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EYE-BALL Opinion – Hedley Thomas plunges the knife – Gillard mortally wounded –

November 24, 2012

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– Hedley Thomas plunges the knife –
– Gillard mortally wounded –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 24th Nov 2012 |
The ‘kill-shot’ in journalistic terms is when a Journo sets up his prey and then delivers a story that leaves the object of the story opened, prone, and willing to accept the evidence as presented and finally wilts to the inevitable acceptance that they have been lying all along.

Gillard all week has remained  defiant, using advisors to respond to media questions,  hiding as much as she can but on the occasion where she did face questions she never wavered on her ‘stump’ story.   Yet it was noticeable that her demeanour has weakened, she has a look of inevitable disclosure about her, the fire in her eyes has gone,  she looks defeated and it will be a miraculous recovery to see her survive from here.

The source of reasons this week has been a number of new turning points including – the Styant-Browne7:30 Report‘ interview, linked here – the Ralph Blewitt arrival to give evidence to Victorian Police, and by far the most damaging leakage has been the ongoing contents of the Ian Cambridge diaries, and in particular the Hedley Thomas story filed today titled – “Members’ fund a pot of gold official plundered at will“, and produced below.

This story by Hedley Thomas and Pia Akerman was the second story filed during the week, both are presented in full below: [in full because you need a digital pass to read the story on-line – unless you copy and paste the headline into a search engine.]

Labor MP Chris Hayes drawn into AWU controversy

| Author: Hedley Thomas and Pia Akerman | Date: Nov 23rd, 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

LABOR MP Chris Hayes has been drawn into the Australian Workers Union controversy by allegations made by disgraced AWU boss Bruce Wilson that as a union official in the 1990s he was involved in talks with a major Australian company that later put “donations” into a slush fund.

The Labor member for Fowler in western Sydney yesterday declined to comment on allegations, which are contained in the diary of Ian Cambridge, the Australian Workers Union joint national secretary who in the 90s was trying to root out corruption in the union.

But another union official who became a Labor senator, Michael Forshaw, rejected as “absolute rubbish” any suggestion contained in the diary that he was involved in the meetings with the oil and gas producer Woodside Petroleum.

The diary of Mr Cambridge has been obtained by The Australian. Mr Cambridge, now a commissioner for Fair Work Australia, has confirmed that the diary is an accurate reflection of what he was told during a tumultuous period in which he and AWU president Bill Ludwig led a crackdown on fraud perpetrated by Julia Gillard’s then boyfriend, Bruce Wilson. The Prime Minister has admitted setting up an association for Mr Wilson, which the then AWU state secretary and his bagman Ralph Blewitt later used to defraud hundreds of thousands of dollars by soliciting payments from companies.

The companies, including Woodside, later said they believed their payments were for legitimate purposes.

Ms Gillard later described the AWU Workplace Reform Association as a “slush fund” for the re-election of union officials. She has repeatedly denied wrongdoing, saying she knew nothing of the operations of the fund.

The diary discloses that on August 15, 1995, Mr Cambridge met Mr Wilson in Melbourne to discuss Mr Wilson’s attempts to “get (redundancy) money and be allowed to get out” of the union.

“During the course of the evening discussion emerged regarding some of the moneys in the funds in Victoria and at one point Wilson indicated that we were in the same restaurant which is Cerabonas in which discussions regarding the payments by Woodside in respect to one of these employer ‘donations’ was concluded and that involved discussions with himself, then secretary Michael Forshaw, assistant secretary Chris Hayes and two representatives from Woodside who he named, but I cannot remember their names,” the diary says.

“Wilson then went on to make astounding revelations about the nature of the construction industry and some of the things that occurred such as the requirement to have a barbeque and beer put on at the return to work after any stoppage. He also then revealed that he and others such as Ralph Blewitt had been involved in the practice of damaging plant and equipment, such as setting fire to backhoes or other earthmoving equipment, or getting a battery-operated drill and drilling out tyres, essentially rendering the tyres useless.”

Mr Hayes, who was the assistant national secretary of the AWU in the 90s before entering politics by winning Werriwa in 2005 after the resignation of Mark Latham, declined to answer a series of questions from The Australian. “Given you have not provided me with these alleged documents, I do not believe I am in a position to comment,” he said.

However, Mr Forshaw, who was a high-ranking official of the AWU and then a Labor senator for NSW from 1994 until his retirement last year, strenuously denied the account attributed to Mr Wilson in the diary, including that he and Mr Hayes were present at such a meeting.

He told The Australian yesterday that any claim he had discussed underhanded payments with Mr Wilson and Woodside was “absolute rubbish”.

“I never had anything to do with any meetings that Bruce Wilson had with Woodside to get money out of (them),” he said. “I certainly didn’t know about the existence of these accounts.”

Mr Forshaw said while he had dined with Mr Wilson when visiting Melbourne from head office in Sydney, and also dined frequently with Mr Hayes, he could not remember any specific meal which Woodside staff also attended.

Mr Forshaw said major companies would sometimes contribute funds for industry training bodies and other causes as a show of goodwill during negotiations.

A spokeswoman for Woodside said company staff “periodically met with Mr Wilson in the 80s and 90s in his role as an official for the AWU in Western Australia and Victoria as per normal business practice”. “Woodside participated in the Victorian Fraud Squad investigation in 1996 regarding payments made to the AWU and no action was taken in relation to Woodside’s conduct,” she said.

Mr Wilson, who has been implicated in the fraud by Mr Blewitt, has repeatedly declined to comment.

The Victorian slush fund, the AWU Members Welfare No 1 Account, received significant payments from large companies including Woodside, and building giants Thiess and John Holland. Those companies later said they were led to believe their payments of more than $150,000 were for legitimate union purposes.

Bank documents show that Woodside, through the company’s lawyers Phillips Fox, made two payments totalling $59,000 which went directly into Mr Wilson’s Victorian fund in June 1995.

Mr Wilson controlled two slush funds, one in Victoria and the other in Perth which Ms Gillard helped set up

… and todays story in the ‘Weekend Australian’, the most damaging of all …

Members’ fund a pot of gold official plundered at will

| Author: Hedley Thomas & Pia Akerman | Date: Nov 24th, 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

[Click on image above to enlarge in a new window.]

CASH was king in Australia in 1994 and 95. For a couple of years, in which mortgage rates pushed above 10 per cent and national unemployment rates were not far behind, Bruce Wilson ruled.

The union official controlled two secret slush funds, stuffed with cash from major employers who provided the work performed by members of the Australian Workers Union.

None of the money in the funds was earned in the traditional way by Mr Wilson or the members of Australia’s oldest union.

It was quietly doled out to Mr Wilson’s slush fund in Victoria — the quaintly-named AWU Members Welfare Association No 1 account — in large cheques from companies such as Woodside (through its solicitors, Phillips Fox) and construction groups Thiess, John Holland and Fluor Daniel.

Those companies and several others relied on Mr Wilson — who as state secretary held sway over members of the AWU in Victoria and elsewhere — to complete their major building projects without industrial stoppages.

Workplace unrest was profit-killing.

But, as Commonwealth Bank records and other documents examined by The Weekend Australian show, Mr Wilson — who at the time was Julia Gillard’s boyfriend and her client at law firm Slater & Gordon — was a cavalier spender of slush fund cash.

He lived a high life in inner Melbourne in a Fitzroy property purchased for $230,000 in 1993 with about $100,000 from his other slush fund — the similarly secret AWU Workplace Reform Association that Ms Gillard provided advice to help him set up.

Aside from the purchase of the trendy terrace house, Mr Wilson and his bagman, Ralph Blewitt, made numerous cash withdrawals in large lumps from the accounts of the Perth-based slush fund to finance the lifestyle.

In Melbourne, Mr Wilson repeatedly helped himself to the money in the Victorian slush fund.

Its cheque and cash management accounts had the words “Members Welfare”, but the AWU’s people were not its beneficiaries, nor were they even aware of it — this was Mr Wilson’s scam and pot of wealth to be plundered as he wished.

He had one other signatory to the Victorian slush fund, Jim Collins, who would subsequently disclose to the union’s national joint secretary, Ian Cambridge, that Mr Wilson did what he liked. Mr Collins did what he was told.

Mr Cambridge, who called for a royal commission into the fraud in his own union, made a diary entry in which he described a July 1996 conversation with Mr Collins, “who could probably understand now the seriousness of the matter”.

According to the entry, Mr Collins confided that “although he was the second signatory to ‘some of those accounts’ and that on occasions he might pre-sign 10 or 15 cheques in advance, he did not think that he could be accountable for what may or may not have happened with some of this money”.

For Victorian police, who yesterday interviewed Mr Blewitt, and for the Prime Minister, who has repeatedly and strenuously rejected suggestions of wrongdoing by her, questions over where the money went are critical.

Mr Blewitt is understood to have told police about his role in a large and organised fraud with the help of the Perth-based slush fund, as well as his own role in the renovation of Ms Gillard’s house in Abbotsford in Melbourne’s east.

Police have hundreds of documents to examine. The Federal Court holds files for legal proceedings launched in 1995 and 1996 by the AWU and Mr Cambridge, supported by the union’s then president, Bill Ludwig, to try to unravel a fraud perpetrated using the slush funds controlled by Mr Wilson.

One of those files contains affidavit material including bank documents obtained from the CBA. One is a $15,000 cheque for cash drawn on the Victorian slush fund, the AWU Members Welfare No 1 account, on April 27, 1995.

Mr Collins and Mr Wilson signed the cheque. The handwriting on an accompanying note later handed over by the bank to Mr Cambridge states: “5000 — cash. K. Spyridis — 10,000 B/chq.”

Kon Spyridis is now retired and living in inner Melbourne, but at the time had a business called KM & J Spyridis and did building work around the city, including extensive work valued at more than $30,000 to refit new offices for the AWU at the request of Mr Wilson.

Mr Spyridis was introduced to Ms Gillard by AWU organiser Bill “the Greek” Telikostoglou and they were both involved in the renovations on her workers’ cottage in Abbotsford.

Mr Spyridis — a former branch organiser for the Liberal Party who worked in the fashion industry before moving into building work — says he was not paid with bank cheques for the AWU work but today recalls Ms Gillard paying him with two bank cheques for the renovation work on her house, for amounts totalling about $3500.

His current recollection of the amount he was paid for the work on the house chimes approximately with Ms Gillard’s 1995 recollection when she was interviewed by the firm’s senior partner, Peter Gordon, of agreeing to pay Mr Spyridis $3780 in two tranches.

According to Ms Gillard’s 1995 interview, those payments were made several months after Mr Spyridis received the bank cheque from the Victorian slush fund.

Asked about the payments he received for the renovation of the house, Mr Spyridis told The Weekend Australian: “I get my money and that’s it.”

Ms Gillard insisted on August 23 this year that she paid for the renovations to her own house. In 1995, however, she told her law firm in the tape-recorded interview that she could not categorically rule out whether union money or slush fund money went into the cottage, “but I can’t see how it’s happened”.

The Prime Minister says she had no knowledge of the operations of the fund.

Ms Gillard revealed in the 1995 interview during an internal probe by the firm that she went on holiday and “Bruce, whilst I was away, decided that I should just get it done so he commenced with a group of friends demolishing the bathroom . . . “By the time I came back the bathroom had been demolished so I had no option but to get the rest of the renovations done and a series of tradespeople who Jim Collins predominantly organised, Jim Collins being an organiser at the AWU . . . a series of tradespeople came in and did the renovation . . .”

The story Thomas is pursuing is about the money. The trail of money and how it was spent.

The Nixon ‘Watergate’ scandal movie – ‘All the President’s Men’ – a movie about the ‘Watergate’ scandal included that famous line delivered by Hal Holebrook as the whistleblower – ‘follow the money’.

How the money was collected in any trackback is difficult unless people come forward and make a complaint about being ‘ripped’ off.  But once the money hits a bank account, it is easy to follow, and as electronic technology has advanced – the forensic type tracking of cash flows becomes easier and a matter of fact.

Back in 1993-5 – computers were Corporations tools – personal computers like we have today were rare and operated under a DOS system. Windows did not come in until 1995. The hard copy of the cheque above would have come from Bank records, and there will be a host of them all picked off statements showing the cash in and cash out … this is what the police will focus on and many more questions will be asked about where the funds came and went.

Gillard can expect more of the same circumstantial type evidence to be put to her in the weeks and months ahead.  Any continuing refusal to give account where she has knowledge will incriminate her even more.

The PM just does not get it – as a Prime Minister there can be no suggestion of impropriety – yet her whole past is embroiled in controversial Union back-room dealings,  many involving fraud on a massive scale.  Every day she protests and continues to hold office is a reason why the electorate at large have diminished their respect for the office of the Prime Minister, and in particular Julia Gillard.

She is doing harm to the future of this Nation every day she continues to serve as PM, and our creditability with our neighbours, and trading partners will suffer greatly under that scrutiny.

The following letter was sent to the ABC – ‘Insiders’ program via their ‘contact us’ link yesterday:

| November 23, 2012 at 7:03 pm |

Sent to The Insiders, Att Barry Cassidy – 23rd Nov 2012.


To Mr Barry Cassidy and the Producers of the ABC Insiders Program,

Title: – “YUCK FILES” – ABC’s “Insiders” – Barry Cassidy – Link: https://bleyzie.wordpress.com/2012/10/28/eye-ball-opinions-yuck-files-abcs-insiders-barry-cassidy/

As the campaign against the Prime Minister and her association with the AWU scandal heated up this week – the question is will Barry Cassidy roll away from his obvious bias and present a balanced presentation on Sunday?

The EYE-BALL Opinion and its Authors have pursued a cause against the legitimacy of Ms Gillard to hold the office of PM for well over 12 months.

Throughout that period the ABC ‘Insiders’ has not offered a balanced perspective, their denial of Gillard’s involvement and willingness to give her all benefit of the doubt, is not true journalism but a biased position held by Barry Cassidy and other guests on the program.

The dismissal of Glenn Milne over this story 12 months ago is a revisit that will be a hard pill to swallow – but when it all falls and Gillard abdicates – will ‘Insiders’ and Cassidy be big enough to say sorry to the Australian people for not doing their job.

The EYE-BALL Opinion.

No response or acknowledgment has yet been received.

In recent days the ABC24 has began to pick up the story – of note was the ‘7:30 Report’ interview Leigh Sails had with ex Slater & Gordon Partner Nick Styant-Browne – see this link to watch replay of interview – since this interview the ABC now seems resigned to dumping their defence of Julia Gillard. The obvious question was why did they wait all this time before they accepted what was evident to us all many months ago.

The Ian Cambridge diaries have by far created the most damage to Gillard’s defence offerings, most notably her continued statement that – ‘I did nothing wrong’ now seems a bit like Bill Clinton saying – ‘I never had sex with that woman’.

What will it take for Gillard to stop the futile efforts in trying to defend herself?

Whatever her part was, she was complicit – she was involved in deeds that a registered and Partnered Lawyer had no right to be involved with including:

  • she breached her professional responsibilities to her fellow Partners at S&G,
  • she became involved in a personal relationship with her client in breach of all known professional ethics,
  • she knew the advice she was giving Wilson in setting up the AWU Reform/Welfare Associations was in breach of her responsibilities as a Lawyer and could compromise her fellow S&G Partner’s – examples of that breach of trust include –
    • the file created for the Wilson AWU business was kept off-books so to speak,
    • there were no invoices issued for the work she did on the account,
    • her personal connection with the purchase of the 85 Kerr St property was hidden during an interview of events she gave fellow partners,
    • her acknowledge that the associations were set up as a ‘slush fund’, and,
    • to then set about a process to deceive Regulatory registrations of the Associations about their real purpose as being a ‘re-election’ Association, was openly dishonest and a disbarment offence.
  • she compromised the S&G client relationship with the ‘real’ AWU client,
  • she knew that Wilson was an AWU employee, and yet she decided not to seek advice from the existing AWU client and the firms contact with that client about setting up the new Association’s and the Bank accounts,
  • the admission that she could not be certain that she did not received a benefit from the proceeds of the Wilson accounts, and in the context of the Hedley Thomas story above, there is little doubt that Gillard knew who paid for her renovations, and yet in her 23rd August press conference – she claimed she paid for all her renovations.

Gillard wants an allegation – well the police are formally proceeding with an investigation that might just provide her with a response to that request.   She can no longed expect to have the benefit of any doubt – a benefit that many of us believe she should never of had in the first place.

Regardless of what now transpires – history shows that Bill Clinton’s leadership was pole-axed after the Monica Lewinsky affair – Gillard is already pole-axed in terms of what portion of the electorate support her.   The electorate is smart enough to be able to read between the lines and know that her continued Leadership as the Prime Minister only creates more disrespect for the Independents who continue to keep her in power, and the ALP caucus who seem ‘frozen’ in the spotlight glare and refuse to do anything about the problem.

We are watching the demise of the ALP on a scale never before seen by this generation.  The load of ALP in-house corruption unfolding now and into the next 12 odd months include:

  • The Obeid ICAC inquiry …
  • the Slipper/Ashby judgement …
  • the Slipper/Ashby fallout for Roxon and her AG role in trying to cover up the ‘text’ message damage that led in part to the Gillard ‘misogyny’ speech …
  • the pending Craig Thompson court appearance …
  • the Mike Williamson HSU court appearance …
  • the AWU scandal that has a number of offshoot issues including:
    • the Ian Cambridge appointment and the involvement of Bob Carr in that appointment,
    • the Bill Shorten knowledge of the AWU scandal and his cover-up, as with Paul Howes’ continuation of the cover-up, all to the detriment of AWU members who had millions stolen by Wilson and his connections,
    • the Thiess Construction connection to the AWU scandal, and then Gillard’s awarding of $100’s millions of ‘School rebuilding’ program funds as the Minister in 2008-10 to Thiess and their contractors,
    • the reasons for the increase in the Dept Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) budget from $150 million to $600+ million since Gillard became PM in 2010,

Then there is the future investigation about her blackmail of News Ltd and Fairfax Media in Sept/Oct 2011 that resulted in the Glenn Milne and Mike Smith sackings.

How could Gillard escape the media’s scrutiny for as long as she has?

How could someone with her chequered past, that was public knowledge within the Victorian ALP and elsewhere, ever become someone who would be in contention for the Prime Minister position?

The ALP have a lot to answer for, and the public have had enough of Labour to last them a lifetime.   The best thing they could do would be to re-invent themselves – splinter the party and squash the dinosaur Union factions once and for all.   Now is the chance for an ALP leader to emerge and begin the rebuild and cleanout of all the cancer within the party.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. Barry M
    November 24, 2012 at 11:16 am

    You can add the $1million of the Kalgoorlie/Boulder Goldfields Miners death and welfare fund that was transferred to one of Wilson’s bodgie a/cs agter Gillard went to a meeting in the Boulder Town Hall to convince the miners to transfer the money. This money does not appear to be accounted for at this stage

  2. November 24, 2012 at 11:57 am

    Yes Barry, and I’m sure there will be many more as well …

    When the Corporates come forward with their numbers when asked – that will give further indication to the extent of the funds involved …

  3. hillbilly33
    November 24, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    Julia Gillard should never have agreed to assist her lover Bruce Wilson to set up and incorporate the sham association and she deliberately ignored Rules 51 & 54 of the AWU to do so. This may help your readers to understand exactly what she did wrong.

    Excerpts from Affidavit sworn 19/11/96 by Ian Cambridge (Former Joint National Secretary of the AWU).

    paragraph 6:. between 1991 and 1st July 1994 the financial arrangements that applied to the AWU prior to the amalgamation date on 1st November 1993 and AWU branches of the Union after amalgamation, were that all moneys paid to the Union or a Branch thereof were required to be paid into bank accounts in the name of the Union and operated by each Branch or the National Office of the Union.
    These arrangements were required by various resolutions of National Executives under the Rules, and by the Rules themselves(Rules 51 & 54).

    Paragraph11.At all times between 1991 and 1996 the Rules of the Union and the resolutions of the National Executive have required that all money payable to the Union be paid into known bank accounts operated by or on behalf of the National Office or the Branches of the Union in the respective States.
    To my knowledge there has never been an occasion during that period on which the National Executive or a Branch Executive has authorised any individual officer of the Union to open and operate a bank account in their own right, for the purposes of receiving and disbursing funds which were paid to the or to the use of the Union.
    If such an acount were to be operated by any person connected with the Union it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to audit such accounts and to maintain track of the Branch and Union finances.
    I know of no reason why the National Executive or a Branch Executive would authorise such accounts to be conducted by persons connected with the Union outside the official Union financial structures or would authorise a Union official or employee to deal with Union funds without proper records or accurate accounts being kept..
    As Joint National Secretary I would never countenance such an irregular financial practice, and prior to the matters discovered in 1995 and 1996, I have never been made aware of any such practice occurring with respect to Union funds in the past.


    para 12. My investigations have revealed that the following bank accounts or some of them:
    (a) have been opened and/or operated by certain individuals who have previously held Office in and/or continue to hold Office in, or were employed by the Union;and
    (b) have been or appear to have been used for the depositing therein of Union funds, that is, cash or cheques paid or forwarded to the Union for Union purposes such as membership subscriptions, grants and subsidies, and;
    (c) have not been opened and/or conducted with the knowledge or consent of the national Executive or any Branch Executive of the Union in accordance with the Rules and the procedures of the Union referred to above or alternatively, have been operated by certain Officials or Branches outside the Rules and resolutions of the Union; and/or
    (d) have been used to hold and/or launder Union funds, as a step in the conversion of those funds to unauthorised, invalid, irregular and possibly illegal uses.

    Western Australia

    (A) Name: AWU Workplace Reform Association Inc. (Cash Management Call ) Commonwealth Bank & funds deposited
    Account: No. 6005 1000 2590 $156,849-00

    (B) AWU Workplace Reform Association Inc., (Cheque Account)
    Account No. 6005 1000 2582 $383,332.60

    I also believe that none of these accounts have been audited by, or disclosed to, the auditors of any part of the Union’s operations, and the funds deposited in them have not been brought into account in the financial record of the Union.


    Accounts numbered (A) and (B) above were opened in May 1992 and were conducted by an Association incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1987 of Western Australia , by the name of Australian Workers Union – Workplace Reform Association Inc. Attached hereto and marked “IWC4” are the Application Forms and Rules of the Association. The signatories to the accounts were Mr.Bruce Wilson and Mr.Ralph Blewitt..


    para . 17. The funds deposited into each of the accounts were, to the best of my knowledge, obtained from the following sources:

    para 17.1 Account (A) A large number of cheques drawn in favour of the Union or the AWU Workplace Reform Association by Thiess contractors Limited Inc. by Thiess contractors Limited, were paid directly into this account by Bruce Wilson or Ralph Blewitt, in a total sum of $156,849. attached hereto and marked “IWC5” and “IWC6” are copies of two deposit slips for cheques paid into this account.

    para 17.2 Account (B). (i) Funds from account (A) above ($156,849-00) were all transferred into this account. Attached hereto and marked “ICW7” and “ICW8” are copies of transfer slips demonstrating such transactions.

    (ii) Cheques drawn in favour of the Union or AWU Workplace Reform Association Inc., by Thiess comntractors Limited were paid directly into this account by Bruce Wilson or Ralph Blewitt in the sum of $363,816-60. attached hereo and marked “iICW and ICW10 are copies of deposit slips whereby such cheques were deposited into this account.

    para 17.3. I understand that almost all of the funds deposited in Accounts numbered (A) & (B) were paid, or intended to be paid , to the Union by a construction company, Thiess Contractors, for the purpose of assisting the Union in providing paid staff for training purposes and for other specified purposes. I understand that these funds had been paid to Thiess Contractors by the Western Australia State Government, out of a fund kept by the State Government for the financing of training schemes, and were intended to be spent by the Union for that purpose.

  4. November 24, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    Link to the full Cambridge affidavit.

    Thanks Hillbilly … your explanations are much appreciated …

    All efforts to date have focused on the Associations Gillard helped establish and set up, given the reports of the other WA properties purchased, there has to be more accounts and associations that have not been discovered or reported on.

  5. November 25, 2012 at 6:59 am

    Breaking News: Sky News has posted a video with commentary from a Bruce Wilson interview where he has come out in support of Julia Gillard: linked herehttp://www.skynews.com.au/topstories/article.aspx?id=819882&vId=3664587&cId=Top%20Stories&play=true

  6. barry
    November 25, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    And all that is just over a few allegations from 17 odd years ago !!

    The mind boggles as to what they may have been up to in the 17 years since .

    No wonder they are trying to suppress everything.If an investigation begins in to this bunch , heads would start rolling all around the country.

    Seems they have had their slippery fingers in to just about everything except our breakfast.

    And even “that” might be infected in some way.

    If this is allowed to continue , Australia won’t have much left in a very short space of time .

    I wonder if any of the staunch Labor supporters are have any misgivings about what they’ve done to the country , and the people , who gave them the opportunity to do what they are doing .
    If not , the nastiness might have only just begun .

  7. Firecracker
    November 25, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    Well Barry this aussie battler is one such ex ALP supporter. These days I’m with EYE-BALL’s ‘None of the Above’ solution. See the link here – https://bleyzie.wordpress.com/eye-balls-none-of-the-above-front-page/

  8. November 25, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    ‘Meet the Press’ with Roxon Youtube link here:

  9. shaun dakly
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