the ATM where she would become surprised when she saw unexpected credit amounts.  What does that do for the PM’s creditability and abilities to manage the Nations $554 billion debt – source link.
  5. The MP behaviour in the House has to be improved. Allowing both sides of the House to set the ‘Standing Order’s’ rules they operate under is akin to kids in a playhouse making up their own rules. The Speaker(s) should be independent – not from the House but an outside appointment – i.e. someone aligned with a High Court Judge ranking with impartial leanings.
  6. There should be severe monetary Fines for Member indiscretions – i.e. expense rorting, misconduct, and for Question Time evictions and warnings.
  7. The ‘contempt’ issue when Minister’s answer Questions put by the Opposition – no more philibusting along Party platform and policy lines – no in house questions on policy propaganda, no referral to past Government’s, direct answers to questions asked, and fines if the Minister concerned does not comply. [All monetary fines to not have tax relief status.]

There are many areas where things could be improved – but it is up to the Government to vote for change and if the changes proposed are too radical, then the exercise will fail at the first hurdle.   I;m sure readers have many ideas and please, if you want to share them please write them down in the comments section below – or send an e-mail to blogcomment@bigpond.com.

‘Meet the Press’ interview with Gillard – 2nd Dec 2012:

On a further wrap-up of the past week, ‘Meet the Press’ interview the PM on Sunday.   The YouTube video of that interview are available below.

Watch Gillard ride rimshot over Paul Bongiorno on his ‘Meet the Press’ program yesterday:

If you’re looking for it, you can see the PM deliberately drift from the question and pontificate her own answer to a question that was never asked … it is surely time for Australian Journalists to grow some balls and call this ‘harried hollow hussy’ of a PM to account.   She shows disrespect to everything and anything,   she does not deserve to be given respect by the Journalist she treats like prisoners being lined up for a work gang.

Gillard answers questions from the ‘Meet the Press’ panel Part 1:

Gillard answers questions from the ‘Meet the Press’ panel Part 2: – on the Asylum/boat people problem.

It is well known Borgiorno has an ALP slant on his show – not as obvious as Barry Cassidy and his ‘Insiders’ program.  This interview was a coup for Borgiorno – Gillard does not give these types of interviews and it would be interesting to know what the conditions were requested and granted as a condition of the interview.

As much as Gillard and the ALP would like the AWU scandal to go away – it will stay in the limelight over this Xmas break because of the efforts of concerned journalists, and bloggers who believe Gillard is not fit to serve as our PM because of past, regardless of whether she did ‘nothing wrong’ in her eyes – she has enough connection to confirm she has poor judgement arising from the AWU evidence.

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Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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  1. hillbilly33
    December 3, 2012 at 11:00 am

    This old man would just like to know why Gillard thought she didn’t have to comply with the Practice Rules under the Legal Profession Practice Act 1958 like every other lawyer/solicitor is supposed to ; why, as an officer of the court, she thought she could ignore her duties and obligations to her AWU client, her partners; the Rules of the AWU as per my EyeBall comment in the RH panel above. If she claims she “did nothing wrong” by committing all these breaches and more, is there any immoral, illegal or unprofessional act committed by her that she would consider wrong? Apparently not!!

    Perhaps Christine Milne could tell me. I’ll give her one clue though. It’s got bugger-all to do with gender!

  2. December 3, 2012 at 11:42 am

    Who in Australia will lodge a court application to have Julia Gillard removed from office – what and where is the precedent? This is a failing of the Justice system in that it gives protection to those where evidence cannot confirm the outcome or its intent.

    Hillbilly – I agree with every thing you have posted and many thanks again for your efforts – I still think that to rely on Gillard’s conscience to do the right thing is like doing a deal with the devil.

    Gillard is aware of her complicity, we are all convinced by her non-answers to questions that would help clear up the matter and if she has guilt. If the legal system fails to bring to justice those serving at the highest level in the land – i.e. Thompson and Slipper as well as Gillard – and we well remember the Mal Colston case where he did no time and the delays allowed the judge let him off because he was terminally ill. Then there was the MSW MP [Paluzzano] who pleaded guilty and did no hard time … despite lying under oath to the ICAC enquiry … there are many many more – see wikipedia link for details … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Australian_politicians_convicted_of_crimes.

    Justice is not equal and Gillard having escaped her accountability in 1995 – is now openly flaunting the Justice system and using it to deny accountability. Why has the Victorian Law Society not acted, i.e. not started an investigation into S&G’s actions … they can’t touch Gillard as she is no longer practising …

    All we can do is continue to pursue her relentlessly …

  3. Gerry Hatrick
    December 3, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    Overnight Galaxy Poll has confirmed Rudd as the most popular leader, followed by Turnbull then Gillard, Abbott.

    People ask were things better when Rudd and Turnbull were the respective leaders back until Dec 09, Turnbull had really bad opinion poll ratings (in the teens)?

    There was a higher standard of respect all around! Turnbull was much more likely to act bi partisan, and Rudd displayed vision!

    One line of thought is that the 2 current leaders intend to make the other unelectable at the next election, hence the mud bucket stuff. I don’t know why Abbott needs to continue carbon tax to the point where no one listens. I have no idea why too often Coalition needs to go back to Howard Era. I believe Gillard only acts out of self interest, and it runs through the front bench and the broader ALP. Christine Milne is simply surrounded by zealots. Hanson Young and Bandt are very immature.(Bob Brown picked a great time to get out before Carbon Tax).

    There is only one person who can clean up parliament and the ALP. If he has to cross the floor to do it, then he should. He was regarded well as a former PM, because he entered Kyoto and said sorry. The chances of any decent reform close to nil.

    We can only hope and prey.

  4. barry
    December 3, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    Bongiorno is just another brown nose , like Oakes , Grattan etc …

    Waste of time if you watched that rubbish

    Australia has two choices , stand up and fight , and kick these mongrels out , or spend the rest of their lives licking the mongrels’ boots.

    What makes me think they’ll settlefor the latter?

  5. hillbilly33
    December 3, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    Hi Gerry. I wouldn’t take too much notice of “popular leader” polls. Labor voters polled would vote for Turnbull, LNP voters would vote for Rudd and IMHO, neither has a snowball’s chance in hell of ever coming back as leader of their respective parties. Turnbull is a Goldman Sachs man first, Liberal party distant second and Liberal members would never have him back. Rudd has few friends in the Labor Party, particularly from the Union side.
    The Libs would only have to run the Rudd demolition statements from Labor MP’s during the last Labor leadership stoush, as campaign ads!.

    As for the job and industry destroying carbon-dioxide tax, the effects will really hit home in the next 12 months and the more Gillard tries to minimise the impact of the associated MRT costs that have already elevated energy costs over the last few years as power companies have had to build them into their cost structures, the more people will realise they have been just another unnecessary destructive impost on energy consumers.

    All Kyoto did was make sure those financial institutions backing uneconomic heavily subsidised “alternative energy” schemes made, and are still making, fortunes with zero effect on what they were supposed to be doing, stopping or slowing “climate change” which is still going merrily along as it has done for billions of years, changing all the time due to natural variability.Meanwhile. Spain for instance, which was going to create all these “green” jobs with their much-vaunted wind and solar plants has 25% unemployment and like Greece, is a basket case!

    If Rudd & Gilllard had stuck to the Howard policies on queue-jumping, people-smuggler enriching illegal immigrants we wouldn’t have the costly open-border shambles we that now exists.
    Is Gillard’s FWA (Fraudsters Whitewash Association) any better than what Howard had in place?. It has certainly meant that corrupt Union officials are now back in power running our country into the ground and deciding who gets to be Prime Minister when Labor “wins” power.

    But as I say, that’s IMHO after nearly 80 years on this beautiful planet, so what would I know and isn’t it great that for now at least, we can all have an opinion and express it, despite Gillard, Milne, Finkelstein and others who try to stop us..

    Cheers Gerry, and a merry Christmas to you all! H/B

  6. December 3, 2012 at 7:06 pm

    Wonderful summation Hillbilly – enjoy your repartee comments immensely.

    The shame is that all the alternative Leader options – Shorten and Smith, I don’t rate Swan a chance in hell, and on the other side, Hockey, Bishop, and maybe Pyne at a pinch … all make me cringe to the point of defecating …

    In all honesty there are no alternatives and an era of Leadership void is about to descend upon us all. God help us all … this Government only knows how to help itself …

  7. December 3, 2012 at 7:09 pm

    Watch it in replay to cover all bases and make sure the PM is covered … this was the first one on one interview the PM has given on TV since the Paul Kelly iterview on the 19 th Aug this year … it wa sinteresting given the week that was and how she ws going to to have Borgorino ask his AWU question and allow her to walk all around it …

    Just more crap in the end …

  8. December 3, 2012 at 7:09 pm

    Barry Cassidy on ‘Insiders’ was even worse …

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