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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl on – The 2012 US Presidential Election – what does it really mean –

November 8, 2012
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– The 2012 US Presidential Election –
– what does it really mean –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 8th Nov 2012 |
The US Elections proved yet again that Americans get it right for all the wrong reasons. Barack Obama won in a landslide if College Votes was the measure – yet the popular vote for the President at last count was 60.4 million, and Romney 57.7 million – see link here.

The College Electoral votesstand at 303 to Obama, and 203 to Romney with Florida’s 29 votes still to be decided – but most likely to go to Obama giving him 332 electoral votes. 270 is need to become President.   The 2008 election result had Obama winning 365 to McCain’s 173.  This result was closer but then the McCain/Palin ticket was the worst the GOP had put up ever … perhaps after the mess Bush left they felt they had to run dead because the electorate would have never accepted another 4 years of Republican leadership.

Some other facts from the election result that nobody really cares about unless your American –

  1. The US House of Representatives will again be run by the GOP with a majority 233 to 193 – with 9 seats still to be decided – some  218 needed to control the HOR.  The 2008 election result had the Democrats with 247 and the GOP with 178 – this turned around at the mid-terms when the results had 193 for the Democrats and 242 for the GOP.
  2. The US Senate will be retained by the Democrats with a majority of 53 to 45 and 2 Independent seats. 51 need to control the Senate. The 2008 election result had the Democrats with 57 to the GOP’s 41 and 2 Independents.   After the mid-terms this became 51 to 47 with 2 Independents and still favouring Obama.
  3. US Governors – the Democrats have 18 to the Republicans 30 at last count with 1 Independent and 1 still to be decided.  The 2008 result had 29 Democrats and 21 Republicans.   After the mid-terms it was 29 Democrats to 20 GOP, and 1 Independent.

The big question still remains – should Obama have done more in the first two years of his first term when he had a mandate and control over both Houses and the Governorships?

Reports tell us that US$6 Billion has been the spend on this election campaign – and listening to commentary would have us believe that this money was largely spent trying to get Americans out to vote.

There is no compulsory voting in America and the way the commentary went on the Australian coverage of the election yesterday – everybody was talking up how compulsory voting would be a good thing in America and how Australia has the best voting system in the world.

What pure unadulterated poppycock …

Australian media personalities commenting on US elections and the electoral voting system in Australia proved once and for all that they sit in front of a camera and talk – talk about nothings – they fill in the space before the next commercial and if anyone listened to what was being said – you’d end up in an asylum or something worse.

Nobody calls them to account when they make outlandish statements and nobody calls them to account or asks where is the proof.   I channel  hopped and then mute the sound in frustration at the dumb arse commentary.  I then went back to my computer to find out what I want to know … that Michael Rowlands from ABC24 and sent over to the US as a special correspondent to cover the US election – his reporting proves my point – what does he actually know about US elections that he did not read about on the flight over?

The ABC24 trump-card was Mr Green – the guru of all things election in Australia and now apparently the USA as well – he was the only person worth listening to during the whole broadcast – he at least has my respect and told me things I wanted to hear about.

As for the rest – the TV networks are short-changed and should review all News budgets and overhaul the whole concept on how they report news and current affairs.  They have to decide – is the broadcast about the eye-candy or about the integrity and interface the reporter, and the newsreader has with the audience – most of all they have to have creditability.   Let me be more frank – they are all mostly dumb fu(:ks paid to look good in front of a camera …

Back to the debate on ‘compulsory voting‘ raise during the US election broadcast – all of the Worlds largest and longest-serving democracy’s went away from compulsory voting many decades ago and for good reason – and yet when the presenter’s and panelist’s need to find something to talk about to fill the void – everybody follows a lead and began to spruik about the low turnout and what can be done to fix the problem – hence the compulsory voting discussion.

For the record – the US voter turnout was at 118 million at last count – i.e. 12:00 AEST, 08th Nov 2012 – source linked here – the 2008 final count was – 130 million, and in the 4 years since the American population has grown from 304 million in 2008, to 315 million in 2012.    Voter turnout appears to be down and Hurricane Sandy had some say in that result.   Some 40% of votes cast were reported as ‘early votes’ … The election result is in its very early stages of be dissected and reviewed by all parties.

Politics does not interest 50% of the voting age electorate.   Less than 1% of children at school leaving age have any interest in politics other then they become eligible to vote.  Where does this lack of interest emanate from –  the answer – the complete mistrust of politicians who continually lie, steal, behave corruptly, and infuse the electorate with the  – ‘do as I say, not as I do’  mantra …

American can show us plenty – every State had as a part of the US election vote, the opportunity to vote on a great number of State led referendums.   Some State’s had up to 5 or 6 questions being put to the electorate.

Questions on matters like abortion, gay marriage, the most popular across a number of States was the legalisation of marijuana – read Politico story here  on the vote outcome for legalising marijuana, rasing state taxes, excise, there was a smorgasbord of questions across the States asking voters to cast their opinions and wants.

This leaves no doubt that Americans love their democracy where the people get the opportunity every four years or so to tell their politicians what they can and can’t legislate on.

These sorts of referendum questions do not happen in Australia on a regular basis – and was pointed out in a post earlier this week by the “None of the Above” campaign – linked here.

To get a better understanding of the types of questions and the vote results to the questions asked, please spend 10 minutes of so using this link – when you get there click on a State and see the Question and election results – you truly will be enlightened.

Why our form of democracy does not offer the electorate a vote on important policy issues is a true reflection of our own nativity and acceptance of the mediocrity in our form of Government.

Policy on education, immigration, defence, new taxes, social issues like gay marriage, adoption, legalisation of marijuana – are all decisions taken out of the hands of the electorate, and formulated by party membership and the factions within the major Party’s.

That means less than 250,000 party members across the Nation decide on the policies to govern 23 million people – hardly what you would call true democracy.

And what portion of the major Party membership get to have imput or vote on policy?

When our Leaders take office they assume control over everything and can make changes to stated policies without a mandate to do so – i.e. Carbon Tax and the Emissions Trading scheme.

Can anyone honestly say this Nation has a true democracy at work?

I offer congratulations to Obama for his win and understand as he does – it is a poison chalice.

Americans finally understood that the Republicans under G.W. Bush Jnr were responsible for what their Nation is enduring at the moment and gave Obama another mandate to continue to try to fix the problems.

His 2008 election was met with messiah type adoration – four years later the world has realised that even Obama at his best cannot fix the weight of the problems facing the world in a single term, nor even two terms.

This GFC is a man-made event and took some 40 years to happen – DEBT was the cause and at the moment more debt is being created to try to fix the problem.   This is only the first cycle and when the debt crisis continues and recovery does not happen – the second phase will begin.

Discussion with a colleague this morning included a likening to this election having the same hallmarks as the 1936 election – three years later all Europe was at war and the US entered in 1941.  Without the war the world would have endured the ‘depression’ for god only knows how many more years.   From WWII came the economic prosperity of the 50’s and the 60’s … what the World faces today is a dark picture looming ominously and the World had best prepare itself.

If I was to say that we have already been at war for some time – you might think I was a fool – not an Afghan or Iraqi type War – but a war over trade … Australia has been losing this war via its high currency value and the dunce heads running our Nation’s finances, i.e. the RBA and the Treasury – both are yet to realise their focus on ‘inflation’ concerns is akin to watching the wrong horse in the running of the Melbourne cup.

EYE-BALL Guru has been writing about this stuff for years and slowly but surely the public debate is now about the cost to Australian industry arising from of the high A$ value … it is all far too late and the mining boom was over before it began.

Whatever resource metal price increased fed in as US$’s – was offset by the rising A$ value and that diminished A$ revenues over the last 10 years to the tune of a trillion A$’s.

Our esteemed Leaders talk a big deal on the prosperity of future pipeline investment, and the mining boom never-ending because of China demand – I tell you now they’re talking a different book to the rest of the world … they need shootin’ as regular commentator ‘Hog Shooter‘ states so eloquently.

Romney did a great job in engaging and making the US election seem a close contest – polls on the day had it a 50/50 call … how did they get it so wrong and all this does is give Politicians weight to call polling data a media beat-up when it goes against them, and to befriend the numbers when they go their way.   Sanity prevailed and now the reality of what America face will begin to hit home.

How is this for starters – remember the ‘debt-ceiling‘ debate that dragged on for more than six months last year – forcing the Leadership to shut down the Government at one stage – all on account of the House could not agree to lift the ceiling without budget concessions.

Well that ceiling now set at US$16.3 trillion is about to be front and centre again – the US ‘debt to the penny‘ web site having US debt at $16.2 trillion.

This means the US Government is days away from another debt ceiling crisis and this will be excruciating for global Financial markets – it;s been known to the markets that this was about to happen yet the US election commentators forgot to factor in the impending financial crisis.

We saw a glimpse of what is to follow when the DJIA fell 300+ points on the news of Obama’s win – can you imagine what it would have done if Romney had of won – he had promised a massive increase in defence spending and no new taxes … proves that the ‘slight of hand’ distraction of a $6 billion spend on an election can blindside everybody.

Nah … the US election was an opportunity for Americans to party for a while in the nostalgia of election fever … the media played their part – most of that US$ 6 billion spend fed into their coffers through advertising and the like …

Does the World breathe easier today because of Obama’s win … hardly … and as a second severe storm bears down on the North East a week after ‘Sandy’ wrecked havoc and left 10’s millions with home damage and without power – many still living in provided for accommodation … the reality of tough life will hit home before the week is out.

Asia and Europe will take a lead from the DJIA and that will again turn the screws on Greece and Spain as they are forced to enact austerity measures extracted during recent bailout deals.

And then we have the ‘kindergarten’ arena of politics … Australia … we have a new PM this week in Chris Bowen whilst the real PM is out of the Nation yet again receiving accolades for her ‘misogynist’ speech, and trying to look like she fits in on the World Leadership stage.

With Deputy PM Wayne Swan still in the country – can someone please explain why boofhead Evans is acting PM?

Are we to read some import that Swan no longer has the confidence of the PM to fulfil his Deputy PM role?

I can’t find a story on this anywhere!   Chris Evans as PM … god help us all …

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  1. Gerry Hatrick
    November 8, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    One tiny saving grace for the USA as it comes to terms with the massive fiscal problems is the effect of Sandy on GDP and labour demand. The damage bill put at 45 to 50 billion will moderately help. Stock market longs get out. If you are not short the market at 3 pm yesterday you are not trying!

    The loss of confidence on Wall St has only just re ignited. From 1932 till 1939 there simply wasn’t any inclination to invest. The GOP claim a mandate in the House of Reps just like Democrats are claiming the White House. A true bi partisan forum right now would offer hope.

    In Australia there is not much scope for fiscal stimulus when we need it most. New apartment developments can take up to 2 years to sell. No developer is making money in this environment. The cut in interest rates that did not occur on Tuesday will now require deeper stimulus down the track. Sad part for Christmas retail sales.

    November 8, 2012 at 8:40 pm

    Hello – Swan is out of the Nation … just saw a photo of him in Washington … apoligies and retractions …but still – Bowen as the next in line … !!!!!

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