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EYE-BALL Opinion – The Australian Media – Lapdog’s at best – absolutely lost the plot on integrity, and their charter of responsibility –

November 14, 2012

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– The Australian Media –
– Lapdog’s at best – absolutely lost the plot on integrity, and their charter of responsibility –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 14th Nov 2012 |
Revelations from new evidence uncovered in the Wilson/Gillard/AWU scandal released yesterday further incriminate Julia Gillard in ways that make her denials sound complicit, and an avoidance of the truth.

Once again it is Australia’s flagship media publication – ‘The Australian’ and National Correspondent Hedley Thomas with assistance from Pia Akerman, who broke the new evidence and revelations obtained via investigative journalism, and the pursuit of the truth surrounding events that happened between 1992-1995.

My multiple RSS News Feeds from Australian media publications this morning i.e. SMH, The Age, The Courier Mail, Daily Telegraph, and The Australian, had their usual supply of breaking stories, but only ‘The Australian’ carried any story about the Wilson/Gillard/AWU scandal.

Over the last 12 months or so a great divide has emerged in how media has reported on Julia Gillard and her Government.  One would think that an objective media with ‘truth’ as their badge of honour, would be pursuing the Gillard story like hounds on a fox.

It was reported late last year that Gillard threatened bit the Fairfax and Mews media with exposure of a ‘phone hacking’ scandal of their own and similar to the ‘News of the World’ scandal if that pursued the AWU/Wilson and Gillards involvement story.   This can be interpreted as the Prime Minister ‘blackmailing’ Australia’s Media barons for personal gain.   This in itself is illegal and a crime in Australia – but only if News and Fairfax believed they were extorted.

The result was News published an apology for the Glenn Milne story, and Fairfax pulled a 2UE story moments before it was due to air.   The 2UE broadcaster presenting the story – Mike Smith – was sacked from his position because of the actions Fairfax Management took in preventing the story from being aired.  Since then, Mike Smith has carried out his own crusade to pursue the story and present his findings in blog style posts.

Mike Smith lodged a complaint with Victorian Police some weeks ago and the allegations contained within the complaint are now being investigated – see a full copy of Mike Smith’s letter to the Victorian Police linked here.  A lead in is copied below:

My report to the Chief Commissioner of Police in Victoria

| Author: Mike Smith | Date: Oct 17th, 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

… To: – Email, Chief Commissioner of Police

Sent: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 02:39:24 +1100
Subject: Report of a Serious Indictable Offence
Chief Commissioner Ken D LAY APM
Victoria Police Force

Dear Chief Commissioner,

I run a news publishing website, www.michaelsmithnews.com

On Thursday, 11 October, 2012, I spoke on the telephone with a man whom I know to be Ralph Edwin BLEWITT. I recorded the conversation with Mr BLEWITT’s permission for the purpose of publishing the recording to my website.

In that conversation Mr BLEWITT said that during the week of 15 to 19 February, 1993 he was in Perth attending work as an organiser with the Australian Workers’ Union. He told me that the Secretary of the Victoria Branch of the union Bruce WILSON flew to Perth that week and arranged to meet him in an office. BLEWITT said that WILSON produced a document called Power of Attorney which recorded details about the donation of authority for WILSON to act as BLEWITT’s attorney for the purchase of property in Victoria. WILSON told BLEWITT to sign the document and BLEWITT did. … letter continues

Mr Smith has spend the last 12 months relentlessly pursuing this story that will eventually force changes within the Australian Labour Party, (ALP), the Unions, and perhaps change the landscape of the Australian Political scene for decades to come.   Some of Mr Smith’s efforts toward discovery include –

  • the pursuit of the ‘truth’ about the AWU scandal,
  • the ‘truth’ about the Prime Minister’s [Gillard] complicity in the set-up, and the establishment of the framework that facilitated the ‘fraud’,
  • whether the Prime Minister benefited personally from the admitted ‘fraud’,
  • whether the Prime Minister’s denials in a statement – ‘I have done nothing wrong’ – made on the record about her involvement are a truthful account of events,
  • whether the full evidence trail of documents still exists,
  • the interviews with invested parties who were a part of the ‘fraud’ and their statements in affidavit format,

Mr Smith’s efforts are applauded by all who have followed this story from the outset.

One would think that the context of this story would at least be covered in some detail by ‘all’ Australia’s media publications.   Here lies the ‘rub’ – there is only one print media publication pursuing this story – ‘The Australian’ – with any objectivity, and/or with a mandate to make sure all Australians have the facts about the story.

How can Australian’s form opinions about the Prime Minister and whether she is a fit person to be serving as our Prime Minister, if the media withhold a story under a threat of a ‘blackmail’  proposition if they reported on the story?

The Australian published three stories today about new evidence uncovered in this ongoing expose of events that happened 17 odd years ago.   Those stories are re-published below in full to ensure readers have access to the whole story as opposed to an abbreviated version when viewing the story on-line – on-line links are provided.

Ex-union staffer recalls $5k deposit for ‘Julia’

| Author: HEDLEY THOMAS and PIA AKERMAN | Date: 14th Nov 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

WAYNE Hem, a former union employee, needs little prompting when asked by The Australian about what he might have told the then AWU boss Ian Cambridge 16 years ago during a car journey in Melbourne.

Mr Hem said he remembered the conversation with Mr Cambridge well. He said he told Mr Cambridge about AWU official Bruce Wilson, a wad of cash, Julia Gillard, and a visit by Mr Hem to a bank in Melbourne.

Sixteen years ago, on June 7, 1996, those are some of the details that Mr Cambridge noted in a contemporaneous diary entry that described his conversation with Mr Hem that same day.

“He (Wilson) asked me to put it into an account under the name of Julia,” Mr Hem told The Australian, leaning forward on the couch of his Melbourne home.

“I remember that because he had been to the casino the night before.”

The former union staffer went on to describe how Mr Wilson, looking “like death warmed up”, had asked him to put the $5000 in cash into a bank account held under the name of Julia Gillard.

“I knew she was a solicitor,” Mr Hem said. “I remember telling Ian because Ian had asked me had there been anything strange.”

Ms Gillard yesterday repeated her denial of any wrongdoing, but declined to comment directly on the alleged payment despite detailed questions being put to the Prime Minister. It is not known where Mr Wilson got the funds, and there is no evidence, nor is it suggested, Ms Gillard asked for the payment or knew of its origins.

As record-keeper and office assistant at the AWU in the mid-1990s, Mr Hem worked in close proximity to Bruce Wilson and his sidekick, Vassilis Telikostoglou, aka Bill the Greek.

A private man who lives alone, Mr Hem is now out of contact with most of his old union mates and said he had never before spoken publicly about his time at the AWU Melbourne office. But he added that until The Australian’s visit nobody had asked him about it since 1996.

Mr Hem said he started his career as a public service mail boy, before training to become an archivist.

He joined the AWU as an industrial researcher in 1994, working two days a week before he became the union’s librarian.

Mr Hem’s recollections of those days reveal he did more than the usual librarian tasks. Mr Hem said he was often busy driving union officials, making bank deposits and generally running errands.

He left the AWU in 1997 once fraud allegations involving Mr Wilson had been revealed and the resulting “hullabaloo” died down.

Mr Hem speaks with a slight impediment, but he could immediately recall and independently describe his June 1996 conversation with Mr Cambridge, matched by an entry in the diary, and the day in mid-1995 that he says Mr Wilson asked him to deposit money in Ms Gillard’s account.

“Bruce turned up looking like — put it this way — looking like death warmed up,” Mr Hem said. “Scruffy shirt, shirt undone, jacket creased to the nines.

“He came into my office and then said to me, ‘Come down to my office in a minute.’

“I went down and he handed me about five grand.

“He said ‘There’s five grand there’ and I looked at it and said ‘Is this for me?’

“He said ‘No, I want you to put it into a bank account.’

“Then Bruce handed me a piece of paper with the account number and a name on it, and it was Julia’s name. He said ‘Go put this in Julia’s account.’ ”

Attempts to contact Mr Wilson have been unsuccessful.

Mr Hem has been following the latest revelations of the AWU slush fund, wondering when his testimony would be called on and what happened to a sworn statement he says he had made for the AWU head office in Sydney in 1996. Another former union official told The Australian yesterday that he went to Sydney with Mr Hem for the meeting at AWU head office.

“I was thinking to myself at the time when everything blew up — why didn’t I keep that bank account number?” Mr Hem said.

“No one has ever asked me what exactly happened, and I would have told them then and there.”

Mr Hem describes himself as apolitical and says he joined the AWU only because he was compelled to during union elections.

He is now in semi-retirement, working casually as an archivist for a Melbourne council, but remains frustrated about what went on behind the backs of the union leaders and the union membership.

… read on-line …

This story is new information being released into the public domain – and as a result of persistent investigative journalism – as it should be.

Where is the same effort from the other media publication in this Nation?

The Media proprietors of Fairfax Media, the ABC, Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10, SBS, with the exception of those associated with ‘The Bolt Report’, have all made a decision that this story is ‘too hot’ to handle and the risk of a political backlash is too great. It’s an absolute abandonment of their charter to present a balanced spread of opinion on political and current events. Presenting no story, or not even covering the developments is a ‘sell-out’ to the Australian people and a ‘kowtow’ to  political blackmail instigated by the Prime Minister, and her media staff.

The second ‘Australian Story’ is presented below:

Money trail reveals a trusted union man

| Author: HEDLEY THOMAS and PIA AKERMAN | Date: 14th Nov 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

BANK documents show the man who claims he was told to pay about $5000 into Julia Gillard’s bank account was entrusted to deposit more than $100,000 in cheques into an Australian Workers Union secret slush fund.

Wayne Hem, 58, told The Australian in interviews and in a statutory declaration that he was given the cheques in mid-1995 and told to put them into “a bank account for something I recall as the AWU Welfare Fund”.

He said that Ms Gillard’s then boyfriend Bruce Wilson, the corrupt branch head of the AWU, handed him the cheques on several occasions and told him to go to the Commonwealth Bank to make the deposits.

The Prime Minister last night declined to comment directly on the alleged $5000 payment despite detailed questions being put to her. “As The Australian is well aware, the Prime Minister has made clear on numerous occasions that she was not involved in any wrongdoing,” a spokesman for Ms Gillard said.

The Prime Minister has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and says she had no knowledge of the operations of a separate AWU slush fund that she helped to set up. It is not known where Mr Wilson got the funds allegedly deposited in Ms Gillard’s account, and there is no evidence nor is it suggested she asked for the payment or knew of its origins.

The Australian has examined internal Commonwealth Bank records that were subpoenaed and obtained by AWU national leader Ian Cambridge during investigations into the fraud in the Victoria branch 17 years ago.

Those internal bank records show Mr Hem’s signature on deposit slips and confirm that he made the cheque payments, as he subsequently claimed.

Cheques totalling $49,660 were deposited on June 13, 1995, into the “AWU Members Welfare Association No 1 Account”, and Mr Hem was the signatory at the bank in Melbourne.

The companies that drew those cheques were law firm Phillips Fox (on behalf of oil and gas company Woodside), Thiess, John Holland and Chamber Consulting.

Further cheque deposits totalling $54,600 were made on July 13, 1995, into the same account, which was subsequently identified as a secret union slush fund controlled by Mr Wilson.

The companies that drew the second batch of July 13 cheques were John Holland, Fluor Daniel and Chamber Consulting.

Other cheque deposits totalling $39,000 (from Phillips Fox on behalf of Woodside) occurred on June 19, 1995, however, the bank’s pay slip does not include the signature of the person who made the deposit.

Mr Hem, an archivist, said in his statutory declaration, signed on November 11 this year, and obtained by The Australian: “The cheques were made out from building companies including Thiess, and were for thousands of dollars at the time.

“On Wilson’s instruction, I went to the Commonwealth Bank and deposited the cheques into the aforementioned account, receiving a receipt, which I gave to Wilson,” Mr Hem said.

“Wilson asked me to deposit similar cheques to the same account at other times after this event.

“During my time at the AWU, I also became suspicious because building disputes which had been a problem would suddenly disappear with little explanation.

“Wilson asked me to deliver correspondence from the building companies involved in these disputes directly to him.”

In a September 1996 affidavit filed in the Industrial Relations Court, the AWU’s national head Mr Cambridge named the Victorian Welfare slush fund account as one “used to hold and/or launder union funds, as a step in the conversion of those funds to unauthorised, invalid, irregular and possibly illegal uses”.

Mr Cambridge stated in his affidavit that the account was unknown to other union officials, and involved payments totalling $234,000.

He stated that the companies that drew the cheques had subsequently told him during his investigations that they were led to believe the money was for legitimate union purposes.

Mr Cambridge called for a royal commission into AWU corruption at the time. He was supported by AWU president Bill Ludwig in pushing for investigations by fraud squad police in Victoria and Western Australia.

… read on-line …

… the third story also published today …

Whistleblower Wayne Hem alerted AWU’s national secretary to $5000 payment to Julia Gillard

| Author: Hedley Thomas and Pia Akerman | Date: 14th Nov 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

A UNION employee who was concerned about wrongdoing told the national head of the Australian Workers Union in June 1996 that he deposited about $5000 cash into Julia Gillard’s bank account at the request of her then boyfriend Bruce Wilson.

The disclosure by Wayne Hem forms part of a contemporaneous and confidential 150-plus-page diary that was kept by the then AWU joint national secretary, Ian Cambridge, now a Fair Work Australia commissioner.

The 1994-96 diary, which recounts hitherto unknown numerous events and conversations during the AWU fraud scandal, has been obtained and its authenticity verified by The Australian.

In a statutory declaration signed in Melbourne on Sunday and in lengthy interviews with The Australian over the past fortnight, Mr Hem declared he had deposited the money after being given the account details of Ms Gillard along with a wad of $100 and $50 notes by Mr Wilson, an official in the AWU’s Victorian branch.

Click here to view a PDF file with evidence of the ‘money trail’ of deposits …

Ms Gillard, then a salaried partner at law firm Slater & Gordon, was Mr Wilson’s girlfriend and solicitor at the time.

Ms Gillard had provided legal advice in 1992 that helped Mr Wilson and his union ally, Ralph Blewitt, set up a slush fund – the AWU Workplace Reform Association – which the two men used in the ensuing years to issue bogus invoices and fraudulently receive hundreds of thousands of dollars. Police are understood to have asked Mr Blewitt’s lawyer, Bob Galbally, whether the former unionist would provide details about the slush fund. Mr Galbally said his client was happy to co-operate with Victorian fraud squad officers.

Ms Gillard, who has at all times strenuously insisted that she did not do anything wrong and was unaware of the workings of the association, yesterday declined to answer questions from The Australian.

The Prime Minister repeated her denial of any wrongdoing, but declined to comment directly on the alleged payment despite detailed questions being put to her. It is not known where Mr Wilson got the funds and there is no evidence, nor is it suggested, that Ms Gillard asked for the payment or knew of its origins. The Prime Minister issued a short statement through spokesman Sean Kelly.

“As The Australian is well aware, the Prime Minister has made clear on numerous occasions that she was not involved in any wrongdoing,” Mr Kelly said.

“I also note that despite repeatedly being asked to do so, The Australian has been unable to substantiate any allegations of wrongdoing.”

Mr Hem said that he first spoke of the bank deposit to Mr Cambridge on June 7, 1996, during a car journey in Melbourne at a time when the AWU joint national secretary was conducting a relentless inquiry into alleged fraud.

The June 7, 1996, diary entry by Mr Cambridge states: “During the course of the conversation with Wayne Hem he told me about an event that took place in about July last year (1995).

“This event involved Bruce Wilson handing Wayne an envelope which contained approximately $5000 in $100 and $50 notes and Wilson instructed Hem to deposit this $5000 into a personal account of Julia Gillard.

“I indicated to Wayne that given his knowledge of these things I would have a further chat with him once I had been up to the Industrial Relations Commission and that in all likelihood he may well be subpoenaed to appear in proceedings in the Industrial Relations Court, or elsewhere.

“Hem said to me that that did not worry him and that he was quite prepared to tell what he knew about certain events involving Bruce Wilson and others.”

The Australian has verified the authenticity of the diary with Mr Cambridge, who has described it as a “contemporaneous record of events and discussions that occurred during 1995 and 1996”.

Mr Cambridge said the diary “included contemporaneous records of conversations with individuals about various matters, some of which were not within my direct knowledge and which I was unable to verify”.

Mr Cambridge said his position as a member of a quasi-judicial tribunal made it inappropriate “to now offer any public comment about these issues”.

Mr Hem’s newly signed declaration attests to the approximate $5000 cash deposit he made to Ms Gillard’s account as well as other cheques he was separately instructed to deposit into Mr Wilson’s other secret slush fund, the AWU Members Welfare Association (No 1) Account.

The Australian has independently verified from internal Commonwealth Bank documents in 1995 that Mr Hem was signatory for deposits of a number of cheques totalling more than $100,000 into that slush fund account.

In interviews with The Australian, Mr Hem described how Mr Wilson had visited the new casino in Melbourne and looked severely dishevelled at work the next day when he asked Mr Hem to deposit the cash.

“He came into my office and then said to me, ‘Come down to my office in a minute’,” said Mr Hem, who left the AWU in 1997.

“I went down and he handed me about five grand. He said, ‘There’s five grand there’, and I looked at it and said ‘Is this for me?’ He said ‘No, I want you to put it into a bank account.’ I said ‘OK’ then he said ‘Hang on, I’ll give you the bank -account name and number.’

“I am still holding this wad of cash in my hand. By this stage Bill (Telikostoglou, aka ‘Bill the Greek’) had walked into the room and he said some strange Greek thing about how I must have had better luck than he did (at the casino) last night.

“Then Bruce handed me a piece of paper with the account number and a name on it, and it was Julia’s name. He said, ‘Go put this in Julia’s account.’ I said OK.”

Mr Hem said he had known Ms Gillard was in a relationship with Mr Wilson at that time and that she was a solicitor for Slater & Gordon.

“I just went down to the bank, put it in, came back, gave him the receipt. I was thinking to myself at the time when everything blew up, why didn’t I keep that bank account number.”

Mr Hem said he remembered telling Mr Cambridge about the cash deposit a year later “because Ian had asked me had there been anything strange”.

“I told him about the wad of cash and putting it in Julia’s account,” he said.

“I didn’t know if it was for Julia or if the account was a private account or a Slater & Gordon account.

“It just had Julia Gillard’s name on it and I put it in the bank account.”

Several weeks after his conversation with Mr Cambridge, Mr Hem flew to Sydney on the orders of the AWU to provide an affidavit of his dealings with Mr Wilson.

Mr Hem has vowed he would give further evidence if called before any new investigation into the AWU scandal.

Mr Hem said he was instructed by Mr Wilson to regularly deposit cheques from large companies into accounts controlled by Mr Wilson.

Mr Hem alleged serious fraud took place at the union during the time that Mr Wilson was there.

He said police investigations came to nothing.

“No one came to me from the fraud squad and said, ‘Do you know what happened, can you tell us anything’,” Mr Hem said.

“I would have told them then and there what exactly happened.”

He said that after the scams and several of the secret bank accounts were uncovered in 1995, Mr Wilson suddenly left.

Mr Blewitt has previously offered to tell police about the fraud at the AWU if he was guaranteed immunity from prosecution.

Mr Blewitt’s lawyer yesterday confirmed Victoria Police had contacted him to see whether his client would provide a statement, but were still awaiting instructions on whether the guarantee could be made.

… read on-line …

These stories were not covered by any of the morning network TV shows, nor did ABC24 have any reference to the ‘new evidence’ in their news bulletins.  If one was not reading ‘The Australian’, or the blog sites pursuing this story, the Australian public would not even be aware that the Prime Minister has a ‘shady’ past.  That past is now being uncovered, and places her front and centre in a Union fraud that will explode some time soon and yet again force a Leadership change within the ALP.

The EYE-BALL Opinion site recently sent an open letter to the Independent’s, with copies sent to all ALP Ministers, and Opposition MP’s about the shame Gillard, Thompson, and Slipper are inflicting on the Australian people and the Parliament – asking them to consider the facts and make a decision that will return integrity to the Australian parliament.

None of the recipients of that message has responded in a direct format – other than to acknowledge receipt of the message. That message can be read in full using this link

Other Aussie true-blue bloggers have been pursuing this story and links to their sites are provided below:

Again the bigger questions remain unresolved – mediocrity breeds mediocrity and it is a global disease … Politician’s no longer believe in a democracy where the people’s voice can be heard or listened to … they believe they know better and conduct themselves in ways that prove this everyday.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. November 14, 2012 at 10:26 am

    The Fairfax publication ‘The Age’ has just posted a story on-line about the new evidence filed in a story published by The Australian. In the story a Labour backbencker had this to say –

    Government backbencher Ed Husic said Ms Gillard had comprehensively answered a broad range of questions.

    “The caravan has moved on as it should,” Mr Husic told Sky News.

    Claims were one thing, substantiation was another, Mr Husic said. “The test is proof.”

    Link to ‘The Age’ story … http://news.theage.com.au/breaking-news-national/labor-mps-dismiss-fresh-awu-claims-20121114-29bae.html

    Truth and proof – whetehrthe truth can be proved is what Gillard is daring everybody to establish – there is no denial – just a challenge to prove the allegations. That sounds like someone who has covered their tracks and done deals to buy silence …

    A moral person and a caucus with integrity would appeal and pursue the instance where the PM should step aside pending a full and frank investigation of all the facts … to defy and deny that she has any involvement tarnishes everybody who continues to support the PM … for the sake of the Nation – do the honourable thing.

  2. Gerry Hatrick
    November 14, 2012 at 12:23 pm

    Yesterday The Parable quoting from a novel mentioned “the darkness”. It is a metaphor for corruption as well as what is not seen. The darker side of society and existence. You can’t see the extent, the pathways, the reach, the actual players, the victims and so on. The true cost to society.

    This weeks announcement of a Royal Commission is to spotlight a small part of that darkness. Massive by way of child abuse, but small in comparison to the total darkness that we perceive. Like all others I applaud Chief Inspector Peter Fox, Tony Windsor, Julia Gillard and her government and the opposition. We trust in time there will be other names added to that list.

    However, the media have been drawn like a pack of piranha’s to flesh, and in that process not all of the reporting is appropriate but does give the Royal Commission impetus when you overlook the need to sensationalise, or further abuse the victims, or interfere with due process.

    Some debate has startling parallels.

    One part I saw relating to George Pell’s position, is “a crime is a crime is a crime”. If a crime was committed in 1980’s or 1990’s then in 2012 there is an added crime and that is the cover up if it has not been addressed. Please call it for what it is, a crime.

    This can extend to Obeid, McDonald and Roozenthal before ICAC. Will justice be served?

    It also extends to AWU allegations. Did Julia Gillard or Bruce Wilson or Ralph Blewitt commit a crime between 1992 to 1996, and if so is Julia Gillard a fit and proper person to be Prime Minister of Australia? Issues like HSU or TWU, or the ALP more generally (Obeid – which will in time extend to Carr) all contribute to this darkness.

    Either Julia Gillard go on the record conclusively and end this scurrilous innuendo, or conduct a thorough and extensive enquiry into those allegations.

    In these current circumstances, the media is the darkness. Why is it Mike Smith or Hedley Thomas or Julia Bishop are the only ones within the mainstream courageous enough or fully resourced to prosecute this matter?

    A natural bad guy like Rupert Murdoch will always be perceived as this darkness. So too is biased reporting.

    Call another Royal Commission into the AWU Affair with terms of reference that extend to HSU East, Williamson and failure of WorkFair to act with due care, and Union funding and transparency including Tony Sheldon and TWU and thereby start a process to truly examine another massive piece of this darkness.

  3. November 14, 2012 at 1:05 pm

    The Courier Mail – a News publication has published a story much like ‘The Age’ … it repeats much of what The Age story states with an additional comment from Wayne Swan –

    Treasurer Wayne Swan told reporters in Brisbane there was no substance to any of the allegations and it was just deputy opposition leader Julie Bishop’s constant mud-slinging.

    “I don’t know how low the Liberals can go but the fact is, despite all of the mud that the Liberal party has thrown at the prime minister, she’s going to get on and govern this country in the interests of all Australians,” he said.

    Link to Courier Mail story – http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/breaking-news/labor-mps-dismiss-fresh-awu-claims/story-e6freono-1226516400870?from=public_rss

    … now the issue here is quite obvious – Swan claims the Liberals are ‘going low’ – yet it seems a race between both parties as to who can go the lowest – nobody any longer is seeking the high moral ground and all around the Nation in recent times corruption in the corridors where our Federal Government, State Governments, Law enforcement, Councils, and the Leadership associated are involved in serious breaches of trust with the public …

    All we would like is Leadership based on policies – not costing leaks to see who has the better accountants and who can control the media cycle distracting a Nation from what is really happening …

    The void at the top is deafening … it’s screeching out for help … and all we see day in and day out is Politicians and the like spinning the stories they want to dominate the news cycle … we no longer have journalists in this Nation – they may call themselves journalists and they may have media credentials – but you would not bet your life on any one of them doing the right thing if their livelihood depended on it …

  4. Max
    November 15, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    Journalists in Australia have been hiding the truth from Australians for many years, the ABC in particular. The news media report what the editors want reported and if the government do not want the public to know……………….. silence. There has been positive proof uncovered via internal emails between high ranking government officials and the AFP. Legally obtained through the freedom of information act, these emails prove that the Australian government knew that Schapelle Corby’s and only Schapelle Corby’s boogie board bag was tampered with at Sydney International Airport. This information has not been permitted to be released to the public, as it would open such a can of worms that could never be contained. Airport security, AFP corruption, Qantas all would be put under the spotlight.
    We have one of the most corrupt medias in the world and Australians are finally waking up to that fact. Too late for Corby, but hopefully not too late for Gillard.
    The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent.

  5. November 15, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    Welcome Max –

    So true and the educators of our journalist students – what do they teach them? The Journalists do their job, it is more the Editors and proporitors with their own agenda’s that dictate the slant on any story …

    Objective reporting is an artform lost on many of the new breed of Journalist more focused on the way they present in a visual world …

    After 50 odd years of conditioning to receiving News that we all want to believe … we now have to search for different versions of the same story to try and get the real truth …

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