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EYE-BALL Opinion – Immigration and Asylum Seekers – what is the real answer …

November 23, 2012

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– Immigration and Asylum Seekers –
– What is the real answer –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 23rd Nov 2012 |
The number of boat arrivals since the acceptance of the Sept ’12 Angus Houston panel’s “Pacific Solution” – PDF file linked here – has accelerated.  The results represent living proof that the boats and the refugees they carry have not stopped proving that this Government still has not found a solution to the problem.

The reasons for the emotive debate from all sides within the Parliament during August ’12 was a focus on trying to prevent people risking their lives when they chose to arrive by illegal boat voyage.  Again – the results prove the ‘Pacific Solution’ is an absolute failure.

The reason for the failure lies squarely with Julia Gillard and her Government.  They have no answer to the problem, even though the Rudd Government was elected in 2007 on an on-shore processing mandate.  People did not like Howard’s off-shore processing solution, and gave a humane response when they had the option when voting for Rudd and his policy platform.

A question one could ponder now is what would Rudd have done on this asylum policy debacle if he was still PM?

Instead we are forced to live with the ‘hip-shooter’ style policies of a Prime Minister devoid of any real political vision, or any new policy generation other then to spend taxpayer money and raise new taxes to pay for it.

The Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has proved over and over that he is out of his depth in this portfolio.  The problem is that he is possible the best of the tried Ministers to have the portfolio, and therefore stuck in a box until he and the Government is turfed out.

Gillard ran to Huston because she did not want to concede a victory to Tony Abbott over the Morrison Amendment bill put forward in Aug ’12.   The Greens have been absolutely firm on their opposition to off-shore processing.  Meanwhile thousands of ‘boat-people’ are arriving every month and lives are still being risked at sea as a result.

Some Global Statistics of refugees and displaced persons to form a perspective:

  • Refugees = 15.4 million
    • Refugees under UNHCR’s mandate = 10.55 million
    • Palestinian refugees under UNRWA’s mandate = 4.83 million
  • Asylum Seekers = 837,478
  • Internally displaced persons = 27.5 million
  • Total = 43.7 million

Yea that is right – some 43.7 refugees and displaced persons around the globe – see link data here.  That is almost twice Australia’s total population.

The 2007 Rudd victory gave Australia a mandate for on-shore processing.   Why has this Government altered the course?   Was the Immigration Minister the problem – was the Cabinet not up for the task to find a solution?  Was funding the reason?  Or was it just Gillard wanting to overturn Rudd’s policy for her own version of Immigration policy and attitude to refugee’s?

The future holds unknown outcomes but let me paint you a picture – as the GFC bites further in Eurozone Nations under forced austerity measures, more people will become welfare dependent, this is likely to happen in the America’s as well, and it is already happening here in Australia.

The 43.7 million number is mostly conflict zone outcomes – and are people living in makeshift tents where food and water security is challenged everyday.

There is desperation in the asylum seeker experience in Australian boat arrivals.  The people on these boats are queue jumpers and are persons of enough means to journey and buy their way onto a boat and seek asylum in Australia.

There is evidence that Indonesian military are a part of the ‘boat people’ smugglers.  The money involved will ensure that the people smugglers business will keep selling a dream of a new life for as long as they can get away with it in their own country.

It is obvious that Australia is being challenged by what Tony Abbott has termed a ‘peacetime invasion’.   Some 30,000 refugees since Rudd’s election victory in 2007 – that is the number of people living in a medium size town in this Nation.

I say enough is enough – this debate has to move in a different direction and give hope to both sides.

This is a challenge to this Union based Government because opening up the immigration policy threatens labour costs.   Yet that is the solution to this problem and so many more Industrial issues that have our labour costs among the highest in the world.   This single issue alone is making Australia an uncompetitive Nation and this Government, and the Opposition have no idea it is happening on their watch.

Australia has the resources to become the ‘food-bowl’ to not just Asia but to the world.   Can you imagine food security for Africa, and for other Nations where importation of food is the only way they can feed their populations.

To accomplish this there is a great need for a new and different workforce in Australia – a non unionised workforce – a workforce prepared to work the land and accept Australian Laws and our Rules as a part of their new life.

Infrastructure building along the lines of the Snowy Mountains scheme will help and take a great deal of pressure of the desperation within the refugee problem.

In a five-part series written by EYE-BALL Opinion in June ’12 about the Immigration and Asylum problem and linked below –

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… provided comment to ’cause and effect’, and in Part 1 the following comments were made:

Well he is an option – (Part 1)

In the GFC stakes – Gillard and Swan talk of how our economy is the envy of the World – well shut the fuck up and put it to good use – make immigration policy about Australia’s future – we have the resources, land mass, and savvy to make this Nation the food bowl for the World.

Dam the Ord and Burdekin river systems – pump the water to Central Australia, turn the sewerage effluent away from our oceans and pump that back to central Australia as well. All that is needed is a 2 million or so workforce to market garden and build the infrastructure to produce and process the food.

Along the way all the farms will have drought proof water supplies – the miners can value add to their business with off shore labour force working smelters and the like.

For gods sake – have some fucking vision that extends past a Prime Ministers tenure and the perks and allowances they get when their booted from office.

Now the vision in a statement like this might not be everybody’s cup of tea. But after WWII Australia opened its immigration policy and the society we have today was built on that decision and the multiculturalism that it generated.

Yes – I will concede that the world is a far more dangerous place and we risk inviting unknown terrorist’s and other serious issues into our society.  But how many of that 44 odd million are terrorist’s?

It just requires some planning – take a chance and let Australia lead the World and at the same time give Australia prosperity for the next 2-3 generations.

Create a living wage for refugees and allow them to work in remote areas – let them feel as if they are building and contributing to a new life for themselves and I guarantee you that Australia will be better for it.  Allow the ‘land-worker’ refugees in and bring all that experience and knowledge to our land to combine with our farming technology and opportunity.

Take the initiative and prove our humanity is not lost on the backs of a terror campaign since 9/11 – a time where all Western Nations have become intimidated and too scared to take a risk.   This ‘scardy-cat’ attitude and fear campaign is dividing the western world along religious and cultural lines, and that will definitely create a divide in this nation that future generations will have to exist under.

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  1. barry
    November 23, 2012 at 5:12 pm

    If you want Australia to be prosperous , the first thing you have to do is get a government that also wants the country to prosper.
    As long as you have nothing but a bunch of lying ratbags occupying the office of government, the country has “NO” chance of ever becoming prosperous.
    Unfortunately , the dimwits who support this government are so thick in the head , they cannot see that their government is out to make them all sub-servient to the demands of the government .
    Hence ,l you can write all you like , just as everybody else does,but you will just be wasting your time .
    If Australia lets this mob run another four years , they will live with the biggest regret for generations .
    So, you have two choices, get rid of them , or suffer the consequences.
    All this talk is just futile.
    Time to stop being polite , throw the political correct crap out the door , and get serious.
    Don’t believe me ? okay . you better pray I am wrong.And I hope sincerely that I am .

    But I don’t believe I am .

  2. November 23, 2012 at 5:24 pm

    You are 100% right Barry – but the Opposition have not made the alternative look a great deal better given what they have from across the aisle …

    You are also right about the talk and rhetoric … it needs action and given the Gillard revelations and connection with the AWU scandal this and last week – Oakeshott and Windsor should indicate to the Opposition their willingness to support a motion of no confdence … what a Xmas present for us all …

  3. Gerry Hatrick
    November 24, 2012 at 12:17 am

    In economics they consider scarce resources and unlimited demand. Therefore the rationing of those resources.

    Today when Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison announced reversing the increased humanitarian intake of refugees I thought their logic was ridiculous. It will save 1.3 billion on forward estimates. Now considering it, I believe it is more to do with populism and consolidating certain marginal seats.

    We have obligations. We can’t have unregulated entry to our economy. It will cause wages to spiral downward, massive demand on social welfare and so on. We still have obligations.

    Isn’t it possible we can have other solutions? On shore processing, in remote locations, working on dedicated projects, say irrigation of Northern rainfall to create new food bowls, temporary visas where they are renewed and assessed on assimilation logic, learning our language and so on, and the use of GPS tracking of anklets if necessary to stop those newest Australians from absconding. So much of our current wealth is attributed to migration over the last 200 years. It seems ridiculous that we are paying massive subsidies for Visas on Nauru or Manus Is or the thought of others on the mainland prohibited from working. Therefore a drag on society rather than a contributor.

    Our politicians seem to have very limited focus. Or simply no idea, head in the sand, pixolated, too busy in their own porcine excretment.

  4. January 17, 2013 at 4:40 am

    Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular post!
    It’s the little changes that make the greatest changes. Thanks for sharing!

  1. November 29, 2012 at 9:45 pm
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