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EYE-BALL Stories – A Dentist Visit!

November 21, 2012
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– A Dentist Visit –
| Author: EYE-BALL Stories | 21st Nov 2012 |
First published Feb 2011 –

Ihave just returned from the dentist and I feel like there has been something missing from my life – I have now just realised what it was.

Over and above the numb tongue and jaw, and the twitching reaction to the drill as it created nerve agitation, I felt a warmth when her body brushed my arm and stayed there as she worked away on my tooth.

My tension was obvious as I gripped the side guards holding me in and started to hold my breath. She noticed my anxiety and she gently whispered to me : ‘breath and to try and relax.’

Her words were soothing and they did relax me and I felt her body touch even closer.

I was a little shocked at my response but I tried to focus hard on the face that was hovering just inches above mine. She had on the Dental mask and eye protection and her face behind that was so petite. She was of Asian heritage and her face was so tanned and full of concentration.

I tried hard to focus and I found the shape of her nose under the mask, her eyes, and in particular her eyebrows. I could see the perfection in their shape, their manicure, and how they really accentuated her soft eyes, and what I thought would be a perky nose.  She was beautiful I said to myself as I continued to feel her body presence pressing against my arm.

That little bit of unknowing affection from a complete stranger made me realise what had been missing from my life for such a very long time.

The tooth filling went ahead and as I reflected about a past era of my life, an invisible tear filled in my eye.  She must have seen it but she would never know the real reason why it was there.

When it was over and I thanked her for the filling, she seemed so small and I felt such a response that I wanted to stay and talk.  I realised that was not possible and I left again thanking her and her assistant.  My drive home was lonely and I suddenly realised what had been missing from my life.

As humans we crave human contact  – physical contact – not necessarily sexual –  but just affection and a knowing touch that someone cares.  The last time I felt that was over 6 months ago as I hugged my grandchildren,  and before that,  probably another 8-10 months previous when I saw them again.  They were fleeting moments and gone all too quickly.

I now realise that it is something that I would like to change – to choose to seek companionship is the first choice I have to make.  I have been alone far too long – the thought daunts me in its reality and what it will mean to make oneself venerable again to a world that cares little for others,  and only to those that matter to them.

Author Name withheld …

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