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EYE-BALL Opinion – The Collective v the Abstract – Gillard is aware of her wrong doings –

November 26, 2012

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– The Collective v the Abstract –
– Gillard is aware of her wrong doings –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 26th Nov 2012 |
The collective voice from the ALP Ministers and MP’s in support of Gillard in recent weeks and over the weekend is openly available from all areas of the media – yet the rumblings continue.

Who are her detractors,  who among them want to see Gillard on a spike?

Who among us all want to see her expose for all her lies and her maleficence as a puppet on behalf of the Union heavies who resurrected her life and her career?

Yesterday – a day where Wilson finally comes out and offers his ‘fraud based’ view that ‘Gillard is innocent’ – created pause before the final assault in the House today.

The Opposition have as much to lose as does the Government in this sitting week.  The theatre will be important and the Speaker will have her task put to the test early.

Preparations are being made, strategy planned on both sides, and the anticipation for all those who think Gillard a ‘crook’ they are hopeful the Opposition can do their task.

On the other side, Albanese spent the weekend trying to find precedence to intervene if the questions to be put to the PM have foundation – his role will be to obfuscate the Oppositions time at the dispatch box, to create mis-direction and raise ‘point’s of order’ and have the Speaker rule.  All a part of a plan to waste time and obstruct the Oppositions declared intent.

In essence it is a ‘chess game’ where opening moves will declare intent and strategy giving the Government a chance to respond in kind.

Those hoping for a clear winner on this first day of the House’s last session before rising for the two month Xmas break, will be disappointed.   If by Wednesday the Opposition has not drawn blood, then it will be safe to say that Gillard will survive the week and possibly into next year.

There are some ‘jokers’ – the Independents and what they intend to do should a motion of ‘no confidence’ become a part of the Opposition strategy.  The Opposition will not play that move unless they hold indications from the cross-benches as to their vote intention and they feel sure they have the numbers.   It’s a card you don’t play more than once in a sitting week.

The money trail is for the physical evidence – the questions for Gillard are based in Law and her role as a lawyer and Partner in the Slater & Gordon Law Firm.

For Gillard to claim as she has in that – ‘I have done nothing wrong’ – all the Opposition have to do is trap her in her own testimony in the House.


  1. Who was S&G’s primary client – and this goes to Gillard’s responsibilities to her S&G Partners, to her oath as an ‘Officer of the Court’,  and to her personal integrity in doing the ‘practice of law’, in the full knowledge that what she was doing represented a betrayal of her fellow Partners, and her ‘oath of office’ – the target of enquiry and questions should be about:
  • Did Gillard have any authorisation from the primary client S&G represented – i.e. AWU Victoria – to open up the Wilson Associations and the Bank accounts that became a part of those Associations,
  • What did Gillard do to ensure the interests of the AWU primary client was first and the foremost consideration in the advice Gillard was offering to Bruce Wilson,
  • Gillard’s reasons for keeping the file she opened on behalf of the Wilson advice as private and confidential, and off the S&G file database, needs to be explained in full given that that file is now ‘missing’,
  • The circumstances of how she became aware of the fraud and what action she took – aside from her admitted action of breaking off the personal relationship she had with Wilson,
  • Did she consider reporting the fraud – firstly to her Partners and the primary client in AWU Victoria, and secondly, to the police as her ‘oath of office’ required her to do so,
  • When did her relationship with Wilson begin, was it as a result of the S&G work she was doing for the existing AWU client, or was it from connections that were not associated with her professional job as a lawyer with S&G – i.e. did Wilson seek Gillard out to help with his planned fraud because S&G were representing AWU, and Gillard was connected to the existing AWU client,
  • Gillard needs to explain how she became aware of the fraud, i.e. did she discover something untoward, or was there an admission, or did she have suspicions she investigated and then discovered the premise of the Wilson fraud,
  • Depending on the response to the previous point – when did she report the discovery of the fraud to her fellow partners, if at all, how did the S&G partnership become aware of her involvement with Wilson and her connection to the Associations used to conduct the AWU fraud,  and was her record of interview with the S&G Partnership under a Q&A type investigation about a discovery  to the extent of S&G’s liability given Gillard’s complicity in the Associations being established –
  • Was the S&G actions after the discovery of the fraud in not advising the AWU primary client to do with the Firm protecting itself?
  1. The second major issue of enquiry arising from the scandal revolves around the discrepancies in Gillard’s statements.  Her response in the House to Julie Bishop’s questions on the 1st Nov ’12 – Hansard record inked here – see page 95 of PDF file –  relating to when Gillard became aware of the fraud, and when the fraud was reported to the police draws doubt on the honesty of her response.   This goes to the Ian Cambridge affidavit – linked here – which provides a time line structure of events that do not align with the statements already given by Gillard. For Example:
  • Ian Cambridge claims that the AWU S&G were representing did not become aware of the Wilson fraud until 1996, some 12 months after S&G did their own internal investigation that resulted in Gillard taking an extended leave of absence, why didn’t S&G report the Wilson fraud to the AWU primary representatives. This suggests gross probity issues on behalf of S&G and prejudicial conduct that cost their client large sums of money as the accounts Wilson still had control after the fraud was discovered were still be accessed and monies withdrawn.
  • The question has been answered by Gillard that she cannot be sure if defrauded funds were not used for personal use, or she did not benefit personally from those defrauded funds – her subsequent response to all questions on this matter since that – ‘I did not do anything wrong’ – hinges on this issue. If it can be shown that Gillard did receive a financial benefit – her creditability is completely destroyed. The evidence in this issue has to be so convincing, that even her worst enemies concede that she did not receive a benefit.
  • Bruce Wilsons claimed over the weekend that Gillard is innocent, his first comments made on the issue ever. They carry no weight. In fact, it draws more attention when her Ministers come out saying because Wilson has now made his claim, Gillard is innocent and the ‘smear’ campaign should stop. All questions have not been answered. It defies common sense that Ministers of the Government should take the position to defend Gillard when the law associated with her conduct has not been answered or put to her.
  • There is also the question for Ms Roxon, did she have, see, or deal with the S&G AWU file surrounding the Gillard/Wilson connection as a part of her responsibilities to Maurice Blackburn, her employer, and the new lawyers representing the AWU after they transferred their account from S&G.
  • What does Ms Roxon know about the Wilson fraud – and is she able to discuss the matter or is she still bound by attorney/client privilege.   Can Wilson give permission for Roxon to give a candid response to questions arising from her involvement.

The issue of the attorney client privilege can and is working to protect S&G and Gillard.  That same protection is working for Roxon in that sh can stay silent and argue that she is complying with the law.

As Gerry – a frequent commentator on this site has stated – nothing less than a Royal Commission into this, with an expanded mandate into all Union funds and the reporting of their use for all Unions in Australia will discover what really happened.

The AWU wanted this matter kept quite – and that includes ALP heavies including current MP Bill Shorten, past Senator Graham Richardson,  Premier Carr and his connection to the Ian Cambridge appointment to the NSW Industrial Commission at a time when Cambridge was pursuing a Royal Commission in 1996 into the AWU scandal.

This toxic sludge has been buried and gathering a catharsis of pent up emotion and conjecture – a Royal Commission will uncover the deep roots of Union fraud at the highest levels.   This is the achilles heel of the Union movement – snap it now and you get rid of a century of corruption and intimidation dominating the ALP faction groups and the backroom deals done withe the faceless men to get their charges appointed as Senators and pre-selected in safe Labour seats.

Australia has a chance here to cleanse the stacked deck.   All Australians should see this opportunity for what it represents.   Write you local Member and give them your view and dare them to do the right thing.

It begins this afternoon – tune in for Question time at 2:00pm AEDST – let the games begin.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. November 26, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    Unbelieveable – Gillard has trumped the opposition by holding another press conference an hour before she was due to be drilled by the Opposition in the House.

    Watching ABC24 andthe questions being put are unaudioable … but nothing yet convinces me .. she has control of the room, the responses seem to be on her terms without supplementary’s – she speaks legal terms and proceedures using the time toi break it down to simple terms … the $5000 bank deposit was brushed aside – she claimed she has aske dthe Bank for records and the CBA has told her they are unavailable … not sure of the truth in the CNA not being able to provide the records – Gillard can only report what the Bank has told her …

    Nobody has asked her about the crime or the fraud and when or how she be came aware …

    Laura Tingle fumbled her way through a question the TV audience could not hear … the journalist’s are affraid they are not attacking as would a Paul Lynem, or a Mike Williese … not sure if Hedley Thomas or Mike Smith received an invite …

    Gillard proved once again she is a consumate performed in front of a camera … never at any stage was she caught off-guard … and given the depth and breadth of the reporting on this issue – surely someone from the professional journalist in attendence knew what questions to ask …

    There is only one way to get to the bottom and that is under oath in a court fronting a Royal Commission where a single person wioth al the facts asks the questions – the Press Conference works for Gillard and intimidates all who want to line up to get noticed …

  2. November 26, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    2:10pm – the public gallery is not packed – more empty then full and the same with the Press Gallery. Still going through the endulgence’s …

  3. November 26, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    2:45pm: The Public Gallery has filled … no view of the press gallery – Gillard has been asked questions solely by Julie Bishop – Gillard’s responses are about telling Bishop about the way law works … basicly tellingh Bishop how to suck eggs … Gillard is holding the House in contempt if one was to draw a long bow – she continues to averts direct responses and goes around the question until time expires …

    No help from Albanese needed at the moment … score – Gov 6 – Opp – 0

  4. November 26, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    3:10pm: Maybe it is my misogynyism but Jenny Macklin just awoke me … men can truly fear the whinning voice of this hard nosed Minister … she sparked the banter conversation which was a quite session – Opposition MP’s were quite in ‘rowdiness’ terms … the PM called a halt and could not resist the quip to put on record that the Opposition Leader was indeed in attendence … Score – Gov 12 – Opp – 0 …

    A fizzer if you were looking for fireworks and all on account of the PM’s strategy to hold a press conference an hour before Question time … no doubt she is in control of this story and whatever we all write and want … she has deflected all inuendo’s and unless the ‘smoking gun’ comes up with real hard evidence … the PM will enjoy her Xmas break more so than the Opposition Leader and his band of rag-tag performers …

  5. November 26, 2012 at 5:28 pm

    Ben Fordam spoke with Mike Smith about the Gillard Press Conference today – this will not go away – a must listen:


    Ben also spoke with Ralph Blewitt about Gillards smearing Blewitt in avoding answering the questions about Power of Attorney …


  6. November 26, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    Full ABC video of Gillard Press Conference 26th Nov 2012 …


    There are 2 videos – the short version and the long version …

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