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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl on – The ALP and Obeid Train Wreck – is it meant to distract from Gillard & the AWU Scandal –

November 23, 2012
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– The ALP and Obeid Train Wreck  –
– is it meant to distract from Gillard & the AWU Scandal –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 23rd Nov 2012 |
All this week and last week the news wire has offered snippets of juicy trial debate about the Obeid $100 million corruption scandal.

Obeid has been shown strutting to and from the court, head held high as if in defiance, and smiling as if he already knows the outcome will be friendly.  His demeanor suggests he welcomes the proceedings and is looking forward to whatever may be.

Mr Eddie Obeid’s NSW Parliamentary history can be viewed using – this link.  He served as a Minister in two portfolio’s – Minister for Fisheries Apr 99 – Apr 2003, and Minister for Mineral Resources during the same period.   During his 19 years in the NSW Parliament – these were the only years he served as a Minister.

Mr Ian Macdonald’s NSW Parliamentary history can be read via this link.   He also served as a Minister but in a much more diversified portfolio structure.   What is of interest is that he also served as Minister for Natural and Mineral Resources 2005 -2008, and also Fisheries form 2003-2004, the same portfolio’s Obeid served in.  MacDonald served in several other portfolio’s as well.

The ICAC inquiry has specific terms of reference –

  • To read the full and amended scope of the Operations ‘Jasper Acacia Indus’ public inquiry – click here
  • To see and/or read the transcripts for the inquiry thus far – click here … warning – most of the transcript content will put to sleep … but is updated daily …
  • To see a full and itemised listing of all evidence, and other inquiry scope and proceedings – click here.

As these ICAC proceedings continue – and set down for completion in Mar/Apr 2013, we are only at the beginning of proceedings and the revelations being reported thus far cast a extraordinary pail over the former NSW ALP Government, giving rise to speculation that whatever comes from all of this corruption exposure – the electorate will take a long time to forget what the ALP did to NSW.

The corruption being investigated at the moment mostly happened after Bob Carr vacated the Premier role in 2005.  But is was the void in Leadership that happened after Carr left that allowed Obeid to become the power broker he became and influenced other Ministers to become complicit in the frauds now being uncovered.

There will be no doubt Carr’s involvement whilst Premier and in the period after he left will also be queried – he should feel honour bound and request to be given the opportunity to give his evidence to the ICAC inquiry.   From Bob Carr’s current position as Foreign Minister, he might think he has some licence to think he might be untouchable.   Time will tell.   His responses in the Senate sitting yesterday – he claimed he has no case to answer – to read the Senate Hansard record of questions put to Mr Carr – click here.

The only other Premier not to have fronted the enquiry since Carr left is Keneally, and that also gives indications as to where the enquiry might be headed.

Yesterday – ALP Minister Tony Bourke came out and made the following comments in relation to the ICAC inquiry during his Murray Basin speech –

ICAC allegations ‘horrific’, not hurting federal Labor: Burke

| Publication: The Canberra Times | Author: Judith Ireland | Date: 22nd Nov 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

Environment Minister Tony Burke describes allegations before the corruption inquiry into former NSW Labor MPs as ”horrific” but he has brushed off concerns that the inquiry is doing damage to the federal brand.

Mr Burke told the National Press Club in Canberra on Thursday that there was no connection between the Independent Commission Against Corruption inquiry currently underway in Sydney, and federal Labor or federal NSW MPs.

”The allegations are horrific, they are extraordinarily serious,” Mr Burke said. ”[But] it couldn’t be further away from the federal party.”

ICAC is currently examining whether former state mining minister Ian Macdonald provided inside information to Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid and his family regarding the granting of coal exploration licences in 2009.

The inquiry has heard that this enabled the Obeids to make $30 million and the family was set to make a further $70 million.

Earlier this week, Fairfax reported internal Labor polling that showed the party would be wiped out in western Sydney due to a combination of factors, including problems with the Labor ”brand”, exacerbated by the ICAC inquiry. Other factors reported by the polling included lack of trust, the cost of living and asylum seekers.

Mr Burke – who holds the western Sydney seat of Watson – said there was no concern about the damage the inquiry might be doing to Labor’s federal chances.

”Am I at all concerned that people would view that as being associated with the federal party? No I’m not. I’m just not concerned about it being a federal issue.”

Mr Burke also said that NSW – currently led by the Barry O’Farrell’s Coalition government – had a ”great propensity” to vote differently at federal and state levels. He added that as a NSW taxpayer he was horrified at what was being reported out of the ICAC inquiry.

”Even to see it being alleged is horrific. But … I just can’t for the life of me see a federal connection”.

In Senate question time today, Liberal senator Mitch Fifield asked Foreign Minister and former NSW premier Bob Carr if he thought it was appropriate to serve “as the face of Australia to the world” while there was a corruption investigation into ministers of his former government.

Senator Fifield also asked if it whether the Foreign Minister should stand aside until ICAC work was concluded.

“We’ve just witnessed a man drowning!” Senator Carr said in response to the question, noting that he had not been called before the inquiry.

He said that over the ten years of his government there was no allegation of corruption.

“There wasn’t even from the state coalition … day after day of question time, a single allegation,” he said.

A spokesman for Senator Carr added that ICAC was looking at allegations made after Senator Carr retired as premier in 2005.

“This is a flailing attempt at guilt by association,” he said.

… Read more:

Tony Burke’s admission:

Now I don’t know what sort of MP/Minister you think Tony Bourke might be … but his comments about the ICAC enquiry and how it has ‘no bearing on the Federal ALP’ – give great insight to his ability to fathom the electorates mood over the ICAC Obeid inquiry and the AWU scandal.   Mr Burke, the fellow Ministers, and the caucus live in a mushroom – deflecting all criticism of Gillard’s integrity and moral right to sit as our Prime Minister.

Surely we can agree that Mr Burke’s denial is self-inflicted and indicative of his ‘head up his own arse’ type position on the Obeid and Gillard scandals.

The ICAC Inquiry:

NSW Labour were decimated in 2011, as was QLD Labor earlier this year, a lot of soul-searching happened within the State Branches of the ALP.   Neither of those introspections produced ‘corruption’ as a cause … what would they say now?

The depth and breadth of the corruption revealed in the first weeks of this ICAC enquiry prove just how embedded the corruption is.  It proves what lengths Ministers will go and did go to make themselves independently and filthy rich.

On what basis can Tony Bourke claim that these revelations have no Federal implications?

Ian MacDonald’s Brash choices:

Ian MacDonald set off warning signals all over the place when he tried to rush the tender process for these coal mining leases … who in the Parliament at the time was not watching while this was being played out?   Australia’s major miners were shut out of he process – how could that not cause internal questioning as to what was happening?

Mr MacDonald’s staff were sending their own warnings out – why did the NSW ALP not investigate – many in important positions in the caucus had to have know or were aware what was happening – how many were a part of the gravy ride?

This inquiry has much more to reveal if that is indeed its objective – or is Mr Obeid and Mr MacDonald the scapegoats set up to take the fall for all the others involved?

Bob Carr’s Senate Q&A:

The Bob Carr answer to a series of question in the Senate today from Senator Fifield, indicate how Bob Carr feels about the Obeid corruption.   Mr Carr claims that it did not happen on his watch.

When will Leaders take full responsibility – Carr has to admit his culpability in allowing Obeid to establish his caucus power base on his watch – what were the real motives that forced Mr Carr to vacate the Premiership.

After he left the turmoil within the NSW ALP became comical … and with three new Premiers in the next five years, the instability in Leadership was created by Mr Obeid’s influence with help from his ‘mates’ in the caucus.   He propped the Leaders up and then tore them down when he did not get what he wanted.

There is no way that other ALP caucus members did not now Mr Obeid’s involvement in the Leadership changes.   The interesting pursuit if the ICAC inquiry goes there – will be into why Bob Carr left when he did without any real creditable line of succession in place.

In any Corporate environment where such corruption is exposed – shareholders expect the man currently in charge to be given an instant dismissal.   There would be no stone left unturned tracking back how far the corruption went … and in this case Carr’s term as Premier has to be a part of that equation.

The Ian Cambridge Appointment:

Now there is the Ian Cambridge appointment to the NSW Industrial Commission under Bob Carr’s Premiership.

It is being suggested that this appointment came after discussions between Graham Richardson, Bill Shorten, Joe Ludwig, and Bob Carr.   The discussion was about how to stop the Ian Cambridge requested Royal Commission and how to have the AWU scandal dealt with in-house and closed down.   This is still being investigated by private persons pursuing the AWU scandal.

Ian Cambridge wanted a Royal Commission into the AWU scandal regardless of efforts to placate him on the matter – yet he accepted the appointment as a Commissioner to the NSW Industrial Commission in 1996.   How did that come about?

Bob Carr, a product of the NSW ALP Right were in bed with the AWU.  The NSW Right was responsible for Gillard’s re-entry into the Union movement after the Slater & Gordon dismissal and the AWU fallout.

Bob Carr’s recent appointment as Foreign Minister to replace another NSW ALP right member,  Mark Arbib – the man responsible for resurrecting Gillards career,   can only offer proof that the NSW Right takes care of its own and has very powerful influence over all things ALP.

Bob Carr has to give his version of his involvement of the Ian Cambridge appointment to the NSW Industrial Commission in 1996.

Political Corruption:

If Obeid is to testify – and it is not clear at this stage whether he will – but if he does his confession if given in a full and frank disclosure of events, it will blow Politics apart in this Nation.   It will open the flood gates on suspicions in how Politicians have lined their pockets using inside information to boost their wealth for decades.

There is a way to expose this of current Politicians, and of past and retired politicians.

MP’s are required to outline and disclose all financial (pecuniary) assets when they join Parliament.   As a means for complete transparency – and to placate the electorate over corruption issues – the rule should be upgraded as follows:

  • to include an asset test and disclosure statement for every year during their tenure as an MP,
  • to include the same test in ever year after an MP either resigns or leaves Parliament.
  • the current system of self-disclosure should be waived and a new independent forensic test introduced for all current, potential pre-selected, and independent candidates to become the benchmark statement of assets and liabilities.

Politicians have been caught enough times in both the State and Federal Parliaments to have their self assessment protocols rescinded.

Independent Forensic Accountants should be charged with the reporting of MP’s financial assets and liabilities.    It is quite often the Liabilities that get an MP into trouble when cosy arrangements are made to relieve debt for favours.

Hiding assets and living off their proceeds after retirement is no problem if nobody is watching.  Doing it while your serve in the Parliament is almost suicide.   So the requirement to monitor MP asset and liabilities after they leave politics is just as important in ensuring that balloon type deals are not a part of the financial windfalls being created whilst serving as an MP.

Gillard’s and Carr’s defense strategy:

Mr Carr has asked for an allegation to be made, he has adopted the Gillard stance … ‘I’ve done nothing wrong, prove that I have done something wrong – where is the allegation.’

Demanding that allegations be made signals a defensive mindset and is likened to how known criminals respond when charges are alleged.  They are aware that the burden of proof is their best defence.

On the other hand – if they were decent persons, innocent, and with a moral compass that all Politicians should have, then their willingness to co-operate would be foremost in their mind.

Only a criminal would think along the lines both Ms Gillard and Mr Carr are offering up.  Only a criminal would think that you needed someone to make an allegation to make you think you have a case to answer.   Only a criminal would use the form of defence that Gillard and Carr are offering up – defying all those who want to cast a dispersion to produce the evidence to prove the allegations.

The arrogance of Gillard as a Prime Minister during all these past months in claiming and asking – ‘where is the allegation’,  and for Bob Carr as Foreign Minster to now join her with the same defiance stance … there is no absolution for these war-horse type criminals.

The continued defiance bring’s the Parliament into disrepute – it shows a high propensity for dishonesty.   Innocent people do not demand for allegations to be made as a means of demonstrating their innocence.

Past PM’s behaviour:

Ex PM’s Hawk, Keating, Howard, their wealth creation since retirement can be tracked via Tax returns etc as can every other MP who served in the State and Federal parliament.   Comparisons with their serving period balance sheets before their departure allow the benchmark setting.   If this was made retrospective – can you imagine the panic it would create.

There was suspicion about both Hawke and Keating – Hawke and his deal with Murdoch in that Murdoch would write something defamatory about Hawke and Hawke would sue – the matter would be settled out of court and Hawke received his payoff.

With Keating is was dealing in the A$ around the ‘banana-republic’ comment, his Pig Factory, and his close relationship with Suharto – a known corrupt Leader of Indonesia.

You do not have to be in a position to have received a windfall benefit to act corruptly.   The rules on this in terms of self-interest disclosures is there and MP’s know.   Do you think Obeid’s windfall deals would have remained uncovered had his disclosure statements been updated independently?

This ICAC inquiry has the capacity to forge a new era of accountability for our Civic and Public Leaders.   If they do not submit to changes and request the independent assessment of their pecuniary interests, then that stonewall would indicate far more is happening in the corruption battle that is still to be revealed.


It’s early days in this ICAC inquiry – and at some point the evidence will begin to dictate the outcome far in expectation original charges.   Whether that then becomes an obstruction will give us all the wisdom to realise that these types of enquiries are often decided before the official proceedings.

This inquiry might just become what this Nation needs to clean up the decades of corruption that seems to invade long serving Governments,  Police Commissioners, and the Judicial systems.


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  1. Gerry Hatrick
    November 23, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    You can consider this an octopus, the tentacles reach everywhere, or in mythology the tetra headed monster, every time you cut one of the seven heads off, while you attempt to sever the next head, the last one decapitated regrows.

    It really supports none of the above. ALP are not fit for office, Greens and other balance of power fail us (the Independents) and Liberals insist on going back to the Howard years. It is all self interest, hardly enlightened, basically sickening.

    NSW Right is nebulous. Once it meant Keating, Leaping Leo (Macleay claiming workers comp for riding a bicycle on parliamentary grounds), Senator Richardson, Bob Carr and a couple more. Now we have Arbib, Shorten, Howes and these idiots Conroy and Burke amongst others. Throw in Obeid, McDonald and it is just too confusing. You don’t believe a fraction of what you hear, a modicum of what you see, and you are still left sceptical.

    In NSW at a federal poll seats that have never been Liberal will happen. Farrer and Robertson and swing seats will go Liberal. How about Kingsford Smith or Grayndler. Not that Liberals deserve it. It is just you can’t trust the ALP. In the last Federal poll Greens out polled Liberal in Grayndler. At the coming election don’t be surprised if both Liberals and Greens out poll the ALP’s Albanese. As ALP will direct prefs away from Greens, the Libs will probably win. Again not because they deserve it.

    None of the Above!

  2. HissyFit
    November 23, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    Wonderful comment Gerry … the ‘None of the Above’ campaign want you on their team …

    Link to “None of the Above” Front Page: https://bleyzie.wordpress.com/eye-balls-none-of-the-above-front-page/

    Could Albanese really lose his seat … he has a Two Party preferred margin of 70.9%. Link to results: … http://results.aec.gov.au/15508/Website/HouseFirstPrefsTppByDivision-15508-NAT.htm

    … that is a mighty swing … if he goes than ALP could lose every seat with a swing like that … is it wishful thinking or do you really think it possible?

  3. Joyce Carter
    November 23, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    I’m now not certain where you’re getting your info, but good topic. Thanks for the info.

  4. Gerry Hatrick
    November 24, 2012 at 12:27 am

    Albanese got 46.09% first pref, Libs 24.24% and Greens got 25.90% in 2010. I think Greens may well stand former Leichhardt Mayor and now State MLA. He is popular. Then there is swing from ALP to Lib. I think Greens will not go well generally but Marrickville and Leichhardt are two of their strongest areas. Albanese admitted he got a scare in 2010 when distribution of prefs was between he and Greens rather than he and Libs.

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