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EYE-BALL Opinion – How Deep does the AWU corruption cover-up go? – An exposé on innuendo, evidence, hearsay and conjecture …

November 17, 2012

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– How Deep does the AWU
corruption cover-up go? –
– An exposé on innuendo, evidence, hearsay and conjecture –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 17th Nov 2012 |
The face of corruption is a face that we all now and have experienced in some way.   But how close do we really let it get to us?

Do we embrace it in our stride by saying to ourselves – ‘everyone else is doing it, why not me,’ or  is it hidden ‘out of site out of mind’ – would we even know it if it was sitting right there next to us in plain sight?  What would you do if you saw it and had to confront it?

This is what the AWU’s Ian Cambridge and Bob Kernohan had to deal with when the Wilson/Blewitt and Gillard fraud landed on their desk.

Late last night Larry Pickering posted a story about the Ian Cambridge’s appointment to the then Industrial Relations Commission in 1996.   Claims have been made that Cambridge was not going to budge on his 1995/6 request for a Royal Commission into the AWU fraud.   Further claims were also made that Senator Graham Richardson [Richo] – and then Premier Bob Carr did a deal to placate Cambridge at the time by appointing him to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission – now Fair Work Australia.

There is a whole can of worms squeezed into that paragraph of claims I can tell you.  If they’re all true this AWU scandal centered on Gillard is about to swallow up a whole new bunch of ALP Union members, including some current and Former Front Bench politicians.

Larry Pickering’s post is part copied below and linked here


| Author: Larry Pickering | Date: 16th Nov 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

A senior Labor Party informant has disclosed to Pickering Post yet more sordid details of the Wilson/Gillard scandal. It just gets worse as the corruption puzzle takes shape and the plaintive cries of, “I did nothing wrong” become a meaningless, distant echo.

Why did Gillard owe Carr an unelected Senate spot? Carr was a failed Premier having left NSW in an utter mess. There had to be more to it, and there was.

Mark Arbib was convenor of the powerful NSW Right faction that was instrumental in the well-planned execution of Rudd and ascension of Gillard.

Arbib, of Libyan descent, had a murky history involving extorting donations from businesses in return for Labor favours. Under Gillard, funds are reported still unaccounted for in his portfolios.

It was also revealed in cables that Arbib was in regular contact with staff at the US embassy in Canberra and provided them with inside information on the Labor Government. His remuneration is unknown. Things were getting hot for Arbib.

On March 5 this year, after Rudd’s unsuccessful attempt to unseat Gillard, Arbib resigned from his Senate position citing the unconvincing reason of, “allowing the Party to heal”.

The day following his resignation Gillard replaced him with his close NSW colleague, ex Premier Bob Carr. The following week, on March 13, Gillard handed Carr Rudd’s plum portfolio of Foreign Affairs.

Ok, enough of the background stuff.

Graham Richardson recently claimed emphatically on his TV program “Richo” that Gillard had no foreknowledge of Rudd’s execution. I think he said, “I know that for a fact!” That was a blatant lie, because without Richo’s catholic influence on the catholic NSW Right, Gillard could never have become Prime Minister.

The unwanted, factionless Rudd had been a dead man walking since his 2007 election win and everyone knew that, except Rudd.

In 1995 Richardson knew Bruce Wilson had defrauded the AWU of millions. He was there when Wilson and his bodyguard, Bill the Greek, and Blewitt were paid $100,000 to take a long walk off a short pier.

Richardson was there, with Bill Shorten when Bill Ludwig, Bob Kernohan and Ian Cambridge were demanding a Royal Commission. Shorten had tried desperately to convince his boss, Kernohan, to kill the investigation citing, “… if this information gets out it will send us all down the gurgler.”

… read more …

Now this is a good read and as a story the pieces all seem to align … but the facts are not there yet to support the claims.   Both Bob Carr and Graham Richardson have survived politics for a very long time – in doing so they have known how to distance themselves from scandal.   If they are involved and it can be proved – and that will only be by self admission or third-party leakage,  the dam walls on politics in this Nation will crumble and crush them all.

To pose a few questions that come to mind and give me pause to believe everything Pickering wrote – Richardson was always known as a rough-neck and scandal chaser.  He has had his public exposures with prostitutes [Gold Coast Penthouse], with fraud [Rivkin and Alpine], with slush-fund monies, with power broking, and was forever the kingmaker in the ALP whilst he served as a Senator.   He could be portrayed as Mark Arbib, Eddie Obeid, Joe Ludwig, and Bruce Wilson, all rolled into one … he was perhaps the most powerful ALP factional member that ever was, next to Jack Lang.

He is a Gillard supporter – obviously so despite his ripe offerings to sell his TV show – his silent support for Gillard is more self preservation stuff in that if Gillard falls on her sword, and confesses to everything the evidence has thus far revealed – how will Richardson fair – for that matter how will Bob Carr fair with the Obeid scandal on his watch as well?

Pickering mentions a womanising Bill Shorten as being a part of the four ring circus – Ludwig, Richardson, Carr and Shorten, who all put their heads together to sort the AWU fraud and keep it from a Royal Commission, and at the same time placate Ian Cambridge and Bob Kernohan.

Shorten was the short straw in that foursome – he was the arse licker and did what the others told him to do.   These days Shorten tries to swing his weight but his infidelities, and with the GG for a mother-in-law, his fly is closed more often than not.   Whether he has a brain to bless himself with is still to be established.   Without Ludwig as  a benefactor – what does Shorten offer anyway?  It is obvious to some that Shorten has some Craig Thompson traits – can you see it as well …

If one wanted good script material for a best seller along the lines of an ‘Underbelly’ style storyline, and with some embellishment – this story is waiting in the wings.   It would make TV and/or box-office history … people love to see politics with Shakespearian melodrama, and all on the pretence that most of it is factually based.

Now Gillard in this painted scheme of things, a tossed Unionist’s mole at the time who looked to have no future in the Union movement, no career, was banished as a lawyer, what were her options?   She obviously did not mind men with a penchant for danger and involvement with shady deals and a bit bent – where would someone like that go to re-establish her life?

Now 15 odd years later she becomes the PM … talk about puppet masters and who they pull from the flames.  Whose prodigy is she – who is her master … she is not someone that you could say was intellectual, or savvy smart when it comes to seeing a chess board, and the movers and shakers moving the pieces around her – well at least not back then.  Back then she couldn’t see the fire for the money piles all around her.  What bolt of lightning suddenly gave her a golden pathway to the Prime Minister’s Lodge … the highest office in the land … how could a Unionist’s mole become our PM?

Didn’t I tell you – what a TV series it would make …

There would be a fight over who ownes the rights – Pickering could lay claim, Hedley Thomas would try screen-play writing and lay claim,  Andrew Bolt would want a share, Mike Smith deserves his claim,  the lazy fat-cat bad guys in the media would want their pound of flesh, but what was their contribution when all this was unravelling in 2012 … they sat on the sidelines because the PM blackmailed them … what weak-knee wankers … but still … they will have their hand out for their share of the spoils …

Hedley Thomas produced another story in the ‘Weekend Australian’ today – read below … his sixth story in three days … he has Gillard pegged like a sheepskin hung to let the crows and grubs eat away the flesh.

AWU leader Ian Cambridge’s surprise as slush fund revealed

| Author: Hedley Thomas | Date: Nov 17th, 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

[ Former AWU national leader Ian Cambridge. Source: Herald Sun]

THE diary of the Australian Workers Union’s national leader tells how a secret slush fund bearing his union’s name was revealed to him by a bank officer eight months after Julia Gillard left her job amid her law firm’s concern at her undisclosed role in helping establish the fund.

The diary of Ian Cambridge, a Fair Work commissioner who was national joint secretary of the AWU in the mid 1990s, reveals his surprise when the Commonwealth Bank advises him that a national search has identified bank records showing the existence of an AWU “association”.

“It is now 11.35 and a short time ago I concluded a telephone conversation with a Mr Andrew Chalker from the Commonwealth Bank,” Mr Cambridge states in the entry for April 3, 1996.

“Mr Chalker rang me, indicating that he was undertaking certain activities in respect to our request for the names of accounts held by the Commonwealth Bank which may relate to the AWU.

“Mr Chalker then indicated to me, and in fact asked me, if I had knowledge of a Workplace Reform Association, to which I responded that I had never heard of such an organisation before, and I asked him if that was one of the names that had been thrown up by his computer search.

“He said that was something which had been uncovered in the search to date and I indicated to him I thought that may well be something that we would have some interest in further investigation of.”

The Prime Minister’s role in helping set up the AWU Workplace Reform Association for her boyfriend, AWU official Bruce Wilson, was not known outside law firm Slater & Gordon until three months ago – when a former equity partner of the firm released a statement and secret transcript of a September 1995 interview with Ms Gillard.

The September 1995 interview was part of an internal review by the firm into Ms Gillard, then a salaried partner. She told the firm at the time that the association was a “slush fund for union elections”.


After becoming aware in August-September 1995 of fraud concerns relating to Mr Wilson over a different AWU slush fund in Victoria, neither the law firm nor Ms Gillard alerted anyone in the AWU to the existence of the association that she had helped to set up.

Ms Gillard said on August 23 this year that she was not involved in any wrongdoing and insisted that while she provided legal advice for the establishment of the association, she was unaware of its workings. Ms Gillard has this week refused to respond to detailed questions about $5000 allegedly paid into her bank account on the instruction of Mr Wilson in mid 1995. She accused The Australian of a smear campaign and of “being unable to substantiate any allegations of wrongdoing”.

Two months after the April 1996 disclosure by the bank to Mr Cambridge, he received further bank records showing large deposits and asked the AWU’s officials in Perth about the association, but none had ever heard of it.

In a July 5 diary entry, Mr Cambridge spoke to branch official Russell Frearson and said to him “I thought it would be easy to remember because approximately $400,000 had gone through it, to which he responded by saying words to the effect that ‘shit, I certainly could have done with that sort of money’.

“He said he could not remember and would have remembered any account that handled amounts of money like that.”

Mr Cambridge’s diary states that he told Mr Frearson: “This effectively seems to have been a slush fund account which acted as the receptacle for money which was properly intended to go to the union. I thought that the whole matter would never be properly resolved until such time as a royal commission was established to investigate all the accounts and the money trails.”

The highlighted section goes to known evidence – Ms Gillard answered in a misleading way when she responded in the House under questions from Julie Bishop – the following exchange took place in the House on the 1st Nov 2012 … and as reported in a previous post – linked here – and part reproduced below:

Hansard Record 1st Nov 2012 extract:  – linked here … [edit updated 26/11/12]

Union Funds

Ms JULIE BISHOP (Curtin—Deputy Leader of the Opposition) (15:04): My question is to the Prime Minister. I refer the Prime Minister to a statement on 20 September by former High Court Judge Michael Kirby which said:

… if a person is aware of a serious crime and doesn’t report it to the police, that is what we call misprision of a felony; if there is a felony, you have to report it, it is a citizen’s duty.’

Why did not the Prime Minister herself report the fraud involving the Australian Workers Union Workplace Reform Association that she helped establish?’

Ms GILLARD (Lalor—Prime Minister) (15:05): This question has been asked in the past. I refer the Deputy Leader of the Opposition to when I dealt with all of these issues extensively on the public record. By the time the matters she refers to came to my attention they were already the subject of inquiry and investigation.

Hedley Thomas is sitting on dynamite with the Cambridge diaries and he knows it – Gillard cannot control how the diaries are used or released.  The News Ltd legal team vetting all the Thomas’ filed stories are having a field day in planning their strategy to dissect and dress the PM for the kill shot.

If Gillard had an option to sue, or to seek an injunction to stop further publications, and with the best legal advice at her disposal – she would have done so.

Now – that legal advice would include the AG – Nicola Roxon – herself caught up in the disappearance of the important physical evidence being the ‘missing Slater & Gordon file’.    S&G advised they can’t find the file and this is a serious breach of Law Practice requirements and they will be asked to show cause on the matter.

Hearsay indicates that Roxon was working at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers at the time and took over the file after Gillard left S&G and the AWU sacked S&G …

Hells bells, toil and trouble – oh what a tangled web we achieve when we first try to deceive

One might ask how Hedley Thomas came by the Cambridge diaries – that is easy – Cambridge or someone acting on his behalf gave the diaries to Thomas in exchange for some unknown deal.  That deal is private and in line with many such deals brokered between the media and the leaker of documents – [i.e. a whistleblower].

I wonder whether Gillard will treat Cambridge the same way she treated Julian Assange when he was deemed an enemy of the USA when he was tagged a whistleblower?

The Journalist ethic is to ‘protect the source at all costs’ … part of the ‘free speech’ mandated freedoms we live under …

What we are seeing in Gillard is a Union puppet – propped, stuffed, and with mouthpiece to go … backing her up is the Union assembly line produced Bill Shorten, along with Steve Conroy, Nicola Roxon, Chris Bowen, and other Union appointees to safe Labour seats and Senate positions.

This is no longer a Labour party with fair-minded instincts – it’s a party with a unionist agenda and sends the fear of god through fair minded labour supporters.  Surely you would think non-aligned ALP caucus members would be aware and fearful of what this far right-wing faction is creating.  Yet they all slither in the grass, hiding in full view and too afraid for themselves to represent the true values of the ALP faithful.

Enter the Eddie Obeid scandal this last week – is his sacrifice the train wreck meant to distract attention for Gillard’s cook-up …

What’s next – the AWU scandal alive and gaining momentum since last November ’11, the NSW Royal Commission into NSW Labour corruption, when with the QLD Royal Commission into the QLD Labour corruption begin …

Up there in QLD at the moment it is the LNP Newman Government facing corruption allegations over the Flegg resignation, a few months ago it was the Police Minister who had to resign over unpaid traffic fines,  and then there is always Clive Palmer wanting to urinate all over Newman and Jeff Seeney over his want to have mining leases approved, and the Newman Government holding out for more ‘brown envelopes’ – or that is what it feels like after hearing the Obeid modus operandi …

Where does Political corruption, fraud, favours, lobby deals, expense rorting, retirement packages, the Dept Prime Minister and Cabinet [DPMC] ‘slush-fund’ spending,  end.

Oh yea – taking a sharp left turn on this story – the DPMC have a slush-fund alright, but it is called a different name when you are in Government – it becomes an official budget.

The DPMC budget for 2012 was $616 million – up from $400 million in 2011, and $132 million in 2010.  In fact the DPMC expenditure over the years has been one of the highest incremental budgets for all Government Departments – see table below:

In fact the extraction from the DPMC website – linked here – and the Annual Reports section – linked here – paint a clear picture of how Gillard since 2010 increased the DPMC budget to accommodate her own views, wants, and lifestyle.  One could throw a line like it is a ‘slush-fund’ for re-election in 2013 … but more to the point – how can a responsible caucus allow a PM to increase the budget for DPMC by 466% in two years?

This raises a host of new questions as opposed to answering or providing any mitigating excuses for Gillard.

I’m sure a closer inspection of the breakdown of the increased expenditures is all above-board – ha-ha … but were they necessary – i.e. the increased budget represents the hiring of an extra 650 staff … [the staff costs from 2009-10 and 2010-11 rose from $71 million to $88 million and then again in the 2011-12 year they rose to $110 million.  That is a staff budget increase of $39 million – at say $60k p/a for additional staff, that equates to 650 staff.]

What could she do with 650 extra staff that Kevin Rudd did not need … there is the alternative – pay increases for loyalty, and the PM’s lavish tastes and new perchance for overseas travel – 1st class all the way … wining and dining overseas guests on the taxpayer dime.

The budget increase since Gillard took over in Mar 2010 has been $132 million to $616 million at the end of the 2011-12 year – that is an increase of 466% in two years – what will it be this year.

There should be a Royal Commission into this as well … no other Department, Welfare, Health, Defence, or other big spending portfolio received any increases like the percentages the PM voted for herself and with Cabinet support.

This is a big deal and another one of the steaming toxic shit-piles coming out of Gillards arse and will all be there for the Australian people to pick up the tab when she is done.

To come back to the subject of this post –

– How Deep does the AWU corruption cover-up go? – An exposé on innuendo, Evidence, Hersey and Conjecture – how much is muck raking, defense of the indefensible, – or is it just outright personal greed and corruption –

Ex ALP Opposition Leader Mark Latham had a frosty relationship with Gillard during the last election in 2010.  You may recall he became a 60 Minutes’ reporter for the campaign and advocated that people vote informal because he did not think either Leader had earned your vote.   There was a media beat-up where the two met and exchange eye-stares and a hand shake – not the same hand-shake that lost him the election against Howard,  and saw him dumped unceremoniously a few months later.

He went off to la-la land for a while after that humiliation and now he is back picking a fight with Andrew Bolt and Bolt’s blog about the AWU scandal.   I read the Latham comments and have to admit the surface value is worth the read, but the collective is still about him trying to settle with his demons and finding someone he can blame.

Latham – you’re a goose and if you want to pick a fight with someone – go and shadow box with yourself for a while … you obviously still need some time away from politics – it was the ALP who dumped you … not Bolt or any one else you think you want to take a swing at.  You can read the Mark Latham comments on Crikey.com.au linked here

Gillard is stuff … if the Media were doing their job they would have picked up on the PM’s budget spend and asked a host of questions … initially she told us all she did not want to be the overseas traveller – she wanted to be the stay ay home PM – what changed.

Did she find it friendlier after she attended the Royal wedding,  or was it that she could misbehave out of the public eye on these trips away – or was it to pick up some stashed cash to bring home without customs having to look through her bags … or was it about the love affair with Obama Larry Pickering so often blogs about.

Australians, Friends, Countrymen and Women – we deserve better and I think Latham is full of crap in trying to defend Gillard … please Tweet, Facebook link, write your MP using the links below, or use whatever other social media you want and send this story to as many people as you can … we all deserves better.

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    Has Gillard got the moral fortitude to do that for her mothers sake.

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