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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl on – The Dogs have their BONE Part II – The Wilson Interview and how it reflects on Gillard –

November 28, 2012
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– The Dogs have their BONE – Part II –
– The Wilson Interview & how it reflects on Gillard –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 28th Nov 2012 |
Day two of the Tony Abbott‘mute’ show rolled on by causing the Government to attack him from a different perspective.  The highlights from yesterday was the Government’s Leader of the House – Anthony Albanese – again making a fool of himself with his ‘gutless’ tirade, and combined with his childless responses to the Oppositions request to table documents relative to the questions being asked, Albanese proves he is the mindless bully sent in to ‘protect and serve’ on behalf of all ALP MP’s.

Take a hint … grow up Albo … you represent the hubris and arrogance of all Politicians and cast doubt over the genuineness of any humility you displayed when you cried your crocodile tears earlier this year when you sided with Rudd against Gillard.

Gillard’s performance is showing signs that it is all getting to her – take away the air and she has to shut up … Abbott’s mute performance is to draw fire .. and draw fire it did.  So much so that Gillards close and personal hand holders, Conroy, Emerson flew to her defense inside and outside the chamber.   It looks so incestuous one could puke … what does she have that has such a hold on these lapdogs …

The score on Day 1 after Question Time was Gov – 12 … Opp – 0.   The score on Day 2 was Gov – 8 … Opp – 4.   The gap is narrowing but the ALP caucus is providing some assistance with the news of the Cabinet and Caucus dissent over the UN Security Council Palestine vote.

The Bruce Wilson Interview:

The most interesting and unpredictable event yesterday was the Bruce Wilson ‘7:30 Report’ interview.

For those who have not seen the interview – this link – will take you to the ‘7:30 Report‘ website where a transcript and a video of the interview is available.   The first thoughts that came to mind concerned how did this guy share a bed with Gillard?   This guy is not smart enough to have thought up this complex fraud, and if that is so … then who was pulling the strings and instructing him how to go about setting up the Association and Bank accounts?

Wilson’s presentation and communicative skills were on show and yes – with all Australia watching, and his reputation in the sewer over his involvement with the AWU scandal, and the stakeouts by media crews at his home over the past month or so – he was entitled to be nervous and a little uncomfortable.

Even the ABC were a little skeptical sending a little known reporter to do the story.  This is where the whole exercise of getting Wilson’s side of the story out there all began to failed.   The reporter – Caro Meldrum-Hanna – see professional profile here – is a Walkely Award winner,  but on this assignment was out of her depth.  The reporting of this sensitive story with the National importance and context at stake required a senior journalist appointment.

This is an interview that every media outlet in Australia has wanted for months – it was a big deal for the ABC’s ‘7:30 Report’ to claim dibs … why downplay the interview with a journalist that has no profile outside NSW …

If the ABC did not want a senior creditable journo on a story like this to help Wilson get his side of the story out – then they have lost the plot completely.   It was set up to fail and what could be the motive behind that?

It seems that the terms of the interview were Wilson’s call, but again reading between the lines – why would Wilson use last weekend’s print media interview, and this ‘7:30 Report’ interview to break his silence?  Why now?

The timing suggests Gillard or someone from Gillard’s camp has reached out to Wilson and asked him to speak on Gillards behalf.   One would have though this would have been covered by the person conducting the interview in some detail other than to allow Wilson to offer these words: [copied from transcript provided at this link and above.]

… CARO MELDRUM-HANNA, REPORTER: This is the man whose story everyone has been waiting to hear. Bruce Wilson, former branch secretary of the Australian Workers Union, ex-boyfriend of Prime Minister Julia Gillard, now at the centre of a long-running scandal over the slush fund he set up in 1992. He’s been living in a virtual state of siege, with reporters and photographers camped outside his home on the NSW coast.

BRUCE WILSON, FORMER AWU OFFICIAL: Harass you at home, harass you at work, photographs through your curtains…

CARO MELDRUM-HANNA: He’s been prompted in part to break his silence by the public pronouncements of this man, his accused partner in crime and self-confessed “bagman”, former AWU official Ralph Blewitt – who returned to Australia last week to make a statement to Victorian police about his role in the fraud.

What was the base level research knowledge of the interviewer  – there were a number of responses given by Wilson that were so full of holes the interviewer should have follow-up on … the interview was a front … a stage prop in Gillard’s continual denial strategy.

The ABC Bias toward Gillard:

The ABC is a publicly funded TV station and their charter and use of public monies for news and current affairs reporting needs to be reviewed and perhaps decisions made to put those funds to better use.

If you want ALP propaganda 24 hours a day across all the News and Current Affairs content – just tune in to the ABC and more specifically ABC24.

To get an unbiased political slant through News and Current Affairs is hard in this Nation – surely we should be able to rely on the National Broadcaster to get it right some of the time.

Further on this for a moment longer – the ABC’s continued and unabashed biased slant in favour of Gillard,  not so much the Government but Gillard the person, and the every opportunity used to have a reverse crack at Tony Abbott is well-worn.

For christ’s sake – get some perspective – who ever is in charge of the ABC News and Current Affairs Department needs a refresher course in unbiased and opinionated journalism.  New leadership is needed for our National Broadcaster and their News and Current Affairs Dept.   Whoever is running the show at the moment is a personified fuckwit without pier …

Back to the Wilson Interview …

Wilson caught himself in at least a half-dozen lies in the 17 minute interview – for the ‘7:30 Report’ to air what they did – the rest left on the cutting floor would have to be horrible.   Wilson has no creditability now if he ever did,  and for him to profess a claim that Gillard was completely innocent only draws more attention to her.

If Wilson was the mastermind behind the fraud and setting it up – that man has long gone and allows speculation that he had to have been a puppet for someone else.

Could it be that Gillard was the organiser and Wilson the dupe … this whole thing could spin on its ear very quickly on the back of Wilson’s attempts to clear Gillard.   Who is pulling Gillard’s strings is a question that has been asked previously on this site.   Someone resurrected her after the S&G gig was over … Victorian Labour wanted nothing to do with her until Mark Arbib [ALP NSW Right] became involved and bought her back into the fold.

The NSW Right led the charge for Gillard to replace Rudd – the NSW Right own Eddie Obeid and Ian MacDonald, the NSW Right own Bob Carr – former members include Graham Richardson, Paul Keating, and a long list of former Labour bigwigs – Jack Lang, Neville Wran etc …

It is a very powerful and almost ‘secret society’ type order and they are embedded throughout Parliaments all across Australia … again a digression … but that is where the Wilson AWU fraud is headed.   It is the mask that covers so much more.  You break the silence on the AWU fraud, you gain the key to a whole generation of Union involvement in the ALP and the pre-selection process all the way to Leadership at State and Federal level.

For over 8 months now research has been undertaken into the Union brotherhood, the ACTU, and the flow of members funds.   It remains ongoing and the current phase is about finding records of Members funds for individual Unions and how annual membership dues are expended.

This AWU scandal has given some insight – the ‘Associations’, ‘re-election funds’, and employer contributions i.e. payoff’s to ensure Union support on building and other commercial sites – and all kept off books from the main Union members contributions accounts, this is where regulators and police investigations should begin looking.

The HSU for example – how did Mike Williamson and Craig Thompson get access to funds to expend in the way they did for as long as they did?

The whole network of plausible theory’s about the Union Leaders having the funds available for whim, and personal indulgencies makes for good copy.   How did the Federal Government come up with the reported $250k to cover Craig Thompson’s legal fees to prevent his bankruptcy and loss of office?

Where they Members funds siphoned off – or were they from some ‘slush-fund’ where funds are always available for these type of emergency contingencies?

Talk is that Slipper will also become a bankrupt if the Ashby case goes against him – the Judge’s decision has been reserved for over six weeks now … what is all that about – timing?

No – Bruce Wilson showed us last night that he had to be a puppet working for someone else in the AWU – was it Gillard … pure speculation but what better way for a known Union Law Firm to generate and act as a funding tool for a Political Party.

This interview reflects more on Gillard than Wilson – his claim that he received no proceeds of the scam,  that is was never a fraud, and that Ralph Blewitt is where everybody should be looking if they want to know where all the money went – all has the creditability of Eddie Obeid claiming all he was doing was following the recommendations of a well used ‘ALP Right’ blueprint of how to create personal wealth whilst serving as an MP.

This Wilson interview raises more questions than provides answers … how will Gillard and her ‘handbag squad’ respond in her defense now that Wilson has shown us all just how clever he is – and from that the next question is who was really pulling Wilson’s strings?

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  1. Gerry Hatrick
    November 28, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    I don’t like the concept of scoring parliamentary question time. A Coalition supporter will take those parts they like and emphasize what they choose, An ALP supporter will do similar to bias any debate to their perspective. As a swing voter you simply want truth, ethics, good and inspiring vision and logic amongst other things.

    This AWU “slush fund” has now raised too many questions, with every turn of the page just becoming more convoluted.

    The original question; If the PM was unable to act ethically then in the knowledge of law, is she a fit and proper person to lead this country?

    Supplementary question. If Ralph Blewitt is a person of low moral fibre, what has Julie Bishop got to answer about, when the PM has acted upon his questionable authority as a union delegate in this AWU scandal?

    Unasked questions. What was the nature of Thiess Contracting deposits to Union re-election fund bank a/c or reform association or any other name it might go by. This is Thiess as in Sir Lesley Thiess (trustee of the National Party) a figure of central interest in the Fitzgerald Enquiry and endowed through the School Building Fiasco of 2009-10. Why does an employer pay large sums of money to a union? Sure Sir Lesley passed on years ago but his business model is one of corrupting powerful officials

    The questions of Parliamentary question time are mute. I now simply wait for news summaries. Answers are obfuscating and dispersing not answers at all. Personal attacks are out of order, but not corrected by the speaker. Politics is at it’s worst!

    If the ALP can not properly address the entire matter following proper legal investigation and due process, then it will be left to a Liberal State Government to do so. Please Premier Bailleau or Barnett get a police task force to investigate this fraud. The only thing absolutely clear is there was a fraud. No one has directly denied that. The PM chants “I have done nothing wrong”. If this fraud is a fraction of what it appears to be, then as a solicitor, that is patently false. The first one here is to maintain the legal justice system.

    It is nothing to do with “make your allegation”. No one seems to have any clarity of knowledge or truth. Just another cancer on Parliament.

  2. November 28, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    Great comment Gerry – a very good question for the Victorian and WA Governments … it should happen as the Federal Opposition are unable to puncture the PM’s shield of denial …

    Question Time today was ‘the bottom of the barrell’ to use the PM’s words … but not for the reasons she espoused …

    As a mature person and some 57 years of age – the behaviour of this House reflects what everybody is thinking – blow the whole thing up … of the 150 MP’s how mant do you thionk have still to grow up … it is worse than kindergarden kids behaviour … it no longer works … everybody in the House acts with the upmost contempt and deep dis-respect …

    Financial penalities should be a part of the perview the Speaker has to control this bunch of nutters …

    To think this is representation of the highest office on the Land … The PM should consider her position and the cause and effect her past is having on the House … the Independents should look to themselves for allowing the continued behaviour of the House … for it is they who allow this Governemnt to stay in power …

    This AWU scandal will not be resolved during this Government – Gerry’s recommendation for State Gov’s to form a task force will scare the PM and the AWU … that would be something they had not figured on …

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