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EYE-BALL’s Herman on – Hegemony …

November 12, 2012
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– Hegemony –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Herman | 12th Nov 2012 |
Yesterday I attended a presentation by Dr (Prof) Tom Sunic. When I accepted the invitation I truly thought the subject matter was about geo political issues surrounding Croatia joining the Euro Union from July 2013, particularly from the perspective of Greece’s economic woes and cultural identity. The cultural identity part was somewhat correct as the other attendees were unashamedly the New Right. They were selling books and distributing flyers for:  http://www.newrightausnz.com/

With such a rudimentary initiation, I am hardly an expert. Much of what I heard is beyond my comprehension. Many of the group came to Australia from World War II fascist countries, who were persecuted under victorious Communist regimes. (Josip Tito). The victors get to write the history of the vanquished (hegemony).

As an Australian citizen with a great great grandfather who was sent to the colonies in chains because he was arrested with 23 shillings, charged in Dublin with being a pick-pocket, he claimed he fairly won in a cock fight.  He was barely an adult. Or a different Great Great Grandfather sent to the colonies, who as a depressed military officer, while resisting arrest was charged with stealing a boot, dislodged in the resulting melee, or the great great great grandson of a Cornish man arrested in Essex returning from The Battle of Waterloo, with whose forces did he fight? Could he have been a mercenary for Napoleon?

In the case of the first character, 2 of his forebears had lead battalions of Wild Geese Irish – [Wikipedia – linked here] – to fight with the French against England firstly in the Jacobite Wars, and secondly under Napoleon. You can see patterns that help you to understand.

That all said, Fascism and National Anarchists are both very offensive terms. They are so politically incorrect. Are these guys some sort of lunatic fringe to be scared of? Their answer is simple. Political Correctness in all of its forms is hegemony. The dictates of the ruling class, a new word to replace the Marxist concept of proletariat. When any politician claims to be offended is that not their way of trying to silence dissention? Isn’t rigorous debate and free speech enshrined in the Treaty of Human Rights. [linked here]

From here on in the argument gets harder to see in such simple logic.

  1. Under the cold war Capitalism flourished. Communism was a single party ruled by an elite. It failed Marxism in several ways. Without Communism to counter balance, capitalism is now a failed model. In the post modernist world of communism, the banksters have become the ruling class.
  2. Since the 1970’s Marxist thought has permeated through academia. Affirmative Action stems from Marxism yet is considered to be a western right. (Whether it is truly applied is a different question).
  3. Multi culturism is a hegemonic and politically correct misnomer for multi racial. Multi racial is a recipe for disaster, simply look at examples for the past –
  • Yugoslavia, after a short 46 year history it crumbled into massive civil war and genocide and abuse of human rights, or
  • The Marounites and Muslims of Lebanon,  or
  • Other Muslim examples of the Middle East, or
  • Sudan,
  • Firstly putting together the 4 great tribes then Pakistan and India,1946,
  • The Orange and the Green of Ireland, and then
  • Take the example of Afro Americans imported in the slave trade nearly 150 years after the American Civil War.

From my thoughts each of these examples needs to be looked at through specific conditionality but there are recurrent concepts.

One last most central tenet of Dr Sunic is – there must be conscious effort to counter balance the Marxist thought that permeates through all levels of academia since the 1970’s.

So trying to assimilate all this ultra right wing thought into modern society I am in a flux.

  1. The media is cow tailing to the powers that be – i.e. often one and the same Rupert Murdoch,
  2. At times you can’t distinguish media from lobbyist groups – i.e.   Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and many of their guest commentators, Cash for Comment, it deserves a whole article in itself,
  3. You can’t understand why our ALP Federal Government won’t stand up to the banksters – The banks have just reported cumulative after tax profits of $25,000,000,000 and keep reducing the home borrowers share of official rate cuts, Westpac state their lending margin at 2.17% and much more … highlighted throughout many articles,
  4. Australia’s Central Bank – The Reserve Bank of Australia – is blind to destruction of domestic jobs, manufacturing, and the tourism sector despite their charter to monitor inflation to a specific band, by supporting an highly over inflated currency.

I nearly forgot. Tom Sunic claims when you look at the wealthy elite in former communist states, they were once corrupt communist party officials but have now resurrected themselves as bleeding heart human rights activists, still enjoying excess privilege.

Like within China (a centrally planned free market economy) about 13% are super wealthy, something over 20% are middle class with nearly 2/3rds of the population peasant existence farmers. You will find similar throughout former USSR – the Romanovs, Estonia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Poland and so on.

This brings me to corruption in Australia government. This is the most central argument. Last Saturday ‘Hillbilly 33’ wrote (10/11/12) in response to another EYE-BALL post at this site – linked here

“It’s not about long-gone so-called gender or class wars, it’s about a return to honesty, integrity, real freedom and fairness that has suffered so much under Gillard’s flawed lack of real leadership of a cobbled together soul-less government.”

I applaud his comment. I don’t condone sedition or anarchy but what happens when all else fails?

Tom Jefferson was a major backer of the 2nd Amendment being included in the USA constitution in 1791 after he had been wanted for treason by the British.

Only the victorious – “the ruling class” get to write the history!

Tom Jefferson was the 3rd United States president (1801 – 1809) and one of the founding fathers of the USA. (In research you will find a much more elongated story). But then there is Martin Luther King Jnr and his peaceful resistance (protest). I guess I will always err towards Martin Luther King.

That is the very reason for this Eye-Ball blog site. It supports free speech. It beseeches alternative media. It is not sponsored or lobbyist. It does not seek subscription. It could sure do with some better financial support, but not to the point of selling its integrity. It implores better information to the masses. It demands more encompassing and rigorous debate.

Late last week there was an article – “Open Letter to “The Independents” – Re: Julia Gillard Peter Slipper, and Craig Thompson, three MP’s who bring continued shame to our Parliament” – linked here

It is very frustrating when this plutocracy allows “a lack of honesty, integrity, real freedom and fairness” to be wholly ignored and thereby not corrected. A dereliction of duty, and a debasing of true democracy. Who are the real bleeding heart human rights activists, who are the abused, who are the abusive? It is a vicious cycle and a downward spiral.

Every MP either hit the delete button or sent an automated response, to the effect:

  • If you are not my constituent, I can not help you,
  • I receive oodles of these E mails every day;
  • It is impossible to reply individually to each one,
  • Go to my site and read my opinion.
  • Now don’t bother me anymore.

Quite often themes which are raised on this blog site surface later in the mainstream media. In as much I am very content knowing that hard questions get the audience they deserve. But there is more. Emotions are fickle things. You don’t like to repeat yourself. It is difficult to appeal to the ethers for goodness when you have normal emotions like hunger and ambition.

You can outline the plutocracy, this hegemony, you can highlight the evidence, the causes, the effect, you seek counter opinion and thought, you take strength and courage in little results.

From my article of October 22, titled “Energy Debate — CPI Shocks the analysts – Rod Sims finally arrives like a Knight in Shining armour” -over the weekend you can sniff the PR at work  – “This means replacing poles and wires generally erected 50 years ago in the 1960’s”.

That is spin partly based in fact but simplified and twisted on itself –  “The Federal government encourages the privatisation of those assets”. Oh really.  Is that because you are too busy to really exercise due care? How can you be so busy given the bloated and totally inefficient civil service or bureaucracy you control and or have created?

For mine the most insidious part of all of this is the lack of balance. A serve serving government riddled with scandal and corruption is too busy fighting fires and enjoying the spoils rather than truly planning for the future, and focused on what is not working. All of their energy is missing the ideal. Being self serving they are too busy to listen to those they are elected to represent.

Why did Nazism rise in the depression in Germany? What caused the Bolshevik revolution in Russia under Lenin? The same concept  underlies the fall of Rome, and the French Revolution, and the Meiji Restoration in Japan. Bloated civil stipend, excessive concentration of power amongst an elite, or persecution of the masses!

I often state Spain and Greece should never have come to this. For me Lenin or Stalinist Communism and Facism are nearly identical. They both are centralist with tiny variance of the mechanics. I reject both.

I implore free speech. I reject anarchy. Most of our problems are of our own creation, but stay sane by trustng;

Believing in sanity is itself insanity.

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EYE-BALL’s ‘Herman’ …

  1. November 12, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    Such a great summary of conundrums confronting a mesmerised global political leadership –

    They all live in a vacuum – insulated and cocooned from the reality … deleting e-mails that challenge their everyday belief … turning off to the truth at every opportunity … how can they think they are smart enough to hold up the lies and the cover-ups …

    This Government is about the containment and the leverage Gillard has over the ALP caucus … what can they be?

    It can only be connected with the Unions and the Union Member funds used to lobby the MP’s voted to serve in the ALP Senate and as MP’s … however it works … Gillard is the problem and her protection of Craig Thompson is all the evidence anyone needs to understand …

    People like Barry Cassidy who put up another stellar performance of nose bleed belief last Sunday … his ‘Insiders’ performance again proves the ABC have their arse’s pointed upwards for easy access …

  2. Hog Shooter
    November 12, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    It’s commonly talked about in Canberra social circles that Barry Cassidy is on the invite list for every second Thursday meetings at ‘The Lodge’ for what is commonly called the ‘Dildo Club’ …

    Great post Herman.

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