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EYE-BALL Opinion – Hedley Thomas exploding on Gillard – Gillard has a case to answer … –

November 15, 2012

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– Hedley Thomas exploding on Gillard –
– Gillard has a case to answer …  –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 15th Nov 2012 |
The case against the Prime Minister is now free wheeling … she is flustered and it showed yesterday when asked about the $5,000 cash deposit to her account.

Hedley Thomas with Pia Akerman has today exploded on Julia Gillard again with five (5) more stories. Hedley Thomas is a National Correspondent with ‘The Australian’ and News Ltd media, he has won multiple ‘Walkely’ awards for his investigative journalistic efforts in the past, he is well respected on both sides of Politics, and with the efforts he is pursuing this story, there is no doubt in my mind that Gillard has a serious case to answer.

The stories filed in today’s Australian publication are presented below –

Age article alleging funds abuse ‘pulled’

| Author: Hedley Thomas and Pia Akerman | Date: Nov 15th, 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

AS an IR journalist during the turbulent reign of Victorian premier Jeff Kennett, union power struggles were bread and butter to Joanne Painter.

In August 1995, The Age’s chief industrial reporter began to pursue a story when a group of senior officials at the AWU’s construction branch in Melbourne, including national branch secretary Bruce Wilson, left under a cloud.

There had been longstanding tensions at the union but Painter, and other media outlets, began to realise there was more going on and it involved fraud.

A month later, the National Crime Authority and Victoria Police were asked by the AWU’s then-national joint secretary Ian Cambridge to investigate fraud.

Painter had a front-page story in The Age about payments of more than $150,000 by major construction firms to a secret union bank account known as the AWU Members Welfare Association No 1 Account.

As she pursued the story, Painter came into greater contact with Mr Cambridge.

Mr Cambridge’s diary discloses that, on September 25, she rang him about a tip-off that she had received from her sources in Victoria, which would result in another front-page story the next day.

The diary said Painter had asked for comment on allegations construction company Thiess had also paid the AWU Victorian branch $25,000 to permit the use of contaminated soil in a roadworks project.

Mr Cambridge told her he had never heard of the allegations but would be happy to have it investigated by the police fraud squad.

Just hours after their conversation, Mr Cambridge noted in his diary that union organiser Helmut Gries had also called him soon afterwards to say that Painter had proposed to publish a story alleging Mr Wilson and Bill Telikostoglou, or “Bill the Greek”, misused union money to pay for renovations on Julia Gillard’s house. “I was a little stunned by this and asked Helmut to explain further,” Mr Cambridge wrote in his diary.

“He said that Painter had the article fairly correct and that he had specifically requested that she withdraw the article and she agreed to do so but that the article essentially involved the exposure of Wilson and the Greek using union money to pay for renovations that took place at the house of Julia Gillard.”

Mr Gries provided no evidence to support the allegations at the time and this month denied telling Mr Cambridge that union money had been spent on the Prime Minister’s renovations.

Ms Gillard has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and in August this year insisted: “I paid for my renovations.” There is no evidence that union funds were spent on the renovations.

Archive searches show that no story by Painter mentioning Ms Gillard, who had abruptly left law firm Slater & Gordon just days earlier and was running for a Labor Senate seat, ever appeared in The Age. The Australian contacted Painter yesterday and explained the claims in the Cambridge diary. She declined to comment.

Big Bill Telikostoglou ‘not happy’ with ex-best friend

| Author: Hedley Thomas | Date: Nov 15th, 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

IN 1995 when law firm Slater & Gordon was struggling to get to the bottom of a union corruption scandal on its doorstep, one unionist was singled out and roundly condemned.

“He is known as either Bill Telikostoglou or simply Bill the Greek,” Julia Gillard, then a salaried partner at the firm, told senior partner Peter Gordon in a tape-recorded interview.

Bill the Greek, now living in Athens where The Australian interviewed him, is still a figure of notoriety for his AWU escapades in Western Australia and Victoria.

He was a union organiser and loyal enforcer for Ms Gillard’s boyfriend, branch secretary Bruce Wilson, whom he met on Woodside gas rigs off Western Australia.

After their scams in Victoria were exposed in August 1995, Mr Telikostoglou hurriedly quit the union and Australia, leaving a trail of bounced cheques.

But it was his work on the renovation of Ms Gillard’s house in Abbotsford in Melbourne that led to her describing, in her Slater & Gordon interview, his “obvious difficulties with the truth”.

Mr Gordon asked Ms Gillard in the September 11, 1995, interview: “What are Bill’s obvious difficulties with the truth?”

Ms Gillard replied: “He’s just a big Greek bullshit artist.”

Mr Telikostoglou, who says he is now semi-retired in Greece as a life insurance salesman with a bad back, following work as a security official for local politicians, expressed surprise and anger at his depiction as a habitual liar.

“I lived with Bruce, and Julia was my best friend then,” he said.

“I’m not very happy with her. She did not say nice things about me . . . I would cook for her — and she cooked for me.

“In what way was I a big Greek bullshit artist to her? She should not speak of her friends like that.

“I changed my bloody political party to support her. I said: ‘I like you because you are a very good friend.’ I’m a capitalist and I changed, I joined the Labor Party. She never replies to my emails. I don’t think she is a nice person now. I was amazed when I saw what she said.”

He denied involvement in scamming building companies and union fraud, and denied he had funnelled any union money into her renovation.

He said it was likely that Ms Gillard “didn’t even know what Bruce was doing” when it came to AWU fraud. “I said to him: ‘How could you do that?’ I was very disappointed with Bruce. I don’t understand why it happened. I didn’t even know about the (slush fund).”

The Prime Minister has repeatedly denied wrongdoing, saying she had no knowledge of the operations of the “slush fund”, which she helped set up for Mr Wilson and his union ally Ralph Blewitt.

Other union officials including Helmut Gries claim that Mr Telikostoglou was a prolific liar who was knowingly and deeply involved in the union fraud.

Former employee Wayne Hem told The Australian that soon after Mr Telikostoglou left the country, criminals came to the union offices looking for him and asked Mr Hem to pass on a message: “Death is long.”

Asked about the renovations at Ms Gillard’s house, Mr Telikostoglou said he would not have been told if Mr Wilson had arranged anything untoward.

He described Mr Gries as an honest, hard-working official: “If he says something, I would believe him 100 per cent. He was an honest person.”

Union official who first raised Julia Gillard renovation claims now doubts his own story

| Author: Hedley Thomas and Pia Akerman | Date: Nov 15th, 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

THE AWU official who first brought allegations that union money had been spent on renovations to Julia Gillard’s house to the attention of corruption fighter Ian Cambridge has now cast doubt on his recollections.

Mr Cambridge, the former national secretary of the AWU who is now a Fair Work commissioner, kept a detailed diary while investigating serious fraud in the union in the mid-1990s. More than 150 pages of his diary covering the period have been obtained by The Australian and verified as authentic by Mr Cambridge.

The diary reveals that on September 25, 1995, Mr Cambridge received a telephone call from AWU official Helmut Gries, who told him of allegations that union funds, controlled by Ms Gillard’s then boyfriend, union official Bruce Wilson, had been used for Ms Gillard’s renovations – and The Age newspaper was on to the story.

More questions for the PM The diary states that Mr Gries, a dedicated Victorian AWU official who railed against dishonesty, was making the call to disclose “terrible things involving the misuse of union money”. However, Mr Gries, 72 and retired, has told The Australian that while he is not infallible he is sure that he did not make such disclosures at the time. He said Mr Cambridge was an honest union leader who was genuinely trying to identify the union’s corruption. But he said he could not explain the diary’s entry quoting him because while he did not believe he said it, he could not believe that Mr Cambridge would have made it up.

While he recalled telling Mr Cambridge about dishonesty involving Mr Wilson and fellow union official Bill “the Greek” Telikostoglou – and confirmed that parts of the diary shown to him by The Australian were accurate – he said he would not have known anything about the renovations at Ms Gillard’s house.

The Prime Minister has repeatedly and emphatically denied wrongdoing in relation to a union “slush fund” she helped set up for Mr Wilson when she was a salaried partner at law firm Slater & Gordon. The fund was later used to defraud hundreds of thousands of dollars from the AWU. Ms Gillard says she had no knowledge of the operations of the fund. There is no evidence that she received union money, or that anyone other than Ms Gillard paid for the renovations to her Abbotsford home in Melbourne’s inner-east in the mid-1990s.

Ms Gillard has declined to respond to detailed questions from The Australian this week on the revelations in the Cambridge diary.

“I refer you to the account of these events provided by the Prime Minister at her press conference (attended by The Australian) on 23 August 2012,” her spokesman, Sean Kelly, said.

At a Canberra media conference on August 23 this year, after a series of stories in The Australian, a reporter asked Ms Gillard: “Can you say categorically, Prime Minister, that none of the funds in this entity were used to pay for renovations on your house?”

Ms Gillard replied: “I’ve dealt with this allegation a lot in the past and let’s be very clear about it. I paid for the renovations on my home in St Phillip Street in Abbotsford. Like millions of other Australians, I had the unhappy experience that I had a few blues with contractors along the way.”

During the confidential internal review by Slater & Gordon, Ms Gillard told senior partner Peter Gordon in a recorded interview on September 11, 1995, she could not be certain she had not benefited from union funds.

She said then: “I can’t categorically rule out that something at my house didn’t get paid for by the association or something at my house didn’t get paid for by the union or whatever, I just, I don’t feel confident saying I can categorically rule it out, but I can’t see how it’s happened because that really is the only bit of work that I would identify that I hadn’t paid for.”

The Cambridge diary states that in September 1995 Mr Gries revealed to Mr Cambridge that a journalist at The Age newspaper was going to publish a “fairly correct” story about union-funded renovations at Ms Gillard’s house.

“I was a little stunned by this and asked Helmut to explain further,” Mr Cambridge writes.

The diary states that Mr Gries knew the proposed article was the work of Age journalist Joanne Painter. Painter reported on unions and industrial matters at the time. According to the diary, Mr Gries said he had “specifically requested” Painter drop the article and she had agreed to do so. Painter declined to comment yesterday.

The diary entry states that Mr Gries said, “the (spiked) article essentially involved the exposure of Wilson and the Greek (Mr Telikostoglou) using union money to pay for renovations that took place at the house of Julia Gillard”.

Mr Cambridge recorded: “I clarified that the Julia Gillard we were talking about was the person who was a solicitor with Slater & Gordon, and Helmut said yes and that she had been recently trying to enter parliament and seeking preselection for a seat in parliament.

I asked Helmut if he was certain that this really had occurred and he said yes, and that it was probably only a matter of time before it was all exposed and that he thought that the Greek was the prime motivate (sic) and the main problem with the shonky things that were going on.

“Gries concluded the conversation by saying that he just simply wanted to pass that information on to me and that he did not want to get drawn into a lot of the heat surrounding the internal disputation in the union.”

The Cambridge diary was known to only a handful of people prior to it being obtained by The Australian.

Yesterday, The Australian revealed Mr Cambridge’s diary entry about a conversation he had with AWU staffer Wayne Hem in 1996, in which Mr Hem told the union boss of $5000 cash he had been given by Mr Wilson to deposit in Ms Gillard’s account the previous year. Mr Hem has confirmed the conversation to The Australian and sworn a statutory declaration regarding the $5000 deposit. He also confirmed separate deposits he made for Mr Wilson, putting cheques from building companies into a secret AWU account.

Ms Gillard yesterday declined to comment on the revelations, declaring them a smear. There is no evidence, nor is it suggested that Ms Gillard asked for the cash or knew of its origins.

The Australian has also obtained the brief handwritten note that Mr Cambridge made during the conversation with Mr Gries, just prior to a more detailed Dictaphone entry.

Mr Gries, now retired in Melbourne, has denied telling Mr Cambridge union funds were used to pay for renovations at Ms Gillard’s house. “If that conversation had occurred, I would have remembered,” he said at his home in Altona North.

“Ian was a reasonably honest person, he would have had no ulterior motives. I can’t see the point in Ian thinking that or saying that if it wasn’t factual. I can’t believe I’ve forgotten, if I knew, that there were renovations going on at Gillard’s place. If I did know (about union money being used for Ms Gillard’s renovations), I would have told Wilson and I probably would have taken steps at the highest level because I disliked the Greek intensely because he did a lot of damage to the union.

“It’s inconceivable that I could forget that. Maybe I’m wrong – I mean, no one is infallible.”

Mr Gries asked if part of the diary could be left with him to review. He sent an email two days later stating he did not want to be quoted on anything, adding that the diary note related to him informing Mr Cambridge was “old inaccurate history”.

Mr Telikostoglou, who was described by Ms Gillard in her tape-recorded 1995 interview as a “big Greek bullshit artist” and a union official who had “obvious difficulties with the truth”, told The Australian from Athens he was involved in the renovations but insisted there was no wrongdoing.

Seventeen days after the Gries entry in Mr Cambridge’s diary, Phil Gude, then a Victorian government Liberal minister, told state parliament Mr Wilson was involved in fraud and had spent union funds renovating Ms Gillard’s house.

Union ‘saint’ paid price for whistleblowing

| Author: Hedley Thomas and Pia Akerman | Date: Nov 15th, 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

TO union colleagues on the picket lines, he was “St Helmut”, a man who spoke out to the media about concerns over carcinogenic chemicals to trigger a three-month shutdown across Melbourne’s industrial western suburbs in 1990.

The whistleblowing by Helmut Gries, who had risen from a grim childhood in post-war Germany, came five years before his disclosures to the then joint national secretary of the Australian Workers Union, Ian Cambridge.

According to the detailed and contemporaneous diary entry by Mr Cambridge on September 25, 1995, Mr Gries had telephoned him to express his concerns that union money may have been misused to pay for renovations on Julia Gillard’s house.

Ms Gillard has denied the claim, insisting in August this year: “I paid for my renovations.”

There is no evidence that Ms Gillard received union money, or that anyone other than Ms Gillard paid for the renovations to her Abbotsford home, in Melbourne’s inner east, in the mid-1990s. Ms Gillard said in 1995 in a tape-recorded interview that she could not rule out that the union funds or money from the slush fund that she had helped set up went into the renovations of her house, “but I can’t see how it’s happened”.

Mr Gries now denies telling Mr Cambridge union funds were used to pay for the renovations, saying he would not have known anything about it.

The 1995 diary entry shows that, at the time, Mr Gries believed the union’s money was going into the house owned by Ms Gillard, the girlfriend of AWU branch head Bruce Wilson.

Mr Gries is a man with a Trojan-like work ethic and integrity, willing to put himself on the line for what he believes. He is now 72, a retired union organiser living in the western suburb of Altona. It is a stone’s throw from Ms Gillard’s current abode (when she is not in official residences) and not far from the former Hoechst petrochemical plant, where he worked for 19 years and served as shop steward for the Amalgamated Metal Workers Union.

He has a modest home in the former East Germany, where he goes for holidays each year. Hoechst sacked Mr Gries from his job as a mechanical maintenance worker in August 1990, for helping a 60 Minutes journalist enter the factory for a story on the company’s use of an allegedly carcinogenic chemical and the risk it posed to employees.

His sacking prompted 74 other maintenance workers to walk off the job, triggering a dispute that embroiled seven Altona petrochemical companies and led to more than 1000 workers striking, costing the Victorian economy millions of dollars over 13 weeks.

Hoechst refused to let Mr Gries return and he struggled to find work.

Still unemployed after several months, he told the Herald Sun at the time: “I would rather be unemployed for the rest of my life, rather than be in a position where I didn’t act on what I knew.”

Born in Germany during World War II, Mr Gries was five years old when his parents and four siblings were killed. He grew up in a convent orphanage, telling the AWU magazine in 2006 the experience had shaped him. He migrated to Melbourne in 1959 and trained as a fitter. In 1991, Mr Gries started full-time work with the AWU.

In September 1995, according to Mr Cambridge’s diary, he telephoned the AWU official and told him a journalist was preparing to publish a story alleging Mr Wilson and Bill Telikostoglou used union money on renovations at Ms Gillard’s house.

He did not provide Mr Cambridge with any evidence to support the allegation. “I asked Helmut if he was certain that this really had occurred and he said yes, and that it was probably only a matter of time before it was all exposed,” Mr Cambridge wrote in his diary.

Union assistant reveals secret duty

| Author: Hedley Thomas and Pia Akerman | Date: Nov 15th, 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

Her job in 1995 was personal assistant to Ian Cambridge, then the joint national secretary of the Australian Workers Union at a time of fraud and corruption that was tearing the union apart.

Now 67 and retired, Mrs Pymont, who joined the union a few days shy of her 16th birthday, told The Australian she still believed that police should properly pursue the fraudsters.

In 1995, she received dozens of tapes from Mr Cambridge after he had recorded events and conversations during his dogged investigations of AWU corruption in Victoria and Western Australia. At the heart of the fraud was a slush fund Julia Gillard, as a solicitor at Slater & Gordon, helped set up for her then boyfriend, AWU branch secretary Bruce Wilson.

The woman who would become Prime Minister unwittingly became part of the narrative in Mr Cambridge’s diary.

Ms Gillard denies any wrongdoing, saying she had no knowledge of the operations of the fund.

“Whatever happened that day, Ian would put it down on tape and I would type it up the next morning, print the page and give it back to him — it was pretty well straight away,” Mrs Pymont said.

“I have kept the work a secret all this time — until now, I have not told anyone except my husband. “My computer had to be password-protected and nobody else in the office had access.”

Mrs Pymont said she was stunned at the time by the revelations she was hearing, which The Australian is publishing after obtaining, and authenticating, 150-plus A4-size pages of diary notes kept by Mr Cambridge, now a Fair Work commissioner.

“I would swear to the authenticity of the diary entries — Ian always did it when it was fresh in his mind,” Mrs Pymont said.

“Ian is a totally reliable and above-board person who would never lie. He was a goody two-shoes and he was under a lot of pressure.”

Asked if police should get to the bottom of a fraud scandal that her boss at the time wanted a royal commission to investigate, Mrs Pymont, who recently resigned after a 34-year Labor Party membership, said: “I think some people should get what they deserve — and sometimes I think it is best to let sleeping dogs lie.”

WOW … five stories today, three yesterday … if Gillard was feeling under pressure before … Hedley Thomas’s and his support crew have the burners turned up full throttle at the moment –

Gillard will be furious … livid and proned to mistakes – she made one yesterday in her responses – but then all of us living our lives at the mercy of our Leaders will be thinking that she needs to walk the plank – she needs to have the blow-torched turned on her past and expose her for who she really is.

The source of the new material is the Ian Cambridge diary – Ian Cambridge was the boss of the AWU at the time that the Wilson/Blewitt fraud happened with legal assistance for the then Slater & Gordon partnered lawyer Julia Gillard.   Cambridge began an investigation that was shut-down months later because it would have meant complete exposure of just how deep the corruption spread within the Union (AWU).

Everyone in Australia needs to read this story from start to finish – it is a case history to how someone with Gillard’s background, steeped in Union traditions where ‘slush-funds’ afforded the chosen few a lifestyle beyond what they could afford, where re-election campaigns were funded via unauthorised use of Union Members funds, and all to be considered ‘OK’ at the time and yet still happening today.

It’s a story the demeans the office of the PM – and to think that someone with Gillards background can attain such high office demonstrates a flaw in our form of democracy and the way we elect our Leaders.   But she was not elected was she – she became the PM out of an act of treachery and betrayal, and only serves as the PM because Independents support her rather than Tony Abbott.

The only way someone like Gillard could ever get to be PM was via the way she knifed RUDD with the help of the Union thugs aligned with her.  If she was the Leader in 2007 – Howard would have won the election – history has shown that RUDD was a surrogate Leader and it was always the plan of the Union affiliated MP’s to ditch him for Gillard.

The ALP spent 11 long years in the wilderness – 1996-2007 – trying to find a Leader who connected with the electorate and the true-blue Labour base.   Rudd emerged as a popularist, and he was not Union affiliated and Australia had a love affair with his style and brand of political speak.   He won on a platform of change and the Australian people were happy.

Lurking in the background were the Shortens, Arbib’s, the Farrell’s and the like, all under the guiding hand of the AWU’s Joe Ludwig waiting for the time to strike.   One could say it was pre-meditated and if the Unions want to come clean on this as well – please feel free to do so.

The Australian Union’s collect more than $1 billion in members subscriptions every year – that is $20 million a week to spread around – yet the accounting for how those funds are really spent is not publicly disclosed or accounted for.  Union members get an annual statement – but the expenses are not itemised in any listed way – just a gross number … of the 40 odd Unions affiliated withthe ACTU – less than half a dozen put their financial accounts up on their websites for public view.

Recent events in the HSU, the Mike Williams allegations he stripped up to $20 million form his Union – Craig Thompson is a lightweight with allegations of $1.5 million in fraud,  give a different perspective of Union delegate meetings where even Gillard has admitted ‘slush-funds’ and their usage to re-elect are common place.

Can you imagine all across the land Union Members funds are being used  to buy loyalty from other Union delegates, to vote for those dolling out the ‘slush-money’ in bribes, prostitutes, 1st class travel and accommodation, home renovations and whatever a corrupt Unionist can use ‘slush-fund money for.   It’s an undercurrent of Union tradition and they all will stick like glue to protect one another.

This story is about so much more than an average lawyer in Julia Gillard being a Unionist’s mole … Gillard’s claims of being naive are as lame as Craig Thompson’s and Peter Slipper’s pathetically offered excuses to the House … the ALP brand is toxic and nothing will cleanse the stench emanating from the top down.

Yet – in all this sewer dwelling political corruption – the Opposition are floundering in their efforts to gain traction against the Government.

Given Wayne Swan’s exposed weakness’ as Treasurer and his fumbles over the ‘budget surplus’ – you’d think Joe Hockey would be able to bounce him around the ring a few times before pinning him for the count – alas Joe is someone more likely to jump out the way rather then get in a good scrap.  His knowledge of financial markets is rudimentary at best – not unlike many of the RBA and Treasury bureaucrats … all ignorant of real economic policy  and what modern-day triggers ignite an economy.  Teh RBA and Swan still think it’s all about inflation bands … somewhere they missed the global swoop where trade is now dictated by labour costs and currency value.

Jump to Opposition Immigration spokesperson Scott Morrison – the Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has had a devil of a tenure and Morrison can only throw tissue paper at the Government over their ‘boat/asylum seeker’ problems … it is truly lame duck efforts …

Look at Andrew Robb on Finance … in fact look at the whole Shadow Cabinet and try to find inspiration for Political leadership in the alternative Government …

Mr Abbott sits where he does in the dust storm of the preferred PM stakes because of his performance, not in spite of it … he has to learn and show us he can lead if he wants to be the alternative PM … take a good look at the Opposition Shadow Cabinet –

[Link to Source data …]

Christopher Pyne is by far the best performer and he spends half his time suspended from the House … there just seems to be no cohesion in the way the Opposition sets about its strategy to attack the Government on any number of weakness’ on open display every day.

An example – because of the ‘sexist’, and ‘gender’ attacks against Abbott, the opposition response has been to send the Deputy Leader Julie Bishop into the trenches … surely if Abbott wanted to prove his worth as Leader he would have taken Gillard on over the ‘misogynist’ claims she made …

If Abbott was offended and did not believe what the PM was saying – he should have been the one to step up and defend himself and all men against misandryist attacks born of gender issues from women who feel and want to blame men for all that is wrong with their lives.

Weak Tony … weak … and whilst Bishop is making a good fist of entrapping Gillard over her role in the AWU scandal – it is not blood thirsty enough to ignite the Australian electorate behind the Opposition Leader as the alternative PM.

Now take a look at the Government’s Front Bench below and tell me if there is an inspirational Leader among any of them.

[Link to Source data …]

Mediocrity abounds on both sides of the House does it not … not a standout between any of them … plenty who think they can do the job – but on performance and ability not one leaps off the page.

A horse race form guide on the Government Ministry –

  • Greg Combet – Climate change expert who is following orders and really does not have the heart and soul, or want to sell the Carbon Tax as the best solution to combat climate change … he is generally a good performer in the House – needs to break free and create his own political identity as different to his Unionist background and that of a follower and loyal servant to Julia Gillard … not in his Union DNA to break ranks and this cast’s him with negativity surrounding his reluctance to abandon a sinking ship for the sake of the Nation … I had hopes for the guy but they are fast fading …
  • Mark Butler – speaks well in limited opportunities … being held in reserve … a Gillard ass-licker and still wet behind the ears …
  • Craig Emerson – still wants to bed the PM, his Whyalla song was his true self … a confused wannabe …
  • Chris Bowen – a motor mouth who needs to breath once in a while – has toughest job in the Government and functions with shackles all over him … is yet to explode and tell us all what he really believes …
  • Martin Ferguson – honest toiler from union background – knows his limitations and picks his fights well … most of all he prefers to play the kingmaker rather then be the king …
  • Tony Bourke – was a contended until he drew down on RUDD in the Leadership spill MAr ’12 – snuggled up to Gillard … has no identity and his ‘trawler’ flip-flops and the Murray basin jibber-jabber has him as the nappy wearer on the front bench …
  • Joe Ludwig – son of AWU overlord – political appointment as a Senator – his efforts over the live exports  – twice now – tell us how out of his depth he is … Gillard keeps him in the Ministry to appease the old man … nepotism at is best …
  • Nicola Roxon – average lawyer and now Attorney General – AG’s are normally exceptional lawyers and how she became the honey-pot bemuses us all – rumours she slept her way to the top i.e. Shorten, Gillard, and a few others are not confirmed – but as an average Lawyer now serving as the AG – she had better check the lift before she gets on – it might have a false bottom …
  • Peter Garrett – made a monumental stuff of the ‘pink-bats’ money handouts – serving out his time but is now only a teaser pony and seat warmer for whoever the ALP can find to fill his seat …
  • Penny Wong – a contender if cool heads and performance can be the benchmark – her open sexuality may challenge the Australian electorate as would the fact that Gillard is a failed experiment as a female PM – Wong’s elevation would be too soon after the Gillard failure … but she would be a contender … like her and I think her ALP values are solid …
  • Kim Carr – low profile Minister and vocal Rudd supporter … unknown potential …
  • Steven Conroy – perhaps the dumbest of all Ministers – completely out of his depth with the NBN – yet Turnbull thinks it is beneath him to show him up – struggles with face time on camera – has a chip on his shoulder as an ex union researcher and perhaps understands he has over achieved …
  • Anthony Albanese – a conundrum of personalities – House Leader and he likes to play bully boy – yet in a showdown between Gillard and Rudd he chose Rudd twice … has a distinct intellect and can orate – but his true calling is lost in the Parliament given his divided loyalties … he is a follower not a leader and committed to the ALP brand and that is his problem …
  • Jenny Macklin – warhorse member of the Gillard ‘handbag’ brigade … welfare is a great gig for a female if you have connections with true Aussie values … Macklin is a second-stinger with war scars and enjoys the ‘handbag basher’ role more than the hard work involved in policy creation – rumour has it that the liquor cabinet is always running dry in her office …
  • Tanya Plibersek – sees herself as the sex symbol on the Front Bench and plays coy about it – has cornered the angry pissed off look when facing hostile media interviews – long on the dramas and short on the speak that gets her a pass mark … also member of Gillards ‘Handbag’ squad but it as to be a fashion accessory for her to play …
  • Stephen Smith – booted from Foreign Affairs when room had to be made for RUDD – pissed him off and again when Rudd left and it was given to Carr … does not want to be Defence Minister – has no interest in cleaning up the sexual predatory environment within the military – or at least gives that impression – aiming higher and goes out of his way to keep his nose clean – has had a tough job handling the soldiers deaths and casualties in Afghanistan … feisty is my opinion and has some credentials …
  • Simon Crean – the ultimate kingmaker having failed as the King himself – Gillard was an office mole when she trolled herself looking for a Political opportunity after the AWU scandal broke … Crean was a mentor back then, he  is now a seat warmer at best – polished performer in the House in his hey day but wastes his talents and time these days on low-key issues … never reached the highs he was destined to given his family pedigree …
  • Chris Evans – the ‘sap’ on the front bench – Immigration is the portfolio you hand to someone your don’t really like … he stands out among all the Ministers as the one that is most isolated … hard to place in the pecking order but a big ‘NO’ from me …
  • Bob Carr – blow me away with 2nd comings – Carr has enough NSW ALP mud to make him invisible at night … a token appointment to appease the NSW right and Gillard owed Mark Arbib big time … but surely the lamest of Foreign Ministers Australia has had in a long time … there to try to make Gillard shine but his own demons will get in the way …
  • Wayne Swan – the ‘fool’ on the Front Bench … the World Finance ministers pinned a dunce-hat on him in full view when they named him ‘Treasurer of the year’ – all the while they all had a hose stuck into the Australia economy stripping $100’s billions of Australian wealth out the back door – Swan was too stupid to see what was and still is happening … thinks a high A$ value is a reflection and pass mark for economic management – his incompetence is there for all to see and that reflects poorly on the economic journalist in the land … they equally have no idea what has been happening all this time … will bankrupt the Nation rather than have his ego dinted …
  • Julia Gillard – the ‘ugly duckling’ with a flawed history made good story – I have exhausted the terms and/or references to her creditability over her time as PM.  Her moral integrity, the shame she brings to the Prime Minister role, and how she struts in the role makes us all cringe … how the ALP caucus allows her to continue to serve as the PM casts a pail over the ALP that will never be removed.  When she is stripped and shamed all Australia will know what a despicable person she is, and revisit the Alan Jones statement that her father died of shame and hear it in a different light.

Looking outside the Ministry – perhaps only the ’07 vintage RUDD has a shot to heal and appease the ALP supporter base.

Yet the honest answer is that RUDD is now damaged goods … his mental legacy at what happened, the bile and festered revenge built up over 2+ years will have rendered him as a different person to the ’07 version where optimism, daring, and confidence were his tick marks.   He still has no Union support and would be forever looking over his shoulder looking for the Ludwig thugs sent to finish the job.

As to his mental capacity – can you imagine having to sit on the back-benches looking at the person who wrecked your life and smile the whole time – he could never be trusted to perform in the PM role again as someone that was not there with a score to settle.

No – whilst Hedley Thomas and a few other main and non mainstream journalists keeps stoking the fires, the pressure on Gillard will be sustained.   When senior journalist’s begin to believe that the PM has a case to answer – you watch and see the ALP caucus respond … if it does not happen before the final House sitting for the year – [week beginning 26th Nov] – then Christmas pudding for ALP caucus members will not be all merriment and cheer.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. Merv Hargraves
    November 15, 2012 at 2:30 pm

    The writing is on the wall for Gillard. I have been following this story linking her and Wilson for wellover 12 months now and each day there is a little more evidence tarnishing gillards mantle. I believe Ralph Blewitt has said he will return to Australia and hand him self into Melbournes Fraud Squad and tell all. I would be bery wary Ralph as there could well be a hit man sent to silence you. With what has happened in the union frauds and the extent to which gillard has gone to cover her tracks, I would be very careful Ralph

  2. November 15, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    Welcome Merv,

    Blewitt comment the following on Larry Pickering’s facebook page under the story titled “BLEWITT’S DILEMMA” –

    Martin Reynolds I’m not after hero status.I made a decision a few weeks back that I would own up to being a part of the fraud.

    It’s been bouncing around in my head for a long time.

    And I made my decision for these reasons.

    Michael Smith and Glen Milne lost there jobs because Julia Gillard used her position to shut down this story..that’s an abuse of her position as PM “That Cannot be allowed to happen in Australia”I will not stand by and see Freedom of press and Freedom of speech trashed by ANYONE.

    My Brothers of the Royal Australian Regiment would never forgive me.

    Bob Kernohan tried to expose this and got beaten up by union thugs and lives in fear every day because he tried to get the truth out.
    If someone deserves hero status it’s Bob.

    I was only ever involved in the WA Workplace Reform Association I had nothing to do with the Alleged frauds committed by Bruce Wilson in Victoria.

    Then a few weeks ago via Michael Smiths investigation I read that Bruce Wilson and others allegedly received payments that allowed a contractor in Victoria to use Contaminated soil as road base..that put the workers health there family’s and the public at large at risk.I find that despicable,discussting,THERE IS NO WAY I would ever be a part of something like that and that’s when I made my public statement on Michael Smith News that I could not stay quiet anymore.

    I will make my statement to the Victorian Fraud Squad and let the cards fall where they may.

    It is a brave call but we all know what it is like to live with guilt – but to see someone profit and perpetrate a fraud on the Australian people as Gillard has done – I believe Blewitt is driven by larger motives to see things right …

  3. barry
    November 15, 2012 at 6:01 pm

    Apart from a few such as Christpher Pyne , Julie Bishop, and perhaps a couple of others , it would seem most of the politicians , and that includes both sides of the fence , are there merely for their own benefit.
    No where , really , among the lot , do you see much interest in the welfare and betterment of the country.
    The spirit of the nation appears to be evident in both the lacklustre performance of it’s poiliticians , and the lacklustre performance of the voting public in not demanding better standards of those who they vote to represent them .
    Australia defitely needs a lift in standards all round , or they leave themselves vulnerable to outsiders wanting , and preying for , the enviable life we have here , that we show little appreciation for .
    If not careful, history may well repeat itself , as the predators are lurking , and they are well aware , our defences are weak.

  4. November 15, 2012 at 6:23 pm

    Welcome Barry,

    I agree … the pre selection criteria and vetting process is failing all Australia …

    Enjoy the site …

  5. Gerry Hatrick
    November 16, 2012 at 7:41 am

    On Ralph Blewitt giving evidence against Gillard only because of immunity that in itself is cause for concern. Twenty years on what is the underlying motive? There is also rumour Bruce Wilson might rollover. The question is then, why hasn’t a warrant for the arrest of Blewitt been issued, possibly extradition, answer because no one is looking/investigating/prosecuting except for various pressure groups Hedley Thomas/Mike Smith etc.

    This is why I promote a further Royal Commission.

    There are other solutions.

    The problem is that this tardy affair is slowly draining live blood from the political process. As Barry writes above, name one Federal Government mover and shaker you respect and support. You have the known trouble of Thomson and Slipper still in the house. Should be expelled. Then you have substantive allegations against PM and possibly TWU. You have PM depending upon Thomson to maintain her wafer thin majority (minority government). The stench won’t go away. Windsor and Oakeschott and Wilkie won’t stop this three ringed circus. Meanwhile the economy burns. Banking and Mining go from strength to strength. Manufacturing and Tourism are at best just hanging on. Retail sales are static at best, again only the plutocrats seem to prosper. All those mentioned above, on both sides, are part of this plutocracy, it is simply difficult to put your foot on the tail of the devil, you are not sure beyond Slipper Thomson Gillard which one?

    Soon this Eddie Obeid matter in ICAC will consume Bob Carr. Why did Obeid go to the back benches in 2003, after Carr’s last election win and then 2005 Carr took early retirement, then from 2005 the real shenanigans accelerate. It would appear to most Obeid should have been disendorsed and expelled from the party as early as 1999. Was Carr manipulating or in fact a victim of the insidious backroom manipulations.

    A drover’s dog will lead the Liberals to the next federal election victory. That does not in itself mean our misery will fix in itself. As the original article states these Liberals/Coalition have to earn trust, not just be given a mandate by default.

  6. November 16, 2012 at 9:02 am

    I agree with the Royal Commission – but with a wide ranging ‘terms of reference’ including:

    1. Investigation into all Unions and their financial reporting and accounting for members funds, with particular attention to –

    a. Investigate all ‘slush-fund’ accounts and how the funds were used …
    b. Investigate all ‘credit-card’ expenditure associated with Union Administrators.
    c. Obtain and puruse the full financial records of Union Administrators, including a full and frank statement of assets and liabilities – similar to the ‘declaration of interests’ by MP’s when the become elected.

    2. To establish a new ‘code of conduct’ for all elected officials – be it Unions, Political MP’s, Credit Unions, along the lines of Directors fudiciary responsibilities with attached penalties for breaches … including the seizure of assets along the lines of ‘proceeds of crime’ for drug dealers

    3. To consider amnesty for evidence givers for past crimes and fraud …
    4. To make recommendations along the guidelines of ‘stealing as a servant’ crime legislation with a view to increase maximun sentences for peopel serving at the highest level of trust i.e. elected MP’s and the like …
    5. please feel free to add your thoughts to the list …

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