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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl on – Gunfights at the OK Corral: Misandry v Misogyny – GILLARD v Ralph BLEWITT – GILLARD v Hedley THOMAS – GILLARD v Mike SMITH – GILLARD v Larry PICKERING – GILLARD v ALP Caucus – GILLARD v All Australians …

November 22, 2012
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Gunfights at the OK Corral: Misandry v Misogyny
– GILLARD v ALP Caucus – GILLARD v All Australians …

| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 22nd Nov 2012 |
The Minister for Employment and Workplace relations – Mr Bill Shorten appeared on ABC ‘Lateline’ last night.  His performance gave the impression he was the one who drew the short-straw to go and face the media in light of the events that unfolded yesterday.

Those events were the Ralph Blewitt arrival back in Australia to talk to Police about the AWU scandal, and the opposition Leader Julie Bishop’s Press conference where she put the PM on notice for next weeks resumption of Parliament and that they were coming after her.

Mr Shorten has had a colourful career be it that it has been long on promise and very short on substance since the attained public office.   His highlight was his involvement in the RUDD dismissal as a Union organiser for the Victorian Right to stack the numbers in Gillard’s favour.

His own grooming for the PM role came unstuck late last year when stories about his infidelities and the impregnation of a staffed were doing the rounds.  Since then his profile has lessened and now with leadership speculation around again, he is again out there trying to fulfil his promise and appease the faith AWU heavy Bill Ludwig supported him with.

His full self written and approved bio can be read on his Wikipedia page – linked here – but in short he has been involved with Union activity since his student days.  His father was a unionist.   An extract from the Wikipedia site states –

… Shorten began working in the labour movement while still a student, working part-time for federal Labor Minister Gareth Evans and later Neil Pope, a minister in the Labor state government of John Cain. After graduating he worked for 18 months as a lawyer for the firm of Maurice Blackburn Cashman, a firm which generates a large portion of its income representing trade unions.

… In 1994, Shorten began his union career as a trainee organiser under the ACTU’s Organising Works program[2] at the AWU, before being elected Victorian State Secretary in 1998. Before taking this post, Shorten had decided to enter Victorian state politics, and was elected unopposed as the Labor candidate for the state seat of Melton for the 1999 state election, but gave this up to pursue his career with the union. Shorten was responsible for reforming the union’s structure and halting the long-term decline in its membership…

… read more …

Suffice to say – Mr Shorten has no work experience before he went into Federal politics outside of the Union movement, apart from his 18 months as a lawyer at known Union Lawyers – Maurice Blackburn.

The interview he gave on ‘Lateline‘ last night needs closer inspection because it represents far more than has been made of it so far.

The full interview can be watched on ABC’ Iview replay – linked here – this will be available for two weeks and after that, the ‘Archive’ link can be found via this link.

For the purpose of context, and Shorten’s responses to ‘Lateline’ presenter Tony Jones questions – the transcript of the interview can be read in full via this link – [with video replay as well.]

Parts of that transcript are presented below – with commentary.

… TONY JONES: Now, there are questions for you specifically arising out of what Blewitt is saying, bearing in mind that we’re talking about the union that you once led. Did you ever find out that bad things had been buried under the carpet before you took over?

BILL SHORTEN: At the time that some of these allegations were triggered, ’92, ’93, I wasn’t even working for the union. To the best of my knowledge, when I became national secretary and indeed Victorian secretary, the – my predecessors in the union had detected wrong activities, activities which aren’t in the best traditions of the AWU or indeed trade unionism. They had detected it, my predecessors, and they had reported it to police and they’d taken steps to get these bad characters out of the union altogether.


The Bio for Shorten states that he joined the AWU in 1994 as a – “trainee organiser under the ACTU’s Organising Works program” – he did not attain the National Secretary position until 2001 – well after the AWU scandal that occurred 1992-95, uncovered by the AWU Administration in 1995, and reported to police in 1996.

The interviewed went on and then this:

BILL SHORTEN: Well back in the early ’90s, Bob Kernohan and plenty of other people were unhappy with Bruce Wilson and Ralph Blewitt. They campaigned against these people. I hadn’t heard that Mr Kernohan had been assaulted in the basis – I just hadn’t heard he’d been assault on the basis of matters to do with Blewitt and some of his cronies. So, no, I don’t know. But in terms of Mr Kernohan himself, yeah, we were friends.

TONY JONES: So he never told you that he received a bullet or bullets in the mail, that he identified those or he believed those were coming from people in the union who were trying to shut him up?


TONY JONES: He says he did speak to you at one point about these issues. Do you recall that?

BILL SHORTEN: Well, sorry, you’re going to be have to be a little more specific, Tony. In terms of working with them, when I was a junior official at the other part of the AWU, the ironworkers’ part, I certainly supported the then leadership who were determined to chase out these people who were doing the wrong thing in the AWU and my predecessors did do that.

TONY JONES: Bob Kernohan said in an interview that he did speak to you about this fraud issue. And you told him, “Bob, think about the future, think about your career.” Is that true?

BILL SHORTEN: No, that’s not my recollection at all.

TONY JONES: When you actually took over at the AWU, did you actually look into all of this? If you knew that wrong things had happened or the allegations had been made, did you look into it personally to find out what had happened?

BILL SHORTEN: Oh, I know that my predecessors in the position had done everything they thought they could to chase out these people. They reported it to the police. These are matters of record. In my time at the union, all of the accounts we rendered, everything we did was accepted by the registrar and I know that we helped rebuild the AWU industrially by improving wages and conditions for people. All of this is a matter of record.


Shorten is a Lawyer – he practised at Maurice Blackburn for 18 months – he is not gifted as an orator and his response delivery on camera tell a different story to how the transcript presents.

Did he really answer Tony Jones’s question … was the answer a round about way of avoiding direct context?

Next – Jones moves to the Gillard involvement –

… TONY JONES: The Prime Minister says she’s dealt with this at the ask-until-you-drop press conference, all of the allegations. If new allegations arise from Blewitt’s statements, will she have to answer new questions?

BILL SHORTEN: Well there’s at least two hypotheticals in that. What I do know is that the Prime Minister has dealt with these allegations in a very extensive fashion. I know that they’ve been raised before and she’s dealt with them and then she’s dealt with the matters most recently in August of this year. At no stage, to my knowledge, has she ever been – had to deal with any specific allegations of wrongdoing and that still remains the case.

TONY JONES: But if the principle in holding the first press conference is to clear the air, if the air becomes muddied again, if the air becomes unclear, will she have to answer further questions?

BILL SHORTEN: Well again, you’re asking me hypotheticals. What I know to be the case is that the Prime Minister has dealt with all of these matters and she has done so when they periodically percolated up. And across 20 years, across 20 years periodically she’s had to deal with this issue of who she went out with and what happened then and she has answered those matters and I believe her.

TONY JONES: So you’re not at all concerned about the re-emergence in Australia of this fellow Ralph Blewitt and his promise to tell all to the Victorian police?

BILL SHORTEN: Oh, well, you know, everyone can say what they want, but it’s what – the truth is what really matters here. And if he wants to confess to any wrongdoings, he’s – you described him as a self-confessed fraudster. If he feels that he’s got things to tell the police, that’s what he should do.

TONY JONES: Now, let’s just quickly go through a few things. What is a union slush fund exactly?

BILL SHORTEN: Oh, well, I’m not going to go fishing on general questions.

TONY JONES: That’s a very specific question, actually. That is …

BILL SHORTEN: Well, sorry, but let’s – Tony …

TONY JONES: We know that as a lawyer Julia Gillard admitted she helped Bruce Wilson set one up, so I’m asking: what is it? What is one?

BILL SHORTEN: Oh, well, that account was unauthorised by the union and it was an inappropriate account, that account, as far as I can tell. So that was out of bounds.

What I’d also say is under this government we’ve created the strongest laws possible in terms of good governance. I’d also say this, Tony, that I know that you and others are keen to talk about matters which are between 21 and 17 years old, and that’s your call, but what I also know is that there’s 1.8, 1.9 million trade unionists in Australia today. I know thousands of their representatives do their job diligently and honestly. I do know that we’ve seen some events in parts of the Health Services Union and see saw some events between 17 and 20 years ago in parts of the AWU.

But what I also know to be the case is I don’t consider that to be the standard practice or indeed the – what most – what nearly all union representatives do. What I also know is that we’ve created the strongest laws that have ever existed in the history of Australia to make sure there is good governance of employer associations and unions.

TONY JONES: OK. But just a quick question arising out what you just said. Was it inappropriate for Julia Gillard as a young lawyer to set up what you believe was an inappropriate fund?

BILL SHORTEN: Well when that account came to light, what I do know is that the union took action. I know that the union leadership of the day reported this to the police. In terms of the Prime Minister’s explanations, I’m satisfied with them.


Shorten uses the agreed language on this issue and gets himself a bit tongue tied – the answer – ‘Oh, well, that account was unauthorised by the union and it was an inappropriate account, that account, as far as I can tell. So that was out of bounds.’ – just threw Gillard under a bus.

Shorten has gone public that Gillard did do something wrong – this contradicts Gillard’s stonewall response that she – ‘did not do anything wrong‘.  The vultures are now doing their ‘duck and weave’ working out the media spin on this.

The PM is overseas, her response when she hears Shorten’s comments will make her livid – I wonder if any RAF staff will report what Gillard ranted behind closed doors on this matter as a leak.

In the last question and answer above – Shorten has his timelines all askew… Gillard was sacked in 1995 – the report to the police did not happen until 1996 – and this is on record in the HANSARD from the 1st Nov – linked here – and included in an EYE-BALL Opinion post – linked here.

This interview gives the Opposition more ‘stink’ ammunition to confront the Parliament next week when it resumes for the final sitting for the year.

The interview went on and covered Industrial Relations matters – but Shorten seemed distracted – perhaps he was in the process of realising what he had just said ‘on the record’ …

Harry’s PM snich – The Fly – had this to report:

The Fly on the wall source in the PM’s private suit indicated she was none too pleased after she heard what Shorten had to say – .i.e. see Lateline transcript above …

The Fly moved to get out of the firing line and landed on Tim’s shoulder, whispered to him that he should take cover … advising he should get some ear plugs if he wanted to sleep tonight.

The Fly moved on and boarded the plane for the flight home to Australia – the PM’s bedroom had the door locked and she could be heard crying … The Fly had this to say …

“She’s about done … she can’t lie anymore and wants to come clean … but she can’t. The Union boss who anointed her needs some time to put in place the next Leader.  She spent the night sobbing … and nobody came near her door to console or offer a shoulder to cry on.  Her entourage all know she’s done … just a matter of time now.”

The Fly is a good snitch … never steered Harry wrong yet.

Other events that happened yesterday include:

  • Self confessed bag-man and fraudster Ralph Blewitt, the formed AWU employee associated with Julia Gillard, and Bruce Wilson in the AWU fraud scandal arrived back in Australia. His declared purpose is to visit the Victorian Police to discuss a deal covering his own immunity if he was to give a statement on his complete knowledge of events surrounding the AWU scandal.

Some History on Mr Blewitt:

Mr Blewitt has been talking for months with the likes of Mike Smith, Larry Pickering, Hedley Thomas as the National Correspondent for ‘The Australian’, and his Lawyer’s Harry Nowicki, and Robert Galbally about what he knows and the evidence he can produce relating to the AWU scandal.

Mr Blewitt’s allegations have continued to feed this story.

  • Opposition Deputy Leader Julie Bishop gave a press conference yesterday on Blewitt’s arrival back in Australia, and the Oppositions views on the AWU scandal, and Gillards failure to answer direct questions.

The 1st Nov ’12 Parliamentary Video of the Questions asked in the House by Ms Bishop can be viewed in the following You Tube clip:

Video clip of her Perth Press conference yesterday can’t be found yet – but watching it live yesterday she served it up to the PM … all setting the scene for next week.   It will be standing room only in the public gallery, the Press gallery will also be full … whether we get the session we’re all expecting is another thing.

Knowing Albanese he will try to give the PM cover and protection through House rule maneuvers … as he did to shut down the Roxon involvement in the Slipper cover up.


As the Shorten Lateline comments resonate around Australia – the seriousness of his contradiction of Gillard’s statement – ‘I did nothing wrong’ – will give Caucus plenty to ponder over the weekend – don’t be surprised if the ALP front with a new Leaded before the House begins to sit on Monday so as to avoid the whole AWU scandal imposition.

Harry’s odds for an ALP Leadership change before the next election: [If no change happens – this Nation is on the Brink.]

  • $4.00 – Before the House rises for Xmas Break…
  • $10.00 – over Xmas Break
  • $2.75- February 2013
  • $3.50 – March 2013
  • $8.00 – April 2013
  • $10.00 – May 2013
  • $15.00 – June 2013
  • $40.00 – July 2013
  • $80.00 – Aug 2013
  • $150.00 – Sept 2013

For all those followers of the AWU scandal and who think Gillard has a case to answer, the events of the past few weeks including:

  • the release of the Cambridge Diaries,
  • the Blewitt arrival to give testimony,
  • the Opposition ramping up their involvement,
  • the Roxon Slipper ‘Text’ cover-ups,
  • the Craig Thompson pending arrest and court appearance,
  • the Slipper Ashby court verdict,
  • the HSU Mike Williamson charges,

… all is headed to a show down … the OK Corral conflict comes to mind – two sides equally adamant they are right and the victory can only come from a showdown where they carry out the losers.   Which side are you backing?

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  1. November 22, 2012 at 2:41 pm

    Hi Harry..Enoy all your articles. At this stage I’ll just refer you and others to my comments at Eye-Ball the other day.

    Title: – Gillard behaves like a Guilty Person –
    – Asks for allegations to be made –
    | Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 14th Nov 2012 |

    November 15, 2012 at 8:09 pm | #7

    If I have time I’ll work up a post refuting many of Shorten’s claims and include his part in trying to thwart Ian Cambridge calling for a Royal Commission or Judicial Inquiry, following the infamous AWU “if Cambridge isn’t stopped, we’re all history” letter!

  2. November 22, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    Thanks Hillbilly …

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  4. November 23, 2012 at 11:23 am

    The odds on a new PM before the Xmas break just shortened to $2.50.

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