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EYE-BALL Opinion – Gillard’s caucus and union support in revolt – her position becoming more untenable by the day –


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– Gillard’s caucus and union support in revolt –
– her position becoming more untenable by the day  –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 6th Nov 2012 |
T here is one thing that can be said about Hedley Thomas – he has conviction when he takes on a story – he does not cave, nor does he become blindsided by public opinion and the ridicule of his peers.  Hedley Thomas’s pursuit of Julia Gillard over this AWU scandal is relentless.  Given his award-winning history – knowing that Thomas the journalist is ‘on your arse’ should be enough for Gillard to afford him the respect he deserves and grant him the interview he has been seeking all along.

You’re done Julia – now give us all a break and exit without any fuss and go meet the Law officers lined up to talk to you …

The real story involving this scandal does not stare-down Gillard nor counter her stubborn defiance in the realisation her life is about to crumble once again – it is with the ALP caucus and their blind-mice stance aligned behind her.

These elected Leaders sit in the House, and the Senate giving their binding support to the PM as if it is deserved.  What binds them so?

Surely the men and women serving as our elected Leaders have the integrity to understand they should have done the right thing some time ago given the exposure of this AWU scandal, the aligned Craig Thompson and HSU Union fraud, and the Peter Slipper as Speaker of the House debacle.

But then again – when the history of Craig Thompson and Peter Slipper is rehashed and exposed in its intent – one can only say that Caucus is behaving true to form and delivering political outcomes that have nothing to do with democracy nor improving the lives of all Australians.

There is no countenance to giving support to someone known to be ‘corrupted’ and to have and own the history Gillard has.   The Leader will fall – yet all those ALP Members and Senators who roll themselves out everyday to allow the PM to strut upon them are all equally guilty of this AWU fraud, and the larger fraud of Gillard as our PM on the Australian public.

The cross-bench’s are similarly charged because they hold the votes to rid the House of this stench upon them all.

‘The Australian’ National Correspondent – Hedley Thomas filed another story today and his ‘slow-burn’ of Gillard just ticked up a few degrees –  Read full story below:

Gillard call would have ‘led to fund inquiry’

| Author: Hedley Thomas | Date: 6th Nov 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

ONE telephone call from Julia Gillard or law firm Slater & Gordon would have led to confirmation that a union slush fund she had helped set up was a mystery to its own branch and almost certainly fraudulent, says a former Australian Workers Union boss.

Peter Trebilco, who was joint secretary of the West Australian branch of the AWU in 1995, said yesterday if he had received such a call, he would have done an immediate audit and proved that the AWU Workplace Reform Association fund and its accounts were secret, unauthorised and unlawful. “If Slater & Gordon had contacted us with the name of it, we would have said, ‘We will try to get to the bottom of what it is and who the beneficiaries are’,” Mr Trebilco told The Australian.

“If we had been told by Slater & Gordon that it was set up by Bruce Wilson and Ralph Blewitt, we would have been immediately more suspicious. We knew about the relationship between Julia Gillard and Bruce, but (not) of the slush fund until after the money in its accounts had disappeared.”

The slush fund, which the Prime Minister had helped set up for Mr Wilson, her boyfriend, and his deputy, Mr Blewitt, amassed large sums and was kept secret for four years from 1992.

Ms Gillard is being pressed by the opposition to explain why she did not alert the authorities or the AWU to the slush fund.

Tony Abbott said yesterday he was as much concerned about the Ms Gillard’s recent responses to the allegations as he was about the events in the 1990s.

Ms Gillard told her firm in a tape-recorded interview in September 1995 that the slush fund was for the purpose of funding union elections. At the time, the WA branch already had its own election fund. Normal union funds can be used to pay for election costs for union officials but the accounts must be transparent and known to officials to ensure they can voluntarily contribute cash from their own pay packets.

The AWU was the client of Ms Gillard and Slater & Gordon, but the slush fund that bore the name of the union was never disclosed to the union’s national leadership by either the solicitor or her firm.

In a September 1996 affidavit, the AWU’s then head, Ian Cambridge, stated: “My investigations have revealed the following bank accounts (linked to the slush fund) or some of them have been used to hold and/or launder union funds, as a step in the conversion of those funds to unauthorised, invalid, irregular, and possibly illegal uses.”

Over several years, Mr Wilson and Mr Blewitt had issued bogus invoices in the name of the fund to major builder Thiess and other companies, which paid hundreds of thousands of dollars into related Commonwealth Bank accounts.

The failure in 1995 of Ms Gillard and the firm to alert the union’s national leadership or the branch officials in WA, where the slush fund was formally registered and subject to state laws, meant that police and the union remained unaware of it until 1996. In the intervening months before the CBA told the union about it, the fund accounts were emptied and a Melbourne terrace house bought with ill-gotten cash was sold.

Mr Trebilco, who has not been involved in union matters since 1997, said yesterday he and former joint secretary Tim Daly still wanted to see a proper inquiry into the fraud scandal. Ms Gillard has insisted she acted ethically at all times, and while she helped set it up she was not aware of the workings of the slush fund. In August 1996, Mr Trebilco and Mr Daly said in a joint media statement: “Present officers of the union had no knowledge of the existence of the (slush) account until recently.” They said about $385,000 had passed through the account.

Sworn affidavits, Freedom of Information material and other contemporaneous documents show how Mr Cambridge and fellow AWU national leader Bill Ludwig sought to identify all unauthorised accounts but were stymied by a lack of disclosure. The union launched a major inquiry in August 1995 and asked the National Crime Authority and Victoria’s major fraud squad to probe Mr Wilson’s role in dodgy bank accounts and another slush fund in Victoria. Police in Victoria were never aware of the much larger slush fund in WA.

In an internal review of Ms Gillard’s conduct, her partners at Slater & Gordon in August-September 1995 discovered she had given legal advice to help Mr Wilson and Mr Blewitt set up the slush fund in 1992, leading to its incorporation. However, she had told neither the AWU nor the firm about this work until fraud concerns were raised in 1995. She left the firm soon afterwards.


‘The whole truth and nothin’ but the truth’ – please:

Gillard has to be living in a ‘la-la’ land not to understand what is happening out there in the electorate.  She is toxic – and whilst the theatre of her House ‘misogynist’ speech gave her a personal victory – those who understand the hypocrisy that was going on in the back-rooms as she was delivering her oration – know that her speech was delivered without understanding of how big a fool she was making of herself.

Misogynist indeed – more like a misandryst with long-held mistrust over the history of men in her life and how she has been used and spurned in her own pursuit of her own political nirvana.

Slipper is the misogynist in the full sense of the understanding Gillard has of the word – his ‘text’ messages prove this – yet she screeched and screamed across at the Opposition leader claiming he was the misogynist.  Well – there can only be one response to that – someone in a glass house can ill afford to throw stones …

Now the dare to the Prime Minister and her 160 odd media staff offered by Hedley Thomas and his scented hounding of the PM over this AWU scandal – is to call another open press conference and invite all her enemies to attend.  To stand there until they have exhausted themselves with questions and her responses and then claim to all watching that she has done nothing wrong.

Her advisors will not let her do that – the ALP Caucus will not let her do that – and to that end Gillard’s swan dive will be ungraceful and send the ALP to oblivion for many a year.

Never again will the Australian electorate blindly trust any PM – never again will they vote to accept an ordinary woman to fill the role as our PM – never again will they allow the Parliament to become the joke it is today.

MP’s and Senator’s – you must be aware that you are all on notice!

Listen to the people, take your lead from the good heart and its intent – not the undertow of the Party powerbrokers tugging at your vote under the threat of dis-endorsement or something similar.

Splitting the ALP:

It is time for the ALP to splinter and go back in time and once again become two parties – the far-right where Unions and the like can fight for power among themselves all they like but allow us all to know who and what they really are.  Then on the other side – the center and centre-left factions with more palatable humane social policies, and welfare concerns where true Labor supporters want to believe and identify with.

Perhaps the Coalition center/center-left and the ALP center/center-left who are like-minded and have similar policies will form the new party.

Whatever the outcome – MP’s and Senators must begin to believe that our current form of democracy is not serving the people and the interests of all Australians moving forward.

The powerbrokers have too much say and too much power – MP’s are just a vote to be relied upon – and for the current MP’s to not understand that they are just puppets sitting in seats being pulled and yanked every which way by the ‘faceless men’ behind the scenes – gives insight into just how void our Leadership models are.

Unions – not practical in the 21st century:

Nobody denies the 20th century was where Unions fought for workers – but by the end of the century union membership hovers under 20% of the workforce – down from the 50% levels on the mid 20th century.

The 21st century is about trade and how currency, and labor costs combine to create jobs and prosperity.  Higher wage outcomes in an uncompetitive marketplace behind a high A$ value is stupidity – the marketplace is available to every Nation on the planet – those who adapt will succeed – China, India and other Asian Nations have a head start because they have the workforce and such a low wage scale.

Unions no longer can be demanding – employers will simply shift jobs offshore as the world becomes interwoven and overlapped where productivity is the only important outcome.   The unionists will ruin this Nation unless they are bought to ‘heel’ and put back in their place – stripped of importance and self-serving agendas.

Gillard who only serves as the PM because of the support from the Union powerbrokers – Howes, Farrell, Sheldon, disgraced Mike Williamson and the like – is entrenched in old-school ways and is dragging this Nation into an abyss of evil where it will be our children who will pay the price.

She is allowed to do so because an equally dumb and blindsided Cabinet and Caucus are but the rank and file pledging their vote in support.  These actions will render this Nation to the mercy of our trading partners already flagging us as ‘too expensive’ to do business with.

New Governments have to come up with modern thinking for business and for them to remain competitive.  How do you get the A$ lower – a question that should have been answered 10 yeas ago under Costello’s watch – and far too hard for the current Treasurer who is all puff and no smoke … he, his Treasury bureaucrats, and the RBA are drunk sailors asleep at the helm.

Australian is no longer the lucky country but a bee’s-dick in historical terms away from becoming another Greece, Spain, or USA.

Gillard on a ‘spit’:

On Australia’s most famous of days – where a horse race stops a Nation and shows the rest of the world that life down-under has different priorities, and where the ‘Aussie fair-go’ is best demonstrated – none of us are fools and we see the world in full view – somewhere at Flemington race course today people will be betting on a horse race and drinking champagne celebrating the Melbourne Cup – but they will also be talking about Gillard and betting on how long she has left as our Prime Minister.

Gillard knows what she has done in her past and if she believes she has ‘done nothing wrong’ – then her integrity, her intellect, her morality, her honour are all in conflict and lesser than what Australian’s believe in and demand of their Prime Minister.

[Click on image to enlarge – cartoon courtesy of Larry Pickering Facebook photo page ….]

Why does she cling to power – it cannot be just for the perks – she is already guaranteed a $500k a year lifestyle once she leaves office – but then maybe not if she is charged, and then sent to goal for her part in the AWU fraud, and her fraud put upon the Australian people.

History is with her – no Australian Prime Minister has ever served goal-time after they  became PM … who would charge her – what law officer in the land would have the balls to charge a sitting PM over events that happened 17 years ago?

This is where her bravado comes from – her skin is rhino-hide and the balls she carries would shame most men – her dildo does and makes men cry as she stands astride, poised and postured against anyone who defies her –

What is Gillard’s crime?

The Hedley Thomas’s story above is now encroaching on areas where there is great onus on Gillard – as an officer of the Law back in 1996 – she was bound by a duty of care, she was honour bound to report any crime, she took an oath and as a licensed Lawyer under a Law Society oath to support all State and Federal laws, and to fight injustice when it is exposed – Gillard failed her oath and when caught out, she allowed her Law licence to lapse in the same year after she was sacked from Slater and Gordon.

Was that because she was under threat to have her participation in the AWU fraud exposed to the Victorian Law Society under a threat of disbarment by her former employers Slater & Gordon?

One needs to read the – ‘Law Admissions Consultative Committee1 Disclosure Guidelines for Applicants for Admission to the Legal Profession’ disclosure application – linked here – included is the following –


An applicant for admission is required to satisfy the Admitting Authority that the applicant is “currently of good fame and character”. 2 In all jurisdictions other than South Australia, the relevant Act also requires the Admitting Authority to consider whether the applicant is “a fit and proper person” for admission to the legal profession.3 Both these tests reflect the verarching requirements of the pre-existing common law.

The purposes of these Guidelines are:

  1. to bring home to applicants that Admitting Authorities and Courts place a duty and onus squarely on each applicant to disclose to the Admitting Authority any matter that could influence the Admitting Authority’s decision about whether the applicant is ”currently of good fame and character” and “a fit and proper person”; and
  2. to remind applicants that failure to do so, if subsequently discovered, can have catastrophic consequences for an applicant. An applicant might either be refused admission, or struck off the roll, if the applicant has been admitted without making a full disclosure.

There are many judicial explanations of what the phrase “fit and proper person” means in different contexts. For example:

The requirement for admission to practice (sic) law that the applicant be a fit and proper person, means that the applicant must have the personal qualities of character which are necessary to discharge the important and grave responsibilities of being a barrister and solicitor.

A legal practitioner, upon being admitted to practice, assumes duties to the courts, to fellow practitioners as well as to clients. At the heart of all of those duties is a commitment to honesty and, in those circumstances when it is required, to open candour and frankness, irrespective of self interest or embarrassment.

The entire administration of justice in any community which is governed by law depends upon the honest working of legal practitioners who can be relied upon to meet high standards of honesty and ethical behaviour. It is the legal practitioner who is effectively the daily minister and executor in the administration of justice when advising clients, acting for clients, certifying documents, and making presentations to courts, governments, other professionals, and so on. The level and extent of trust placed in what legal practitioners say or do is necessarily high and the need for honesty is self evident and essential. … continues

There is much more to this ‘application’ and its declarations to a ‘fit and proper person’.  When read in full the context of its content can be viewed and reasons found as to why Gillard no longer holds a license as a registered Solicitor.

The question is obvious – why is she no longer a licensed Lawyer?  What action and events led her to make the decision to lapse her registration?

If the answer comes back as it being a personal choice in that Ms Gillard no longer wanted to practice Law in a professional pursuit – then the on-the-record account given by Slater and Gordon’s surrounding Gillard’s dismissal becomes potentially self-incriminating … one ponders why the appointment of ex S&G Partner and Gillards boss at S&G Peter Gordon as a jurist to the High Court from judicial obscurity, and former AWU boss Ian Cambridge as a Commissioner for Fair Work Australia – both Julia Gillard appointments whilst she has served as PM … could one make a case that Gillard is squaring the ledger?

Does that not then question the political self-interest’s of judicial appointments?

Can both Peter Gordon’s and Ian Cambridge’s appointments been seen as further corruption arising from AWU scandal events that allows Gillard to continue evade true justice?  To refresh – Ian Cambridge’s affidavit given as the AWU boss in relation to discovering the AWU fraud by Wilson, Blewitt with help from Gillard can be read here

The bar-b-que smells of a basted turkey cooking away fills the noses of the Australian public … let them not be disappointed …

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. Hog Shooter
    November 6, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    On the matter of Laywer’s been of ‘fit and proper’ character, how many of the curent MP’s and Senator’s with Lawyer qualifications still hold registeration to practice Law?

    How many could meet the criteria as outlined above? How many would fail?

    Thus the reasons why we have such low quality MP’s serving in the Parliament, of course there might be exceptions, maybe, does anyone know any?

  2. Firecracker
    November 6, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    Great post Eyeball, you have the pulse of the Nation it would seem.

    Loved the dildo cartoon and all so true. What is it that makes men cower in front of a woman wearing a dildo?

  3. November 6, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    Wording from the ‘Law Admissions Consultative Committee1 Disclosure Guidelines for Applicants for Admission to the Legal Profession’ linked in the post – the following appears:

    General Misconduct:

    An applicant may need to disclose misconduct which occurred in a
    workplace, educational institution, volunteer position, club, association or in
    other circumstances. Again it will generally be prudent to disclose such
    conduct, whether or not a formal finding was made or a record retained by
    any relevant organisation… continues …

    Did S&G make a formal complaint?

    Are S&G holding evidence to discredit Gillard’s abilty to practice Law?

  4. November 6, 2012 at 5:15 pm

    Another ood article Eyeball. Add this lot to it!

    For the best summary of what Gillard did wrong as attested to by Ian Cambridge in his 19/11/96 Affidavit, download the forensic efforts of Michael Smith and John Lourens


    This is my suggestion for one way forward.

    In any legal case, nothing anyone can say, write or do can alter the substantive facts.
    Julia Gillard has publicly admitted to several matters that show she was in wilful or reckless contravention of the Legal Practice Act 1996 (Victoria) or the 1958 Act it replaced, particularly in regard to conflict of interest, the moment she began a long-term intimate relationship with AWU employee Bruce Morton Wilson.

    I believe an investigation can be set in motion under the following provisions of the of the 1996 Act as follows.

    Part 1

    There is no doubt that Gillard was guilty of misconduct as defined under Division 2, Section 137 (a)(i) of the Legal Practice Act 1996, which I believe would be little different to the terms set down in the Legal Profession Practice Act 1958 under which she was granted her Practising Certificate.

    She breached so many provisions so many times I don’t think there is any doubt she would have been struck off the Roll had her equity partners done the right thing and reported her following the findings of their internal investigations. By my reading of the provisions there is nothing to prevent a complaint being made now.

    Division 2 – Complaints about practitioners’ and firms’ conduct
    137 – What are misconduct and unsatisfactory conduct? In this Part – “misconduct” means –
    (a) misconduct by a legal practitioner or firm in the course of engaging in legal practice, including –
    (i) wilful or reckless contravention of this Act, the regulations or practice rules that apply to the practitioner or firm or any other Act that relates to the legal practice;

    138 – Who may complain?
    (1) Any person may make a complaint about the conduct of a legal practitioner or firm –

    139.When may a complaint be made?
    (1) Subject to subsection (2), a complaint may not be made more than six years after the conduct complained of is alleged to have occurred.
    (2) The Legal Ombudsman, an RPA or the Board may accept a complaint made more than 6 years after the conduct is alleged to have occurred if satisfied-
    (a) that there was reasonable cause for the delay in making the complaint; or
    (b) that is otherwise in the public interest to do so.

    Much of the information has been kept secret for 17 years and has only recently been publicly available, so I think that would well and truly satisfy 139, (2)(a) and (b).

  5. November 6, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    Thanks Hillbilly – the ‘statute of limitations’ issue comes down to the subjective opinion of a Magistrate or Bench judge …

    The client who was defrauded – AWU – made no complaint when they became aware of the fraud – if the AWU members decided to take up an action against the Union Management at the time under the ‘uninformed’ and ‘time lapse’ principle maybe they have a shot …

    No law officer, i.e. prosecutor will go near it in its current form … a Royal Commission or Senate Enquiry will only happen under a Government who will support it and that means a change of Government and is it worth it then … what if Gillard does not even win her seat …

    All that can be done in the meantime is to ‘slow burn’ Gillard into a position where she, the caucus, or Independents realises the Nations best interests would be served if she just went away …

    Gillard has had the best advice she can get and that would be to stay the course, ride it out and see what becomes uncovered … she has had ‘cleaners’ working for her on this for years … it was her obvious weakness, the Unions knew about it and would have done the work to protect as best they can.

    Keep the pressure up is all we can do and wait while other Journalist decide whether to follow Hedley Thomas’s lead … …

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