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EYE-BALL Opinion – Distressed Damsel Gillard’s Black Knight – Bruce Wilson’s 11th hour offer to defend Gillard –

November 25, 2012

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– Distressed Damsel Gillard’s Black Knight –
– Bruce Wilson’s 11th hour offer to defend Gillard –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 25th Nov 2012 |
Overnight Bruce Wilson broke his silence on the Gillard involvement in the AWU scandal.

The timing could not be more calculated with the House set to resume Monday [tomorrow] – and the Opposition’s fore-warning to the PM over the past week that they plan to strip back her life and expose her in full for her past sins connected with  the criminal aspects of the AWU fraud.

Why didn’t Gillard report the fraud to the police when she claims she discovered it for the first time in 1995?  As a lawyer it was her duty to report the crime … she has not responded to this question when asked by Julie Bishop in the House on the 1st Nov ’12 – see this link to Hansard [edit updated 26/11/12] on the questions posed.

Bruce Wilson has made his first on the record comment to be published in papers around the Nation tomorrow [Monday].  Snippets released in the ‘Daily Telegraph’ today highlight Wilson saying –

“Julia Gillard had absolutely no knowledge of anything that went after and people can search and continue this hunt all they like but they will find nothing. Nothing,” Fairfax quoted Mr Wilson as saying.

These statements released a day before Gillard was to face her possible demise in the Parliament House sitting over the next week has caused a pause in the media’s thinking and momentum in building the story.

The past weeks has seen a build up of revelations and presentation of circumstantial evidence all painting Gillard into a corner.   To reassess some of these events – please visit the following links to get first hand reporting on the past matters raised in the last week:

  1. Firstly – Paul Murray of Sky News presents the Nick Styant-Browne release of documents on his 22nd Nov broadcast that included a statement of fact about when Gillard new about, and how the purchase of the Kerr St property was funded.
  2. Secondly – Bill Shorten gave an interview on Lateline on the 21st Nov – and called the ‘slush-fund’ accounts as ‘inappropriate’ and ‘unauthorised’, thus distancing himself from Gillard – see video of interview linked here:
  3. Thirdly – Wayne Swan defended Gillard yesterday – 24th Nov, in the light of the past weeks fresh accounts against Gillard’s role in the AWU scandal/fraud – i.e. the Hedley Thomas stories based on the Ian Cambridge diaries and other matters including:
  • the $5000 cash deposit to Gillard’s bank account – story linked here
  • the implication of ALP Member Chris Hayes in payments to ‘slush fund’ accounts – story linked here
  • the connections made over a, AWU ‘slush-fund’ $15,000 cashed cheque and a $10,00 bank cheque paid for by these cashed funds that appear to have been used to pay for renovations to Gillards home – see story here
  • the Ralph Blewitt confession to Victorian Police made Friday last – see ‘7:30 Report’ interview here
  • Wayne Swan gave a press conference yesterday – 24th Nov – to offer comment that called Nick Styant-Browne ‘disgruntled’, and Ralph Blewitt as ‘lacking creditability’ and that – ‘it is all a smear campaign’ – watch Sky News video of his interview hereread story here
  1. Now hear Sky News video comment from the ‘Daily Telegraph’ journalist STEVE LEWIS about what Bruce Wilson said in his statement  – linked here … read Daily Telegraph story here

There had been a building expectation about next week’s Parliamentary House sittings.

Yesterday Gillard appeared to be a fully cooked turkey awaiting a thanksgiving feast … today with the release of the Wilson statement it has caused a holding pattern where the turkey has put back in the oven for further cooking.  Perhaps the Wilson ‘fork-test’ reveal some blood ooze indicating more cooking is required – maybe the story is still a little underdone and has more to offer.

Some questions for Bruce Wilson –

  • Why has Bruce Wilson chosen to talk now when all looked lost for Gillard?
  • Why has he refused to give an account for well over 12 months since this story gained new life?
  • Why has Wilson made claims to discredit Ralph Blewitt as someone that was a – ‘very risky’ – source of information?  [‘The Daily Telegraph’ gave this comment in the linked Sky News video above.]
  • A skeptic might ask – was Wilson paid for his story –
  • Was he asked to make a statement by the PM, or advisors acting on behalf of the PM given how desperate things were looking for the PM heading into next week?

Swan’s claims in his defence of Gillard yesterday that Blewitt has ‘creditability’ issues, and S&G former Partner Styant-Browne was ‘disgruntled’.

If one was to use Swan’s pretense for discrediting both Blewitt and Styant-Browne – what can be said of Wilson’s creditability?  What about the Ian Cambridge diaries, the Bob Kernohan claims,  the acknowledgement by Gillard that she knew of the fraud in 1995 and did nothing about it other than to break off her relationship?

Blewitt has taken a risk in coming back to Australia to make his statements.  His request for an immunity deal has been granted and it will keep him out of jail.   He has nothing to lose in the claims he has made other then to either confirm his creditability over the events of the AWU fraud, or settle old scores with Bruce Wilson and Julia Gillard.   Either way claims that Blewitt is less than creditable have foundation, but then the same applies to responses from Bruce Wilson and Julia Gillard.

One could be cynical and draw some lines in the sand and allow a constructive appraisal of Swan’s defense of Gillard.

Take Swan’s tirade against Rudd earlier this year,  … see YouTube clip below with Swan’s and other Gillard Minister’s comments about Rudd and the ALP Leadership earlier this year – comments begin from 3:50 sec mark –

Watching this clip will bring back painful memories for ALP supporters, and again remind us how far the ALP caucus has disconnected from the ALP support base.

To compare Swan’s comments with his concession days ago about Rudd being the architect of the GFC response that saved Australia – give Swan’s own creditability a sewer dump as well.

The EYE-BALL Guru has called Swan the dumbest Treasurer ever in many of his posts where he highlights Swan’s ineptness at his responsibilities as the Treasurer … this might be a biased opinion … but then when the facts and figures are measured, Swan has given us all plenty of reasons for this assessment.

How should anyone regard any statement from Bruce Wilson given Mr Swan’s easy dismissal of Ralph Blewitt and Nick Styant-Browne’s statements under creditability issues?

One could say it is all smoke and mirrors – and any real evidence will come from a ‘follow the money’ type investigation.   It is still the best way to get to the bottom of the matter and that goes again to Hedley Thomas, the Ian Cambridge diaries, and the investigative journalism underway in digging up the Bank account statements and obtaining copies of the cheques and deposit slips and pursuing the trail of funds.   This is a timely exercise but it will be precise.

If Gillard is involved there is no chance of her or her ‘cleaners’ tinkering with this type of evidence – i.e. – past history over the lost files from Slater & Gordon, and the West Australian storage facilities can only point to a previous ‘cleansing’ of the background evidence to protect Gillard.

For more on this see the latest ‘Kangaroo Court of Australia’ story on the appointment of Federal Court Chief Justice Patrick Keane as a High Court Judge – linked here.

Reading between the lines on this Shane Dowling story,  one might thing Keane reward in a High Court posting, was for doing his part in losing files crucial to the AWU fraud.   As Shane Dowling states – there will be more in this as the ‘missing files’ becomes more of an issue.

The ‘Bolt Report’ discussed the Bruce Wilson comments this morning – view YouTube clip of this discussion below:

Gillard and her media team have made a complete mess of what should have been a clean skin-issue from the outset.  Had she gave a full and frank account of her involvement many years ago – this issue would not be coming back at her as it has done time and time again.

The reason why she has not been able to give a full account is because it would incriminate her.  It would reveal how her behaviour as a Lawyer is the reason for the ’cause and effect’ of the scandal in the first place.  Since she first responded to the AWU allegations – the comments have been about her being ‘a young and naive’ person that has not flown, then it became – ‘I did nothing wrong’,  and the evidence has shown that she did do plenty wrong.  What will her next defense be?

What will she now offer – will she claim that Bruce Wilson’s account of her involvement is something we all should take on face value … hardly.

Nothing has changed and the headlines about the Bruce Wilson comments has allowed the turkey to now become fully cooked, rested and now awaiting a feast for all of Australia’s ‘disgruntled’ voters.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. Hog Shooter
    November 25, 2012 at 2:15 pm

    The procession of ALP Ministers and MP’s who have come out today saying the AWU is now a non story and that all conspiracy theorists no longer have any reason to doubt Gillards involvement suggests Gillard is rallying the troops much like she did in the Rudd showdown earlier this year.

    Beware the ‘bear trap’!

  2. hillbilly33
    November 25, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    Look for Bruce Wilson to be the next Full Whitewash Association – sorry, Fair Work Australia Commissioner. Gillard has proved to be fantastic at protecting Union crooks caught with their hands in the till, providing judicial and other plum appointments for her “friends” and even for some who could prove embarrassing if they told what they knew or were allowed to testify! And we all know how Gillard hates “misogynists,” apart from the sleazebag Peter Slipper, who helped ,and is helping her cling to office.

    Gillard is the evil personification of the old saying; power corrupts, – absolute power corrupts absolutely!!

    However, the situation is not altered in any way. It was a gross breach of Rules of Practice and many other obligations to her main client and partners when she entered and maintained the illicit relationship with Bruce Wilson and kept it secret.

    It was a gross breach of Rules of the AWU, Rules of Practice, obligations to her main client and her partners when she unlawfully assisted Wilson to set up and incorporate the unauthorised sham association, and keep her actions secret, enabling him to open and operate unauthorised bank accounts and commit substantial fraud,

    Until the focus and spotlight is put and kept on those events, Gillard will continue to slime her way out of being brought to justice, aided and abetted by equally culpable members of her disgusting government and a bevy of sycophantic supporters in the ABC, MSM and other organisations!!

  3. November 25, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    Hi Hillbilly,

    I hear the frustration in your words … I’m sick to death of the Government and their pot-hole crap …

    I was looking for the reason why it might derail itself – what did it cost for Gillard to get Wilson to speak out given the distance between the two since they were lovers … that is a story itself.

    Tony Burke looked more of a dillathon today than he did last week trying to sell the Murray Basin deal … Roxon on ‘Meet the Press’, Kim Carr surprised many with his support, the other ALP MP’s and Ministers all caling for the media to back off …

    It will be like a honey pot for bees and Gillard’s long practise of troop rallying won’t deter the hunters.

    Gillard will need a new bluff … and all this in her desperate attempt to hold onto power in a minority Government held together with support from corrupt MP’s Thompson and Slipper, an the other Independent’s Wilkie, Oakeshott and Windsor.

    The chess board has a game under way and it has now come down to the final moves …

    1. if Oakeshott, Windsor turn themselves into queens and help sink Gillard will it save them at the next Election…
    2. will that mean a disolvement of Parliament and Abbott has a go to try and form a new Government … with the help of the Independants … or
    3. if the ALP Caucus rumblings being talked about come to anything will that be enough to force Gillard out … with Swan or another taking over …

    The week still promise’ much …

  4. November 25, 2012 at 5:52 pm

    I’ve followed this saga for months through Larry Pickering, Michael Smith, Hedley Thomas, Andrew Bolt and others. Ms Gillard attended an auction with Bruce Wilson where he bought a house in Melbourne in Ralph Blewitt’s name and using Blewitt’s Power of Attorney. There are now legal questions as to the validity of that document. Also I find it incredulous that Ms Gillard says she has no memory of a letter addressed to her directly and faxed to her number by the Commonwealth Bank when it was for her boyfriend’s property insurance. I doubt very much that given her personal interest in the property that Ms Gillard would not personally handle that aspect, given the proof is in the letter.

    Quite simply Julie Bishop will ask the right questions producing supporting documents and Ms Gillard is duty bound to the Australian public to answer them truthfully.

    Bill Shorten has distanced himself from the Prime Minister which is a sign of what must be talked about behind closed doors in Labor’s inner sanctum.

    This afternoon on Bolt’s report Labor man John Black said the phones are already ringing and that indicates to me that all is not well in Labor ranks.

  5. BuddaBalls
    November 25, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    Mike Smith posted a link to 2UE’s Jason Morrison’s comment on the AWU scandal.

    Linked here: http://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2012/11/a-great-man-and-a-great-mate-hes-on-your-side-too.html

    Mr Morrison’s comments repreent where Australian’s are on ths matter and the ALP Caucus and Independents had better come to terms with it before the electorate completely rejects them out of hand.

  6. November 25, 2012 at 6:00 pm

    Welcome Noels,

    Thanks for your contribution and I agree as well.

  7. Gerry Hatrick
    November 26, 2012 at 9:33 am

    The now considered mad man of the French Revolution Maximilien de Robespierre said “slowness of judgments is equal to impunity”. His part in the french revolution will be studied again for many centuries. At first against state organised terror, but ultimately blamed for guillotining for guilt by association.

    The evidence of Bruce Wilson is laughable. The evidence of Ralph Blewitt is too questionable. As an officer of the Supreme Court of Vic Julia Gillard had many responsibilities. Know your client. Establish your authority. Slater Gordon themselves may have acted questionably “responsible” in stopping Julia Gillard but they too have acted out of self interest. The file on the matter is missing.

    Was there justice both done and seen to be done at that time?

    So now as questions arise over her Prime Ministership, fit for office, a government in constant crisis, issues keep festering, unable to deal with their real purpose. All we can see is a government who can not address the problems as they arise, but need to try to convince us we have never had so good. Look at our unemployment (relatively), look at our GDP trajectory, we are about education and national disability and a clean energy future.

    If we can’t stop the rot soon, this cancer will kill us all. Just look at those in the world who were living in a fools paradise. They now fight for justice throughout Europe, particularly Madrid and Athens. Lesser developed countries fight civil wars. Just like the French Revolution over 2 centuries ago. Cairo over the weekend is another excellent example. A president Mohamed Morsi who believes a different set of rules apply to him.

    Oh Absalom.

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