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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl on – The Day the Heavens began to Cave in – Obeid and his entourage to bring it all down …

November 13, 2012
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– The Day the heavens began to cave in –
– Obeid and his entourage to bring it all down … –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 8th Nov 2012 |
The sky has turned dark all over NSW politics – the ICAC enquiry – [Independent Commission against Crime] – heard evidence yesterday that cast a dark dirty pail over all Politicians …

Read the story below:

‘MP nets $100m in new Rum Corps’, ICAC hears

| Author: Imre Salusinszky, NSW political reporter | Date: 13th Nov 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

TWO former NSW Labor MPs allegedly engaged in corruption on a scale not witnessed in the state since the infamous colonial-era Rum Corps, with “massive cascading profits” of $100 million conferred upon Eddie Obeid and his family courtesy of inside information passed on by Ian Macdonald.

Mr Obeid, the one-time Right faction boss of the NSW ALP, allegedly used secret tips on the issuing of coal exploration licences, provided by his former colleague and state resources minister Mr Macdonald, to generate corrupt profits for himself, his family and their mates.

Sensational evidence of Mr Obeid’s involvement in coal mining licences in the Bylong Valley, about 125km west of Newcastle, was presented yesterday at the opening day of hearings by the Independent Commission Against Corruption. In an opening address that ran for four hours, counsel assisting the ICAC, Geoffrey Watson SC, alleged Mr Obeid and his sons used their influence with Mr Macdonald, when he was resources minister in 2008, to guarantee that land they owned would become subject to mining exploration. The Obeid family also sought, via deals with associates, to acquire an interest in adjoining land, once the Obeids received inside information an exploration licence at Mt Penny, in the Bylong Valley, would be granted.

But not satisfied with the quadrupling of the value of some of the properties in question, the Obeid family also sought, via complicated transactions allegedly designed to cover its tracks, to acquire an interest in the mining company that would eventually acquire the licence at Mt Penny, Cascade Coal, and by doing so succeeded in turning a $200,000 stake into a windfall gain of $60m.

In addition, it was alleged, inside information allowed the Obeids to realise $30m in profits from another “tenement” opened up in the valley by Mr Macdonald, at nearby Yarrawa.

Mr Watson told commissioner David Ipp the hearings on the Mount Penny and Yarrawa deals, which are expected to last until March, would constitute the most important investigation ever undertaken by the watchdog and would reveal “corruption on a scale probably unexceeded since the days of the Rum Corps”.

The Rum Corps, or NSW Corps, used its position to monopolise the rum and alcohol trade and gain large land holdings.

The revelations led immediately to the suspension of Mr Obeid from the Labor Party. According to Mr Watson, the Obeid family purchased a grazing property known as Cherrydale Park in the Bylong Valley for $3.65m in 2007. A year later, Mr Macdonald’s office triggered the process of opening up the Bylong Valley for coal exploration, specifying only smaller exploration companies should be allowed to participate in the expression of interest process.

Mr Watson suggested this was tailored to guarantee the Obeids and their associates would be able to acquire a significant stake in the successful tenderer.

After Cascade Coal gained the licence, it purchased Cherrydale Park for more than $17m.

Mr Watson tendered evidence to suggest the Obeids knew about the opening up of the valley for coal exploration, and had access to the list of suitable companies prepared by the Department of Primary Industries, months before such highly confidential information was made public.

Mr Watson further alleged Mr Macdonald sought to alter the department’s initial mining exploration proposal for the Bylong Valley so that it would more “neatly” encompass Cherrydale Park and two adjacent properties acquired by associates of the Obeids, in which the Obeids also shared an interest.

Mr Watson said the result of Mr Macdonald’s decisions was that resources that were owned by the people of NSW, and could have generated significant revenue, were instead “given away to friends, political supporters and business associates of the minister”.

The hearing continues this morning, with three former senior colleagues of Mr Obeid – former premiers Morris Iemma and Nathan Rees, and former planning minister Frank Sartor – due to cast light on the extraordinary influence wielded in the Labor Party by Mr Obeid and another former MP Joe Tripodi.

Mr Watson made clear there was no suggestion of any wrongdoing on the part of Mr Rees, Mr Iemma, Mr Sartor or Mr Tripodi.

Now – we all know and suspected Politician’s have had their dick’s swishing around in the pig trough for a very long time.   You know the saying – politicians failed to make it in the real world of Corporate high-flyer’s – so they go for the easy pickings where payoffs and big business mix with politicians to get what they want from corrupted politicians prepared to do anything for money, and a hatful of pussy to cream top the deal.

Allegations about Mr Obeid’s $100 million and the mates he shared it with must have had an awful lot of pussy to sweeten the deal … if he and his mates made $100+ million – can you imagine how much the Corporate clients made?

All the denials that Rees, Iemma, Sarto, and Tripodi were squeaky clean on this deal makes us all laugh … if not on this deal the they made their money on many of the other deals offered – the key issue here is not to get caught – it is only the dumb ones who draw attention with their ‘money wads’ and loud mouths that get caught …

The whole corporate world is built upon a dungheap of smoldering, stinking dog-shit … politician’s cast their votes – from the ‘town planners’, to the Councillor, to the State Member. to the Federal Member … and then all the way down the backside of that climb … the grease oozing from the leaks and money trails are there to find if anyone cared to look … where do you start?

The Police are subjected to Royal Commissions on a frequent basis – Politicians are the only ones who can authorise a Royal Commission – who calls a Royal Commission on Political Corruption?

Who really wants to sift through all that dog-shit right … it is a lot easier to pay someone not to look in the right place?

We can all remember the Police Corruption enquiries in recent times: [Links provided]

These enquiries were set up to manage the political fall out and the public’s outrage at the obvious corruption on display.   What is so different to Political displays of Corruption now evident in this Government – i.e. Craig Thompson, Mike Williamson and Union Members funds being used as ‘slush funds’ for re-elections, and then the abuse of parliamentary expenses leveled at Peter Slipper on a continued basis.

One recalls an old saying – never have any ‘formal enquiry’ unless you now what the result will be – it is a bit like the lawyer being told – ‘never ask the question unless you already know what the answer will be’.

Of course big business needs favours to get large projects off the ground – rezoning, legislative amendments, environment impact studies etc … and of course the graft and corruption that goes with making that all happen on a timeframe that suits all has been around forever.

It has now got to the point where the Members and all those on the ‘brown envelop’ list has expanded and become such huge numbers – anyone on that ‘stairway to the top list’ can get miffed at his/her cut along the way being too small for the part they did – they dob someone in looking to get a bump and then the shit hits the fan.

Greed, Greed and then more Greed… it brings everybody down.

Back to the Obeid stumble and the ICAC investigation – ICAC were offered a 20-year-old corruption case involving former Premier Nick Greiner,  and then State Bank of NSW CEO John O’Neill a few years back concerning a $75 million fraud that happened in 1988.  The full facts of the fraud can be read using this link

The ICAC response was to decline any investigation quoting – ‘that neither former Premier Greiner nor Mr John O’Neill currently worked for the NSW Government, and that ICAC’s mandate only allowed them to investigate ongoing corruption about existing NSW Government staff.’

It was a ‘soft-cock’ response and a brush-off … ICAC was established by Nick Greiner when he was Premier, Greiner was also the first Politician to be found guilty by ICAC of corruption over the Metherell affair.  The decision was upheld on appeal, but not before he was forced to hand the Premiership reins over to Terry Fahye, who then went on to become a Federal Member in John Howard’s first term Ministry.

Fayhe had his hands all over the Telstra float Mark 1 – the float where Howard Minister’s were found to be dabbling in Telstra stock after Howard had told the public that his Ministerial Code of Conduct would prohibit them being involved in Telstra Float shares.

Ministers Moore,  Parer, and the third name that always escapes me … were caught with large tracks of Telstra shares in their ‘Family Trusts’ and were admonished by Howard in public but not sacked.

An extract from John Moore’s Wikipedia page quotes the following in relation to ‘conflict of interest share dealings’ – including the Telstra float  –

…In 1996, Moore came close to being forced to resign a ministry for the second time in his career, when it was discovered that his share holdings included significant investments that could potentially create a conflict of interest with his ministerial portfolio. These investments breached the Howard’s ministerial code of conduct, but Moore was allowed to stay on…

The date on this citing is incorrect, or misleading in that the Telstra float happened in 1998, and Minister Moore was one of the Minister’s found to own Telstra float shares.

John Howard’s first Ministry link and the list of sacked Minister’s since 1901 provides a list of Ministers who were sacked or dismissed because of any number of reasons.   It names nine ministers sacked during Howard’s term as PM – but there were so many more that should have been sacked – i.e.

  • Peter Reith, then the Minister for Workplace Relations, was embroiled in a controversy in 2000 over the use of a parliamentary Telecard. Reith repaid $50,000 for telephone calls made with the card. Later, he was moved to the Defence portfolio. He retired from Parliament at the 2001 election. HIs efforts spawned some satire commentary … provide below and linked on-line heresome humour to lighten the seriousness of the story …


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Again back to the ICAC enquiry and the Obeid millions – what can one do with $100 million in a lifetime when you are a Minister in a Government – is it some sort of insurance – look to Mugabe, the Nth African Nations recently liberated and the Dictators who had billions stashed in Swiss bank accounts, look elsewhere around the world, and then even closer to home, corrupt politicians is a business that is a part of every day dealings in the Corporate world.

Look to the US Vice President Dick Cheney and his connection with Halliburton, and then read some of the allegations levied about the Iraq/Afghanistan war and the arms Halliburton sold to the US military.

Nothing ever proved and charged – but it does give insight as to teh workings of some serious high level corruption and how power to shut down corruption enquiries lies with those who have the power to make and allow the corruption to happen in the first place.

Just recently there was a NSW MP who lied under oath to ICAC over rorting staff expenses.  She received no goal time and what amounts to a slap on the wrist in some friendly home detention.   No interface time with real prisionors and the humiliation that brings to a former MP.

This is and was an abuse of trust at the highest level anyone can serve under – and then she lied about it and got caught again.   Justice in this case should have been extreme.

Again the question – who can sanction a Royal Commission on Parliamentarians …

The US election just had $6 billion of donations from the public and Corporate donator’s to spend … can anyone believe that nothing corrupt happened in the disposal of those funds …

Whether it be office staff pilfering stationary for home use, labourers using employers equipment or resources for personal gain, or Bankers fudging figures to increase their bonus cheques, or police accepting free meals from KFC and the like, or any other incentive that yields a personal gain, corruption in any format breeds and feeds on itself.

Can there be worse that what Mr Obeid is alleged to have done …

I know personally of a case where someone pocketed $8,000 ‘stealing as a servant,’ – they’re given three years jail time because they can’t afford a quality defence, and then Rene Rivkin is charged with fraud involving millions and he gets to have his barrister ague health, mental anguish about doing goal time, and finally commits suicide in his own home to escape real justice … does this present as a justice system serving up equality of justice?

Former QLD MP Greg Nuttall was found guilty of receiving bribes from QLD business tycoon Ken Talbot – Talbot died in a plane crash in Africa before he faced his own corruption charges …it was rumoured that Talbot was prepared to name names of several other Ministers who had the same deal as Nuttall.

There are many Political corruption stories that have been reported and the politicians involved disgraced and dishonoured.   There are a thousand times more that have never been investigated, or reported, and many of those MP’s are still serving in politics today.

This Obeid commission will have its scapegoats – but will it get everybody who received a ‘big drink’ from the information passed on by Mr Macdonald?

Time will tell,  what about the Corporate identities who profited from the granting of the licenses – what will their punishment be?


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  1. Herman
    November 13, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    There are stories that Eddie Obeid blackmailed certain pollies to keep himself in Cabinet. That is what expect Nathan Rees and Morris Iemma to testify to ICAC today.

    When Bob Carr Resigned so did Michael Egan. Pushed? Or… As deputy leader and so on. NSW right (Eddie Obeid) installed Iemma. Iemma won a miracle election victory in 2007. (Liberals were in disarray, Peter Debnam/John Brogden. Fatty O’Barrell took over). After 2 years Iemma sacked bludgeoned in the dead of night like Rudd. No one understood. NSW right installed Rees. 12 months later it all happened again. This time Kennealy replaced Rees. Rees squealed like stuck pig.

    More substantive facts on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddie_Obeid

    Only a Liberal could get this ICAC enquiry going. This is the fate that awaits Julia. O’Farrell never promised any of this, it was left unsaid. But there is still this theory corruption in NSW goes back to 1808. There was Wran and Greiner, and Askin and Heffron and it goes on endlessly. All claim on day one a brown envelope arrives from a police officer bagman and they had no idea. What happens next is anyone’s guess. Truth is the brown envelope has been what is really at stake in treasury or opposition benches. Now they are relatively well paid, it is a bonus. In the 1880’s parliamentary pay was enough to not starve. Not much more. The Lodge was first created in 1920? It was a modest bungalow. Now it has 2nd story and servants quarters. Since Malcolm Fraser capable of dining heads of state.

  2. The Parable
    November 13, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    Now, the Great Socialist had been the boss of the Darkness for a decade at the time of this election. His party’s symbol, a pair of hands breaking through handcuffs – symbolising the poor shaking off the rich – was imprinted in black stencils on the walls of every government in the Darkness. Some of the customers at the tea shop said the great Socialist started off as a good man. He had come to clean things up, but the mud of Mother Ganga had sucked him in. Others said he was dirty from the start, but he had just fooled everyone and only now did we see him for what he was. He had ruled the Darkness, winning election after election, but now his rule was weakening.

    You see a total of ninety-three criminal case – for murder, rape, grand larceny, gun smuggling, pimping and many other such minor offenses – are pending against the Great Socialist and his ministers at the present moment. Not easy to get convictions when the judges are judging in the Darkness, yet three convictions have been delivered, and three of the ministers are currently in jail, but continue to be ministers. The Great Socialist himself is said to have embezzled one billion rupees from the darkness, and transferred that money into a bank account in a small, beautiful country in Europe full of white people and black money.
    From – The White Tiger, written by Aravind Adiga, winner of the Man Booker Prize 2008.

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